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The view from my paddock yesterday at 7:45 in the morning! Photo by Sarah Campion

Good Morning and Happy Friday to Everyone,

Photography is such an amazing thing! Today, I wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous views TASTY and I have each day from our paddock. We truly have such a beautiful environment…and we actually do take the time to appreciate how fortunate we are! Yesterday was a lovely morning, and our dear pal, Sarah, was kind enough to take some of these photos for US to share with ALL of YOU!

The sky is such an amazing shade of blue!

Along this line, I wanted to make ALL of YOU aware of a FILM FESTIVAL that is being sponsored by HRTV and SANTA ANITA. It might be something many of you, who are real film and photography enthusiasts, would like to participate in during the upcoming months.

To quote the HRTV/SANTA ANITA news release sent to Dottie, “Santa Anita Park and HRTV have announced plans for a first-ever non-fiction documentary competition entitled “A Day at the Races”, which will be open to film students and filmmakers wishing to make a five-minute or less Santa Anita based film. ”

Access to the grounds and credentials to shoot the footage one would like to use in their presentation is being offered as part of the package for the individuals who enter the contest.

Per their press release, “A Day at the Races” entries will be judged by a panel of racing and entertainment professionals and will offer a first prize of $10,000, a second prize of $5,000 and a third prize of $3,000. An additional $10,000 first prize will be awarded to the winner through an on-line poll.”

All details and specific deadlines for each phase of this competition are outlined in the official press release, which I’ve included at the end of this post.

This sounds so exciting! What a great opportunity for all of you creative fans who have a great sense of ‘film’ and a true love and appreciation for our sport. Just imagine the different dynamic approaches one could use in doing a DOCUMENTARY SHORT with “A Day at the Races” theme.

Why not…..GIVE IT A “SHOT”! (No pun intended!) HOOVES CROSSED to all of my friends who enter!

Have a wonderful weekend…enjoy the terrific racing around the country and all of the excitement happening in the world of SPORTS!

Here I am..taking in all of the beauty around ME!

With Love,
Hugs to All~(Please keep us posted on your FILM progress!)


ARCADIA, Calif. (Jan. 16, 2012)—Santa Anita Park and HRTV have announced plans for a first-ever non-fiction documentary competition entitled “A Day at the Races,” which will be open to film students and filmmakers wishing to make a five-minute or less Santa-Anita based film.

“A Day at the Races” entries will be judged by a panel of racing and entertainment professionals and will offer a first prize of $10,000, a second prize of $5,000 and a third prize of $3,000. An additional $10,000 first prize will be awarded to the winner through an on-line poll.

Application entries, which must be made in-person, will be accepted beginning Jan. 20, with the first day of shooting scheduled for Feb. 9. Shooting will continue through March 25 and all film submissions will be due no later than March 28, with winners to be announced on Santa Anita’s closing day, April 22.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Santa Anita to initiate this project,” said HRTV President Scott Daruty. “Dating back to its opening in 1934, Santa Anita has been synonymous with great film production.

“The movie Seabiscuit was filmed almost entirely at Santa Anita in 2003 and it was a huge hit. We’re now about to roll out HBO’s dramatic series LUCK (on Jan. 29). We think there’s going to be a great deal of interest in this first-ever film festival.” There is a general entry fee of $200 and students may enter for $50 with valid student identification by February 15. Those entering after that date may do so for $250 and $75 respectively.

“This project is going to enable us to reach a group of highly creative people who are anxious to help us tell our story,” said Santa Anita’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Quinn. “It’s exciting to think about aspiring film makers at a number of local colleges and universities, as well as a wide range of independent filmmakers, converging on Santa Anita to produce a short-subject film of this nature. It should be a lot of fun.”

Each entrant will be given two film festival credentials which will allow shooting access to all public area at Santa Anita. Additionally, each entrant will be given 10 Club House passes good for admission throughout Santa Anita’s winter/spring meeting.

Final submissions should be made to www.hrtv.com. All entries must be made in person at Santa Anita. Credentials must also be picked up and payment made in-person at Santa Anita

For more information and to submit finished projects, visit http://www.santaanitalive.com.


