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Good Morning,

Last night, the 2011 Eclipse Award Winners were honored and recognized for their “Achievements in Racing” during an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. Jeannine Edwards, who covers various sporting events for ESPN, hosted the ceremony. A HIGH HOOF to Jeannine on a job well done!

At this time, I would personally like to extend my sincere CONGRATULATIONS to each of the winners!

Numerous humans and horses performed at such a high level during the 2011 Racing Season. I’m sure it was a very difficult choice on so many levels in the various categories. At this time, I’d like to compliment each of the winners, nominees, and all others on a year of hard work, dedication, and achievement!

It is now 3 years in a row that the HORSE OF THE YEAR is a female. This is a very special and marvelous accomplishment:

and in
2011 HAVRE de GRACE.

It is also the 6th time overall that a filly / mare has received this honor with the others being ALL ALONG, AZERI, and LADIES SECRET! What an impressive list this is! I am so proud to be a part of this elite group of honored athletes!

It is interesting to note that HAVRE de GRACE’S sire, Saint Liam, won the HOTY Award in 2005. He had just one crop of foals…and she is one of them. Another time a sire and one of his foals won this honor was A.P. INDY in 1992 and his ‘son’ MINESHAFT in 2003. Again, my deepest congratulations to everyone connected with HAVRE de GRACE. They must be SO VERY PROUD of her!

In reading over the list of winners, it seems this year having a name beginning with the letter “A” also seemed to be very lucky: ACCLAMATION, AMAZOMBIE, ANIMAL KINGDOM, My Miss “AURELIA”, and ADENA SPRINGS.


This is truly an honor and achievement to take great PRIDE IN for a LIFETIME!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


    1. I like pic #24 ~ YOUR MIKEY :-D

    2. Lovely slideshow. Thanks, JAG!

  1. Congratulations to all the ladies….. and all Eclipse award winners. It is quite an honor and so many wonderful horses.

    So nice to see Larry Jones acknowledged and the first time I’ve seen him without a hat! He keeps the Western theme going even in his tux. Love that he is so true to himself. I see that JAG posted the nice article from LA TIMES and there is also a similar article by Joe Drape in the New York Times.
    Stay warm and toasty in Kentucky Zenyatta and TT and all.
    It is chilly today in So. Cal…. but bright and sunny in Carlsbad. Rained yesterday and in the night.
    Loved the video of Ebby’s workout with Mike in the saddle.
    There will be very possibly another female HOY in the future.

    On a more serious note, please go to Horse and Man’s blog today to see some premarin horses in real need of homes. Bless them all and whoever can help.

    1. URGENT: 250 LOVELY former PMU mares and babies need homes or will go to slaughter. The last date to adopt a BEAUTIFUL FOAL is Jan. 21—some are REGISTERED QUARTER HORSES! Go to the link for Horse and Man and then check out ANIMALI, the non-profit group that is organizing the rescue. http://horseandman.com/ If you can make even a small contribution, together we can help at least some of these GORGEOUS babies have a happy future.

      1. The website for the rescue group is http://www.theanimalifarm.com/Animali/
        There you will find info on what PMU is, the horses in immediate need, and how to make a donation via snail mail or electronically.

  2. Happy morning zenny…besides the confusion about parent/child HOY…..I I have a book that lists 10 female HOY…ends with Azeri in 2002…that makes Rachel #11…..you our dear queen would be #12…and Gracie becomes #13….
    Anyhow, hope you had great weekend…tasty too…stay warm ..very cold here and headed your way
    …carrots and peppermknts for all the winners ..and for Caleb’s Posse…he seems to be able to do just about everything…
    kisses for your soft nose…some tot BFF Tasty too…the nannies are pacing

    1. Just got the book HORSE RACING DIVAS: From Azeri to Zenyatta-12 Fillies and Mares Who Won Racing’s Highest Honor (HOTY) for Christmas. So HDG is Lucky # 13!

      1. I ordered this book this weekend. I am really looking forward to reading it, sounds like a good one.

  3. Girls rule!!! Congrats to all the Eclipse award winners!! Stay safe & healthy with Tasty, Queen Z. Love you lots.


  4. Ah, Zenny,

    Please don’t forget the special award given to Rapid Redux, the peoples’ darling! He certainly captured the attention of racing fans everywhere and deserved his award.

