Diary Post #141

Happy December 26th!

I hope all of you had a Blessed Holiday with family and friends. My day was very special! I was fortunate to spend lots of time outside with my new “BBF”…BEST BONDING FRIEND, Pirate Queen. We really relaxed, grazed and enjoyed ourselves. The day was PERFECT! Donna worked with us most of the day. It was fun to spend the holiday with her and all of my new Lane’s End Farm friends.

Sarah also made it possible for me to TANGO (that is a new phone thing) with Ann Moss on Christmas Eve. We have done FACETIME before…but this was the first time that we TANGOed. (I thought I’d be pretty good at this as I am known for my ‘dancing’!) It worked out perfectly…and was great fun!

John tried to call Sarah to do this as well! What a great way for me to keep in touch with my CA FAMILY and BARN 55! Hooray for technology!


I also want to THANK all of you for the amazing cards and gifts. The entire FARM is enjoying all of these things. Dottie gave the cards to The Moss’ to enjoy. John read them as well. This is so special, so kind and so thoughtful of all of you! THANK YOU!

Donna is here! Time for me to go outside and PLAY! I love the schedule I am on at the FARM now!

Have a wonderful day! Please relax, have fun, and enjoy your friends and family! I think I’m now truly beginning to get the MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY…AND HOW SPECIAL IT ALL IS!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. Dearest Z,

    How about “Dancing Queen” for your little Z? Or else, “Roxanne” as I heard that is your favorite song! Kisses and carrots..

  2. To Lane’s End, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of War Pass – RIP.
    To Z, I hope we see some pictures soon of you and your new paddock buddy, and I’m wishing you and everyone at Lane’s End a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  3. So glad that your Christmas was wonderful, you deserve it! I am glad that you have made a new friend to enjoy spending time with. I know Ann was thrilled to Tango with you. I know that made her Christmas happier too! Know that your fans love you and think of you daily! The posts are so nice so that we are able to enjoy you! You have such a gift of touching so many people with that beautiful heart that you have. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy! Love Forever!

  4. Very sad to read of the death of the champion, War Pass, at 5 years. He was a beautiful horse with great potential.

  5. Zen & Friends at Lane’s End
    Sorry to hear of the passing of War Pass. I am not a vet but in the medical field just thought if he had a long air flight he could have developed a clot. It is a problem for humans who can not move around for long periods of time. No matter what the cause it is sad to loose one of God’s creations so young.

  6. So sorry to hear of the passed of War Pass – what a lovely horse –

  7. RIP beautiful War Pass. I remember watching him run as a two year old & thought maybe he would BE THE ONE at three. Sadly all was lost MUCH to soon. . . . and this took place on Christmas Eve. It must have been a very difficult weekend for Lane’s End. To Quarterhossgal – Thank you for the post/poem. Wonderful analogies to throw at all those “Just a” type pessimistic, party-pooping, ‘neighsayers’ – my own word for them. This must be ‘Just another DAY TO BE ALIVE WITH JOY’

  8. I’m so so happy to know that “The Queen”
    is doing just great at Lane’s End. I look
    forward to the diary posts cause it makes
    my day, love the TANGO and thank you so
    much Zenyatta for the joy and happiness
    you’ve given me.

  9. Dearest Zenyatta
    I know you had a Queens Christmas, and well deserved. I am going to be married in April and we are going to Santa Anita for our honeymoon…the only sad part is it will be the first time in years we will be there and you won’t :( I told my friends who know my love for you that I’d ask you to make a special aperance just for us…lol…silly I know. But I will see you there Zenyatta, I know that every track you raced on you left a part of you there, spirit, memory, your win :) so I know I will see you there, even if only a memory in my mind makes it happen…you will be there in spirit.
    “Zenyatta I Love You”

  10. Thank you Dottie for all of the daily posts. No other connections have ever shared their thoroughbred like you have. We can’t even get in to see Barbaro’s brothers in Fair Hill, Md. These daily posts take a substantial amount of time to do and we all thank you.
    As a life-long horsewoman, I was disturbed and surprised at the death of War Pass at Lanes End and the fact that no one has a clue as to why he died. I’m sure you are more than aware that this shuttling back and forth to other hemispheres to stand in Austrailia (the other side of the world) is exremely stressful. Hennessy succumbed several years ago of heart failure while standing in Argentina. I would bet that War Pass died of the same thing or pneumonia. I know that what they do with the stallions at Lanes End is none of your business. But that’s why I was so concerned about Zenyatta being turned out without a blanket in freezing temperatures from heated barn, no less, when she had a slick coat. She hasn’t had a winter coat since she was a foal and has been slick since after that time. I wish someone could post something that would reassure me about this issue. From my experience with horses and sheep they have tended to get sick when the temperatures have been volatile here in MD. I have often referred to these conditions as “pneumonia weather.” Again, I wish someone could respond to my concerns regarding this, as I am always happy to learn.

  11. @Mary Bobolis…it is so kind of you to worry about Z.outside without a blanket.Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t necessarily mean that the temps are below freezing(example:groom, Charles, without gloves or hat). The schedule seems to be that she goees out for a few hours in the warmest part of the day… when the weather is appropiate! This is helping her grow a winter coat.Blankets keep the hair flattened down…they need it to be fluffed up to trap warm air next to the skin.Often here in Colorado we have sunny, warm days with a LOT of snow on the ground. Hope this helps you to understand Lane’s End thinking on the acclimatizing process!!!Good luck!!!

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