Diary Post #380

Deep in thought! I do think this is a lovely photo of ME! (Blush, Blush) Photo by Jaime Corum

Good Morning Dear Friends,

I have spent so much time this week not only enjoying myself and romping about in the paddock with my pal, TASTY, but also thinking! So many different things are always happening at the farm, in our sport, with MY TEAM, and YOU…that there is a great deal to reflect upon each day. It sure keeps ME busy…and involved. I feel so fortunate and hope in some way I am helping to make my sport more ‘fun’ for you!

During the time that Jaime was doing my life-size painting, THE QUEEN’S DANCE, (which I’ve just heard the limited edition print is completely sold out…wow, thank you. I hope you truly enjoy it)…she would come out to Lane’s End and take numerous photos of ME! Jaime spent a significant amount of time with ME. She really wanted to observe the many intricate details of each muscle of my body. She also wanted to get to know ME… ZENYATTA! I’ve been told I have a wonderful personality…a very sweet face… and a kind heart! From what I’ve heard, she observed all of these qualities in ME.

One beautiful autumn day, she took the above photo! I do have a very pensive and thoughtful side to my personality. I think she captured it here.

As a professional athlete, I was able to totally focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand each day in my training program. MY JOHN always felt this was one of the keys to my racing success…the ability to work with MY TEAM towards achieving the goals we ALL shared.

At the farm, I am still able to do this…especially when something catches my attention. Here, I am concentrating on Jaime and all of the different images she wanted to capture of ME!

As you may notice, in this photo, I’m wearing one of my ‘foal tags’. It is the small, round tag attached to my halter with my name on it. In March, when my baby is born, he or she will also wear a foal tag exactly like this one bearing MY NAME on it. This is the manner in which all mares and their foals are properly identified at a farm.

I guess you could say this is the one form of JEWELRY I wear each day!

Many of you have asked for some additional photos of ME and other items. In my new SHOP, these things…the foal tag collections…and some select photos are becoming available. This photo may be found now here. We wanted it to be special for YOU.

Congratulations to Jaime! She is not only a fabulous artist….she is one terrific photographer as well.

Have a wonderful day!

With love,
Hugs to All~(I must say, it is great to see Kari Bussell feeling well enough to post a Diary entry earlier this week. This is such fabulous news! Via your Diary comments, so many of you sent her ‘prayers and well-wishes’. I’m sure your thoughtfulness helped her ‘feel so much better’! THANK YOU! You are ALL so special!)


  1. @Abigail from Montreal- Oh wow! Thank you so much for the link to Zenyatta’s historic 16th win in the Apple Blossom at Oaklawn. How did I miss that? It is the best footage of that day. A must see. They did our Queen proud! Thank you for bring it to our attention…tears of Joy!
    @Dunie- love to you too dear heart.
    @Debrorah Richman-thank you, that means more than words can say.
    @Brenda S- thank you . I am indeed feeling much better ….
    Stephanie (s in San Diego) thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.
    @Georgia Harper- thank you for your prayers and kind words.
    @Dawn Conrad- thank you for your beautiful words.I believe too!
    @signofthetimes- thank you. I would love to meet you if I am able. Please contact me.
    @Paula Higgens -@Heidi- thank you very much for your kind words and warm wishes.
    @Cynthia H- too funny & true…
    Chapter 11

  2. #379-
    @Barbara Wood- you are such a sweetheart! thank you!
    @Judy Berube- praying for you
    Lisa g- miss you.

    My Queen YOU are So GREAT, that even in retirement you have the power to cause us all to raid our piggy banks…

  3. I absolutely LOVE this picture of you Zenyatta. You are just TOO CUTE and adorable. Thank you for sharing this with us! We love to hear about the racing industry.

  4. Z…..you can’t fool some of us…. where there is a human, there are treats. That is surely a “stop with the pictures, please, and give me some treats!”

  5. Hey CA Z-Dumplings: Have a great time at the zoo and at the Zenyatta and Giacomo Carousel! Sure hope you have good weather tomorrow.

  6. Dear Zenny,
    Good Morning. Hope the weather is not too chilly for your morning romp with TT. Keep up the exercise makes labor and delivery go quickly. The KY blue grass is the best for Broodmares and foals. Have a great day. XXXXXOOOO

  7. Dear CA Dumplings and fans,
    Have a great time over the weekend at the beautiful Carousel riding all the exotic animals including some champion race horses. Hope the weather is wonderful.

  8. She is so beautiful, such an expressive face!

  9. @Delrene
    Love the story about Dynaformer, guess he did not like Rahy too much. He is so very opinionated and runs the show. Opinionated horses make things difficult and challenging, but they are fun, too.

  10. @Abigail
    Thanks for posting that lovely race of Zenny’s. Love to watch and watch and watch. Hope the weather is not too chilly yet in Canada. Watched an Inside Information on a Canadian trainer last night on HRTV. Really nice story.

  11. Obviously, you were ready for your close-up beautiful Queen.

  12. Ah, Zenny, you are so beautiful! You just take my breathe away! I didn’t know about the foal tags. That’s very interesting and so cute! Love you so much and best wishes!

  13. This pic of you so speaks volumes to your beauty, that has been so captivating. You, darling, are bigger than life! Truly!

  14. @Dawn Conrad: Your words create the same impact as light streaming through a stained glass window—and are always kind. Love to you.
    @Abigail: Thank you for posting the wonderful video of Zenyatta’s great 2010 Apple Blossom victory. It made me realize afresh why we miss her so, and wish that I could have stopped time—or at least slowed ti a little.
    @The Kennedys: Carole, please check your FB messages.
    @Kari: Beloved by everyone who loves Zenyatta. Your latest life challenge proved your great resiliency, and was a triumph of faith for you, and a test of faith for many of us. That you are still here, fills me with joy beyond expression.
    12th Heart

  15. You are such a beautiful girl, Zenyatta. I love this photo of you and you very much.

  16. @Cathleen: :) back to you!
    @Deirene in Carlsbad: I will enjoy your company in bankruptcy court! You are so lucky to iive in Carlsbad. Almost heaven….

  17. @Cynthia H/ Your loyalty and friendship fills me with joy and gratitude beyond expression.

  18. Dearest Zenny Thanks for the lovely picture of you, and for keeping us up with the latest news! Honey, my dog, and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you get lots of good healthy treats to eat, and visits from your beloved family. Love forever, Jean.

  19. Is Jaime Corum related to Bill Corum of the Courier Journal?

  20. Bought this beautiful photo yesterday, I dont know how big it is, but I do not care. So gorgeous, so expressive! Thank You to all the connections of Z for giving us this opportunity to see her and share her! Nuff said!

  21. Zenyatta, it must have been a real joy for Jaime (or is it Jamie?) who painted a picture of you. She wanted to get every little detail exactly right and I think she succeeded. John is exactly right when he says that your amazing ability to concentrate helped you in your racing days. The painting of you captures that quality that you possess. If finances permitted, I would buy a painting of you in a heartbeat. I would treasure and value it for the rest of my life.

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