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I'VE STILL GOT IT! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

You are ALL TOO CUTE! I love your comments wanting to assist as NANNIES and the requests to help ‘foal sit’ on a voluntary basis. One never knows…..this MOM-to BE thing is very new to ME. I’ll keep you posted, for sure!

Yesterday afternoon when David called Dottie, it was about 50ish degrees here. In our quest to be healthy and fit….TASTY and I do get our proper amount of exercise each day. Weather permitting, we take laps around the paddock. I don’t go 40 miles an hour like a did when I was racing…but I still get all 4 feet off the ground and get ready to stride right out….ears forward….and mane blowing! I must say, this is all part of my background and heritage of being a thoroughbred. The DESIRE and LOVE TO RUN is definitely a part of my being!

Hmm…they say when MOMS are expecting, the babies can sense the tone of the day, the music that is being heard and the stories that are being read. I wonder if my baby can feel the sense of timing and the length of stride I utilize as I’m romping about in the paddock? Just a thought!

Several of you made a reference yesterday to TASTY’S family. She is owned by Woodford Racing. My pals at Lane’s End wanted ME to have a dear friend who they felt would be ‘in the family’ for some time. It was a great idea and terrific planning on their part. As you know, WE are dear friends.

Tasty’s sire is Medaglia D’Oro. When you are following the pedigree, heritage, and family lines of a thoroughbred, the female side is the one that is the most important and determines more of the full-brother or sister type of family lineage. Sires have many, many foals each year. A mare has just one. So on the pedigree page, the female side is what is traced and noted.

By MOM, VERTIGINEUX, is the MOTHER of WHERE’S BAILEY, BALANCE, and ME to name a few of her foals. On our pedigree pages, these are the family lines that are followed. The sires are definitely prominently noted and very important, of course, but the actual family tree is traced via the female side of the pedigree. Whenever you read a sales catalog or a pedigree page, you will see this in complete detail.

Congratulations to RAPID REDUX…on #22. It is a very admirable accomplishment! It is also very rewarding to see that he is being honored by our industry this year with a SPECIAL ECLIPSE AWARD! I’d like to add my sincere congratulations to those of others and send him an ‘elated’ HIGH HOOF on this achievement! I’ve also heard that he is going to continue racing during 2012. Here’s wishing the best to RR in each of his future races!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Thank you for thinking of Louie Cenicola and Humberto Ascanio!)


  1. Happy New Year Zenyatta…..I am enjoying the photos of you and Tasty exercising. When is your due date….it must be coming up fairly soon. Did you know that your real birthday is the same as my horse’s real birthday….Pistol Pete is a bit older than you, but he is a big fan.

    Love you…

  2. Hi my special angel Z; I love this picture with you & Tasty excercising; You GOT WHAT IT TAKES, always will. I have heard during pregnancy sounds and emotions may have an affect on the baby. I know you are happy, eat good and get your excercise. Now for the music. How about ” Run for the Roses”. It is so late I am drawing a blank. (That is actually my last name!) I’ll have to think more and perhaps someone else here will offer some suggestions too.
    You are not just a pretty face Z. You are so informative too. Thank you for the info on pedigrees.
    Just remember, I am here if you need me. Goodnight sweetie
    love you, 2kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  3. @Valeria Cannon Beautiful words! Amen

    @the Kennedys Thanks for your insights. Best wishes on your future breed farm
    @CherylY I was not aware of your situation. Life can really change in a matter of seconds. I wish the best for you and am glad to know you are on Zenyatta’s post with all of us.
    @Sue Colvin WELCOME!! Never fear. I read Zenyatta’s post religiously but some times I just can not read all of the Zsters posts. I do make an effort because it is so enjoyable and we are all here for one another. Z has enabled this to happen. If I am gone, I know when I return I am always accepted again.

  4. @Terry Crow Sure like to read your redneck jokes every day! Laughter is the best medicine
    I think I may have a couple redneck jokes for you—-tomorrow. (They came to me out of no where)

  5. Please have your Baby March 30th. My Birthday Thank You and Love You So Much!!

  6. One Navajo wears a shirt with an image of a horse that reads: “If you’re going to ride the pony, throw a blanket on it.” The line made me laugh, even though the story is a sad one, from today’s L.A.Times, about the rise of HIV infections in the Navajo Nation, in the Four Corners region (where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet). http://www.latimes.com/health/la-na-navajo-hiv-20120105,0,3898777,full.story

  7. Wow Zenny you sure can get all four off the ground !!! You are so beautiful!1
    Love you ~!

  8. Kari B and Susan in TN – I am missing you both!! Have not seen posts lately. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Sending much love and many hugs your way. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. To Darlene – Wasn’t that a magnificent rendition of Auld Ang Syne? ( Sp)???? the talented poster was Karen Gogue from California…. Perhaps you already know that by now. I had never heard of her ( Sissel) but I’m certain to order a CD OR two. Isn’t it wonderful what we learn from this site? So much positive energy justs BURSTS out of every daily entry. I would not miss a day of it. Sometimes I have to catch up, but I will get there. Sleep well dear Zenyatta and TT ; another fabulous day awaits you .

