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Happy “Belated” Birthday, TASTY! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

I think it is so special that ALL of you wanted to wish US a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on January 1st! TASTY and I were so busy…..we literally forgot to send wishes to each other! So, we took some time this morning to do that. As many of you already know, thoroughbred race horses have two birthdays… the actual one stating the day he or she was born that is recorded on his/her Jockey Club Papers….and then the ‘technical’ one which has ALL thoroughbreds celebrating a birthday and becoming one year older on January 1st of each year.

Thus, I am ‘technically’ 8 for industry purposes…..but I am still 7 per my real birthdate of April 1st. I must say, I do feel I look terrific, have maintained my glowing coat no matter what the weather conditions, and my body is still quite ‘fit’ and handling this ‘baby weight’ very well! Blush, Blush!

TASTY was born on March 26, 2006….so she turned 6 on the 1st. If our foals are cooperative, and are born ‘on time’…(they say first foals can be rather independent and do their own thing, so we’ll see)…then TASTY and I will both be MOMS before our actual birth dates.

In reading the DIARY comments, you are ALL becoming VERY ASTUTE at what is going on with our ‘in foal status’ and the foaling process. I was commenting to TASTY this morning that we are 2 very fortunate horses. Our foals are going to have about 180,000 feet pacing about in different communities around the country when we get ready to have our babies…and about 95,000 plus NANNIES!


On another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each of you who may have celebrated a birthday over the holiday! Also, in reading the comments, I’m so happy to hear that so many of you who have had some health concerns or been dealing with them with members of your family are ‘doing better’. ALL BLESSINGS to you and your families!

Have a terrific day! Don’t forget….RAPID REDUX is entered today at Laurel in their 6th race…going for #22. I’m sending him a big HIGH HOOF and wishing him the best!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. A Birthday Poem for Mary in Lynchburg, VA
    January 5, 2012

    Dearest Mary,
    I’m not going to tarry
    To say
    Happy Birthday
    And to give you rousing cheers
    For your sixty-five years
    Of happiness and health,
    The two true forms of wealth.
    Here’s hoping you have many more
    Of the same in store.

    1. Lovely poem Trina. Hope you had great holidays, we missed you.

  2. Hey, Zenny! You are looking so good these days. Your coat is beautiful, and your ears are up. Happy 2012 to you and Tasty! It’s going to be a good year for both of you.

  3. @signofthetimes
    Thanks for the trainer’s insights. I didn’t know that. I guess RR is right where he should be, but his consistent wins over his competitors made me wonder if he could perform at a higher level…

    1. I wondered that too. Until I read the trainer’s comments. It so amazes me that
      trainers have such a sense for getting their horses to the top of their game,
      getting them to perform and win and know what they are capable of doing.

      I wondered why John Sherriffs did not have Zenny run 1/2 mile on dirt with boys
      before she ran in BCC 2010, but his intuition about her, her talent and racing lead him to
      believe she could do it and she could have had she had a better trip. I see him do
      that with his other horses. As well as other trainers. If they prove themselves it
      seems to hold more credebility, but does not mean they will do it again. Very interesting strategy and talent all of these trainers have.

  4. Cigar is on camera – Kentucky Horsepark webcam!! 8:47 AM Thursday

  5. Zenyatta – Do you have any more hints about what is coming out soon? You mentioned it in the last post. I’m guessing it’s the plushie.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary! And thank you, Trina!

  7. Zenny, I love your new website. I like the new format as it seems more about you. Thank you to all of your connections that make this Diary possible. Great Job.


  9. Hi Zenny,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes and happy “birthday” to you and Tasty too. I have my dancing Zenyatta picture framed and ready to be hung up. I can’t wait to have it at the top of the stairs so I can say to my little girls “climb up to Zenyatta” when it is time for them to have their bath and get ready for bed.

    Big HUGS,


  10. Zenyatta, I have heard about the idea that every horse is a year older on the first of January. 2 birthdays-Jan. 1 and the actual date on which the horse was born. You are now 8 years old and Tasty is 6. It would be really great if both of you had your foals at close to the same time and ahead of your due dates. The foals will become perfect friends which will contribute to real family togetherness. You guys can all run around together and it will be a lot of fun. In the picture of you two, it is seen that, even while in foal, Zenyatta, that you are physically larger than Tasty.

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