Diary Post #138

Photo by Sarah Campion

Hello everyone,

Things continue to be very exciting here for me at the FARM. LOOK AT THIS! I did so well my first couple days in the paddock that I now have been introduced to my first BUDDY. She is in my barn and stabled right across from me. Her name is Pirate Queen. We are really doing very well together. She is gray and I am dark brown/black so it is easy to tell us apart. I am having SO MUCH FUN!

Our schedule is rather nice! In the morning, we walk out to the paddock together. At that point, when we are settled into the paddock, we get ‘turned out’. (This means the shanks are taken off and we are now ‘free’.) Then we get to play, run, jog, and graze! Here we are just relaxing and grazing. I often grazed with a friend on the grass back home in Barn 55…so this is all very normal for me. At home in CA, Harmonious and I would spend hours outside together. Then I’d also graze with Zardana quite a bit. I like having friends and being able to share my time and experiences with them.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Diary. I tried to give you lots of details about my time ‘being free’ in the paddock. Dottie really helped me put my thoughts and feelings into words for you! Each of the moments was so special to me…and seeing my TEAM Z FAMILY again made that day even more precious! WOW!

THE BLOODHORSE video is also amazing. I hope you have been able to watch it. As I mentioned, Anne M. Eberhardt and Alex from the magazine were here filming and taking photos. They did a fabulous job capturing ‘the moment’ and my time outside! I hope you enjoy it! I personally want to THANK THEM for their hard work and dedication to our sport! They really wanted this experience to be very special and memorable…not only for me and my TEAM…but for the FANS! Again, THANK YOU!

I’m off to go play some more with my BUDDY! I wonder if she has a nickname. I have several of them: Z, Queen Z, Zenny, and Lady Z to name a few. I’ll find out and let you know. I am so excited. This is great FUN!

Cheers for a wonderful, wonderful day for each of you!
With love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Great to hear Zennie !!! I hope she understands how lucky she is to have a BFF that is Royalty !!

  2. My favorite nickname for you- “The Zen Master”!!! The video was breathtaking. What a beautiful girl you are Zen. I love you and am glad you are happy in your new home.

  3. I really enjoyed your video and seeing for myself that you are happy. Mucho Love

  4. It is wonderful to see you out and free and enjoying yourself the video was amazing and brought tears to my eyes. Watching you and following your journey has helped fill a huge void in the loss of my Mom this last spring. I adore you Zenny and thank all of Team Z for keeping her in our lives, it helps more then you know to have something joyous to look forward to.

  5. How wonderfull! I can’t wait for more videos!

  6. Glad you are making new friends and like Leslie says above, I hope they know how lucky they are!

  7. Ohhhh, it’s always good to have friends Zenyatta. I know you will enjoy having someone around. Have fun on the farm & enjoy your friend & time outside, even though it is cold in KY…It won’t be too long before spring arrives. I love you Zenyatta!!!

  8. Thank you for your updates. Lady Z is a special horse and it is fun watching her turn from a great race horse to a broodmare! It is easy to follow a race horses’ career, but to see life after the race is really touching.

    Thank you again.

  9. Adorable! Must be nice to spend time with a friend! :-) I LOVE reading about your life and seeing your videos!

  10. Its so good that you have a friend to graze with hang out with. Your video was so special. Just watching you run again was priceless. It was obvious that you were so happy to be out and see your California family. Merry Christmas, Sweet Girl. I love you.

  11. Glad to see you have a new friend and that you are getting along so well . I loved the video saw it yesterday and cried, you looked so free and happy. I just loved it well take care girl will TTYL.

  12. Thank you for the updates & photos! I know you are going to be well cared for at Lane’s End. I visited Curlin there last year, & I was quite impressed with the staff and the farm. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! With love from Pickens, South Carolina.

  13. WOW who would have thought everything would go so smoothly. Your still my horse of the CENTURY!!!!!

  14. Oh Miss Z I am so glad you are free You look just beautiful in the snow♥ Have fun with PQ it is good to have friends♥

  15. This is just so amazing, it’s like having the inside track as the Queen makes her transformation to broodmare.

    Thanks to everyone involved (especially Dottie) for all the sharing and pics and videos.



  17. Yay, a friend! Pasture time is so much more fun when there’s someone to share it with :)

  18. Truly magnificent to see you free at last – tears streaming as I watched and listened to your joy…I was so sad the other day when you said you would never be ridden again because that’s all you’ve ever known, then I saw the video of you discovering your freedom and all my sadness turned to joy as I watched true majesty in motion…I am so happy for you Zen and we are thrilled to continue to be connected with you…please keep up this diary as it makes our loss hurt less to see your joy…love you so much

  19. When everyone agrees that just watching you brings smiles and gratitude, you know something extraordinary is afoot. Merry Christmas, Zenya. And Happy New Year 2011, to you, Pirate Queen, and everyone who loves you ~ that`s a lot of Best Wishes All Ways. Khc.

  20. I loved your video, Zen! I’ve watched it four times already and never tire of watching it! Thanks to everyone involved for making it possible! I’m so glad that your “family” was there to see you on Monday. I know that horses don’t forget those with whom they have had positive experiences !!! You and Dottie write a great diary and I look forward to reading it every day. So happy that you now have a paddock friend. You are a queen but horses are, afterall, herd animals! Bless you Zen and your family and have fun in the paddock but be careful not to hurt yourself!

  21. I bet you miss Harmonious and “Little Z”, your awesome South American buddy…how lucky John is to have trained 2 outstanding Z-girls!

  22. I friggin’ love these posts!!!!!!!

  23. Look at you with your new buddy!! That is so awesome. Thank you Sarah for the photo.

  24. That is awesome you found a new friend Zenyatta!

  25. I think Zenyatta is so intelligent and beautiful and I wish her the best. I think the Mosses are so genreous to share her with everone.I think they really love her,it shows in their faces.

  26. It’s a good thing you chose your cousin to graze with. Actually, according to Pedigree.com she’s a double cousin with Mr. Prospector blood through her great sire, Unbridle’s Song via Fappiano, and through her dam. Zardana is also a cousin of yours through your great-grandpa, Hail to Reason.

  27. Keep those cards and letters comin!

  28. I’m happy your enjoying life at Lanes End!

  29. How appropriate! Queen Zenyatta and Pirate Queen! LOVE IT!!
    Zenny, I watched your incredible video over and over that Lane’s End released!! I was smiling through tears! I didn’t think it possible to love you more ~ I was WRONG!
    Sweetie, sending HUGS and KISSES XO

  30. Hi Z-that is just so great that you now have a buddy to play with when you are in the paddock. You are doing just fantastic!!!!!! Doozey is doing better today, and she is going to go for a walk-in the rain. Have a great day Zenny!

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