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Coming over to share the weekend news! Photo by Sarah Campion

Happy Monday!

What an incredible weekend! So many fun and exciting things happened here in Kentucky…and the World of Sports! It is amazing how much can take place in just a few days! I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!

Firstly, I want to wish MATT, my dear friend here at Lane’s End, a HAPPY “BELATED” BIRTHDAY! His actual birthday was on Saturday…and we all had a great time sharing it with him. He is such a special friend to ME and always so attentive to my every wish. I can’t THANK HIM enough and truly wish him a fabulous year in every regard! YEAH, MATT!

I’d also like to send a note of CONGRATULATIONS to my racing friend and colleague, RACHEL ALEXANDRA, on the birth of her first foal…a bay colt by Curlin. Per all of the reports we are reading this morning, she foaled January 22nd at 2:40 EST and all went very well for both MOM and FOAL. They say the baby ‘resembles’ his Mother. How cute is this! Heartfelt wishes to ALL involved with this lovely colt…and his dear Mom, Rachel Alexandra!

It is really something to ponder…the circle of life. Here we are, Rachel Alexandra and I….both such accomplished race horses…each honored by being named HORSE OF THE YEAR in consecutive years…and now to be broodmares at the same time. Rachel Alexandra has now foaled a healthy, 125 pound colt….and I’m due in several weeks. It is truly something to think about…how each stage of life has such special and unique qualities to enjoy, reflect upon, and appreciate.

I must say, I think the saying…”TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES” does have a very deep meaning.

To the PRO-FOOTBALL TEAMS who played so hard yesterday to make each of the Divisional Championship games so exciting for all of us…THANK YOU for 2 thrilling games. Congratulations to each team on a wonderful season…and to the victors a special HOORAY! Next weekend is the Pro-Bowl and the following week…the SUPER BOWL! It will be so much fun during the next few weeks to follow the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on their paths to the BIG GAME!

To all of my HORSE RACING pals…who won and or ran well over the weekend…a big HIGH HOOF to each of you. The 3 year old divisions, involving all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preps, are starting to really ‘heat up’ now. This is all SO EXCITING!

Here’s wishing you a lovely week!

With Love, Hugs to All~



  1. Happy birthday Matt!

    1. Happy Monday Queen Z!! You are so sweet. You are always thinking of others. I hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy-you certainly look BEAUTIFUL, as you always do. Congrats to your friend on her new son. I can’t wait to see your baby. Baby Z will be the most beautiful baby ever. I LOVE you, precious girl. Smooches-MUAH!!

    2. Yeah!!!!
      Number one today, Eveline.

  2. I am very happy for RA and her adorable colt, but it just makes me that much more excited for your foal, Z! Also intrigued by the news that RA will be seeing Bernardini this year – can’t wait for that foal.

    Blessings to all :)

  3. Happy birthday Matt! and congratulations to Rachel on her foal. There have been guesses as to YOUR actual delivery date – so here’s mine: February 25. Countdown begins.

    1. Would love to see your foal delivered on February 29th – this is Leap Year, a rare occasion for the rare gem you are bringing to us. We will all be “Leaping for Joy” no matter what your delivery date. Congratulations to all Rachel’s family for a safe delivery and their own little gem of a colt. Hope your’s is a filly.

  4. Ahhhh, congrats to RA on the birth of her little boy!!
    Happy Birthday Matt and thank you for taking such good care of our special Z.

    Love hugs and kisses to all

  5. This was tweeted by Jen Rotz of Three Chimneys Farm on Sunday Jan 22nd
    Can someone please recommend a good equine rescue/rehab facility near Ottawa, Ontario?
    Here is her FB link
    Thought Z’s group might have an answer
    Happy Monday!

  6. Happy birthday Matt!! Congratulations to new mommy Rachel Alexandra!!!! I’m sure the baby is just gorgeous. Well it’s ugly and wet over here in Socal. But reading your blog Zenny brightens up my day. I love you. Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Have a great day everyone!!!

  7. I’m so happy for Rachel & her entire team. The colt is TOO CUTE!
    I love you Zenyatta! Can’t wait for your little one to get here.

  8. Zenny, thanks for the news about RA’s colt! How exciting for her and her connections. Soon your big day will come…we can’t wait until we see little Z/B.
    How generous of you to mention the big winners of yesterdays football games…we kinda like those Giants and would love to see them be the SB winner.

  9. Congratulations to RACHEL ALEXANDRA! This makes me even more excited for Zenny’s foal…. especially since we don’t know if it’s a colt or a filly!

    Zenny, maybe you will deliver your baby on my birthday – February 26th.

