Diary Post #139

Photo by Anne M. Eberhardt

Good Morning,

I absolutely LOVE this photo Anne M. Eberhardt took the other day. Here I am with my dear friends, Mario and Carmen. I wanted to mention, just in case you did not know, Mario and Carmen are MARRIED. It is so special to share all of this with them. WE WILL BE FRIENDS FOREVER! I have spent a great deal of time with these 2 lovely people. I think I’m now OFFICIALLY PART OF THEIR FAMILY! I’ve heard that photos of ME are all over their home and in their family albums…right next to those of their children and relatives!

Carmen had never been in the snow before Monday. It is so cute. When I was looking out my window, I saw them taking pictures of each other in the snow. I loved watching them!

Mario has told John countless times that THE LAST 3 YEARS HAVE BEEN THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE! He simply can’t believe it! His pictures have been in magazines, newspapers and on TV with ME! Carmen feels the same way.

John was teasing Mario while they were here…’Did you ever think, Mario, that you would go into the paddock or on the track and people would be calling out your name?’ The crowd was literally chanting…MARIO, MARIO, MARIO the last time I paraded at Hollywood Park. It was GREAT to see how much people appreciated him….and all of his work with ME! While John was saying this to him, all Mario could do was smile…so proudly!

As this is the season for being thankful and reflective on one’s life…I want to say….I AM ONE VERY GRATEFUL HORSE to have been BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE WITH ME EACH MOMENT…TO HELP ME BE THE BEST I COULD BE!


It is so comforting to me to be able to say this…and let my friends at Barn 55…and now at Lane’s End…know how much THEY ARE APPRECIATED. Often, in life, people do not really say these things and let their FAMILY, FRIENDS (and in my case…MY FANS) know exactly HOW SPECIAL they are to you. I wanted to be sure to do so!

Things are not always easy and every single day is not always perfect…but I have truly been blessed to be in an environment where THE LOVE OF THE HORSE ALWAYS COMES FIRST!


Have a wonderful day!
With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Wishing all of Team Zenyatta the most glorious of holidays and may God’s blessings be upon you this coming year.

    Joy to you all,

    Roseann in Missouri

  2. I love the picture you posted because the love in your eyes–and Mario’s–is so obvious. It’s clear that you are an incredibly loving being, and I think that is one of the things that has made your fans so ardent and faithful. We need more spirits like you in the world. And more racing connections like Team Zenyatta to get and keep ordinary people involved heart and soul in the game.

  3. What a gift WE have been given, in you! Thank you, Zenyatta! We love you (and all of Team Zenyatta, as well)! You’ve taken us on a great journey, and there is more to come with your babies. Long live Zenyatta.

  4. Zenny ~ I HEART YOU!!! :)

  5. As I amsure you know, there are many of us thankful for you and your wondrful team for all you have given and shared. You are all very special and have touched many of us.

  6. Merry Christmas Z, You are blessed as is everyone around you. Enjoy the snow, Spring is right around the corner.

  7. One of my most favorite pics, so far. Very touching. :-) *sniff *sniff..

  8. Big Z, You are so special and so kind to thank all of the ones closest to you. You have brought so much to our industry and to see you run down the stretch seriously took my breath away !!! In my mind you are Horse of the year, not only for 2010 but also in 2009. I’m sure you will be an awesome MOMMY !!!!! HO HO HO…the Wolf Family, Ladera Ranch, CA

  9. Merry Christmas Zen! Hope you get to eat lots of treats! Sounds like you have been thoroughly enjoying the farm life. Can’t wait to find out who the lucky stud will be in the spring!
    Have a great Christmas,
    Laura in Minnesota

  10. Zenyatta, you are a very special girl and the most precious gift we your fans have been given. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Wishing you, your family and the entire Team Z a wonderful Holiday Season. Keep warm and stay safe. Hugs & Kisses to you my sweet girl.
    We love you,

  11. Z, you and YOUR Family are the BEST!! Thanks for everything! Lets have a Great 2011!!

  12. This is a great picture…we all love Mario and Carman…..they care for you so much and it is wonderful to see them smile when they look at you. This is so special and Zenyatta you are so very special, you just make my day. I love the posts and see all the video, Team Z has given us all so much by sharing you with us. Bless all and have a wonderful Christmas holiday one and all.

