Diary Post #387

Such a pretty view of the foothills! Photo by John Shirreffs

My dear, dear friends,

As many of you may know, MY JOHN and Dottie go to Santa Anita each evening to check on the horses at that barn and walk SOPHIE. It is a relaxing ‘family time’ for them. Last night, they were commenting to each other how very special ALL OF YOU are. John was sharing several emails he’d received during the day with Dottie. The tone in all of them was so warm and tender!

The outpouring of love, sympathy, and kindness you have expressed for Cloud Man and My Team is deeply appreciated! THANK YOU!

One exceptional and charming quality I absolutely ADORE about this web-site is the way everyone rallies around to support each other.

You are constantly doing this when you respond to each other in the DIARY…and you have faithfully done this for ME during my entire career. Additionally, you have expressed the same support and love for MY TEAM.

Life, as we all know, can often present many different challenges. The manner in which all of you share thoughts, kindness, support, and encouragement seems to help make some of these situations and handling them simply feel so much ‘better’.

Thinking of you…and sending each of you a very special HIGH HOOF…for being such a DEAR FRIEND…not just to ME and MY TEAM…but to EACH OTHER!

Enjoy your day!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. @Jeanie: I sent a donation tonight via e-mail to Valley View. Please let Marlene know that it was in memory of Cloud Man — for little “Cloud”. This is a perfect way to honor a wonderful life too soon gone.
    All the Best and many thanks for the great work done by this rescue operation. Hugs!

  2. In Re: Post 386 — Thanks to Joyce in Las Vegas and to Elizabeth in New Mexico for the lovely poems. Exquisitely touching!

  3. @Barb Zylbert—- Condolences on losing your almost 30-year-old TB jumper Packer. He must have been a grand horse. RIP Packer.
    @Jackie—Blessings to you and you dad. He is lucky to have such a loving and devoted caregiver as you.
    @Jill in New Jersey—Thank you for your lovely portrait of your TB Louie. I remember when you said he liked dandelion greens—now I can picture him even better.
    @jeean—Condolences on losing your beloved dog in August, and blessings to you and your adopted, aging stray —may the time not go too fast (but it always does, doesn’t it.)
    @Marshall (older girl in NC), Linda Edwards in NJ, Sharon in Seattle, Deborah Richman, Candace Jones, Eastcoastkid Mary Bonner, Allie in TX, Molly, Maryann, and Germaine —-Thank you for your donations and/or messages of support to “Little Cloud” in honor of Cloud Man. I’ll include your names and messages in my e-mail to Marlene Dodge tonight. (If I missed anyone, please let me know.) Sue Noel, Kim S, Barbara Wood, Georgia Harper, and Jeanie—I mentioned you all in my e-mail to Marlene Monday night. Thank you one and all!

  4. What a beautiful way to remember and honor Cloud Man. I have given a donation this morning to help save the pregnant mare. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes this morning — not only for Cloud Man, Team Z, and all of the horses in need but also for this bond we all share. There is nothing else like it. Again I must thank the Mosses, John and Dottie and all of Team Z for sharing such an amazing horse. I don’t know if you realize how much that means to many of us who love horses but are not privileged to be around them. Thank you.

  5. I am so very sorry, to hear about Cloud Man. May he RIP. It is times like these, that draw us all together – an make us even closer. God Bless You All, my heart is with you!!!

  6. gm to you sweet one….I was thinking only a few more months until little one is here ….now how about having a baby horse shower right here woot woot

  7. Dear Zenny
    Another cool and crisp morning in KY, running in your paddock
    And “mowing the lawn”. Thanks so much for
    Bringing such a wonderful group of people together.
    Have a wonderful fun filled day. XXXxXOOOO

  8. One of the things I depend on is to go to this site and FEEL THE LOVE for OUR QUEEN, BABY Z, TASTY, THE TEAM, and EACH OTHER. So uplifting. Much gratitude to you all. Cloud Man is running in heaven right now and whinnying to all of this friends.

  9. @signofthetimes–thank you so much for the great article on grieving.

  10. @trina nagele – I just made a small (wish it could be more) donation this morning. I’d like them to know it’s in honor of Cloud Man as I didn’t see a place to make a notation about it. Helping with rescue is a great way to honor this beautiful horse and his connections.

    Annie B in MA

  11. Hi All…did anyone read in the news today that they may consider slaughtering horses in the US again? I hope this is not true…Hugs and Kisses Zen!

  12. @Trina Nagele–thanks very much. I only hope and pray we can raise enough money to save everybody!!!

  13. Love you Zenny and team!

  14. @ Trina N:

    After reading some of the postings I wanted to share I finally got a response from Senator Barbara Boxer about working on the bill to protect the horses. I can’t believe when I read the article that Congress slowly passed the bill to open slaughter plants. This is terrible. Marilu

  15. I am so, so sorry to read about Cloud Man. I can’t imagine how painful it must be for your team to lose such a beautiful animal. I’m grateful that my dear horse came off the track sound and is now enjoying his life as a sport horse. A tragic misstep can happen anywhere. Huge hugs to all on the loss of Cloud Man.

  16. There must be a way to petition the “Slaughter Bill!” I don’t like using this site for political reasons, but it is a relevant topic…so sad and at the same time outrageous. To all of the horses we love so much…BIG HUGS & KISSES

  17. Zenyatta, John and Dottie have a perfect plan for spending an evening by going to Santa Anita Park, checking on their horses, and walking Sophie. Once again, I am really sorry about Cloud Man no longer being with us. In the last post, I almost made myself cry and I might do that here on this post if I’m not careful. He still exists, just not in a physical sense on the face of the earth. He exists in our hearts and our minds and he always will, no matter what.

  18. So beautiful. Wish I was there. Thanks John for sharing your wonderful photos.

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