Diary Post #142

Photo by Mike Sekulic…taken right before I left CA. I really think he did a great job with this photo! Thanks, Mike, for letting us post it here in my Diary!

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you so much for the kind Holiday Greetings! It is great to hear from you. I am also so PROUD that many of you had a ZENYATTA CHRISTMAS. I am going to check out Ebay and all of the sites you suggested in your responses. This is all very interesting!

To my fan, Jack,…our group LOVES MUSIC. As you may know, I am from a MUSIC INSPIRED FAMILY. I’ll have to try the Bloodhorse video with Phil Collins and Tina Turner as you suggested. Such fun! EVERYONE WILL BE DANCING RIGHT ALONG WITH ME! HMMM! That would be a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

As for TANGO and FACETIME, these are ‘techie things’ one does with a phone. You call a number and do face-to-face visits via the phone. Ann and John are both really into tech/phone stuff. (It is so cute…John goes crazy in BEST BUY. Dottie can’t drag him out of there with all of the video and tech stuff they have.) This is really special…David got him the new APPLE WATCH for XMAS…which has all pictures of ME on it! It can do videos etc. It is really an amazing piece of technology. The especially cute part of this is John had never seen this before. SURPRISE!

WE WILL GET SOME MORE VIDEO FOR YOU SOON! Thank you for this request! John has some footage that is very cute he is going through now. He will share it with you as soon as he can go through all of it.

In the GREAT NEWS DEPARTMENT: Selena, in our office, did have her baby. I mentioned this in an earlier Diary that she was due very soon. Well, she had a BOY and they named him CHASE ZACHARY. He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces when he was born and all is fabulous. Welcome Baby Chase!

Now, this BABY THING is starting to get very intriguing to me…as I hope to be a MOM soon. The thing that is interesting about this is BABY FOALS…when they are born…weigh quite a bit more than an infant. Dottie spoke with a veterinarian friend of ours, Dr. Arthur, about all of this…as we wanted accurate data.

Per Dr. Arthur, “you will see that things like a mare’s size, previous number of foals she has had, and month of birth are all factors which have an impact on a foal’s weight. Per 2 different studies, (one done in Australia and the other from Kentucky, the average weight of Thoroughbred foals fall into these ranges:

Colts…122-125 pounds

Fillies…120-121 pounds.”

Of course, these are just averages. Out of my curiosity, I asked about the weights of the Moss foals born in 2010…and they ranged from 123-142 pounds. All are doing GREAT per our reports! Several factors are involved, as stated above, but this gives a baseline.

I also wanted to know what I weighed when I was born. So, Dottie checked with Don Robinson, who foaled me at Winter Quarter Farm. Don said that he rates foals at the time of birth due to size…Big, Medium, Small…and he takes into consideration the size of the Mom. (My Mom was a pretty good sized girl…like Me.) At my birth, Don rated me as Medium to Big…and my weight was in the 125-130 range!

This BABY STUFF is really very interesting. I have a great deal to learn…but I know my Team will get me fully prepared.

Also…thank you for the kind words in relation to WAR PASS. I did not know him personally…but I know the FARM took this news with a very heavy heart! God Bless!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. My brother gave me two of the most beautiful Zenyatta prints for Christmas – one signed by Mike Smith…you are all over our great room! I have Curlin, Wild Again, Rahy, a foal from a local farm, and you! Such beauty and it makes our family happy to see such beauty!

    Love you, Z!

  2. Wow! The picture looks so beautiful! That was a very lucky moment for me and I am glad I was fortuante enough to capture it!

  3. Beautiful picture Mike!! Sure will be missing this beautiful gal on the track this year!!!

  4. It is almost 8:00 p.m. here in California this New Year’s Eve and I’m looking for my Girly Girl – YOU!
    This is a beautiful picture of you, Zenny. But, you’ve never taken a bad photo cause you’re so photogenic! :-)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR at Lane’s End, sweetie XO

  5. Happy Birthday/Happy New Year to you Z and to all of your barn buddies! Hope you had a good day playing outside with all of your friends. For all the fans of Z/Team Z-check this out. Vote for the best races of the year-it is free-go to Thoroughbred Daily News-When you vote you can also view videos of each race. Of course, John and Zenyatta are there! Hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year!


  7. Happy New Year Zenny!!!! Love you my beautiful girl.. Hope everything is great in Kentucky at Lanes End. Please wish all of your connections Happy New Year. Especially the Mosses. Zenny this will be your year to become a mommy.. Can`t wait. Ok I`m at work. Gotta go…Love you gorgeous girl!!! xxxxxxxooooooo

  8. Zenny ,how could I have forgotten today is your birthday.Seven years young.. Love again..Alene


  10. почему так редко блог обновляете

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