Diary Post #141

Happy December 26th!

I hope all of you had a Blessed Holiday with family and friends. My day was very special! I was fortunate to spend lots of time outside with my new “BBF”…BEST BONDING FRIEND, Pirate Queen. We really relaxed, grazed and enjoyed ourselves. The day was PERFECT! Donna worked with us most of the day. It was fun to spend the holiday with her and all of my new Lane’s End Farm friends.

Sarah also made it possible for me to TANGO (that is a new phone thing) with Ann Moss on Christmas Eve. We have done FACETIME before…but this was the first time that we TANGOed. (I thought I’d be pretty good at this as I am known for my ‘dancing’!) It worked out perfectly…and was great fun!

John tried to call Sarah to do this as well! What a great way for me to keep in touch with my CA FAMILY and BARN 55! Hooray for technology!


I also want to THANK all of you for the amazing cards and gifts. The entire FARM is enjoying all of these things. Dottie gave the cards to The Moss’ to enjoy. John read them as well. This is so special, so kind and so thoughtful of all of you! THANK YOU!

Donna is here! Time for me to go outside and PLAY! I love the schedule I am on at the FARM now!

Have a wonderful day! Please relax, have fun, and enjoy your friends and family! I think I’m now truly beginning to get the MEANING OF FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY…AND HOW SPECIAL IT ALL IS!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. so happy you’re happy! love you Z! xo

  2. Hi Zenyatta! So glad you are into your schedule at Lane’s End! I’d be interested in hearing more about TANGO? Sounds fascinating. Much love to you pretty girl – looking forward to continued daily updates!

    Roseann in Missouri

  3. Dearest Z,
    We visited Santa Anita for opening day yesterday. My son remarked that he could not believe you would never be there again. I too, felt a sharp pang of bittersweet memories as we were so lucky to have enjoyed your last 5 races. It was a fun day and absolutely packed. I will say in all honesty, YOU WERE MISSED! We are so happy though, for your new and beautiful life in Kentucky. As for me, I had many “Z” gifts under the tree from family. Somehow, they knew : )

  4. Dear Zennie
    You are a treasure. So glad you are happy and enjoying your new home and new friends. You are a smart girl and catch on quickly. We humans admire your intelligence and common sense. If only everyone could be like you. Be safe and stay happy and healthy. Enjoy the gift you have been given. You were a gift to us, and to racing. Who could ask for a more perfect racehorse!

  5. happy new day, Zenyatta. I can’t wait to see the video of rolling in the snow! Bet you had such a great time. Regards to PQ and all of your human connections at LE. I read ALL of your posts and thank god every time for Dottie and all of Team Z!!

  6. Happy Holidays to you too Zenny!! Merry Christmas and God bless you and all your wonderful Team and family. I couldn’t be happier to know tat you’re so settled in your new FARM. Wish you the best always,

  7. Dear Queen-Z & Team-Z, Glad to hear you all are warm and happy…and getting out in the fresh air !! Enjoy this Holiday Season. Fondly, OraJean

  8. Dottie…I happened to be in a Toy store last week looking for something for my 3 y.o. grandson. The store had a small section devoted to Equine stuff including Breyer Horse replications. I asked the clerk if she had ever heard of Zenyatta and her response was that she had and that the store cannot keep up with the demand for “Z’s” replica. She wanted to know why the horse was so popular (obviously not a racing fan)so I spent a good half hour educating her on the aura of the Queen. A new fan was born!

    BTW if you fans want to enjoy The Blood-Horse video from a different perspective try viewing it with Phil Collins “You’ll Be in My Heart” as the music bed. It’s really a grabber! If you want to be a little more daring play it while Tina Turner does a live concert version of “Simply The Best” That will blow you away!!!!

  9. Be a good girl Z xoxoxoxo

  10. Zenny ~ so happy to hear things are fun and exciting for you at Lane’s End.
    Of course, we miss you here, but this helps us :-)

  11. Zenyatta,

    Glad to hear you have a girlfriend to romp with. Sounds like you are doing well at Lane’s End. Please post more photos. Lots of love and hugs from Cypress, Texas.

  12. Dear Z sounds like you & yours had a joyous Christmas. Ours was quiet with lots of good food & a few naps. I didn’t burn the roast this year! Did some rolling in the snow of my own with our dogs & my husband tried to get some decent photos of this. You know how tricky pet photography can be? Sunday we watched opening day at Santa Anita. BTW one of the many you left in your wake, Switch, won her race in record time. Her Christmas wish was probably that you had retired. When she didn’t see your bum at the finish line she knew you had. I am one of those people who thanks to mandatory 8th grade typing classes, (yes on a REAL typewriter), can now sit happily in the dark and click away on the keypad. . . but you will have to EXPLAIN TANGO to me, please & thank you! LOVE & PEACE

  13. Thanks for the update. I was at Santa Anita for their opening day of the season. I had a good time and I keep on thinking about you especially when I was Switch at the paddock. She looked really good. I am so glad that she won her first grade 1 race. We miss you Zenny but somehow I am glad that you’re having a happy retirement. I luv you!!!