  1. ZENNY
    It is so exciting being one of your ‘Auntie’s’! We are so thrilled to be waiting with everyone for YOUR new Baby Z! Pacing back and forth here in NM wondering whether will be ‘he’ or ‘she’! Love and Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the link. Rachel and son are beautiful. Now I am even more super excited for our Zenny and baby. Thanks again. Darlene Daniels

  2. Dear Zenny,
    Rachel’s colt is so very cute. I know yours will be too. Love the bonding photos
    of mom; one looks like right after birth as she is laying down with her neck turned
    to see him; and the other she is bending down and he is looking up at her
    “so very sweetly”. In a couple of days he will be running all around.

    Hope you had a great relaxing Sunday. Watching the races, grazing, mowing and exercising.


  3. Zenyatta, Rachel Alexandra’s baby was born and I cried. Guess I’ll be a blithering idiot when your little one comes! Congrats to beautiful Rachel. The colt looks just like her, I think. Can’t wait to see what your little one will look like. So, so excited!

  4. Congautilions to RA and Curlin and there beatiful baby boy. Zenyatta I heard she going to be bred to breni next. I can’t wait for your foal now. I just want you to have a safe delivery and for the baby to be happy and healty. Thats my wish for you. I also can’t wait to see you they breed you to next.

    Ps. sorry for any spelling mistakes in a rush.

  5. Congratulations to Rachel and her beautiful new baby boy. Precious pictures.
    Mama Z…..can’t wait for you to experience the joy of mommy-hood.

  6. Awww, congratulations Rachel and Stonestreet stables what a darling little guy. So glad mom and baby are doing well. Can’t wait to watch him grow. Maybe you’ll be a little ahead of time hey, Zenny?
    And she will be bred to Bernie……..what a man he is………he better get his butt home from Australia the girls are lining up, he’s going to be one tired guy.

  7. Happy January Birthday Zenyatta. I realize that your real Birthday is April 1st. I see that Rachel Alexandra had her sweet baby colt Jan.22. The two pictures I saw on face book were so cute. I can’t wait for you to have your sweet foal. By the way how is Life Is Sweet doing and is she still with her baby? I think of her often. The wait is now on for you and Tasty to have your Foals. We sure have alot to look forward to. Sending my love as always and wishing you the best.

    1. Life is Sweet’s baby would have been weaned months ago. She’s probably expecting another one.

  8. I watched the San Francisco 49ers / New York Giants game and that was exciting then I came here and found out Rachel Alexandra had her little colt today and more excitement. Wow! Eleven months and one day since she went to Lanes End and visited Curlin. RA must feel very safe and secure at Stonestreet to foal during the day, not at night. Congratulations to Rachel and all her connections and so happy mother and baby are doing well.
    My apologies to the San Francisco fans here, but I was happy that New York won. It was a tough game to the end.

  9. I don’t mind being an “Auntie” to these two beautiful mares and their foals! :) :)

  10. Well, I’d rather be a “Nannie” to you Zenny anyday! :) <3

  11. A great big thanks to all of you with your kind words and good wishes. Reading about Bernardini and his “girls” . We will all be as excited for our Blind Luck as we are for you Zenyatta. He is quite the sought after fellow.
    One of the horses I always enjoyed and watched at Hollywood Park is Rail Trip. What is his news? I know he is a gelding (or at least I think so), I remember his race with Awesome Gem. My 1-2 pick as I recall.
    Today one of my presents was getting your picture finally hung on my wall. (your dance picture by Jamie Corum) I had to do some rearranging, so it took longer than we thought. (I’m running outof wall space) , but I told my husband, that when the pictures of Z and her baby start to become available, I may have to think about devoting another wall or more re arranging….. I think our den/loft whatever the realtors love to call it is now my favorite place to be. I can see you in all your beauty.
    It’s been a lovely day, thanks to all .
    @Marty, it was an exciting game for sure! and my heart was with the New York Giants too. I had the same thought about Rachel foaling during the day too. I had read that most often the babies make themselves known in the wee hours or dark of night .

    1. Delrene
      Rail Trip will be back here with Ron Ellis – he was being interviewed on the radio a couple of weeks ago. I adore RT too!

