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Happy Monday Everyone!

I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by. It is the beginning of another week! Everyone is so busy getting ready for the holidays and all of the upcoming festivities that this time of the year brings.

On this day, though, I’d like to take a moment and wish MY JOHN and DOTTIE…Happy Anniversary #8! At one o’clock in the afternoon on December 19, 2003…they were married! As Dottie was commenting to MY JOHN this morning…and “WHAT A FABULOUS 8 YEARS IT HAS BEEN! WE ARE SO, SO FORTUNATE AND BLESSED!”

Needless to say, I agree! I have been around for most of this time…and enjoying every moment with them. Since they both spend a great deal of time doing HORSE ACTIVITIES and at BARN 55…it is as though WE ARE ALL ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

The “adorable SOPHIE SHIRREFFS” asked that I extend her special greetings to them on this day as well.

Cheers and Blessings to all!

I must say, this is such a FUN way to begin a holiday week of celebration…wishing MY JOHN and DOTTIE all the best on their special day!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. To John & Dottie
    All The Best to you both! Hope you celebrated in a big way.
    And to Z…thanks for sharing the news!

  2. @Trina: What a great poem! I still love my “Chopper” poem!
    @Dawn C: Love the quilt analogy! Thank you for your hopes for “the boys”!
    @Peggy N: You are in my thoughts and prayers <3
    @Judy B: We miss you so <3
    @Denise in AZ: You're only a redneck if you or your husband wear the cut-off sweatshirt after your baby is done with it :)
    @Terry Crow: Your welcome, I think :)
    Thank you to all for the wonderful comments, links, stories. Wish I could respond to all!
    @Brenda S: Hope things get better-
    @Cynthia H: I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather. Take care!
    Warm wishes to all <3

  3. P.S. That is a really neat video that our John posted on YouTube of Morning Line being ridden (with helmet cam). As I’ve said before, I have no problem living vicariously thru others! Felt like I was flying!

  4. Happy Belated A Day! Peace & Happiness to u Z!

  5. @Sharon Call, Atlanta, GA -Love the Christmas card! Too Cute! Merry Christmas to everyone! ^-^

  6. Don’t know if this has been posted yet, but here is a nice story:

  7. Dottie and John,
    Happy Anniversary to the kindest and most dedicated couple! Thank you for your love, support and encouragement. Zenny, YOUR John and Dottie are such an AMAZING part of Your Family! The time they give to everyone is so inspiring.
    God’s Many Blessings are wished for You and especially Dottie and John this week.
    PS Sophie is just TOO Cute!

  8. @Trina N–thank you so much for the wonderful tribute to our Dottie and John. I learned something from it too–about Set Them Free and “hirer” and “hiree”. Too cute.
    @Peggy (N)– adding my prayers to Trina’s for you.
    @DJ–wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Still missing your daily prayers.

  9. Wishing Dottie and John a belated happy anniversary. Wishing you all the best in years to come.

  10. Cigar is RIGHT by the fence, right now PST 7:09 AM

  11. Mary Hale: At least the Packers don’t share the recent record the Miami Dolphins. Our 1972 record still stands, but not much else.
    Instread of football, I have to decided to focus my attention on the wonderful horses who will be running at Gulfstream this season.
    Mucho Macho Man or Moochie is back at Gulfstream and is Awesome Feather. Animal Kingdom is training at Gulfstream and headed for Dubai. And Shackleford is enjoying the sun at his vacation on a farm in Orlando. Mucho Macho Man and Awesome Feather have their own facebook pages. And Shackleford can be found on Romans Racing, Inc. facebook page; they have precious pictures of that handsome ham enjoying life on the farm.

  12. oops, Cigar moved off camera already PST 7:14 AM

  13. @LauraJ, thanks to the link to the article on the wonderful horse who stars in War Horse. I really hope there is a movie about Zenny in the not too distant future. Of course, only SHE could play herself.

  14. A very happy 8th anniversary to you, John & Dottie!! Thank you so much for sharing your joy with all of us, especially that great big beautiful package of joy herself, Zenyatta. God bless. I love you all (including the adorable Sophie)!

  15. Happy, Happy Anniversary to two very wonderful people!! :)

  16. I’m a day late, but happy anniversary, John and Dottie! You two are incredible people and so very nice! I’ll never forget meeting the both of you.

  17. Indeed, Happy Anniversary to the Shirreffs! It is very special that everyone around our beloved Zenyatta are a positive force for each other and for the sport. There is not one negative vibe from any quarter….from the Backside crew to the front-side, it’s a joy to be able to be just a tiny part of the “wonderful world of Zenyatta.” Thanks to Dottie, especially, for it’s through her channeling of Z that we feel so close to the inner-world of this great racemare, and in turn, close to her human caregivers.

    Big hugs, Z….love you lots! Ann Maree

  18. Happy anniversary to John and Dottie!

    I see MORNING LINE has joined the barn at Hollywood Park. This is a serious racehorse! I hope to see The Shirreffs’ at the Eclipse Awards next year after MORNING LINE wins an Eclipse Award (or two).

  19. Hi Zenny: I hope all is well with you and you are getting all set to enjoy the holidays!

    Nice picture of Steve and Ebby! Steve’s sandwich must have been so tempting to her! But she got what she loves best, carrots.

    Hey Zenny, any idea when Ebby might enter her first race!! Take care! We love you!

  20. Dottie and John!! (oops, please relay this Zenny!) Happy Anniversary to you and congratulations on 8 years (and hopefully many more to come)!

  21. Best wishes to John and Dottie. What a great couple you are and so special. Zenyatta is sooooooo lucky to have you both in her life.
    Love hugs and kisses

  22. Happy Anniversary to John and Dottie! Sophie is so cute!Sophie reminds me so much of my dog.

  23. Zenyatta, congratulations to John and Dottie for being married to each other for 8 years! Happy anniversary to them! I’m glad you acknowledge your former horse trainer/current friend and his wife that way. You are a real class act, Zenyatta! Once again, you are dead right about time absolutely flying by. Speaking of dead, I will be dead myself before I know it the way time is going by.

  24. Happy Anniversary John and Dottie. What an adorable photo of Sophie, she is so cute.

  25. I’m late to the party, but wanted to wish
    your John & Dottie a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!
    Thank-you, both, for sharing your wonderful
    and magical life with horses. Zenny, all
    of your “Connections” are so kind to share
    you, with all of us, your Fans.
    Dottie & John, Hugs and Best Wishes on your 9th year of marriage.
    Fondly yours, OraJean
    PS Sophie, you are TOO cute !!

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