Diary Post #139

Photo by Anne M. Eberhardt

Good Morning,

I absolutely LOVE this photo Anne M. Eberhardt took the other day. Here I am with my dear friends, Mario and Carmen. I wanted to mention, just in case you did not know, Mario and Carmen are MARRIED. It is so special to share all of this with them. WE WILL BE FRIENDS FOREVER! I have spent a great deal of time with these 2 lovely people. I think I’m now OFFICIALLY PART OF THEIR FAMILY! I’ve heard that photos of ME are all over their home and in their family albums…right next to those of their children and relatives!

Carmen had never been in the snow before Monday. It is so cute. When I was looking out my window, I saw them taking pictures of each other in the snow. I loved watching them!

Mario has told John countless times that THE LAST 3 YEARS HAVE BEEN THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE! He simply can’t believe it! His pictures have been in magazines, newspapers and on TV with ME! Carmen feels the same way.

John was teasing Mario while they were here…’Did you ever think, Mario, that you would go into the paddock or on the track and people would be calling out your name?’ The crowd was literally chanting…MARIO, MARIO, MARIO the last time I paraded at Hollywood Park. It was GREAT to see how much people appreciated him….and all of his work with ME! While John was saying this to him, all Mario could do was smile…so proudly!

As this is the season for being thankful and reflective on one’s life…I want to say….I AM ONE VERY GRATEFUL HORSE to have been BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE WITH ME EACH MOMENT…TO HELP ME BE THE BEST I COULD BE!


It is so comforting to me to be able to say this…and let my friends at Barn 55…and now at Lane’s End…know how much THEY ARE APPRECIATED. Often, in life, people do not really say these things and let their FAMILY, FRIENDS (and in my case…MY FANS) know exactly HOW SPECIAL they are to you. I wanted to be sure to do so!

Things are not always easy and every single day is not always perfect…but I have truly been blessed to be in an environment where THE LOVE OF THE HORSE ALWAYS COMES FIRST!


Have a wonderful day!
With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, I love this picture! It speaks to my heart as I see the close connection between you, Mario & Carmen! Zenyatta, you have been a true Christmas present to me! To read your posts, see the beautiful photos and to see the video of you running in the snow! Wow! I THANK your Team Z at Barn 55 & Land’s End. Please tell them how much I appreciate their willingness to share you with your Fan Family! What a career for you and what a year this has been. I still can watch your races over and over and I cry every time I see them. Lady Zenyatta you have given me so many wonderful memories that I keep close to my heart. I pray you and your family has a Wonderful Merry Christmas & a Blessed & Healthy & Happy New Year! God’s gift is Christmas! And God gave us you, Zenyatta to enjoy, to take care of and to love! Yes, God has Blessed us in so many ways and you have shown that to us through your love for your Team Z, taking to heart the training you have gotten from them and sharing the results with your Fan Family! I love you more than you know Zenyatta! Now go to sleep early and I know that Santa will come tonight to see you! You have been a very, very good girl this year!
    Hugs & Kisses from Alabama with love, Amanda

  2. Merry Christmas to you Queen Zenyatta and all of the wonderful people that make up Team Z. Thank you all for the wonderful care you are giving our much loved Zenyatta. We miss you Z and are so thankful for this wonderful website so we can keep up with you. Much love to all.

  3. Zen, Merry Christmas to you and all Team Z and your fans!

  4. Precious Z-
    You are the most photogenic horse ever! This picture speaks MORE than 1,000 words.
    Wishing all of Team Z and extended Team Z on this website a wonderful, safe Christmas and a blessed 2011. Zenny, you be sure to ask for extra carrots, since you’ve been such a good girl. Maybe you can share some of the overflow with your buddy.
    Dawn Conrad–
    We’ll be thinking of you in our prayers. I’m so thankful this site is a soft place to land when we have difficult moments.
    Blessings to all.

  5. Queen Z–this has to be one of my favorite photos of you! It’s easy to see how much you love Mario and Carmen and the rest of Team Z. God Bless you and your friends at this Christmas Time. And may this coming year be wonderful for you all!
    Love and many hugs,
    Stel in Texas

  6. Ms Zenyatta, Merry Christmas Eve to you and all your Z Family and Friends in CA and KY. Special hugs to you and Dottie and John.

  7. What a wonderful photo. Happy Holidays to you, Queen Zenyatta, and the rest of your team in CA and KY. I loved seeing you run in your paddock….probably more than when you ran in your races. May your spirit and strength carry you through all your new experiences at Lane’s End.


    We love you…looking forward to all of the surprises & good cheer you will bring in 2011!

  9. Zenyatta, thank you for taking the time to post your diaries. I am so thrilled to have the chance to stay in touch with you and to see how well you’re doing. I wish you the happiest and safest of all holidays and also to Team Zenyatta.

  10. Morning beautiful. I saw this post last night and sent you a note. I never like to miss a day telling you I love you Zenny!. I read the story about the Pine Tree. It was amazing!! Well, Miss Zenyatta , I want to wish you a very merry xmas. I`m sure Santa will be very kind to you and all of your fiends in the barn at Lanes End. I also wish all of your old and new families a great holiday!!! Love you Always, hugs and kisses,Alene

  11. Merry Christmas Zenyatta. We love you.

  12. Merry Christmas Zen and to the Mosses, Mario, Carmen, John and his wife, and to everyone. All of you have given us the best gift at Christmas you can ever have – the gift of LOVE. God Bless.