  14. Zenyatta, I am so glad you are having so much fun. I know Ann and John were happy to talk and see you on Christmas Eve. I can’t get enough of your video of you playing in the snow. Words can’t even describe the love you showed to Mario and he to you. I still wish he could stay there with you. Love and Hugs to you big girl. Jan

  15. You are truly blessed Zenny and I wish all horses were as fortunate as you, miss seeing you race but sooooo glad you’re in a happy place with people that love and care for you

  16. Hi Zenyatta, It’s nice that you are able to stay in great touch with your CA family and Barn 55. I would like to know more about the TANGO thing sounds wonderful. I’m glad you have a nice relaxing day with all of your family’s. Thank you for sharing all you baby steps with us fans, we all love them. Have a great day and have fun. Love and hugs, Cathy

  17. Miss you on the track although I know you are happy now. Have another roll in the snow and stay healthy Zenny. Love you and hugs to you.

  18. Kathryn Cogswell. thanks for the link to Bloodhorse. I just saved it to “My Pictures” and upon looking more closely at it, I noticed that the horse in the picture has a star but not a blaze and the tail seems to be fuller than Z’s. Trick of the camera? I couldn’t find anyplace in Bloodhorse where it said this was Z. What do you think?

  19. So looking forward to seeing your roll in the snow, I’ll bet it feels GREAT!!! Happy you are doing so well and just to let you know there is not a day goes by I do not check out your posts as well as so many others, am really looking forward to more pictures and videos. Have fun in the snow and MISS you so much

  20. Hello Precious Girl, yesterday I watched some of your races (again) and was overwhelmed by your greatness one more time. Sure, I know you’re going to win, but it’s how you do it, Z. You’ve definitely earned your wonderful retirement and God bless your connections for knowing it. Your peeps are top of the line, Zenny – no wonder you’re all connected! :-) Love you…

  21. I love you-you great big beautiful girl. Your posts are the highlight of my day. I would also love to learn more about Pirate Queen ( could the name be any better for our Queen?).
    Dottie, just when I am convinced I could not love Zenyatta and all of you more, you go and do something else so generous and amazing like the Zen diary…thank you for all the time, energy, heart, love and soul you are pouring into this…I am so grateful and moved by everything you all do.

  22. Good Morning Zenyatta, We know you are a great dancer, and, how we all enjoyed watching you dance to the track, but what is this “Tango” on the phone thing? So thankful you have so many loved family and friends taking such good care of you. Hugs and prayers always.

  23. Hello my love! I’m glad to hear you had a great Christmas. I would love to hear or see more about this Tango dance. Or you could just do your normal Z dance. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I can see a video of YOU! I love so with all my heart sweet baby girl, stay warm and enjoy the fresh air and sun! oxoxoxox Love you more than you will ever know.

  24. HEY, EVERYBODY: I just Googled Tango and it’s a live video service for iphones and ipods. Facetime is also live video for iphones. Looks like a lot of fun. Sarah must have Tangoed Ann right from Z’s stall. How cool is that? Great for the people but probably not as great for Z since she can’t smell and see them. Anyway, Team Z CA will be back to see her again, we all know.

  25. @Sharon, Thanks for the update on Tango, I too googled tango and found, to my dismay, I need to buy an iphone. Love to Zenyatta from more of your zany fans.

  26. Thanks Team Zenyatta for allowing us to have access to Z. The posts are fun, informative and just plain classy.
    Zenyatta: you are a great Champion on and off the track and I feel privileged to have seen all your races.The journey you took me on has been filled with new friends, great causes that you supported and fun travel. Thank you for a great ride and make snow angels when you roll.
    Have Fun Z

  27. To: Sharon Call — YOU ARE RIGHT! No excuses . .. I just saw what I wanted to see. What a good catch. ~ Still a pretty horse/person scene & I love the shades of light through trees. OK: Awaiting true video of ‘Z’ Snow-Rolling. Thank you, again, for the correction. Khc.

  28. WoW Zenyatta you are Tango ing before all of us~!!! Great Job~!!! See why you are thye Greatest Horse on EARTH? What other horse Tango’ed on Christmas Day?
    LOVE YOU ZENYATTA forever ~!!!!!!!!

  29. Glad you and PQ your new BBF are having a good time and glad you Tango as well. We still miss you out here in CA, I guess we always will. You have a good day keep the post coming.

  30. Ms Zenyatta, Hi, it is almost time for me to leave work and rish home to your FB. I can get you site, but not your FB, and I can also sneak over to BloodHorse and get videos when they have them. I think I will, I keep hearing there are more pictures there, and I understand that your were Private Dancing, rolling in the snow…you are just too cool. My sister-in-law thinks it is just fine that I cancel my CA vacation next June, forget the family…and vacation in KY instead. I have to meet you, you are so awesome, what will you be like in person? I have seen the OK Memorial and the Viet Nam Wall, both on TV.. but when I saw them in person…they both grabbed my heart. I know you will do the same, beautiful, lovely, perfect Lady. I read in your special BloodHorse edition, that they think HOTY will be based on who won the Breeder’s Cup this year. What a joke, if you ask me. No matter what, you are HOTY, every year you have raceed. The suits opinion do not matter to me or any of your fans. We know the TRUTH. Till later, when I am on your FB, I am so glad you are happy. Did you forgive me yet? Love and HUgs…..Lisa g

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