Diary Post #141

Happy December 26th!

I hope all of you had a Blessed Holiday with family and friends. My day was very special! I was fortunate to spend lots of time outside with my new “BBF”…BEST BONDING FRIEND, Pirate Queen. We really relaxed, grazed and enjoyed ourselves. The day was PERFECT! Donna worked with us most of the day. It was fun to spend the holiday with her and all of my new Lane’s End Farm friends.

Sarah also made it possible for me to TANGO (that is a new phone thing) with Ann Moss on Christmas Eve. We have done FACETIME before…but this was the first time that we TANGOed. (I thought I’d be pretty good at this as I am known for my ‘dancing’!) It worked out perfectly…and was great fun!

John tried to call Sarah to do this as well! What a great way for me to keep in touch with my CA FAMILY and BARN 55! Hooray for technology!


I also want to THANK all of you for the amazing cards and gifts. The entire FARM is enjoying all of these things. Dottie gave the cards to The Moss’ to enjoy. John read them as well. This is so special, so kind and so thoughtful of all of you! THANK YOU!

Donna is here! Time for me to go outside and PLAY! I love the schedule I am on at the FARM now!

Have a wonderful day! Please relax, have fun, and enjoy your friends and family! I think I’m now truly beginning to get the MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY…AND HOW SPECIAL IT ALL IS!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. I am so grateful for your posts! God Bless You with some serious fillies….. I, along with the rest of us fans, will be waiting for your serious GIRL POWER! Much love to you Z….. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hope you are having fun Z!!!

  3. Now my day is complete….got to read the post from Z. My holidays were great with my family and friends and it seemed the same for you. Love you Z…..Hugs to you!!!

  4. And HAPPY 26TH TO YOU, ALSO…..our, dear, sweet QUEEN OF QUEENS. To watch you run free, kick up your heels & NOW “SING” is just awesome!! After a long day it’s the PERFECT nightcap.

    Bless you & all who are in your life!!

    Good night ” sweet pea” XXXOOO Sue

  5. Oh Zenyatta, I love you!!! A great post…you are a wise girl…

  6. Hi Zenny:
    Looking forward all day to your post. I read that you rolled in the snow today. Am anxiously awaiting pictures and hopefully a video.
    I’m glad you and your families (CA & KY) had a fine Christmas and that you enjoyed all your cards and gifts.
    You are the best gift I, as your devoted fan, could ever possibly receive.
    You are so right that technology is fantastic. By the way, explain what TANGO is and how it works. The dance I understand the techno Tango I don’t!
    Hugs & nose kisses,
    Judy 8-)

  7. Happy 26th everyone there at the FARM and at Barn 55! It sure sounds like your enjoying your new found life at Land’s End. I’m sure you remember Switch…well she won her race today and looked good. She probably was wondering where you were. The dirt track held up very well with all that water CA has been having. Have fun in the snow and looking forward to seeing more pics when they get posted!

  8. Merry Christmas Zenyatta! So happy to hear you have a friend to spend your outside time with. Sure would like to see more video of you playing outside? (hope, hope!) Glad to hear you are enjoying of all of your holiday treats and your new life at the farm. Any thoughts on who your “boyfriend” will be this coming year??? I am surely waiting for news on this!

  9. Merry Christmas Queen Z! You gave us the best Christmas present of all, just to see you outside loose for the first time! What a special video! To hear you holler while running and stop and look as only you can do was so special. Thank Blood Horse for us and all your family. We love the little details of your romp in the snow! Thank you also for a Christmas present for my horses! I told them it came from Zennie and John. They have had yams for the first time in their breakfast every morning for the last week. They love them! That will be a new tradition! Love you~

  10. Love you posts, Z! Santa managed to score your Breyer model for my 8 year old (I don’t know HOW he did it – have you seen the price you are commanding on Ebay??) :) she hasn’t put it down since. She’s on cloud nine and asks me every day if you posted anything. She wants nothing more than to come visit you over spring break this year – so hopefully we will see you then!

  11. It’s so wonderful thay you are enjoying your self with your peeps! Stay healthy and happy, my Queen.

  12. Thank you so much for posting on Facebook. I grew up around horses, hunter jumpers, and I think Z is one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. Her “aura” has mezmerized sooo many people. I can understand everyone’s love for her. There are stars and then there are STARS. I will be most interested to see which stud is “The One”. Interesting cunundrum.

  13. Queen Z – I agree with everybody today that I’m grateful for your posts I look forward to reading them each day!!! I’m so glad that you had a great Christmas and you have a new bff!!!

    Keep the posts coming!!!Lynette

  14. Z you are always a win-win – not only do we get to keep up with your adventures, we learn about new technology at the same time! How cool is that! TANGO so Z keeps dancing in everyone’s heart…good stuff. (-:

  15. thanks for update Keep on enjoying the farm Want to know about that roll in the snow

  16. Sounds like it is a wonderful day for you and that is to be grateful for…I am so glad you Christmas was a great day for you..I am also glad you are enjoying you new best friend , isn’t it great having a best friend?? It is so relaxing…Enjoy your day lovely lady ZENYATTA LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU

  17. I agree with everyone, I look forward to your posts and enjoy reading them. You sound so happy Zenyatta and that warms my heart. I heard you had your first roll in the snow…..any videos? All your fans would love to see that. Much love to you Zenyatta!