  13. First of all, Zenny, I love this picture, too! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    When I saw you at Barn 55 I got to watch Carmen & Mario give you a bath ;-) The first time I witnessed this, I said: “We get to watch the Queen get a bath!” You liked to lift your hind leg ~ are you ticklish? LOL
    I hope you get my Christmas card…
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and BLESSINGS to everyone!

  14. This is beautiful and so well written. Thank you so much Team Z for all of your efforts to keep all of us involved with Zenyatta. It a is a true blessing to read the diary posts ( even when I get teary eyed) I want to express my gratitude for all that you do. Love you Zenyatta for who you are and all the joy that you have brought to my life over the past 3 years. I can’t tell you how much you have filled a void in my life of when I sadly had to sell my beautiful dressage horse. Luckily he has a wonderful home too! Thank you so very much. <3

  15. Many many blessings to all the Z team for a perfect Christmas and wonderful New Year. You gave so much to Zenyatta and she gave so much to us. Thank all of you for being there for this fabulous ride. Cheers to all.

  16. Oh, there you did it again.. Brought on the water works. We love you so much Zenny and your entire Family!!! You are such a class act and many should take note of how they (your mum and dad etc) have taken such special care of you to allow you to be who you are!

    Team Z… Thank you, Thank you for sharing the Queen with thousands upon thousands of fans! Never before, have I seen anything like this. You are truly a blessing to this struggling Industry!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and New Year!! Love from me to the entire team and of course, the Queen!!! Oh and the new LE team.. Thank You!!!

  17. Merry Christmas Zen. We are thankful to you for being such a great asset to the racing world. And thankful to your human family for allowing us to be part of your life.

  18. What a beautiful girl you are Z. We love reading how you are doing and we are glad you are so blessed with people around you that truly love you. Wishing you and Team Zenyatta a most Merry Christmas and prosporous New Year. I will be anxiously awaiting more news about you and your future babies.

  19. That IS an incredible picture. There you are with some of your favorite peeps without a lead shank. Fantastic! Merry Christmas to you and all of Team Z.

  20. I am one very grateful fan of You, Zen, and of all your Team. This is so moving. I love Mario & Carmen! What a beautiful picture. How is it that one horse can bring so much love and joy. You are a Miracle straight from God. Merry Christmas, and thanks for making my day.

  21. Team Zenyatta, thanks to all of you who have worked so hard with the best horse on the planet, and given us fans a great ride along with you… Merry Christmas Zenyatta, and to each member of your team… can’t wait to see your babies race!

  22. Well said…Mery Christmas to all and may you expereine the true meaning of this most joyous holiday!

  23. It takes people like this to make a horse like her. Wow. It is so great to see the appreciation for these people expressed so wonderfully. Zenyatta has been a lucky gal, alright!!
    Such a touching photo. The look in ALL their eyes speaks volumes.

  24. Merry Christmas Miss Z. You are blessing.
    Happy New Year. Love you.

  25. What state are yal in now with Zenyatta that there’s snow? Does she like the snow? I know my mare does- she loves to roll.

  26. MERRY CHRISTMAS Miss Z. You are a blessing.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR. Love you!!!

  27. Merry Christmas to you all! What a great picture :)

  28. Now I love that from you , appreciation of all the hard work, all these people did for you,and to take care of you, so good, it is so good of you to thank them and all your fans, also do that. I for one, and so Happy to thank they all for all there care of you, made you so special, and got you all the way threw without a bad injury, and all the Love they could give , while you Queen Z gave it all back, again to them, Love that picture also, shows, how much they all cared about you, and how you cared about them , the season of Love, is shows all the way thru these wonderful, news facts from all the people who love you, You go and have some great runs, in the fields, with your new buddies, and give all those people there due, also. Keep on Loving them Life will be so much better if people all loved like they love you, and you return that love all the time, thanks to Lane Ends, for still keeping us in the LOop, and all the people in California, and also all your special fans, Im one of the biggest I think, Im not so against racing, these days, and that is a plus.. thank to you, and all those special friends of yours.

  29. I agree – that is one of my favorite photos, too. It’s a mutual admiration, society! I agree with Gale who said you can see the love in everyone’s eyes. I’m so glad Carmen and Mario got to spend some time with their girl. And vice versa!

  30. I feel like up until now, the work of the grooms has been very underappreciated. In reality, those that do the “behind the scenes” stuff know the horses far better than most jockeys do; they are the ones that handle them for hours everyday. Mario and Carmen have shown everyone just how important their jobs are, and you can see how much Zenyatta adores them!

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