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Photo by Joe Chile (HRTV)… The ‘NEW’ ZENYATTA LOUNGE


In honor of this wonderful time of the year, I wanted to share with you the new ZENYATTA LOUNGE for WOMEN. It was created for the women who work and live on the backside. It opened at Santa Anita last Sunday at 11. For years, we have had a wonderful REC ROOM for everyone to use…but the women never really had a place where they could just relax and visit. Thus, the thought was to give them a safe place where they could go and watch TV and movies, read, sew, use computer skills and in general just have fun and be themselves!

The hope is that they will make new friends and share experiences with them…and in general


Santa Anita was very generous in dedicating the space for the Lounge with its’ own private entrance. Aase Headley and Haydee Vienna worked very hard on this project and coordinated everything with Dottie. My wonderful owners also helped to make this happen by donating the funds to help furnish and purchase all of the wonderful decor, TV, sewing machine, and computer items for this space. On one wall, there are photos of ME…and then the opposite wall is reserved for the Ladies to put up photos of themselves with their favorite horses. We really want this to be a GREAT SPACE for these hard-working women to enjoy themselves, relax, and share time with friends.

It was so sweet! When we had the grand opening Sunday, Beatriz G. (who is going to start doing hair and nails etc. in the backside SALON at Santa Anita) offered every single woman who attended a FREE FACIAL! What a generous thing to do!

Then the ladies wanted to have a holiday gift exchange. Names were drawn…and the fun started! Yesterday was the day of the gift exchange. Probably 30-40 women participated. The ladies had a fabulous time. They were all discussing their great facials from Beatriz…snacking on cookies and sodas, and celebrating the gift exchange. It was really a very special get-together. An overall festive time was had by all!

The ladies are also doing a terrific job keeping the Lounge neat, clean and in great shape. From all reports…THIS IS A HUGE SUCCESS AND VERY APPRECIATED!

In the future, we are looking to incorporate a “NIGHT OUT”…once a month…and a type of ‘BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION’ for all women who have a birthday that particular month. Additionally, we are trying to get some extra ‘classes’ offered of various types depending upon what is of interest to them! We are so excited.

In life, it is fun to help others and try and make a difference! It is also a very comforting feeling to BELONG to something and BE A PART OF IT and then share those experiences with others! It is our hope that this LOUNGE and the activities offered will help to do that. We want to encourage all who enjoy it to really feel good about themselves and the many things they can experience with their friends on the backside.

Relationships are important…friends are so special…and to offer the opportunity for these women to add more of these elements into their daily lives is one of our true wishes.

I’ll keep you posted. What a FUN WAY to celebrate the season…the opening of the ZENYATTA LOUNGE. THE HOPE IS TO HAVE THESE WARM AND SPECIAL FEELINGS LAST ALL YEAR LONG!

With love,


  1. What a marvelous thing to do! Bless you all and especially Zenyatta for helping to make this dream for the backstretch gals come true.
    There truly is a Santa Claus and he is alive and well in the form of Ann and Jerry Moss and of course their star, Zenyatta. Hopefully this idea is catchy with others who could also do the very same thing at other tracks. Giving is as good, if not better, than taking.

  2. What a GREAT idea,Z! And fitting that it have the name of the hardest-working horse (male or female) in all of racing! What lucky ladies! Wish * I * had a Zenyatta Lounge!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Mosses and the Shirreffs, and thanks for sharing the wonder that is Zenyatta with us. You’ll never know how greatly she is appreciated!


  3. very thoughtful of Queen Z
    I’m sure the ladies will enjoy your lounge for years to come

  4. My admiration for your owners and team and you Zenyatta only grows each day when I read your dairy. Blessings to you and your “family”….be safe and happy knowing that you bring so much joy to so many of us.

  5. How wonderful that you have inspired so much caring and generousity in the world, Lady Z. You are indeed the gift that keeps on giving. God Bless You and Yours this Christmas Season. May you be as happy as you make others……. Love to all!

  6. There seems to be no end to the generosity of Team Zenyatta. Congratulations on the opening of this wonderful project. Happy Holidays to everyone and may this new meet at Santa Anita be thrilling and safe for everyone.

  7. Hurray for the Zenyatta Lounge! What a great gift to these women for some “Female Bonding”. What an inspiration you are Dottie, along with Team Zenyatta, to everyone. It would be great if the “Zenyatta Feeling” spread nationwide and possibly worldwide.

  8. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Zenyatta continues to spread her legacy of joy both near and far! THANK YOU, Dottie and the Mosses, for your huge contrubtions in helping to bring this about. This is so wonderful to read, and is what Christmas is all about!

  9. That’s awesome!

  10. Happy 24 th too you as well Z. What a wonderful thing Ann and Jerry have done and Santa Anita to name this lounge in your name, I’m sure they will keep it in great shape. See even though your longer out here in Ca with us or racing any more your impact goes well beyound the track. And Dottie just keeps us going with all her efforts she does as well. I think we would be lost with out her keeping us updated on things. Have a nice Christmas eve tonight, will be checking in tommorow as well. Hope you get lots of goodies that you can share with PQ and all your other new friends. Z your the best.

