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OVER ONE YEAR LATER...……….. Photo by Michelle Jensen

Good Morning,

It is amazing how quickly the time flies by. Over a year ago, the ZENYATTA LOUNGE was created at Santa Anita to provide the women who work on the “backside” (meaning barn area with the horses) a special place to relax, visit, and have some time to themselves.

My dear owners helped to make this possible. Santa Anita graciously provided the space. Ms. Headley and Ms. Vienna worked with Dottie and the Moss’ to get all of the final details organized so the furniture, video / tech equipment, etc. could be delivered, and installed for the women to use and enjoy.

Over one year later, this LOUNGE has been a huge success! When Dottie stopped by on Christmas to drop off some See’s Candy for the ladies, everything was beautifully taken care of, the Christmas tree was lit up in one corner of the room, and the warmth and coziness of this space was quite special and inviting. She said you could really tell the women CARED about this LOUNGE.

The ladies are also having a great time. Special activities are planned for them. Each Tuesday is BINGO night…and the winners’ receive gifts of products especially designed for women. Once a month, all of the ladies are invited to a dinner party. A different restaurant is selected each month and the outing is completely sponsored by an owner, trainer, or group. A special THANK YOU for your kindness!

We’d also like to send a huge THANK YOU to THE SPERO FOUNDATION. For the holidays, all of the women who signed up each received a gift card from this Foundation to a store of their choice. The ladies voted and selected Walmart. I heard the shopping trip was great fun! The ladies not only had a wonderful time shopping, but they also enjoyed sharing the items they were able to purchase using these gift cards with each other.

TO THE SPERO FOUNDATION, again THANK YOU for this generous ‘gift’. This organization does a great deal to help ‘women’ and they have certainly been very kind during the past year to our ladies who enjoy the ZENYATTA LOUNGE.

I’m really so pleased to be able to share this update with you. In life, often people do charitable and loving things for others and never say a word. They just do it! They simply do these things because they have a kind heart and it is part of their basic nature to be thoughtful, caring, and giving…whenever they can and to whatever level they can.

At times, it is also very important to recognize the generosity of others. I’d personally like to send a HIGH HOOF to those who do so much ‘quietly and behind the scenes’ working with great devotion to assist others…both HUMAN and HORSE. From the bottom of my heart, MY TEAM and I…..THANK YOU!

With Love,
Hugs to All~ (A special HELLO to all of the ladies at the ZENYATTA LOUNGE!)


  1. Dam of Zazu; sold at the recent sale; in foal to Tapit; beautiful chestnut mare.


  2. You’re so right :)
    Good night and good sleep

  3. Your message today warmed my heart and the kindness shown so much for others has me love you more.

    Zenyatta, I am always thinking of you, gorgeous loveable YOU!
    love, 2 kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  4. I love you Zenyatta!! Nose kisses and hugs for you and Baby Z!!

  5. Zenny and Dottie, Last year when your special lounge was opened, donations were being accepted in the way of books and other things. Is that still the case. Perhaps Anniversary gifts could be sent to the wonderful woman, who work on Santa Anita’s backside, to say thank you for all they do. Please let us know ) xoxo

    So I finally got my Bloodhorse today, dated Jan. 7th…Did everyone order the 25 most intriguing, or did you rec’v it as part of the subscription? Ordered on line…just wondering if I will now have 2 :)..

    Sweet Dreams everyone…..xoxo March 8th :)))

    1. I think you have to order it separately. I got my Bloodhorse yesterday, but I didn’t get the 25 Most Intriguing with it.

      1. Thanks Debbie G. Can’t wait to get it.

    2. Stephanie: I ordered mine separately, but then again I’m not a subscriber. I just pick mine up @ the local magazine store.

  6. @Kari Bussell – Wow, what a game! I was beginning to think we were going to give it away, but we came through in the end. Tennessee almost did it, though. Both teams played great. I guess I don’t have to sing Rocky Top now! Hmmm, just wondering, do you happen to know the words to the UK fight song? LOL

    1. UK has a fight song?

      1. Believe it or not we do! You usually only hear it at basketball games though. There’s usually not much to cheer about at our football games!

  7. Hey baby girl. It’s been a while since I posted. I hope that you are doing great, stay warm. Love you baby Girl.

  8. Kari, as always, your tributes to Z are THE GREATEST! Thank you so much, and thank you, Karen, for posting the link.
    To All—There is a “gratefulness candles” page for KARI where you can always leave a special message.