  5. Is it just me or does it seem like the girls are gonna take over this industry?? ;) We can only hope!!! Congrats to Grace!!! Keep it up in 2012 gals!!! Talk about your “GIRLPOWER!!”

  6. A Poem for Katie Clawson, Future Jockey, on Her 15th Birthday
    (January 17, 2012)
    Katie will always remember
    A year ago in December
    When she was so lucky
    As to be on the scene
    In Kentucky
    To welcome the Queen.
    When Z, tired from her flight,
    Retired for the night
    To her stall, cozy and snug,
    Katie still got a warm hug
    From Z’s Mikie!
    Dearest Katie,
    We’ll look forward to see
    Your name as a “bug”
    And maybe
    You’ll be
    The first female up
    To win the Kentucky Derby trophy
    Or even the Triple Crown “Cup”!
    We wish you the best of luck!

    1. Happy Birthday Katie…..great poem trina

    2. Happy Birthday Katie, may you ride like the wind. @ Trina- many great poems in the last few days! @ anyone who had a birthday lately – Happy Belated Birthday!

    3. Katie – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! FANTASTIC #15!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and keep reaching for your dreams, girl!

    4. Happy Birthday Katie.

    5. Happy Birthday, Katie!! Have a great day!
      Wonderful poem, Trina- you make us all feel special!

  7. Good afternoon Zenyatta, TT and all of the other horses in Lexington today. Hope you are warm and dry. Have you ever seen such rain like this in mid January in the midwest?

    My warm congratulations to all of the nominees and winners of the 2011 Eclipse Awards, especially to the girls Havre de Grace, My Miss Aurelia, Royal Delta, Musical Romance and Stacelita. WOW!!! Way to go.

    A special congrats to my very favorite, Handsome Hansen; and to Rapid Redux. See you in the winner’s circle.

  8. Just brought back all the lovely memories of watching your team accept the award last year. You are THE Best. Stay warm

  9. I just wanted to mention a few other fillies that were great in their time.

    Lamb Chop who was a daughter of Bold Ruler who was voted Champion Three Year old Filly 1963.

    Also Dark Mirage who was voted Champ Three Year Old 1968 (boy or girl)

    And of course Lady’s Secret a gray daughter of SECRETARIAT!

    It’s great to see people NOT afraid to give a huge award to the girls. We have shown we can be competitive, and strong. We can take on the boys and win. We need equal traing and equal opportunities–nothing more than the boys get and nothing less.

    Now if we could only get Washington to listen to the people and quit rounding up all the wild ones because “they can” I’d be even happier. Currently there is a roundup happening out in Utah that should boggle your mind. The horse are actually within BLM’s stated numbers for HMA. Yes, they are at the upper end but why are they spending OUR tax dollars when the horses are already in their ridiculous low numbers?

    I know folks come here to rejuvenized and I respect that. But this stuff is also not only about our Government but about how YOUR tax dollars are being spent.

    Do any of you have horse crazy kids? Kids that are SO crazy that you find yourselves scratching your heads not understanding? I remember being one of those kids! I can look up the addy but there is a Children’s Write In Essay happening. Just like in 1971 when kids wrote Congress and asked them to save the Wild Horses this is happening again. For those that have kids that need an extra assignment in school to help with grades and are horse crazy this will help not only the horses but there grades!

    All kinds of things are bring sent! Letters, pictures, drawings and poems. Tell your Representatives that you want them to Stop the Insanity! Get those Bills that keep getting log jammed by politicians onto the floors of Congress. Debate them. Honestly. Look at the facts and figures. Then VOTE. But quit log jamming.

    Each of us counts. And your vote this fall will count. No matter which side of the fence your on.

    1. AMEN!

    2. Went in and voted, I hope they LISTEN.

    3. Very well said, Margaret!

    4. Margaret, thanks so much for reminding us of the power of a “children’s campaign.” For others interested in following up, the link is

    5. Don’t forget the one who could have been the greatest of all-Landaluce.

  10. Dearest Zenyatta,

    Go girl power! A high hoof to Havre De Grace! And all the other winners and nominees, well done! I thought 2011 was a wonderful year of racing and no doubt 2012 will be even better.

