Diary Post #138

Photo by Sarah Campion

Hello everyone,

Things continue to be very exciting here for me at the FARM. LOOK AT THIS! I did so well my first couple days in the paddock that I now have been introduced to my first BUDDY. She is in my barn and stabled right across from me. Her name is Pirate Queen. We are really doing very well together. She is gray and I am dark brown/black so it is easy to tell us apart. I am having SO MUCH FUN!

Our schedule is rather nice! In the morning, we walk out to the paddock together. At that point, when we are settled into the paddock, we get ‘turned out’. (This means the shanks are taken off and we are now ‘free’.) Then we get to play, run, jog, and graze! Here we are just relaxing and grazing. I often grazed with a friend on the grass back home in Barn 55…so this is all very normal for me. At home in CA, Harmonious and I would spend hours outside together. Then I’d also graze with Zardana quite a bit. I like having friends and being able to share my time and experiences with them.

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Diary. I tried to give you lots of details about my time ‘being free’ in the paddock. Dottie really helped me put my thoughts and feelings into words for you! Each of the moments was so special to me…and seeing my TEAM Z FAMILY again made that day even more precious! WOW!

THE BLOODHORSE video is also amazing. I hope you have been able to watch it. As I mentioned, Anne M. Eberhardt and Alex from the magazine were here filming and taking photos. They did a fabulous job capturing ‘the moment’ and my time outside! I hope you enjoy it! I personally want to THANK THEM for their hard work and dedication to our sport! They really wanted this experience to be very special and memorable…not only for me and my TEAM…but for the FANS! Again, THANK YOU!

I’m off to go play some more with my BUDDY! I wonder if she has a nickname. I have several of them: Z, Queen Z, Zenny, and Lady Z to name a few. I’ll find out and let you know. I am so excited. This is great FUN!

Cheers for a wonderful, wonderful day for each of you!
With love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Yes, Zenny, I watched the Bloodhorse video, and watched and watched. It gave me goosebumps each time. I loved hearing you whinny to everyone “I’m here and I’m free and having fun!”. Glad you have a friend in the pasture with you now. Ahhhh, being Zenyatta is wonderful. Thanks for the post today. Love you beautiful lady.

  2. Ahhh that is beautiful to have a buddy!! Glad to see that you are making yourself at home, you deserve the time to relax!

  3. Dearest Z–
    I am overwhelmed at all the kind people reaching out to DynaKing in your name. Even if it’s just a few dollars, the folks there really appreciate it. YouTube has a video of him walking.

    Dottie, could you educate us on what you do as racing manager? (I think that’s your job). I know John plans what races to enter, but do you do the homework to help him make those decisions, or do you have other duties?

    Goodnight and sweet dreams, Zenny. Please enjoy your new buddy, but don’t get so busy that you forget to update us, ok? Love you loads.

  4. Hi Zenyatta! What a lucky girl you are to live in such a wonderful place. And how lucky are we, your fans, who get to hear from you so often. I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself, you deserve the best! Thanks to Dottie and everyone else involved, you can’t imagine how much we appreciate it!

  5. @ Dani – You nailed it! What a great way to put it… there is a TEAM Z CALIFORNIA and now a TEAM Z KENTUCKY! I wish I could remember the name of the other (great) writer who mentioned how good it is to be able to follow a retired racehorse. Obviouly the Queen is being handled with the care she deserves – but we need to remember the other retired racehorses as well. I know the Queen and the Z Team work to make sure all of us remember them. Very important. Again, another reason Zenyatta has helped this industry. Thanks Z and Team Z. The Mosses are especially generous and we thank you.

  6. Thank you for the posts and the updates. It is a beautiful new beginning and we are all so blessed to be able to share it.

  7. Thank you for the photos and the video.

    It was great to see Zenyatta run.

    – Peace

  8. Hi Sweetiepie..New nick name. I loved the film that you made for us. Thank everyone from Bloodhorse for such an extrodinary experience. Zenny you looked EXQUISITE!!! I now know that you are where you should be. I must tell you watching you made me cry… You`re perfect.. Team Z and Lanes End have everything under control. Your well-being comes first. Thats VERY obvious. I`m glad you have a new friend to graze and romp with. You are a wonderful roll model. xxoo Alene…Love you Zenny!!!!

  9. Queen Z, perhaps you can call your turnout buddy “Queen P.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Queen Z & Queen P out grazing together!

  10. Z~ How lucky we are that we get to stay in touch with you even after retirement…THANK YOU to your wonderful family for not leaving us high and dry after we got hooked on your diary during your racing days.

  11. Squeal, wheehee, wheee, wheee wheee.
    I got to see the new video today, and man, talk about some cool new diggs you’ve got.
    And you left the old ones just in time, I think they’re building an arc for S.CA.
    You looked like a squealing rocket with little bitty moose sounds. It was gorgeous,
    when you realized you were free, and then started running, & bucking, kicking up the snow, freedom!! Nthg like it, huh. That was a beautiful video, thanks to all your people for making it possible.

  12. The video, photos and blog posts are the best Christmas Gift ever, thank you Team Z for sharing all this with us, we are so lucky to know Zenyatta, it brings me more joy this season and forever! I think I check for news updates 5x a day to make sure I don’t miss anything.

  13. Your video was stunning! Wonderful to watch you running obviously so happy and the detail of the diary was perfect! Great entry. congrats on the new buddy!

