Diary Post #379

PLAY TIME! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

During the past few weeks, we have had so many fabulous days in Lexington. It was particularly gorgeous weather post Breeders’ Cup. The days were “picture perfect” when MY JOHN and DOTTIE were here visiting and attending the Fasig-Tipton and Keeneland Sales. I know they totally enjoyed each moment while in town.

At the farm, I did want to show them I am also getting my proper exercise each day. Tasty and I have so much FUN and do enjoy our time ‘stretching our legs’ out in the paddock. Obviously, I am not zipping along at 40 miles per hour…as I did when I’d be finishing my races…but I am still moving about at a pretty strong clip.

Whenever I’m really enjoying myself…feeling so free and so completely happy…my tail goes up and OFF I GO.

In addition to her other special qualities, Tasty is a wonderful exercise partner! She is an accomplished race horse having won some very nice stakes races. We ‘play’ quite well together!

I’d like to thank so many of you for adding photos to my FACEBOOK PHOTO section. The party photos are quite special. It was great to see ME there! Lou Naylor from Texas gave a HIGH HOOF to MY PARTY. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time there and the FOOD! I heard it was quite good!

To see some of these photos, please click the FACEBOOK icon on the right hand corner of my Home Page. It will take you to my FB page. Then on the left, click PHOTOS. The ones you have submitted will come up. I particularly like seeing ALL of YOU having a great time! Enjoy!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Received my “Queen’s Dance” signed posted
    today. Soooooo excited but it is a Christmas present (my family is having it framed). Dotty… just love the photos and message. Keeps us in touch with the QUEEN.

  2. @Kari Bussell– you will never need to apologize to any of us for posting too much.
    @Gary Moulton–welcome back.
    @Marshall–what breed(s) are Reilly and Huey?

  3. Dear Kari,
    Hope you have a wonderful day. Take care
    Of yourself. So very glad you are back. Lots

  4. @signofthetimes, Bernie cannot carry gray. If he did he would be gray. He also does not throw chestnuts, just bays and browns, so he doesn’t seem to have a chestnut gene. Color-wise, Bernie is not very interesting. Zenny might carry chestnut. Both Street Cry and Vertigineux have had chestnut offspring, so there’s a 2/3 chance that she has a copy of the chestnut gene. I will guess that Baby Bump will be brown, with modest markings if any. He/she will probably look a lot like Eblouissante–beautiful but not flashy. Should also get 10f easily. Flash on a horse is nice, but flash on the track is better. :-)

  5. @Terry Crow
    You were absolutely right when you said Mike
    Smith was under very very very much pressure
    For BCC 2010. He talked a lot about it on Across the
    Board yesterday. His segment is being repeated for
    Those who did not see it. Look forward to your return.

  6. @Abigail
    Thought a lot about you when I found the lovely
    series of articles from DRF on “Zenyatta” people.
    Especially the article on Mario and Carmen. Loved
    Them all Steve Willard letting her get away with
    Thing on the track and getting yelled at by John.
    TOO CUTE!!!!!

  7. Flat Out will run in the Clark Handicap the day after Thanksgiving.
    Ruler on Ice was also nominated. A win by either would almost certainly affect Eclipse voting. Hansen is nominated to the G2 Kentucky Jockey Club stakes on the 26th. A win might give him an edge over Union Rags for 2-year-old honors.

  8. @Laura J
    He sired a grey colt or filly can’t remember that which
    Was up for sale at Fastig-Tipton this summer. That is
    Why I looked up his mother Cara Rafella, who is a grey.

  9. @Laura J
    Thanks for repose on Flatout from yesterday.
    We need some excitment in the Eclipse Awards 2011.

  10. @Laura J
    The dam of Benies grey filly or colt from summer
    2011, was not grey.

  11. @Allie in TX and Germaine — Zenyatta was in a standard size stall in Barn 55 while in training although Mario told me that she was so long her back legs almost reached the back wall when she stood at the stall door. Eblouissante, her half-sister, now resides in her old stall with Mario as her groom.
    ****** ****** ******
    I read that her stall at Lane’s End was oversized and the door modified so that she could hang her head out to keep an eye on the entire barn.

    ****** ****** ******

    Broodmares generally are moved to a foaling barn as their foaling date nears and they are showing signs of an imminent birth. These stalls are larger than the norm.

  12. I come on Zenyattas website 1 or 2 times everyday and have not noticed any visits from Mario since the first one they showed ages ago. Have I missed something about why he doesn’t come? I’m sure he misses her terribly.

  13. Just a reminder: Mike Smith is featuring a different charity every day for the month of December on his facebook site. He is asking that all of his fans donate a $1 each day to each charity. If you have any suggestions for thoroughbred rescue or retraining organizations or related charities anyone interested can e-mail Mike at Jockeymikesmith@aol.com
    Thanks again and wishing everyone a very special Thanksgiving.

  14. Kari – I ditto Barbara from Tex. good to hear from you any time. Welcome back Gary Moulton – always love the tail of the horse – and I feel better too that I apparently have lucked out a few times by paying attention to the tail! I never noticed Z’s tail being “not so perfect” in terms of length, just guess I’m so prejudiced that she is the most beautiful of all. On Barbara Livingston’s post in “Through the Lens” there are some pretty handsome boys in her photo display. But , still Z has it all.
    have a great Thursday everyone. I must find this interview with Mikie that you are all speaking about. What a win, I’m so excited that he is going to visit you at Thanksgiving, right? Maybe Mario and Carmen can come too. That will be my Thanksgiving wish.

  15. @Everyone, Go to “Merchandise”, new items for sale at the Z store!!

  16. THE KENNEDYS- Thanks for the link to the 2009 Dubai World Cup. I had seen it on TVG but it was wonderful to cheer Well Armed to victory once again and to feel elated. I was especially fond of him.

  17. Dear Kari B:
    Glad to see you’re back posting. Love and Hugs, JB

    Dear Terry Crow:
    Hope all is well with you. Love and Hugs, JB

  18. Terri Z– I can’t wait for Dec. ! to see which charities Mikie picks out. I can afford $1 donations! I love the poster on his page that says “I could have been a champion…” I actually managed to get it to my page.

  19. CUTE PICTURE and so much fun to look at. Zen and Tasty are such great buddies.

  20. @ Signofthetimes,
    Bernardini does NOT carry a grey gene. His dam was grey, but she did not pass that gene to him or he would be grey. That’s how grey works…if it’s present, it is expressed. You can look at a grey horse’s pedigree and follow the grey all the way back, generation by generation.
    Bernardini is homozygous black, meaning he will only sire black based foals. Not black as in colored black, black as in genetically black based. That’s why he’s never sired a chestnut foal. His foal from Zenyatta will be bay. The only question will be as to the shade and the white markings.
    Bernardini IS capable of siring grey foals, as long as the dam is grey and passes along the gene. It’s impossible to get a grey foal from parents who are not grey :-)
    The White Horse Productions site is a good beginner site, but some of the information is a bit outdated now. Many of the white TBs are known to be Dominant White and not ‘extreme sabinos’. Of course, around here (not this website) having any interest in color just gets you funny looks.

  21. Zenyatta, I hope that John and Dottie had a very pleasant visit with you as well as at the yearling sales. Tasty really does sound like a wonderful friend to you.

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