    Hope you are feeling great and having a lovely Tuesday. Kisses to you and Tasty!


  11. Congratulations to all winners and a high hoof also.
    Yes indeedy the girls do rule , don’t they. OK now we can all start pacing the floor for two more months!!!
    Love hugs and kisses to all

  12. hi Z! Congratulations to Grace and all! GIRL POWER!!! YOU will always be my HOTY!!! Love YOU gorgeous mama xoxoxo

  13. Wow Zenny, the girls really RULE. Congratulations to all, very happy for HDG!! I am, however, very sad that there was one mare who was not recognized for her achievements, and that was BLIND LUCK. She won many races last year at many different tracks beating HDG several times. I think she should have won for older mare and at least been lauded for her year even though it had an abrupt ending. I don’t begrudge HDG for HOY, she beat the boys, but BLIND LUCK was a force to be reckoned with when she ran. Happy for all winners though.
    @Katie Clawson, happy birthday, best of luck on your career!
    @RIP PURIM, what sad news this beautiful boy is gone. He was to carry the DYNAFORMER genes on, and hopefully his sweet disposition, unlike his dad. I will watch for his babies in the future.
    Love you Z kisses on your nose, and TT too. We are counting the days!

    1. At least Mr. Porter, in accepting the award for Havre De Grace, was himself so gracious as to recognise Blind Luck and the role she played in her thrilling rivalry with Havre De Grace. High hoof to him!

      1. I didn’t see the telecast, but that was very decent of him to remember Blind Luck in such a time of personal excitement.

      2. agree, agree

    2. Hi Sue,
      Here is news on Blind Luck

      From tvgresearch tweet
      A little breaking news: Blind Luck will be bred to Bernardini and then return to Washington to foal. That’ll be a helluva WA-bred pedigree
      For those asking: Blind Luck’s owner, Mark DeDomenico, has a farm up in Washington. I’m guessing that’s the simple reason

      Thought you might be interested
      Stay warm–it gets mighty cold in WIsconsin

      1. Keta, thanks so much for the info………BERNARDINI………..wow, so excited for her. I saw her at the Keeneland sales in November and she was magnificent. She has the guts and heart of a lion and I’m so glad the Dr bought her. I’m so glad she will have a good life and career as a broodmare. Definitely another baby to watch for.
        Actually we finally have cold and snow, up to now its been in the high 40’s many days.

      2. wow!! now I’ll get to pace the floor, WA state auntie style!!

      3. Keta, thank you so much for sharing information about the wonderful Blind Luck!

    3. I feel the same about Blind Luck. She may have gone into retirement early, but I feel that there would have been no HDG without Blind Luck – who won over HDG every time. I miss that girl (BL)!! She deserves more than she got.

      1. Agree about BL-She out ran HDG and frankly her body of work was better. The voters just remembered her last race and on that basis blew her off, Way too bad.

  14. To All Z Fans:
    Thanks for all of the history an HOY, the females
    And their sites and dams.

  15. Dear Zenny
    Looks like you are managing Lanes End
    With that curious eye of yours. Know everyone
    Is very busy, but never to busy to stop by your
    Paddock as all the goals begin to arrive. Loved the
    Photo of the very first one. He is soooo cute.
    Hope you are having a great day, waiting for
    That big day!!!!


    1. I agree!!


  18. I did not get to watch the Eclipse Awards (I don’t get HRTV and I was doing something else on the computer) but I kept checking in on Facebook to see who the winners were. I was SOOOO happy to see my boy Acclamation win Best Older Male! Not only is he a Cal-bred (like me), not only is he by Unusual Heat, but he is owned and bred by Old English Rancho. http://www.thoroughbredinfo.com/showcase/oer.htm
    Hooray for Bud Johnston and his family! They have been breeding in California for many years. And their gelding Norvsky (by Vronsky) just won the San Gabriel Stakes at Santa Anita yesterday! What a great day for the Johnstons!

  19. It is great reading all the comments. Something I look forward to every day.
    This is such an amazing group of horse lovers who share history & information.
    While we are saluting the girls, there were two awards that I took note of:
    Media Eclipse Award/Writing – Feature/Commentary: Claire Novak
    Media Eclipse Award/Writing – News/Enterprise: Jennie Rees
    Excellent recognition for a job well done!
    Hope your day is as beautiful as the one today in AZ–sunny & just right!

