Diary Post #384

Here's Judy…with ME at the Los Angeles Zoo! Photos from Judy's Files!

Good Morning,

This is SO EXCITING! I am hearing from quite a few people that the TOM MANKIEWICZ CAROUSEL…which I am a part of….at the Los Angeles Zoo is quite a success. Several friends have sent Dottie emails stating they have already been out to see it…and ride ME! A special fan, Judy Gadwood, organized a recent trip to the Zoo and several of my dear friends joined her in the fun! From all reports, they had a GREAT TIME!

A few of them decided it would be rather fun to do a MIKIE impression while riding ME! Here’s TROTT volunteer, Delia St. Pierre, revisiting a MIKE MOMENT that was very special to ME in my life-time!

I can’t tell you how wonderful this makes ME feel. This carousel is hoping to ‘really make a difference at the Zoo’ and help raise funds to aid in the care and maintenance of all of the other animal exhibits. I feel so grateful to be a part of this.

I’m also so excited….YOU are having fun riding ME!

I have so much to be grateful and thankful for in my life. This is the season to reflect on all of these things….and I so appreciate ALL of the LOVE, KINDNESS, THOUGHTFULNESS, and SUPPORT you have given to ME each day.

If you are traveling for the holiday, BE SAFE! If you are staying at home, enjoy each moment!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Visited your carousel on Veterans’ Day weekend with my dad who lives in Corona. Beautiful day at the zoo, and fantastic to ride you. Had to wait my turn, though: A little girl raced over to you, and I sat next to her and asked to be able to ride you next. She and her daddy said ok, and I told them all about seeing you the weekend before at your party, and that I’ve stroked your neck at 55. You are muy amable, I told them. So when they got off and I got on, they took my photo on you–two celebrities, right? (me because I know you!) Love you always, Z.

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