Diary Post #383

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to our dear SARAH! Photo from our files!

Good Morning to All!

I want to be sure and send a proper greeting to our dear SARAH on her recent birthday! Here she is holding Reagan, one of my special visitors, so I could meet her. Daily, Sarah does so many fabulous things for ME and for others that I did want to personally send her MY WARMISH WISHES for a truly wonderful year.

I heard that she celebrated with family on one night…and then friends (many of my Lane’s End pals) the next. CHEERS to you, SARAH!

I’d also like to send a HIGH HOOF to RAPID REDUX on his victory last evening at Mountaineer Park. 20 in a row is something very special! He and his connections must be so excited. I’m not sure what his future plans are…but I’m wishing him ALL THE BEST! I think his sire, Pleasantly Perfect, is rather honored by all of this as well. This is truly a significant achievement and such a proud moment for not only Rapid Redux but everyone who works with him each day! CONGRATULATIONS!

All else is going very well. I’m in the midst of relaxing a bit and TASTY and I are enjoying the seasons. The farm is so pretty and the grass is still rather lush. We are having a great time. I am eating properly and getting all the right rest and exercise. My days are just PERFECT!

I am truly one very fortunate horse!

Enjoy your day…and the pre-holiday ‘calm’…before everything gets so busy!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~ (Especially a big belated birthday hug to our SARAH!)


  1. @Kristina from Estonia, welcome! Zenyatta truly has fans worldwide. I truly hope you will get a chance to see some live racing someday. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The former music director of our symphony, Paavo Jarvi, was born in Estonia. He was here for 10 years, but left recently to become full-time director of the Orchestre de Paris.

  2. @Stephanie
    There are a number of races that RR connections
    may enter him in. In addition he is entered in
    The Claiming Crown race. However, that track is
    Not conducive to front runners. Remember he is in
    Shape, sturdy and loves his job. Congratulations
    To Pleasantly Perfect for producing Rapid Redux and
    Wonderful LE is acknowledging his accomplishments.

  3. Dear Zenny,
    Good Morning to you and TT. Hope you are up and out into the paddock this morning having FUN. It is so good to see you be able to be a horse and enjoy life. Soon to bare a new foal in your new career.
    Congradulations on your soon to be entrance into the RACING HALL OF FAME. It takes 5 years, but is a “slam dunk” for you. Have a wonderful day XXXXXOOOO

  4. You’re Too Cute, Zenyatta! A very, very special horse. Happy Birthday to Sarah! I hope she will have many more Happy Birthdays! Lots of xoxoxoxox from Southern California

  5. Link to Citation’s 19 wins in one year


    Rapid Redux is after this one too !!!!
    Go RAPID REDUX !!!

  6. Citation’s 19 win record

    “By the end of his three-year-old season, Citation had a record of 20 starts, 19 wins and $709,470, for a new single season record. His total career record now stood at 27 victories and two seconds in 29 starts and earnings of $865,150. He had also amassed a 15 race winning streak. For his performances, Citation was named Horse of the Year. Toward the end of his three-year-old season Citation developed an osselet.”

  7. Good Morning Little Girl!!! I got The Queen’s Dance poster last night. It is 100 times more beautiful than I thought it was going to be. It is breathtaking and so classy. I cannot wait to get it framed. I have just the right place for it in my home. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody and be safe.

  8. Happy birthday Sarah.

  9. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone connected to the magnificent Zenyatta (her team both in California and Kentucky, her legions of fans and especially Dottie aka her “voice” and “Her John” who kept her in top condition and safe and sound and the Moss’s who were happy to share her with the whole world). I couldn’t be more “thankful” to be alive to experience the career
    of this charismatic, once in a lifetime horse.
    @Kari Bussell: the video you posted is one of the best I have viewed. “Old Blue Eyes” surely does “Kind Brown Eyes” proud. Thanks so much for sharing.
    To you,Zennie: I hope you and Tasty enjoy lots of Thanksgiving treats and happy grazing.
    Still like the name “Anticipation” for your foal.
    Hugs & nose kisses.

  10. @ Dawn, That was beautiful.

  11. To: Zenyatta, Tasty
    Mr. and Mrs. Moss
    John and Dottie
    What can I say to the best people?
    Well, thank you for sharing Zenyatta with us!!! I love you all!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    :) Susan, M.A.

  12. Hi Zenny: I hope you and Tasty have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your friends at Lanes End. Also, I would like to wish everyone connected with Team Z a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Zenny, it’s a nice time of the year to send a very special Thank You to Dottie and YOUR John, and to Mr. & Mrs. Moss for all they do to keep your diary fresh and interesting with new stories each day. We REALLY APPRECIATE their labor of LOVE!

    Wishing all Z-Dumplings a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Happy belated birthday Sarah. A big congrats to Rapid Redux. Z, you know how tough it is to win that many races in a row!

  14. I’m embarrassed at how jealous I am of Reagan! Lol

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