  20. This is (oops I forgot)
    For those of you following Mike Smith’s journey to 5000 wins, he had a win on Monday on Mr Bossy Pants.
    The magic number is now 17,

    1. Thanks, Keta. GO MIKE GO!!!!!!

    2. Wow! GO, Mike!!

  21. Ms Zenyatta,

    Your inspiration had no bounds. The owners and trainers of beautiful fillies and mares are now reaching these lovely ladies out to beat the boys, all because of you! As Jeannine put it, we may have to change the name of this sport to “The Sport of Queens”, and, of course, Beautiful One, you are the inspiration for that as well. Congratulations, Harve de Grace, well deserved!
    I am still betting on March 17 for arrival of your precious gift to the world. I love you so much Zenyatta, and i miss you so much. You are my inspiration, lovely lady. Take care, sleep well, and keep dancing. Lisag

  22. Three beauties in a row! That’s girl power for sure. Havre de Grace’s daddy Saint Liam was such a cutie and I betcha he somehow knows about his little girl – I hope so! You go girls! Love you Zenyatta!

  23. To those of you who know more about color than I do – I’ve just watched 3 videos of Hansen from last year. I seen comments that he is white but as I understand it, he’s not. He has dark skin on his nose, his tail is lightly mixed and there appears to be irregular patches of extremely light gray on his body (almost like a shadow). It’s extremely unusual for a gray to lighten up this much by 2 years old. Usually it takes much longer for them to lighten up enough to be called white. Would this technically make him a roan?

    1. If you look at the color description of TBs on sale data pages, you will usually see ‘ gray/roan’ listed for the grays. Until recently, my understanding is that there were NO ‘white’ TBs registered but I think I read that is(or will be) changed. Yes, Hansen is very light for his young age! But then again, I started getting gray hair at 13; runs in my family. FYI, I believe that Arabians (source of all TB lines) have pretty much black skin, regardless of the coat color.

      1. read an interesting article about Yukichan(?)…with video….white thoroughbred in japan…..most of her siblings are white also….shes gorgous…explained that a true white has pink skin…..if the skin is dark…then the horse is considered gray…
        a true white will not have “pink” eyes like an albino…does this help?

    2. To try to clarify:
      Hansen is simply a gray turning white at an early age. The gray gene is essentially a “disease” of the hair follicle that causes loss of color. So Hansen is either a bay or chestnut with the gray gene masking that base color… and NO he is NOT NOT NOT a roan; roan is an entirely separate genetic effect. A GRAY is the one that turns lighter with age, every year. Roans stay darker, “frosted”, throughout life, and the distinguishing feature is that the head is darker than the neck and body on a roan. And grays can be dappled or steely gray… sometimes with lighter or darker areas on neck, rump, flanks— but they get lighter as they age, eventually becoming “white,” with the skin remaining steely gray as in the non-gray horses, except under white markings.

      I’ve been involved with and bred Arabians for 5 decades and have had my share of white horses—- the older versions of those lovely steel gray or dapple gray youngsters. Look up Holy Bull, Silver Charm, and Skip Away and you can see them lightening with age. See also Lady’s Secret, Princess Rooney, etc. Well, then there’s Tapit himself… his foals tend to “gray out” at a younger age than do, say, those of Unbridled’s Song (who sires a lot of dappled grays, lightening more slowly).

      WHITE TBs are rare but they do exist, they are not albinos and are not grays; and they are born white, not dark as is a gray foal. Somebody wrote about them a couple of years back, I don’t have time at the moment to go looking. Some of them have raced, there are usually one or two in training nowadays. Patchen Farm, I think it is, has several. I remember many years ago when one named Mont Blanc was a sensation in France, and there was one in the US at about the same time. I believe they do have dark skin except under markings (like a gray horse) but the ones I have seen photos of have had pink skin around the (dark) eyes. Albinos have pinkish or bluish eye color. I have a friend who is an equine geneticist at UC Davis, I’ll see if I can get a clarification from him. His late wife wrote a book on coat colors.

      Stay warm, everyone, and congratulations to all the big winners last evening.


      1. So very interesting that he is white at 2 years old; guess it is like humans with premature grey hair in 20’s and 30’s.