  18. I love reading your posts Zenyatta. I keep watching for the visitor schedule. I wasnin Lexington on the 29th and would have loved to stop by to see you!

  19. Hey Z … Merry Christmas. hope you are staying warm. I live in NJ and we are going thru a major storm right now. I try to hook up to your link and read your postings every day. I own a horse also Z and love him with all my heart. He was a race horse also, but Qtr horse racing. His Grandfather is Dash for Cash. apparently, he was a very famous horse and won major…in the 70’s
    Blaze is so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you. As I read all your postings I miss him terrible. See… I have to board him so I don’t get to see him much. I try to go to the farm, but I work…by the time I get home it’s dark.
    anyway…Thank you Z for keeping me close to my horse and you stay warm ok?
    Enjoy the relaxing time that you well deserve Blaze only raced for a short time and was injured in his chest. He lost a lot of muscle in his front leg. so they retired him and I was lucky enough to purchase him. I have had him since he was 7 ..now he is 15…and he will be with me and ONLY me for his life. I rescued him from a man that was feeding him bagels (that is all) He is happy and healthy now and a wonderful man. You would love him Z

  20. Lady Z, thanks for keeping us informed and give a big kiss to the Moss family for sharing your life with so many of us. Look forward to your daily post.

  21. Merry Christmas Zenyatta! I’m glad you had a great one! Guess what! I got your Breyer model for Christmas! i have always wanted it even since I saw it in the JAH (just about horses) magazine! It was my #1 thing I wanted for Christmas! :D

  22. One of the best parts of my day is reading your posts! I’m so glad that you enjoyed your 1st Christmas at LE. You deserve all those gifts and more. After all, you have given all of us such a great gift yourself! P.S. – Glad you got to Tango!

  23. Dear Zenyatta, So happy to hear of your days with some new BFF’s. You can meet up with Life is Sweet too sometime. Get her up before 12:00 noon. You get to talk live with mom Ann, John and some others you love. Life is good for you now as your settling into the next great phase of your wonderful life.

  24. Hi my beautiful girl!!! I`m so glad you have wonderful new friends at Lanes End. You`re doing perfect. As you always do. I would LOVE to see you do the Tango!! I`m sure everyone at barn55 miss you so much.. The mosses are just great people. You both deserved each other. John speaks for himself…Without Dottie it would be hard to communicate with you… Well sweetness KEEP DANCING ALWAYS!!!! I love you Zenny….I hope you and everyone associated with you had a wonderful holiday….Hugs and Big kisses always, “Alene”

  25. hey now I like that Tango thing, I really think you are one good horse for Dressage, so, that is funny, kinda of, but glad your having, a good fun time with bbf’s at the Barn and can still see the people in california, Im with you good luck for the Santa Anna. Hope you, stay warm with this storm blazing out side, Love your updates, they make my day. and Have fun gracing, in your new home, with you buddies friends..

  26. Sweet Zen, so glad you had fun with your bf,wow time is passing by and you are just getting more and more famous,,,You are the Queen Zenyatta ,,So what could it be but famous,,,,enjoy your fun in the snow ,,,and wish i could she you in your new clothes ,,,bet you have a pretty pink blankie,,,,,,nite Zen,,,sweet dreams ,,,hugs and kisses always,,,,,

  27. Dear Zenny, how wonderful to get your post today. It sounds like you had a magical Christmas and got to spend quality techno time with your loved ones in CA. I know Ann and John must have enjoyed every minute of your Tango. I join you in wishing Santa Anita a safe and successful meet. Hello to everyone at the Farm and Barn 55, thank you for keeping in touch, especially through the holidays. It meant alot, Dottie. It is so fun to be part of your diary friends, Miss Z. Hope you have a great time with your special bonding friend, Pirate Queen. How fitting, you are a queen and she is named for one. You are right Zenyatta, friends and family are the most important part of our lives. They are truly a blessing and you are such a lucky girl to be surrounded by both. Good night and sleep well. Hugs and kisses.

  28. Hi Zenny, Its me again. I forgot to tell you I have your custom made bumper sticker on my car…It looks gorgeous!! I`m so proud of it. it was made just for you. Noone else has it. I designed it. Its a beautiful picture of you and Mike. Its all done in the colors of your silks. I just love it. I have it on the front of the car. Guess who is on the back? Secretariat… So you know what amazing company you`re in!!! Love you, Alene

  29. I have been waiting anxiously for your post. I’m glad you had a great holiday. I was watching the Santa Anita races on T.V. The races were great to watch, but I sure miss watching you race. I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself with your new friends.

  30. Hi Zenny! Warms my heart to hear how happy you are! And I have no doubt you are enjoying yourself! I wanna say to you…ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! Be a horse and do horsey things! :-)

    Love you Big Girl….

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