  9. Love to you, Zenny! And to Tasty T., also! Hope you girls are enjoying the outdoors!
    My “inner child” is wishing for some snow (of course, not like Cordova, Alaska!) I do enjoy the winter when the world gets blanketed with the white stuff — not the ice, mind you. I can see you with your icy whiskers from last year; what a gift of smiles!
    Take care, beautiful! Hugs and kisses on your soft nose!

  10. When helping people most focus on the help given when actually the one able to help receives the most satisfaction. That has always been my experience. Good job Team Z!

  11. Good Morning Zenny, This morning Fort Erie is dealing with high winds and blowing snow, Vic was hoping for school and bus cancellations but she was out of luck. I see from the KHP webcam that it has snowed in Lexington so perhaps you and Tasty will be staying indoors today so stay warm and toasty. Hugs and kisses to you both.
    Auntie Judy – thanks for the link to the Santa Anita page, I’ve signed up for notifications about the Breeders.

  12. Good Morning Zenny! I am so happy to hear that the Zenyatta Lounge continues to be such a great success. Last year, I remember you mentioning that some educational and computer courses were held at the lounge for the ladies. Education, fun and relaxation–it’s all good. Take care Zenny. I love you!

  13. Good Morning Z….. It is wonderful to see how the Lounge has been such a hit. I am sure it is touching many lives and gives fun and comfort to many. This was a very thoughtful thing to do for the ladies of the backside. It is Friday the 13th…..I have to be extra careful today….you too Z. It is cold today in Virginia….yesterday it was warm and 62…. and now it is cold and windy….but it is January 13 so have to roll on with it…..already cannot wait until spring. Hugs to you Z…..stay warm!!!


  15. I have business to conduct today so I thought I would post early. @Rosemary McCauley, Denise in AZ and Diana S, charter members of Arizona/New Mexico chapter-You might be a redneck if your grandmother and mother have kids the same age as yours. @Stephanie in San Diego and Vicki B, members of California chapter-You might be a redneck if your dog drinks from the toilet and you don’t care. @Debbie G, president of Kentucky chapter-You might be a redneck if your horse can count higher than you can. @Marshall, president of North Carolina chapter-You might be a redneck if your first pet was a chicken. @Judy Berube, president of New England chapter-You might be a redneck if your satellite dish has more square feet than your house. @signofthetimes, president of Texas chapter-You might be a redneck if you and your friends argue about which county jail has the best food. @Darlene Daniels, president of Indiana chapter-You might be a redneck if anybody in your family wrestles alligators for a living. @Sue Fredrick and Sally B, charter members of Wisconsin chapter, presidency to be determined-You might be a redneck if you refrigerate your food stamps. @Brenda S, president, and Abigail in Montreal, member of Canadian chapter-You might be a Canadian redneck if you scooped up the rice off the floor after the wedding and served it at the reception. @Susan in Tn and Kari Bussell-You might be a redneck if turning on your lights involves pulling a string. You might be a redneck if you’ve ever read the entire Sunday paper sitting in the bathroom. You might be a redneck if you bought a police scanner to keep tabs on your relatives. You might be a redneck if your clothesline has at least two splices in it. You might be a redneck if most of your family has appeared on COPS. You might be a redneck if the beer truck delivers door-to-door in your neighborhood.

    1. LOL! I’m sure our horse can count higher than I can. And we do have a couple of closets with lights on a string!

      1. I do too, Barbara! It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  16. Hi Zenyatta,
    Glad to hear about the success of the Lounge! Lots to be said for positive energy guided towards a great goal. Hope you and Tasty are still finding some of that great Kentucky bluegrass. Thanks to your families for always sharing and special thanks to Dottie for her eloquence. Lots of love, hugs and peppermint kisses to you and TT!!!
    PS Thought you might like to read about one of your ‘cousins’ who has managed to overcome incredible adversity:

    1. Suzanne, thank you for sharing this story of Neville. What an inspiration!

  17. Dear Zenny & Dottie,
    You’re the BEST thing to happen to the Sport of Racing…and so deserving of
    all the awards you receive. I just ordered the “Blood-Horse 2011 Most Intriguing
    Horses & People”…and I’ll bet you’re THE MOST !!!
    Hugs to all. Fondly, OraJean

  18. Zenny, thank you for the Ladies Lounge update. I have been wondering how the lounge and the ladies were doing. Your team are a real inspiration to do good.

  19. Barbara Grimaldi sent me this –it isTOO CUTE!

  20. This is so wonderful. I do not think you realize how much you have given to others. Just for being your generosity.
    Love you girl and your team
    Love hugs and kisses

  21. oops should be Just for being you and your generosity.

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