        Not fond of white horses; lots and lots and lots of work to keep clean; but love this very talented streak of lightning; HANSEN; cudos to his groom who I am sure
        is very busy keeping him clean with the special products for horses with grey hair;
        His groom should be given an award for the most beautiful white horse !!!!

    3. Sharon – I found this link by Thoroughbred Times that goes into detail about roan and gray coloring. It’s a pretty in depth article – to cut to the chase – the most important difference is that gray fades with age, roan does not: http://www.thoroughbredtimes.com/weekly-feature-articles/2002/may/04/a-roan-by-any-other-name-is-a-roan.aspx

  24. http://www.facebook.com/ZenyattaOfficial?sk=wall&filter=1

    Hey Everyone- Still looking for more support for Zenyatta’s Facebook page. She is currently at 95,853 fans. It would be great if everyone on here could tell 2 friends and they could tell 2 friends and so on and so on…. Maybe just Maybe we could get Zenyatta to 100,000 fans before she has her foal in March. Just tell all your friends and family to “like” Zenyatta’s Facebook page.

    Just so you know, when I first started watching Zenyatta’s page – it was at about 14,000 or so people already…. just keep spreading the word and show your support.

    Thanks again for all your support –

    1. Shared..

      1. Thanks for your support!!! Keep telling people :)

        GIRL POWER – I just love Zenyatta!!!!

    2. Hey, Gloria, I have been monitoring Z’s FB activity for sometime as well, and since October, she is adding about 45 new fans per day to her FB page. At the current pace, she would be about 2,000 likes shy of the 100,000 mark by the end of Feb./first week of March, when her foal is due. If the pace remains the same, she would hit 100,000 by about April 18. If we can’t get to 100,000 by the time the foal is born, perhaps a secondary goal would be to step it up just a little and hit the magic number by her actual birthday on April 1!!! Wouldn’t that be a gas!! That goal should be an easier goal to achieve. GIRL POWER!! GO ZENYATTA!! Ann Maree

  25. Happy YOU day Katie! Birthdays are sooo fun!

    1. Karen ~ Happy Belated Birthday to YOU!!
      It was great to see you at Santa Anita on your birthday :-D
      Judy G

  26. @Julie DuVall in Ontario – I love the Cal breds too, and when I saw Norvsky by Vronsky- they took his Daddy’s name and just spelled it backwards. So simple and yet so clever. Heis in my Equibase and I was very happy for his win.

    Happy Birthday Katie ( future jockey) may all your rides be the thrill of a lifetime….
    Great poem Trina and thanks for additional info on those 250 horses.

    Have a great day and thanks Dottie for our Z – fix. I looked for your table when I was watching the awards, but was watching here and there on computer and guess I missed it.

  27. Last year was such an exciting year……that you won Horse of the Year…. Wow…time does go by so very fast!! Congrats to all the winners this year….. girls rule!! :)
    Hope you are feeling good Z….. in human pregnancy the last 7 to 8 weeks seem so long and carrying the weight gets harder. I hope you will not be feeling that….not sure about horses. Hugs to you Z…… Oh I watched the video of your half sister “E” on the track….my goodness you two have the same ears……too cute!!! She seemed to be doing great.

  28. Congratulations to all the winners! Women Power! Three years in a row, this is fantastic I am so prow. Big kiss to all these wonderful girls, love you all, Ingrid.

  29. Dear Zenyatta. Hello beautiful girl!! I really enjoyed watching the Eclipse Awards last night. There are so many fantastic people, places and of course horses involved in the sport. The stories are endless. I join you in congratulating everyone on their success. I was especially happy to see HDG get the HOY. What an amazing racehorse she is! It is three in a row for the girls!! YEA!! It was really special to see Larry Jones smiling from ear to ear and celebrating the moment! Hope you and Tasty are feeling fantastic and enjoying quality paddock time together. Say hello to everyone at Lane’s End! Love you, Zenny! Sweet dreams. Hugs and kisses.

    Kari – Thank you for the great link to Ebby’s workout with Mike. I really loved seeing them together!

    Delrene in Carlsbad – Thank you for the LA Times link. Always love hearing from our John!

    1. Hi, Dawn- well said! Ditto!

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