    Hugs and kisses from Ohio. XOXOXO

    1. Wow! Someone ELSE from Ohio! What part of the state Auntie Dawn?

  10. Glad you enjoyed the weekend as much as everyone else did! Lot’s of excitment – I thought my computer was going to explode yesterday when the news of Rachel and Curlin’s foal started hitting Facebook!!!! Take care Z, anxously awaiting your bundle of joy!

  11. CONGRATS to Rachel and Curlin on their strapping new son! now the countdown countinues for you baby Mamma Z! I am so excited I can hardly wait! Love you so much big girl!

  12. Opps … we forgot to wish your Matt a belated happy birthday!

  13. Thanks for you wonderful post. Hugs!

  14. Best of luck, Rosemary! :)

  15. Here is more info on the RA colt.
    FYI Stonestreet Farm is posting pics on their web site
    They had a super cute on of mother/foal touching noses.

    Stonestreet Farm is pleased to announce the birth of bay colt.
    Rachel Alexandra, 2009 Horse of the Year, gave birth Jan. 22 to a 125-pound colt by two-time Horse of the Year Curlin .
    The bay colt was born at 2:40 p.m. EST on Stonestreet Farm near Lexington, Ky. He took his first steps 90 minutes later. Emblazoned with a white star, the alert colt bears a striking resemblance to his mother. Stonestreet Farm manager Gary Megibben reported that all was well with both mare and foal.
    “Rachel is a natural mother, and took to the colt immediately,” he said.
    Owner Barbara Banke was told of the breaking news while preparing to cheer on her San Francisco 49ers in the NFC title game at Candlestick Park.

    Thanks Dottie, Z, and all for doing such a great job of keeping us up-to-date!

    1. Here is the link to Stonestreet Farms. Photos & video under Latest News
      FB is definitely a good source. This is an alternative for non-FB users.

      1. Thanks for sharing, Keta.

      2. The video of Rachel’s colt taking his first steps is amazing. Truely an amazing beautiful thing. Only hope the best for him. Looks like a champ already!

      3. There were only two photos last night of the foal not even standing, yet.
        He is so cute and she is very protective; following him around to make
        sure he is ok. Even looks like he was trying to run.

      4. Oh, my!!! That video of those first steps was just so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing the link. I also loved how very attentive Rachel Alexandra was to her little one – so sweet.

      5. Hope we get video of Z’s baby!

      6. Keta,you are the best,thanks so much for the video link to see Rachel’s little man taking his first steps!!!

      7. I finally found the colts “first steps”. I am not computer savy. ha Thank you, how can one not love them; so precious.

    2. thanks keta…..for showing us the link….cute is just not describing it

  16. Happy Birthday Matt and a huge thank you for all you do for Zenny! Can’t wait for Baby Bump to arrive!!!

  17. I hope Matt shared some birthday cake with you, Zenny!

    So looking forward to the birth of YOUR foal, dear Zenny. Such exciting days ahead!

  18. Morning Zen! Congrats to Rachel and Curlin! That baby is CUTE from what I can see :) But I have no doubt your baby will be the cutest of them all! Love you girl.

  19. My goodness I think you covered everything Zenyatta! I send my best birthday wishes to your dear friend Matt!! Thank you for taking such great care of our Queen!! Congratulations to Rachel on her adorable little foal! He is just TOO CUTE, and indeed has a striking resemblance to his mother. You can see their bond already in the two photos Stonestreet posted. Buildup to the big game will be exciting, and the Derby/Oaks trail too. Have a wonderful day Zenyatta!!

  20. Hi Zenny, I also want to wish Matt a belated happy birthday!!! Thanks, Matt, for taking such good care of our beloved Zenny.
    Congrats to Rachel and her cute foal! He really is adorable. Now I’m even more excited for your big day. I’m going to guess Feb. 29th.
    I hope you and Tasty have a lovely day!
    Love to all,

  21. RA/Curlin’s colt is too cute. I can’t wait to see your new little one and find out if it’s a colt or filly. I must say you are looking very plump in your picture today, only a few weeks left!

  22. Happy Birthday Matt!

    Rachel Alexandra’s little “Alexander” is almost a day old (only 1195 days until the May 2, 2015 Kentucky Derby, LOL). I read that the owners (Barbara Banke and Hal McCormick) weren’t at the barn when Rachel Alexandra foaled (of course Banke was watching her team, the San Francisco 49ers, in the Play-offs….what a dilemma…haven’t heard where McCormick was). Anyway, I was just wondering….has anyone heard whether or not the Moss’ are planning to “try” to be at the barn when Zenyatta foals? I know timing it just right could be tricky….you’d have to set aside days to just hang out and hope it happens during that window of time. Also, it would be nice if Zenyatta had an afternoon foaling like RA. How nice was that?

