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Photo by Joe Chile (HRTV)… The ‘NEW’ ZENYATTA LOUNGE


In honor of this wonderful time of the year, I wanted to share with you the new ZENYATTA LOUNGE for WOMEN. It was created for the women who work and live on the backside. It opened at Santa Anita last Sunday at 11. For years, we have had a wonderful REC ROOM for everyone to use…but the women never really had a place where they could just relax and visit. Thus, the thought was to give them a safe place where they could go and watch TV and movies, read, sew, use computer skills and in general just have fun and be themselves!

The hope is that they will make new friends and share experiences with them…and in general


Santa Anita was very generous in dedicating the space for the Lounge with its’ own private entrance. Aase Headley and Haydee Vienna worked very hard on this project and coordinated everything with Dottie. My wonderful owners also helped to make this happen by donating the funds to help furnish and purchase all of the wonderful decor, TV, sewing machine, and computer items for this space. On one wall, there are photos of ME…and then the opposite wall is reserved for the Ladies to put up photos of themselves with their favorite horses. We really want this to be a GREAT SPACE for these hard-working women to enjoy themselves, relax, and share time with friends.

It was so sweet! When we had the grand opening Sunday, Beatriz G. (who is going to start doing hair and nails etc. in the backside SALON at Santa Anita) offered every single woman who attended a FREE FACIAL! What a generous thing to do!

Then the ladies wanted to have a holiday gift exchange. Names were drawn…and the fun started! Yesterday was the day of the gift exchange. Probably 30-40 women participated. The ladies had a fabulous time. They were all discussing their great facials from Beatriz…snacking on cookies and sodas, and celebrating the gift exchange. It was really a very special get-together. An overall festive time was had by all!

The ladies are also doing a terrific job keeping the Lounge neat, clean and in great shape. From all reports…THIS IS A HUGE SUCCESS AND VERY APPRECIATED!

In the future, we are looking to incorporate a “NIGHT OUT”…once a month…and a type of ‘BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION’ for all women who have a birthday that particular month. Additionally, we are trying to get some extra ‘classes’ offered of various types depending upon what is of interest to them! We are so excited.

In life, it is fun to help others and try and make a difference! It is also a very comforting feeling to BELONG to something and BE A PART OF IT and then share those experiences with others! It is our hope that this LOUNGE and the activities offered will help to do that. We want to encourage all who enjoy it to really feel good about themselves and the many things they can experience with their friends on the backside.

Relationships are important…friends are so special…and to offer the opportunity for these women to add more of these elements into their daily lives is one of our true wishes.

I’ll keep you posted. What a FUN WAY to celebrate the season…the opening of the ZENYATTA LOUNGE. THE HOPE IS TO HAVE THESE WARM AND SPECIAL FEELINGS LAST ALL YEAR LONG!

With love,


  1. Beautiful Zenyatta, The best things in life cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart. Have a wonderful Christmas day with love surrounding you.

  2. Queen Z’s beauty, heart and spirit epitomizes Team Zenyatta and that is why you are all so beloved…you continue to give back and help to make things better for the horses and the people involved in the sport, and have – as far as Zenyatta is concerned – turned the ‘sport of kings’ into the ‘sport of the people.’ Thank you for all you have given us!

  3. What a lovely gift to the women of the backside. We have found all of the backsides we have visited — Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Del Mar, Keeneland — have something in common — friendly, happy people — trainers, jockeys, exercise riders, grooms, hotwalkers. We concluded that this goodwill comes from being around the most beautiful animal — the Thoroughbred. And you, dear Zenyatta, are the most beautiful of all.

  4. That is a great idea and very generous of all involved. Of course it should be named after the greatest female to ever grace a racetrack Zenyatta! Your connections never cease to amaze me with their generous spirit. The contribution that you have made Zenyatta and your connections keep making are what the Sport of Kings (Queens in your case) is all about! Merry Christmas and God Bless you all!

  5. SWEET!

  6. What an inspiration you are to the horse world. I love horses sooo much and always have. I was discouraged from following my dreams of working with horses because it was such a hard life, but now thanks to you women will have a place to bond and encourage each other. I envision all tracks having a “ladies room” in the very near future…You are the best!

  7. Zenyatta may the love you inspire in others last the whole year long ….God Bless and Merry Christmas to ALL <3<3<3


  9. I remember from my days on the back stretch in NY and NJ that it was hard to find a place to relax without having to fend off many men hitting upon me. Dealing with that wasn’t relaxing. How great that you have set up what I am sure will be a much used and very welcome retreat for women working at the track.

  10. Merry Christmas, Zenny!! What a wonderful gift you have given to some very hard working and deserving women. We girls have to stick together. I am sure Santa brought you lots of gifts because on the scale of naughty and nice, you are at the very top of nice. You and Team Z continue to touch the hearts of thousands and each new day our hearfelt appreciation only grows for all that you do. So much to be thankful for on this beautiful Chrismas day. Here’s to a wonderful 2011. Stay warm and cozy. Blessings to all.

    Barbara Wood –
    I cannot tell you how much your words meant to me. Your kindness was overwhelming. I hope this Christmas has been very special and that the coming year is wonderful for you. Thank you and God bless.