  11. Dear Zenyatta, my love, you and your special family just keep on giving back!! It is so very wonderful!! Such warmth, generosity, compassion and love is simply amazing to behold. God Bless all of you now, in the Season of love and giving, and for always! Besides Horse of the Year for you, I think your team deserves Team of the Year as well!!! LOVE you ALL!!

  12. Girl power, and you are the ultimate GIRL. Merry Christmas to you, Z and all your peeps. Love to all!

  13. Z, YOU DA WOMAN!!! What a wonderful idea for the gals. I am sure they love it and you with all their hearts. We love a woman that takes care of her own, that’s you. When you were born God sent an angel and you have touched the whole world. I am so proud of you and happy I know you. Thank you and your Team Z for all they do. I hope you got your jingle bells Christmas card. It made me so happy sending it to you. I could just visualize you doing a dance step to the music. I LOVE YOU Z. Merry Christmas to you and yours. You should be getting the biggest present EVER from Santa because,YOU ARE, SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! xoxoxoxox

  14. PS: No room would be complete without a photo or a bunch of you. Zenyatta Lounge, how perfect!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  15. I am the 2nd post? Cool…very generous of the Moss’s for donating to make this happen. They seem like giving and caring people, in fact they are giving and caring to do the kind things they do for others AND MORE IMPORTANTLY FOR LOVING AND CARING FOR ZENYATTA. Love you girl…relax in that beautiful fenced in place and enjoy all the scenery. oxoxxo Merry Christmas everyone.

  16. I hope they have a great bug picture of you in the lounge! It is wonderful of you and yours to honor the workers on the backside–who often do not get the acclaim and thanks that they deserve. Brava!

  17. What a perfect way to observe and celebrate the season of lights and giving. Of course it is dedicated to the female that makes this the YEAR OF THE FEMALE Queen Z. She just keeps on giving – what a love she is!

  18. Zenyatta, you and your team set a wonderful example for everyone. It’s so nice for the ladies to have a place of their own, it looks fabulous. On another note, congratulations for being named as one of the top 100 athletes for 2010 by USA Today! Have a joyous Christmas :-)

  19. Very cool! And so typical of the Mosses – thoughtful and generous. Kudos, too, to Santa Anita Racing for being so smart!

    I hope Zenyatta and her connections have a great holiday season.

  20. long live the love and generosity of Team Z!! It’s such a heartwarming occasion during this holiday season! I have no doubt that these “warm and special feelings” will last a LOT longer than one year. Generosity is forever! hugs and love to the Queen of forever

  21. Dear Zenyatta,
    It is so generous of your connections to make this available for women who work at the race track. I am so pleased that there is a safe place for them to get together! It is great that this wonderful place is in your name, you must feel very honored. Again, you have been blessed to have owners who love you and Team Z that love you so much. Bless them for help others in need! I wish all of the connections a Very Merry Christmas…Enjoy
    all of your treats tomorrow my dear Zenyatta. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  22. What an inspiration – thank you.

  23. The Mosses continue to impress me. How lucky you are to have them as ‘parents’.

  24. How wonderful, Zenyatta has not only spoken for the hEquine world but has made many notice the women who spend their lives with these great creatures!!!!

  25. That is just wonderful for the ladies in the backstretch, they work so hard every day of the year. The mosses and Shirreffs are the ultimate in kindness and genorisity, they are truely blessed. Z you are so wonderful you have inspired so many good deeds you will live on forever. A big hug to you. I love the video of you running free and your family there it was the best Christmas present for me to see that. God bless you and your family.

  26. Wonderful! I worked on the backside back in the 70’s, and a space like this would sure have been welcomed. Thanks to Tean Z for yet another great contribution. I’ll stop by next time on the backside at SA

  27. How thoughtful to build a lounge for the women who live and work on the Backside.Even more impressive that it is named after you Zenyatta,”how special is that?”Those ladies are really lucky,sounds like a super place to go and relax.I’m quite sure there are a lot of pics of you on the wall.Another demonstration of the effect you have on all people.This is truly lovely news.What an honor!You just have that kind of impact on everyone Zenyatta.Happy Holidays and Love to all.Megan.

  28. omg, the Zenyatta Lounge. She’s made her mark.

    Merry Christmas to all the ladies in the house. My gosh, are you hiring? I’ve move from the cold Northeast to to Cali!

    Thank you all so much. And God bless Zenyatta.

  29. My neighbor girl named her new puppy after you. Just thought you would like to know. Merry Christmas…you are my hero.

  30. What a wonderful idea! And how cool that the lounge is named for YOU Zenyatta! You certainly are bringing people together. I am so very proud to be your fan. Merry Christmas and much love!

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