Diary Post #139

Photo by Anne M. Eberhardt

Good Morning,

I absolutely LOVE this photo Anne M. Eberhardt took the other day. Here I am with my dear friends, Mario and Carmen. I wanted to mention, just in case you did not know, Mario and Carmen are MARRIED. It is so special to share all of this with them. WE WILL BE FRIENDS FOREVER! I have spent a great deal of time with these 2 lovely people. I think I’m now OFFICIALLY PART OF THEIR FAMILY! I’ve heard that photos of ME are all over their home and in their family albums…right next to those of their children and relatives!

Carmen had never been in the snow before Monday. It is so cute. When I was looking out my window, I saw them taking pictures of each other in the snow. I loved watching them!

Mario has told John countless times that THE LAST 3 YEARS HAVE BEEN THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE! He simply can’t believe it! His pictures have been in magazines, newspapers and on TV with ME! Carmen feels the same way.

John was teasing Mario while they were here…’Did you ever think, Mario, that you would go into the paddock or on the track and people would be calling out your name?’ The crowd was literally chanting…MARIO, MARIO, MARIO the last time I paraded at Hollywood Park. It was GREAT to see how much people appreciated him….and all of his work with ME! While John was saying this to him, all Mario could do was smile…so proudly!

As this is the season for being thankful and reflective on one’s life…I want to say….I AM ONE VERY GRATEFUL HORSE to have been BLESSED TO HAVE ALL OF THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE WITH ME EACH MOMENT…TO HELP ME BE THE BEST I COULD BE!


It is so comforting to me to be able to say this…and let my friends at Barn 55…and now at Lane’s End…know how much THEY ARE APPRECIATED. Often, in life, people do not really say these things and let their FAMILY, FRIENDS (and in my case…MY FANS) know exactly HOW SPECIAL they are to you. I wanted to be sure to do so!

Things are not always easy and every single day is not always perfect…but I have truly been blessed to be in an environment where THE LOVE OF THE HORSE ALWAYS COMES FIRST!


Have a wonderful day!
With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. ABSOLUTELY- John Shirreff is Trainer of the Year! It is remarkable what he has achieved thorughout his career & this year with Queen Z! This whole package, as Sharon stated previously, needs to be honored…it is very rare to have so many individuals work so cohesively as Team Z…but I go back to what John has stated in his interviews…it is all about “communication.” It is apparent that the Mosses communicated their love of Zenyatta right from the start & how they wanted this horse to be treated. They understood those qualities & “codes of trust” were within John Shirreff & his staff! He did his job naturally & from a place of his heart. Over time, we all got to experience this…Zenyatta reciprocated all of this kindness back & captured our hearts. She worked hard on the track & as Mike Smith stated “she did everything we asked of her!” Why? Because of her training & her relationship with those responsible for her care-she has as much respect for her team, as they do of her & maybe more! You get out of life, what you put into it.
    Obviously, this shows in John’s approach.

    Kudos to John & Team Z1 Merry Christmas

  2. Johnny rocks!!! Trainer Of The Year!!!

  3. Wishing all of Team Zenyatta a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to all of you we have been given a gift like no other. We have been able to get to know a horse that is still a gift that keeps on giving. You have let her fans get to know a most extraordinary horse. To be able to touch her and talk with the team has been something that is a rarity in racing. You have taken an opportunity to teach and enlighten and used it to the best advantage. You are an example that should be followed. Thanks for all you do and thank you for letting us get to know Zenyatta.

  4. And Mario Best Groom Of The Year!!!

  5. John should be “Trainer of the Year” as far as awards go. But even if that doesn’t happen, possibly like Zenyatta not getting “Horse of the Year”, Team Zenyatta know of their accomplishments: racing, personally and with their fans.
    Hopefully other owners and trainers will take a lesson from Team Zenyatta and keep the horseracing sport going strong by keeping the racing fans involved on a personal level. Also to keep the health and well-being of their wonderful charges a priority, even after their racing days. That would be a great New Year’s Resolution!
    Happiest of Holidays to you Zenny and your West and East Teams. You have everything a girl could wish for. :)

  6. Love the picture of Zenyatta with Mario & Carmen. A picture is worth a thousand words….so, very heartwarming. Congrats on your marriage – best wishes, Mario & Carmen. I think this is wonderful – the groom should be getting more accolades, and attention. Hopefully, this, too, will pass on with others. Last but not least – loved the story Diane posted about the “old” horse. But of course – the old ones have wisdom. They are to be treasured. In wild herds – it is the alpha mare who leads the herd……Merry Christmas, all!

  7. Everybody of Team Z deserves High Honors!!
    Thanks for that beautiful Holiday Greetings card link by Linda Moss.

  8. Merry Christmas Zenny, and to all your family Team Z and Lane’s End. If anyone ever says horses aren’t capable of love I will show them the picture of your beautiful face,and loving eyes as you snuggle Mario and Carmen!

  9. Christmas is a magical time. May your holiday season be gentle, beautiful, and filled with the joy of the season! Thank you Zenyatta – an inspiration for all…

  10. Zenyatta is the gift that keeps on giving! She is so sweet and spirited. I love her sooooo much.

  11. great photo, I will have to get it. Z you are so awesome, I love you, your spirit infectious. You do more for the human spirit than anyone, you are very special.

