Diary Post #138

Photo by Sarah Campion

Hello everyone,

Things continue to be very exciting here for me at the FARM. LOOK AT THIS! I did so well my first couple days in the paddock that I now have been introduced to my first BUDDY. She is in my barn and stabled right across from me. Her name is Pirate Queen. We are really doing very well together. She is gray and I am dark brown/black so it is easy to tell us apart. I am having SO MUCH FUN!

Our schedule is rather nice! In the morning, we walk out to the paddock together. At that point, when we are settled into the paddock, we get ‘turned out’. (This means the shanks are taken off and we are now ‘free’.) Then we get to play, run, jog, and graze! Here we are just relaxing and grazing. I often grazed with a friend on the grass back home in Barn 55…so this is all very normal for me. At home in CA, Harmonious and I would spend hours outside together. Then I’d also graze with Zardana quite a bit. I like having friends and being able to share my time and experiences with them.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Diary. I tried to give you lots of details about my time ‘being free’ in the paddock. Dottie really helped me put my thoughts and feelings into words for you! Each of the moments was so special to me…and seeing my TEAM Z FAMILY again made that day even more precious! WOW!

THE BLOODHORSE video is also amazing. I hope you have been able to watch it. As I mentioned, Anne M. Eberhardt and Alex from the magazine were here filming and taking photos. They did a fabulous job capturing ‘the moment’ and my time outside! I hope you enjoy it! I personally want to THANK THEM for their hard work and dedication to our sport! They really wanted this experience to be very special and memorable…not only for me and my TEAM…but for the FANS! Again, THANK YOU!

I’m off to go play some more with my BUDDY! I wonder if she has a nickname. I have several of them: Z, Queen Z, Zenny, and Lady Z to name a few. I’ll find out and let you know. I am so excited. This is great FUN!

Cheers for a wonderful, wonderful day for each of you!
With love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Hi Zenny!!! I miss you sooo much!! I just watched a replay of your classic win on Dubai Racing Channel and I got all choked up about it. we’ll all miss you sooo much but I can’t tellyou how happy I al that I know you’re doing great!! I’m also checking the petitionsite daily to see how many more people are signing it and I’m happy that It’s increasing sooo much daily!! My new ambition in life is to visit you in Kentucky someday and that your foals will be just as wonderful. I love you so much Zenny, I feel like I know you, like you’re one of the horses I ride in lessons. You have that wonderful charisma. God bless you Zenny and give you Long and happy days. Enjoy!!!! :)

  2. @ Pristine and Rocco,

    No one here is interested in your anti Storm Cat/Unbridled’s Song banter nor your self promotion for Uncle Rocco.
    If you want to bloodline bash take it up back at TBC or PQ

  3. Merry Christmas to the Queen and her team, so happy to see you with a buddy what fun!!!!! It is so good to be able to see these wonderful pictures of you. Love to you

  4. You wonderful girl, so happy for you, sure hope you will enjoy being a Mom!! Do you still get Guiness? Hope so.

  5. Watched your video again today. You are just so amazingly beautiful. Continue having fun with your buddies.

  6. Many blessings to Dottie and all of Zenyatta’s helpers and assistants who keep her safe, happy, and writing to us, her devoted fans. Thanks especially to Jerry and Ann Moss who are the leaders and example setters of how truly compassionate and generous people behave with their staff (the trainers and groomers) and their horses. We need to remember that it their choices alone have allowed Zenyatta to grow at her own pace and to blossom, to win, to retire well and happy. They are great examples of how owners and leaders in any field could and should behave. And look at the results when you hire great people and allow them to do the work they do best and allow a horse to be a horse, whether racing or retiring to be a Mommie. If each child were only treated this well, and each employee and each colleague, what a lovely world we could have. Zenyatta – we are glad that all these elements came together for YOU, the BEST HORSE of the CENTURY!

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