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Keeneland January Sale begins this morning! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was perfect! I’m still elated over the fabulous JANUARY weather we are enjoying here in Kentucky. I understand from many of your comments that it is unseasonably warm in the rest of the country as well. Cheers to enjoying these “warm” moments!

Today marks the beginning of the “JANUARY HORSES OF ALL AGES SALE” at Keeneland. It is the first thoroughbred ‘auction’ of 2012 and it will take place for the next 4 days. It offers horses of ALL AGES…not just specifically YEARLINGS as the September Sale or 2 YEAR OLDS IN TRAINING as the April Sale does. This sale is much more open in its’ offerings. Upon completion, the industry will analyze the data and results to help them forecast the ‘climate’ of future sales for our new year. It is a very interesting concept to follow.

If you’d like to view the Keeneland activities, the LIVE feed of the auction may be seen at www.keenelandsales.com. On their web-site, they will also display the various catalog pages for you to review. You will have the opportunity to see the manner in which the family pedigree is presented. As I mentioned to you last week…it is always charted through the female branch of a horse’s family.

As you look through a sales catalog, it is interesting to note that each horse has a CONSIGNOR (a farm or agency acting on behalf of the seller for the sale) and is given a HIP NUMBER. Everything for a particular horse during the sale is referenced by these 2 things.

The way a horse is placed in the catalog and given a particular HIP number for sales purposes is very organized and detailed by the sales company. They want to keep it very specific for all of the sales entrants, their clients, and the consignors. The day a horse sells is firstly determined by which day his/her consignor is selling….for example, Monday or Tuesday etc. Different consignors sell on different days. Once this is determined, the horse is given a HIP NUMBER.

The HIP NUMBER is established by applying a two-fold process: (1) which day the consignor is selling and (2) alphabetically listing each horse selling on that day by name or if unnamed by the first letter of the MARE’S NAME.

The sales company varies the LETTER that is used to start posting the HIPS in the catalog for a particular sale. They do not always begin with the letter “A” and end with “Z”…they vary it. This system of changing the LETTER which starts off each sale seems to work well for everyone.

This is TOO CUTE! The photo for this year’s catalog cover was taken by “Z” (gotta’ love her name)…a terrific woman. You may have seen her work in various industry magazines and periodicals. From one “Z” to another….GREAT JOB!

Enjoy watching the sale!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Here’s wishing Garrett Gomez all the best following yesterday’s incident leaving the paddock at Santa Anita)


  1. @All – the male version of our Zenny in height, markings (stockings only), and prancing ability: http://ocalalicious.com/horse-farms/first-dude-at-double-diamond-farm/
    He looks a lot like his sire and is a grandson of A.P. Indy too. Perhaps a preview of what Zenny’s foal may look like.

    1. Doreen thanks so much for sharing the video, wow, he sure was struttin his stuff. What a handsome man.

    2. @Doreen, I think he has been taking dancing lessons from our Queen Zenyatta. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Dear Doreen in CT:
      Thank you for the video link of First Dude. He’s beautiful. Never realized he has white socks on his rear legs similar to Z’s. Hugs, JB

  2. @Alex Bowdoin in MA–lit a candle for Amy. Praying for her as well as Tessie. Please give us updates. We are all so BLESSED to be here on this site. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s just a miracle to me.
    @Pati–not a word to be added to all you said. Thank you from all of us!

  3. @Harriet — can you tell me what the group name is for Zenyatta – I want to light a candle. Thanks.
    @Doreen – thanks for sharing. First Dude is awesome. Can you imagine if he and Z got together?
    @Sue Fredrick – Badgers – maybe the 3rd time will be the charm at the Rose Bowl. We still have our Packers.
    Dottie/Zenny — thanks again for enlightening those who live on the periphery of the TB world. It is fascinating.
    Z’eesters — have a lovely day. Soon it will be getting colder in Chi Town but sure have enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. Only two more months and we will be looking at Spring and welcoming Little Z/B into the world. Can’t wait.

    1. Mary, you can find the candle site under “Zenny”:

  4. good morning zenny……wake up everyone…sunshine in kentucky and
    CIGAR IS UP AND OUT… got snow here a couple days ago…also, colder…
    must be headed east so enjoy…love to you beautiful lady and to BFF tasty too..
    soft kisses for your noses….some for your little ones too….

  5. Thank you all for your very kind words about my article. I didn’t expect to receive this kind of reaction. Thank you all!

  6. Zenyatta, you’re keeping up with the Keeneland January sales, huh? Is any horse you know being sold there? This time, it is horses of all ages and not just yearlings or soon to be 2 year olds as they do in sales at other times of the year if I understand correctly. The horses get numbers and are listed in catalogs that every person wishing to purchase a horse at the sale receives. One day, I’ll understand this much better than I do currently. I hope the sale goes well.

  7. @Trini — thanks!

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