Diary Post #413

Hmmmm! What's happening today? Photo from John Shirreffs' files

Happy Friday!

I sincerely hope the first week of 2012 has been a very good one for you, your friends and families! The NEW YEAR here at Lane’s End is off to a wonderful beginning. The weather in Lexington has really been rather pleasant. So far, it has been a much more mild winter than I experienced last year when arriving at my new home.

Dottie was teasing David this morning and asking…”What happened to the 7 degrees we were in last December?” It has not been anything like that to date. I must say TASTY and I are enjoying all of our time outdoors. It has rained a bit and that is terrific! The rain has provided ME with several fun opportunities to ‘roll and play in the mud’. Fortunately, Matt takes such great care of ME that I was ‘bathed and polished’ afterwards! He is such a GREAT SPORT! I am truly one fortunate horse to have so much personal attention!

Many of you are already keeping track of the time until MY BIG EVENT happens. Since it is so new to ME…and this is the first time I am experiencing all of the life changes with becoming a MOM…I am going day by day, taking great care of myself, eating right, and enjoying every moment!

We do have something very special to share with you today. Last November, when the video feed was being organized for my ZENYATTA BREEDERS’ CUP PARTY, I was able to meet MY PLUSHIE for the very first time. This PLUSHIE was created especially of ME for ME! I was able to see it… play with it… and ‘check it out’. What a thrill! I must say (BLUSH, BLUSH), I think they did an absolutely fabulous job capturing ME and ALL of my features! Purchase one here.


The thought of having someone to nurture and care for is truly something to appreciate and look forward to in each of the coming months!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Have a fabulous weekend…and enjoy all of the good racing around the country!)


  1. dear zenny, I just ordered your stuffed animal and foal;; I can’t wait to get them. the film of you was so sweet, you will be one wonderful mamma, I just know it. Its the first time I have ordered anythng from your catalog and it will be great. the only thing I have to worry about is my kitten, bootsy, grabbing it and dragging it under the table. He loves stuffed animals and always tries to get my barbaro beanie from on top of my mirror. take care of your self, zenny.

  2. It is so wonderful to see video of the Queen. She is still as beautiful and gentle as ever.

  3. Zenyatta, I’m happy that you’re enjoying the weather when you can this close to the due date for your foal. You seem to be having lots of fun rolling around in the mud as well as later when they clean you up. You keep saying this mother stuff is new to you. It’s new to everybody and every animal at one time or another so, like with anything, you’ll get used to it over time and it becomes second nature to you. I love those little plushies. I will buy one for myself one day, finances permitting.

  4. I plan on purchasing one of the Plushie’s for myself and add it to my Zenyatta collection. Great to hear that you are doing really well and you are taking care of yourself. Can’t wait for the foal to be born and I hope it looks like you.

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