  12. Dear Queen and Entourage –
    Miss Rachel had her little boy – congratulations to everyone, especially Barbara. He’s so handsome and the pictures of Rachel and the handsome fella melt your heart. The Zennie Baby Watch is in full swing now, Momma Z. I’m sure your family will be there and there will be no dry eyes in the establishment, nor here, either. :)

  13. What wonderful news about Rachel and her new colt!

    On a side note… I want to mention a friend who was beaten and robbed this past Thursday. I found out about it Saturday and was told that he was transported to UCD, in Sac. A part of his skull had to be removed and replaced with a titanium plate then, his brain swelled more, so they had to go in again. He also has several broken ribs.
    According to the PD, the extensive beating was that of a “Hate Crime.” Not just a robbery!
    I’m not that religious but, I’m spiritual.. All the Dumplings, please, put forth your prayers and well being for Fred!
    May God bless us all!!!
    Thank You

    1. Fred has my prayers, Heidi, and so do you. Please keep us updated. Hugs.

    2. Heidi, Your friend is my prayers. God Speed.

    3. Prayers to your friend, very sad.

    4. Heidi,
      We’re keeping Fred and You in our prayers.

  14. Hi Zenyatta. Hope you and your friends are having a great time watching all of the great racing and football this weekend. Just heard announcement on HRTV that Rachel had a beautiful baby boy. He is too cute. Can’t wait to see your baby pictures, as well as Tasty’s – Berni is very handsome, but I hope your baby favors you as you are the most beautiful person/horse in the world. Stay warm and cozy, eat well for two and have a great time with Tasty and the rest of your friends. Love you, Angels.

  15. I was watching HRTV when the announcement came about Rachel’s delivery of the beautiful colt and I became a blithering idiot when they showed the pictures! Zen, your time is coming; we’re all excited! And for Rachel’s BFF, Hot Dixie Chick and your BFF, Tasty. Such an exciting time.
    Does anybody know if #125 is considered big for a TB foal? From all reports, mom and baby are doing great.

    1. Normal weight for foal

  16. Good Morning Beautiful Girl…heard about Rachel last night…her baby is beautiful and looks just like her. Now, cannot wait for your baby. I’m sure both you and Rachel will be great mommies. Oh by the way, I heard that Rachel’s next boyfriend will be Bernardini. I hope you don’t mind sharing…Have a great day gorgeous!

  17. Congratulations to Rachel, Curlin and all their connections. The baby is PRECIOUS! I can’t stand it until YOUR baby is here, Zenny!

  18. RA’s Colt looks just like his Momma-here’s hoping Baby Z looks like (his/her?) Momma!

  19. Congratulations to the horse that I thought would be the next Triple Crown winner a couple of years ago, on the birth of his first foal: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/67098/eskendereyas-first-reported-foal-is-a-filly

  20. So Rachel A and Blink Luck are going to be bread to Bernardini – Can or will Zenny be bred to Curlin? Who will be Zenny’s next “mate” and does anyone know if/when she will be bread again once her foal in born?

    The pictures on Rachel’s Colt Facebook page are just wonderful… there are 5 photo’s now posted.

    I can’t wait to Zenny’s foal – this is just so exciting…. January to March foaling season. The farms will be busy with all the baby ponies – what a wonderful time…

  21. Sweet Z; It is Monday here and I first realized you had this post. Why things did not show up when I clicked “newer” earlier I don’t know. I am so happy at all the beauty that surrounds you. I am a nature lover too. Even Lane’s End’s barns & buildings are so aesthetically awesome. I have been there two years in a row and just love where you live now. I followed two other gals down a path as a TB was off in a paddock. Someone nicely came to inform us this was off limits. I bet they were making sure we would not keep walking on and on to look for you Zenyatta!!
    My husband complains about my photography. I would need lessons before I ever would enter this creative contest. I can imagine how much fun it would be. Good luck to all that do!!
    Oh, I just learned Rachael Alexandra just had a baby colt!! Your time is coming too when you will see your lovely precious foal. I don’t need any grey hairs, so I pray you have an easy time. I hope your foal will say “I want out of here!” sooner in March!!

    love you, 2kisses on your soft nose, one for baby z

  22. Zenyatta, so you’re going into the non fictional documentary business now, are you, girl? If I had an extra $200.00 and a lot of extra time as well as enough money to cover that time without working, I would be entering the contest myself.

  23. Hi! All the films have been submitted and can be viewed at http://www.hrtv.com/filmfestival. I’ll state right now…I’m a bit biased as the mother of the 5 year old featured in “Today” by Christopher Riehn. Christopher is a junior at Cal Poly Pomona and decided to do a short documentary on my daughter, his nieces, first time at the race track. It was a life changing event for her and now all she thinks about is being a jockey. Please take a moment to look at all the films and then vote for your favorite. Hopefully you’ll see the innocence and sweetness in the story about Cameron’s first day at the track and vote for that one! Thank you!

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