  12. Zenny, the love that you have for Mario and Carmen is undeniable. It shows in your lovely eyes. Horses don’t forget the humans who have cared for and loved them. This photo deeply touched me, thanks to Anne Eberhardt. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Zenny, to TEAM Z of CA and to your new new TEAM Z of LE.

  13. Zenyatta’s humans all should be honored for the job they have done with her. And Zenyatta, of course, should be recognized as a standout among horses. Can the others read and write?? Oh, I’ve heard of an isolated case here and there, but Zenyatta is so professional, she could win the Pulitzer Prize for reporting … and let’s see what else she can win!

  14. I believe Carmen and Mario must feel you are their four-footed daughter, Zennie. I love that photo, too, because it is so obvious how much you all love each other. It is beautiful to see, and I am so glad Mario and Carmen are able to visit you in your new home. I am sure you felt equally happy to see them. I know we all appreciate the love and care all of your team gave you, but especially Mario, who was with you so much and did so much to keep you happy and healthy.

  15. Merry Christmas “Z” “Team Z” and to all!

    What a simply beautiful & moving potrait.. Anne has captured a very tender moment of love between you, Mario & Carmen!

    Thanks Dottie for sharing such a touching gift with us! Thanks to Team Z for everything!

    and Dianne, Thanks for sharing “The Old One”

  16. Merry Christmas, Zenyatta, you beautiful girl. The photo with Mario and his wife is just so specialo You have the sweetest eyes.
    I think about you often and hope you are staying warm and loving your new freedom. Running in the snow had to be absolutely the best time ever!!! You’ve given so much to so many. You truly blessed our lives with your great strength, beauty and zeal.
    Wishing you and all of those who have taken such great care of you the very best at Christmastime.

  17. Holiday greatings,
    Love the photo!
    Your loving gifts spread to all;
    At Hollywood Pk,on your last appreciation day, many of my friends and I were there. (And your previous races too) One friend came to the track for the 1st time ever to see YOU. I told her about you all the time. She SAW the importance of YOU, and she was inspired to make a ‘scrapebook’ of the photos (4×6″) of you and all our friends from that day. It is such a caring gift she made and gave me for Christmas, You had brightened her experience for that day. She saw the importance of you. She had photos of Liza G Fly singing and Mike S. and others. She used your stable colors as the theme throughout, and a little Queens crown on top of the fancy Z letter! She really GOT it! How’s that for inspiring others! I love, love, love it.
    Much love as always to Z and her Team. … Next year make a Triple Crown Baby. X0X0X0

  18. This photo captures that special loving bond for which there are no words to describe, and I’m so thankful and hopeful that it’s still possible to attain in this world today, thanks to you and all who love you. You are an absolute miracle, Zenyatta! Merry Christmas to all, and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings you!

  19. Zenyatta, you have been the, golden thread which has woven together so many lives, creating a beautiful tapestry.

  20. Zenyatta……it is YOU who have been a gift to us. Also, all the folks at Backside 55 and now Lane’s End have shown us more love of horses and people in a short time than anything I’ve ever seen.

  21. MERRY XMAS to you All TEAM ZENYATTA! What a Great photograph of Mario, Carmen and The Queen herself “Zenyatta”.

  22. what a precious photo! love you Z! xo

  23. Beautiful picture of you with Mario and Carmen. Nice that they can visit with you often. Make lots of pretty babies. Loved the story about the Old One.

  24. I know it’s just a symptom of my love for Zenyatta, but why does the poignancy of this diary always make me cry? In a good way!! Zenyatta says she feels blessed, well so do I – blessed to be living in the same time frame to know about, watch and love this wonder mare and her family/connections. You all make me proud that I have loved horses all my life.

  25. I know without your team Z family much may not have been possible for you. But they knew you were special. You showed us fans how special you are and this has been the greatest gift to me; loving you Zenyatta. I know longer have a Packer wall of football players, it is now all you!! Across the room is my family and grandchildren’s pictures. You touched me forever Z! May you and all your family and new friends have a Wonderful Christmas.

  26. Zenyatta, I think you have the biggest and most open heart of any creature of any species I have ever known. God Bless you, have a very, very happy Holiday season. Thank you for being you.

  27. Thank you so much for the Mario and Carmen updates. I guess you really do read these, as this has been a request of mine. I hope Mario and Carmen will get to visit Z on a regular basis. I can’t help but think how much Z will miss them. This picture is great and definitely a keeper!!! How long are Mario and his wife staying for the transition?

  28. Team Zenyatta, thanks for the memories. It is impossible express and thank you enough for what you are doing by sharing Zenyatta’s new life with us fans. Prayers go out to all of you. Oh, Zenyatta, have fun looking at the snow, and your team playing in it:)

  29. Zenyatta: I can see the mirror of your soul through your eyes as you look at Mario and Carmen with so much love. What a beautiful picture. I do hope they get to see you often. I am sure you truly miss them.

  30. Thank you, beautiful Queen Z, for all the memories. I saw you at the Breeders Cup this year & you literally took my breath away. The little dance you did with you right front leg for the kids at the rail was one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

    I read you posts every day & they sometimes bring tears to my eyes. I love you so much & I am so glad you are happy in your new home.

    I hope to visit you when you are allowed to have visitors.

    Stay well, safe & happy, beautiful girl.



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