  11. Dearest Zenny,
    You are the most generous celebrity and horse!! God bless you and suround you with good and kind people always.
    Best wishes for the holiday season and Merry Christmas and make sure to tell us how you spent your day. I was thinking of you all day today while opening presents and visiting friends!!
    Best wishes for the holiday season and if I was in the USA I would definitely send you something special.
    Merry Christmas to all Team Zenny too!!
    Love, Zeina

  12. Oh Team Z you have outdone yourselves with your generosity Horse rescues,fan appreciation and now this generous gift to these hard working women I would hope the Mosses could get owner of the year for all they do but I think they judge by earnings so they won’t and that is a shame Thank you everyone on the team Happy Christmas Day to you and to all of Z’s fans everywhere

  13. What a wonderful way to both honor the hard working women on the back side and to honor our beloved Zenyatta. I had a question in response to Zenyatta’s post on Thursday (I think it was Thursday) showing a picture Zenyatta and her buddy grazing out in the snow covered paddock. Why didn’t Zenyatta have a blanket on? TB’s have thin skin to begin with and in my experience chill easily.. and she is a California girl! How about a blanket for Miss Z?

  14. We’ll be there tomorrow on Opening Day at Santa Anita, and I’m certain we’ll see so many happy faces on the ladies of the backstretch. The endless love and caring surrounding you continues to grow in so many ways. Hopefully, we humans can take a lesson from your generous spirit. Can’t believe it’s only been a short year ago we saw you at Santa Anita “one last time” in your “retirement.” You looked magnificent–as always! Merry Christmas to all!

  15. Just goes to show that Zenyatta’s influence can touch many, many other things than racing alone. This new lounge, for women only, is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, a girl needs to be able to go somewhere where there are no possible female/male tensions and things like that, and this lounge is just the thing for these women. Hope all tracks have the foresight to do something like this and they should all be “Zenyatta Lounges.”

  16. Merry Christmas All & a Big Thanx for sharing this incredible journey! Peace & Happiness to you Z!

  17. Hi my darling girl, Had to wish you a very merry Christmas! I hope you are staying warm, it’s so cold there, I ask God to wrap you in his warm and loving arms every day and every night. I love you, Zenyatta, with all my heart:)XOXOXOXO

  18. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  19. Zenny, You and your generous owners continue to inspire. The generosity of spirit you ALL demonstrate is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Jerry and Ann Moss have set the bar for racehorse owners and community leaders. You are the light in the center. The rest of us can only hope to find ways to give back that make a difference the way you and yours have doen for the women at Santa Anita. Happy Holidays to you and Team Zenyatta!

  20. What a wonderful, caring, thoughtful thing to do! Team Z you never cease to amaze me with your kindess and gerosity. You guys are a very special class act!
    Merry Christmas to each and every member of Team Z!

  21. Merry Christmas Zenny! How about this: A white Christmas in KY on your first Christmas here. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day with your friends. Hope everyone on Team Z got just what they wanted for Christmas. We all agree the ulitmate Christmas gift won’t come until next month.

  22. Oh Lady Z, you are so sweet and you influence people all the time and now the Mr. and Mrs. Moss have done this wonderful thing for the women on the backside. What lovely people they are and you our Queen what a lovely ambassador of love and generosity you are. Long live the Queen. Huzzah

  23. Another feather in your cap Queen Z I think by now that sombereo is getting a little heavy.Life on the backside,is hard and demanding.Santa Anita has always set a standard of excellence and perhaps other tracks across the country will follow suit.Too bad there is but one team Z we need so many more, but what a stsrt for Team Z.I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next,I just know it will be brilliant.Am so happy you are enjoying your new life Queen Z you look magnificent as always.Bless you for all of the Blessings you have bestowed on mankind LOVE LOVE & LOVE

  24. Thank you Zenyatta for being such a wondweful inspiration to others for them to build a lounge for the women that was so needed. It’s great that they call it The Zenyatta lounge. You are right that you should always stay close to your friend and help if you can.That was a nice Christmas gift for Santa Anita to offer it’s employees. Hope things are merry at the farm with you and your new friends. Have a great Christmas. I got alot of nice Zenyatta gifts in regards to the cancer fund donation for Christmas from relatives. I was so happy about that. Everyone knows how much I love you and miss you. When I was interviewed at Hollywood Park by KNBC at your going away party I cried then as I was explaining my feelings for you and why and they showed it on T.V.so many people know my feelings about and why. Run and dance in the snow Zenny and be happy.

  25. Z, you just keep giving. What a wonderful thing to do. I hope many others can learn from you! Merry Christmas!

  26. Good night, sweet girl. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas Day. Stay warm in your stall. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you always.

  27. a very merry christmas wish to you lady Z.
    i look forward to reading your thoughts and adventures. thank you.

  28. Oh Queen Z, just saw the video. It brought such a wonderful feeling. Still think you could run them all down. You are fantastic. I am so glad everyone came to see you especially Mario. He loves you so. Merry Christmas Queen, Hugs and Kisses.

  29. Zenny, you’re the Gift that keeps on giving. Your kindness and generosity have benefited both horses and humans alike. You’ve done so much on and off the track and I hope you get recognized for your achievements as in HOY. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. May you and Team Z (in CA and KY) have a happy, and healthy New Year. Hugs and kisses to you Queen Z. I’ll keep on following your posts.

  30. merry Xmas our pretty girll. No shoes ? I thought our girl needs heel to get curlin interested. Silliy Ellie and me you don’t even need make up


    Ellie and the Bro

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