  13. Aww, Zenyatta…how sweet! Carmen and Mario are a great couple! And someday [if not already] people will be talking about Mario along with grooms like Will Harbut, Man O’War’s group, and Eddie Sweat, Secretariat’s groom, wonderful grooms who especially loved and cared for the horses. Grooms are sometimes underrated…but they keep the horses happy and healthy. Happy Christmas eve! Have a Christmas bowl of Guinness and some carrots and peppermints!

  14. I wanted to say to Team Z: Thank you for the lovely video and all the beautiful photos of Zenyatta running in her paddock. When she made a beeline for Mario, I started to cry…she loves him so much!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO QUEEN Z AND TEAM Z: I think Zennie is God’s gift to us….have you ever seen a person/creature draw people together like this? or universally love a living creature like Zenyatta?…..who is to say God only sends people as disciples? Maybe she was born on April Fool’s Day instead of Christmas Day as God’s own private joke(something to consider, anyhow)
    All I know is she is a miracle, and we are all so glad to have witnessed her perfection(including her last race….a true display of her perfect heart, and her will to win)
    Merry Christmas!



    Message for John Sherriffs. (Trainer of ZENYATTA).
    “John, you have done well, and you are truly deserving of Trainer of the year ”
    You are a real horseman and this is the highest honor. There are owners & there are riders, but a true horseman is rare.
    ZENYATTA is not the only horse you have taken to the top of it’s game.I salute you John !!! ” It has been SUCH a pleasure to watch you and the entire Z-Team with ZENYATTA. Your sharing of your time and of ZENYATTA has made a HUGE difference & you have many friends.
    Best Wishes for 2011 to you , John… and to ALL , the Z-Team and all of YOU who are fans !

  17. Feliz Navidad, Mario y Carmen.

  18. Do you think that John deserves Trainer of the year for 2010 ” ?
    Please post your opinion, let us- let John know -how we feel & how appreciated he is and how respected & yes, how loved .

  19. Merry Christmas Z.
    You’ve really touched me and it seems you always bring a tear to my eyes. You truely are special.

  20. YES – John does deserve Trainer of The Year!!!!

  21. Dear Queen-Z, Team-Z, & Team-Zentucky,
    Thank-you all so very much for this wonderful gift, at Christmas time, of these beautiful up-date entries, photos, and videos. You are so kind and thoughtful to keep the connection to ZENYATTA, and her FAMILY, alive in the hearts and minds of her avid FANS !!!
    I’m so happy to see Queen-Z looking so well and content, in her retirement…and surrounded by people who truly LOVE her. That’s the best gift of all !!
    Wishing you the very best this Christmas, and much happiness always. Fondly, OraJean

  22. Merry Christmas Eve, ‘Z.’ Everyone embracing you, like ripples from a pebble tossed on water, shimmers and reflects the others you touch. When I was little, my mother`s Aunt Lizzy told us, “Love is reflected in love.” I thought it was silly then, but the older I grow, the wiser it seems. Your loving family, and everyone they touch, and each new person you reach, becomes a songline, something lyrical telling your story and opening its possibilities wider to others. Sometimes it seems like too much in life breaks or is broken, as if there is not enough time or wisdom or will to find the way to mend things. But the older we grow, if we`re lucky, the more we learn to trust ‘these, too, shall pass,’ and we learn from it, whatever it was. You mean much more than all your winning successes, Miss Zenya. You have taught a lot in the hours you were away from the track. Now, even more ripples let us see your family sharing the care they perfected with a new circle, while we peek in, to learn from and smile at their generosity. If Christmas means anything in this breathless world of reactions, it means time to rest. Thank you, to every essential person in this remarkable story, for Zenyatta, who teaches by example the nobility of love, reflected, and makes us valued in its glow. Khc.

  23. Dear sweet Zenyatta. You are a gift to us all. The love you feel, and that you share, is evident in this photo. Thanks to you, and the Sheriffs and the Mosses, we can all enjoy the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. A special thank you to Mario, for being that special person for Zenyatta. Merry Christmas to you all!

  24. Wonderful Christmas Eve diary entry!

    Mario and Carmen deserve every bit of appreciation they’ve gotten… So glad they are able to share the spotlight with you!

    All of the wonderful people who have touched you, Queen Z, have become even more special for having you… God bless all of you!

    I am sure that beautiful ‘family photo’ will be proudly displayed in Mario and Carmen’s home… What a wonderful day for all of you!

    Queen Z, you are the GREATEST, with the BEST family (and fans!)… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  25. Don’t you think that “Barn 55” would be a great name for Zenyatta’s first offspring?

  26. The gift you and Team Z have given to the American public is one that is beyond measure. Thank you for so much joy. May the joys of the Holiday season bless you all, horses and people alike. Thank you so much.

  27. Dear Zenyatta And Team Z – Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday! Please enjoy:


  28. What a great photo. The love is obvious. A big thank you to team Zenyatta for sharing her with us in the past, present and future. I love you Z!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  29. goes without saying!!
    HOY – Queen Z
    trainer OTY — John S.
    owners OTY – Jerry and Ann
    groom OTY – Mario
    hot walker OTY – Carmen

    Love story of the year – Zenyatta and her team

  30. To Linda Moss!

    That is a wonderful card! thanks for sharing…Merry Christmas to you!

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