Diary Post #140

Photo by Joe Chile (HRTV)… The ‘NEW’ ZENYATTA LOUNGE


In honor of this wonderful time of the year, I wanted to share with you the new ZENYATTA LOUNGE for WOMEN. It was created for the women who work and live on the backside. It opened at Santa Anita last Sunday at 11. For years, we have had a wonderful REC ROOM for everyone to use…but the women never really had a place where they could just relax and visit. Thus, the thought was to give them a safe place where they could go and watch TV and movies, read, sew, use computer skills and in general just have fun and be themselves!

The hope is that they will make new friends and share experiences with them…and in general


Santa Anita was very generous in dedicating the space for the Lounge with its’ own private entrance. Aase Headley and Haydee Vienna worked very hard on this project and coordinated everything with Dottie. My wonderful owners also helped to make this happen by donating the funds to help furnish and purchase all of the wonderful decor, TV, sewing machine, and computer items for this space. On one wall, there are photos of ME…and then the opposite wall is reserved for the Ladies to put up photos of themselves with their favorite horses. We really want this to be a GREAT SPACE for these hard-working women to enjoy themselves, relax, and share time with friends.

It was so sweet! When we had the grand opening Sunday, Beatriz G. (who is going to start doing hair and nails etc. in the backside SALON at Santa Anita) offered every single woman who attended a FREE FACIAL! What a generous thing to do!

Then the ladies wanted to have a holiday gift exchange. Names were drawn…and the fun started! Yesterday was the day of the gift exchange. Probably 30-40 women participated. The ladies had a fabulous time. They were all discussing their great facials from Beatriz…snacking on cookies and sodas, and celebrating the gift exchange. It was really a very special get-together. An overall festive time was had by all!

The ladies are also doing a terrific job keeping the Lounge neat, clean and in great shape. From all reports…THIS IS A HUGE SUCCESS AND VERY APPRECIATED!

In the future, we are looking to incorporate a “NIGHT OUT”…once a month…and a type of ‘BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION’ for all women who have a birthday that particular month. Additionally, we are trying to get some extra ‘classes’ offered of various types depending upon what is of interest to them! We are so excited.

In life, it is fun to help others and try and make a difference! It is also a very comforting feeling to BELONG to something and BE A PART OF IT and then share those experiences with others! It is our hope that this LOUNGE and the activities offered will help to do that. We want to encourage all who enjoy it to really feel good about themselves and the many things they can experience with their friends on the backside.

Relationships are important…friends are so special…and to offer the opportunity for these women to add more of these elements into their daily lives is one of our true wishes.

I’ll keep you posted. What a FUN WAY to celebrate the season…the opening of the ZENYATTA LOUNGE. THE HOPE IS TO HAVE THESE WARM AND SPECIAL FEELINGS LAST ALL YEAR LONG!

With love,


  1. With all the Zenyatta memorabilia that I’ve been collecting, my office is beginning to look like a “Zenyatta Lounge.” I love surrounding myself with photos and “stuff” about you Queen Z, you have been such a bright light in my life, as well as so many others too. Yes, then of course, I will be needing the book to have in my Zenyatta Lounge too. Team Zenyatta is the best.

  2. How wonderful…you are loved and your extended “family” shared their good fortune. Blessings Queen Z!

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