    1. I didn’t see Karen’s post, but I saw the link to Sissel posted by JAG in #409.

    2. Thank You, I wasnt sure who posted it, but it was awesome. I cannot express how precious and valuable this website has been to me.

  10. Hi Zenyatta. You and Tasty look so beautiful together, romping, you holding your tail just like an arabian horse, just gorgeous. Hi, can’t wait till you and Tasty have your babies. I was just thinking it will probably be around the time we are at Aqueduct on March 3. Also wondering, when is Rachel due – February? I don’t have facebook. Love the idea of having a webcam that we can watch. That would be awesome. I got tears in my eyes this morning when Mrs. Chenery announced on HRTV that Rapid Redux would receive the Vox Populi Award. I also voted for him. He so deserves it for this great accomplishment. Claimers are the backbone of the industry. I was so sorry that more people did not attend the Claiming Crown at Fairgrounds this year. It was my first time at the claiming crown, which was held this year in New Orleans, and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, one of the races did not fill – such a shame. There are many claimers out there that deserved to have their day of racing. Love you big girl, stay toasty, eat well for two and have a great time with Tasty and all of your friends. Love you, Angel.

    1. Rachel’s estimated due date is February 1, according to the Stonestreet website. She is carrying a colt.

    Q&A: Cordell Anderson
    QUOTE: “Do you have a favorite horse from among those you’ve handled in the ring?”
    “I have plenty of favorites, and it’s hard to pick one. I have a bunch, especially if they go on and win classic races like Hansel, Curlin, Drosselmeyer, Fusaichi Pegasus. I try to follow them at the races. I try to follow them, especially if they go to the Derby or something like that. I’ve held a lot of Belmont Stakes winners. I had A.P. Indy. But I didn’t have Zenyatta, Lisa [Douglas] did.” :-)

    1. Dear JAG:
      This is unrelated to your post above. But, I was looking through Barbara Livingston’s Gallery of photos and came across this 1986 photo of John Henry and thought of you.
      Have you seen this one before? It belies his sometimes quirky personality. What a beautiful, serene face. Hugs, JB


      1. Hi Judy good to see you posting more, what an absolutely stunning picture of John, I’ve never seen one better! He looks so wisful and intelligent. Thank you for posting this, I saw him at KHP when he was in his twenties. Loved him.

        1. Dear Sue Fredrick:

          I have missed not being able to post as often as I would like. It’s great to hear from you. I thought this was a beautiful photo of JH, which I had never seen before. So glad you like it too. When I found it, I immediately thought of JAG, (Zenny’s Autie Judy) as I know how much she loves him. Love and Hugs, JB

      2. A beautiful photo of John Henry — thanks for posting it.

        1. Dear Kennedy’s in San Diego:
          You’re welcome. Hugs, JB

      3. Judy ~ thanks for sharing this “adorable” photo of my Beloved JH. He hadn’t been at the horse park very long when Barbara took this picture of him ;-) I never get tired of looking at his photos or youtube videos… he was quite a guy! LOL I miss him still. That’s why I “stalk” Cigar because I know John’s nearby……. I feel closer to him!

        Have a great Friday – TGIF!!
        Judy G

        1. Dear Zenny’s Auntie Judy:
          You’re welcome. He looks so handsome in that photo. Hugs, JB

  12. I would love to be a nanny or babysitter or anything connected to you and Baby Bump!

  13. I’d be more than happy to foal-sit for you Zenny. I love being around babies and it’s important for foals to be able to be given lots of love, attention and peppermint kisses. I am so glad that your pregnancy is going well and that I can’t wait to see that little foal of yours prancing around the paddock. Be sure to teach your baby your dance moves, and some manners, because as you and I both know, not all race horses have the best manners. Love you!!