  14. Zenny, you know that you are the ONLY QUEEN, so Miss Pirate will have to change her name to Princess in Waiting! Glad you have a friend to dance with…I know you will teach her.

  15. PURE JOY

  16. Dearest Zenyatta,
    It was so nice reading about your day as always. I am
    also grateful to those wonderful people who take such awesone care of you, and I am also grateful to those wonderful people that keep your fans so updated. Its easier to hear from you now then when you were racing…I for one will never forget the magic you brought to the track, Girl I just can’t think of the words…but if i were to give you a nickname it would have to be “MAGICAL”
    because every thing about you is magical. I am so grateful to all of you. Thank you.
    “Zenyatta I Love You”
    I am so glad I got to tell you that at Del Mar…a perfect reason to stand on the rail at the finish line:)

  17. It’s wonderful hearing you’re doing so well with each “step”. Watching the video is beyond words…AMAZING! Thank you to all that were involved with it. I know that you’ll be making lots of new friends even though you’ll never forget those in CA. They are all special! Keep up the pics and videos.

  18. Well, my plan was to retire in June, but what with reading all these posts and then the replies, I think I need to retire next month!!! Seriously, I look forward to all the updates from Queen Z in Zentucky!! I’ll be visiting next fall from Seattle. Zenyatta and her teams inspire me to donate to horse rescue organizations. What greater legacy for such a legend than to inspire others to give to those animals who are not blessed with the support and love of caring humans. I actually feel sorry for Blame, a horse who gave all and then some (as well as Rachel) and then get shuffled off without even a “hail and farewell”.

  19. Oh you are so lucky Z, we have been together now for 7 years, except P’nut she wasn’t born yet. We love sharing our time outdoors, so we are sooo excited to see you havin fun. Our Mom build our barn without doors, so we come and go as we like, we love it that way, ask your dumbo if you can have an in and out?


    Oh Miss Z, if you film it and write it they will come!
    How fitting that the first of your entourage is another Queen. She’s from a smaller kingdom no doubt but still a Queen.
    You make it happen dear one, you are our hearts joy.
    Happy days are here again. My name is Dona and I am a Zenyattaholic. I have been since my birthday on 11-7-08 and I proudly look forward to many more years of Zenny fever. It has been one grand Zen moment after another. Long live our Queen!

  21. I loved seeing your video and have watched it several times. How joyful you were running free in your paddock. It was wonderful to see. And now it’s wonderful to see you with your new friend, Pirate Queen. I’m so glad to see how happy you are.

  22. What a nice Christmas you are having Z…had your friends and family visit from CA….got to run free…now making new friends. Merry Christmas Z!! You looked beautiful running in the snow…you are one fast girl….like we saw on the track.

  23. Dearest Zenyatta, What a wonderful thing to remember your fans with the video. This means more to me than I can say, to be able to see you in KY, via video. I loved it when you kicked up your heels and ran around the paddock. And showing your affection to your “family” was so sweet. Have fun with your “buddy”. Please tell your family to keep sending us pictures and videos. ps I love your newsy, cute, funny, cleaver “news”. Prayers and sweet dreams always.

  24. What a thrill to watch the Bloodhorse video, thank you Team Z and Lane’s End! Your reunion must have been so sweet. Everyone had the biggest smiles watching our Queen romping, bucking, nuzzling and having a fantastic time It warms my heart reading about all your new adventures. Hope Team Z can come and visit you often, they must miss you terribly. I’m also hoping we are allowed to come visit sometime in the spring. Happy Holidays to you Z, Dottie, John, Mario, the Mosses and your new team and friends at Lane’s End. I look forward to more videos and pictures of your progress. xxoo

  25. More video, please! Will Lane’s End set up a live “Zenyatta Cam” for the fans?

  26. Great video and pictures! I cannot tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed them. She is settling in, but you could still see how happy she was to see you all. I am not sure who was happier, her family or Zenny. They are doing a great job at Land’s End and we fans appreciate the excellent care they are giving her. She is getting lots of TLC and deservedly so. Glad she has a friend now. Everyone needs friends.

  27. Hey there little lady! Is this the life or what!! I am so happy for your success, but then, you have moved through every aspect of your life with dignity and grace. I hope I can exhibit just a little bit of your wonderful traits as I go through my life. Hey! I just had a great idea – what about a syndicated “Ask Zenyatta” column – humans (and horses) could get advice “straight from the horses mouth” HAHHAA! Tell me that wouldnt catch on! You are awesome – LOVE YOU

  28. I love the silly, silly look on your face at one point that says something like “Help, help, I’m bouncing and I can’t stop!” I hope PQ likes to play! And that we will see some video of you playing together! So glad to see you happy, and glad Mario and Carmen could be there to enjoy this! I could watch you all day!

  29. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend? You are the best. I am more than glad that you are happy. The video was terrific.

  30. Just want to thanks to the Mosses and the whole Team Z, Lane’s End for letting us to continue to be part of the most wonderful horse in the world life. She is beyond magnificant.

    Queen Z, seeing you soo happy just makes my heart happy. I can see that you are really feeling the love from all those around you. So glad you have a new friend and will have many more before long. You are so precious to us all. Your just like one big Christmas present.

    Will continue to look forward to your great diary and all the fun you are having. here’s wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

    Thanks again everyone for the video and all the news on our Queen.

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