  14. Great picture. I’m going to the stallion open houses next week. Is there any chance I can get a glimpse of you?

  15. Hi Zenny: I want my name to be added to the list of Nannies too. Only a little more time to go!!! You look pretty comfortable running around in the paddock with Tasty. Both of you look really great.

    Congratuates to Rapid Redux on winning the Secretariat ‘Vox Populi’ Award. Good for him. He has raced his heart out!

  16. @all: This may have already been posted, but never hurts to repeat good stuff. BloodHorse has put together a wonderful book, “Horse Racing Divas”. What is really special is Queen Z and Mikey are the cover photo. I’ve ordered it so will give a review when I receive it. In a write up I read about the subject. there have been only 12 females named Horse of the Year, in any era of the sport, either in the current Eclipse format, or by historical reference going back to the 1800s! We are very fortunate to be living in the age when females in the sport are challenging the males for the spotlight all over the world. In the last 10 years, and counting the likely win by Havre de Grace for 2011, we have seen FOUR females named HOY, Azeri in 2002, Rachel Alexandra in 2009, Zenyatta in 2010 and HdG in 2011. Steve Haskin has written about this phenomenom in his blog at BloodHorse called “Girls Gone Wild”, dated Oct. 22, 2011. He says the momentum started to be really noticed in 2005 forward. 2005 saw Makybe Diva win her third Melbourne Cup. I’m looking forward to the book, but Steve’s column is quite a good read as well.

    1. Hi!
      I have this book. Kari B is mentioned in the book. There’s also a photo of me holding one of my Zenyatta poster the day she won the 2009 BC Classic :-D

      1. JAG – that’s so cool!

  17. Hello little lady – how beautiful are you!! Love that photo – you two make a pretty picture. I think the Thoroughbred breeding industry is fascinating and the fact that it has been preserved and protected by thoughtful and educated breeders makes it all that much more special. I know that there is sometimes a mention of how breeders try to introduce more “bone” or more “bulk” when choosing sires for certain mares and of course personality and heart has got to be such an important factor. This year, seeing so many Bernardini offspring – winning, their appearance, the way they carry themselves…well, it is just too exciting as we wait for your little baby to arrive! Hey here is one of my all time favorite horse name ideas for a colt – SUMGAI or SOME GUY if you are a purist, that way you can say well me and some guy went for a ride or some guy just won the Derby! Stay beautiful stay well stay warm – LOVE YOU

  18. Dear Zenyatta,

    In all my years of training,racing,and caring for horses I have never been able to write to any of them…. This is so awesome. God Bless you and your precious baby. Say Hi to Tasty for me too. I keep up with your goings on everyday.

    In Loving Service to all God’s creatures

  19. Zenster…Going with my daughter today for her tattoo. I will be checking out some scripts for” Zenyatta”. It will go below my other tat in a place of honor on my arm. “the Meadow 3-30-1970,Claiborne Farm 10-4-1989”.

  20. @ ALL
    iF ANYONE IS ONLINE NOW (noon ET) ~ CIGAR IS LAYING IN HIS PADDOCK ~ TOO CUTE!!! He’s been there for a least 5 mintues… uppr right corner of the picture.

    1. Whoops! I meant 1:00 ET… dah!

  21. Z, I love seeing pictures of you running. I must say you hold your tail up like an Arabian!! Different from a lot of Thoroughbreds, you hold it way up like a flag. I first noticed this back during your first winter at Lane’s End, when they published that beautiful video of you running in the snow. You and Tasty look gorgeous and healthy. Love the new website, please keep us posted on everything :)

  22. Dearest Queen-Z & Team-Z,
    Love this photo of you and Tasty…”HAPPY HORSES” personified !!!
    Best wishes for a HOPE-FILLED and SPEEDY RECOVERY to your Louie
    and Humberto. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! to you all.
    Take care and keep in touch. Fondly, OraJean

  23. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Tasty and you.I love reading your news. Love to you and your baby.

  24. Hope you had a wonderful day, beautiful. Here’s to wishing your 2012 year is as splendid and exciting as all the years before. Love from Indiana,

    Annie :)

  25. Zenyatta, If the picture is any indication, you and Tasty are in great shape. They are really taking good care of you guys at Lane’s End Farm. They will keep taking care of you until your foals are born and well beyond that. You are smart not to run as fast as you were running in your racing days. Very interesting on the horse lineage. The male plays a role but sires several foals while the female usually has only one per year. The female horse determines the majority of the lineage-I’ll figure this stuff out one day. Congratulations to Rapid Redux. One day, TVG might start showing races from the Laurel, Maryland racetrack where Rapid Redux races. I hope so.

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