    1. Remember horses do not like an audience to foal !!!!
      If so, they will not foal.

      1. I wasn’t thinking so much that they would be in the stall with her, but maybe watching via webcam and then able to peek in for a live view once he/she was standing and nursing. I can hardly wait to hear from you and other Z fans once we all get a glimpse of little Z. What is it….eight weeks away now?

        1. Maybe The Mosses have a web cam in CA;
          They had one when she was at Barn 55 !!!!

  23. Hi Zenyatta,
    Thanks for all the BIG news!!! Happy Birthday, Matt. Special thanks for taking such good care or our special girl. Happy to hear that RA and her baby are doing so well. Love, hugs and peppermint kisses toall.
    ps Hope you’re still able to find a few blades of that beautiful bluegrass.

  24. It was a busy sports weekend–football, tennis, & Coach Joe Paterno’s death.
    Here is more happenings
    Sat. Jan. 21st Mike Smith won the 9th race at Santa Anita. Number to 5000 wins is down to 15.
    FYI–Breeders Cup is moving from ABC/ESPN to NBC this year.
    What this means is the Breeders Cup will be televised live.
    Story just broke this morning in The Blood-Horse
    That is all I know for now. I am sure detail will follow.

  25. http://www.facebook.com/ZenyattaOfficial#!/pages/Rachels-Colt/221715244581733

    Five photo’s of Rachel/Curlin Colt are on this site…. very cute.

    1. OH! So cute, thanks for the link, hugs Ingrid.

    2. What an absolute doll!! I especially loved the “kissing” picture that has been posted between Mom and babe!

    3. Thanks for the Link!!!!!! He is beautiful! Love babies. Puppies have puppy breath. Do foals have “foal breath”?

      1. Can you imagine having a 125 pound baby? AARRGGHH!!!!

      2. That’s a good question Pam. I love puppy breath! Nothing sweeter.

      3. Pam,
        I would like to know if there is “foal breath”, too. Puppy breath is just the best — it rocks!! I love it!

  26. Happy Birthday Matt. Thanks Sarah for another great photo. Congrats to Rachel Alexandra and her connections on the birth of her Curlin Colt. Getting closer every day for Zenny and Tasty. Still going with March 3. Zenny you and Tasty have a great day, stay warm and get your rest. Lots of Love from Tennessee.

  27. Yes, it was quite a weekend! I got to spend time with Lava Man and Eblouissante on Saturday and then Sunday Rachel had her foal! Now the countdown can begin to YOUR little one being born … between foals being born and 3-year-olds getting ready for the Kentucky Derby and Oaks, this is an exciting time of the year!!

    1. Aww – that is just so darn cool – to get to see Lava Man and Eblouissante – wow!! I’m trying not to sound jealous – lol! How wonderful for you! :)

    2. Julie, how great that you got to see both Lava Man and Ebby. How is Lava Man doing?

      1. Lava Man is doing just fine :) He was quite a good boy, except for stepping on my foot when he was tired of posing for photos, LOL! He gets a little overstimulated when there are carrots and petting involved :)

      2. Dawn, Lava Man is in Doug O’Neill’s barn at Hollywood Park, just a short walk from Barn 55. We always try to visit him as well while there. He truly loves visitors.

    3. Lucky You!!!! E is beautiful isn’t she!

    4. Link to my photos from Saturday (Jack Van Berg’s barn, Lava Man and Eblouissante)

      1. Thanks so much for sharing these great photos,
        So good to have the Cali report.

      2. Great pictures. I’m glad you included the barn cats.

      3. Great pictures, my calico barn cat Daisy does the same trick! Maybe it’s a calico thing.

  28. So Rachel A and Blink Luck are going to be bread to Bernardini – Can or will Zenny be bred to Curlin? Who will be Zenny’s next “mate” and does anyone know if/when she will be bread again once her foal in born?

    The pictures on Rachel’s Colt Facebook page are just wonderful… there are 5 photo’s now posted.

    I can’t wait to Zenny’s foal – this is just so exciting…. January to March foaling season. The farms will be busy with all the baby ponies – what a wonderful time…

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Matt —
    Just love this time of year, foaling is such a special, special time.
    Wouldn’t that be something if your foal was born on February 29th — leap day
    The football was extremely exciting this past weekend — not the teams I wanted in the Super Bowl, oh well.
    Rachel’s little colt is way too cute, and he does look a lot like his Momma.

  30. It would make a wonderful 64th birthday present to me if you foaled on February 17! Most importantly, have a safe delivery whenever it may be. Stay well, beautiful Z.

    1. Sorry that date is too early for delivery. Gestation is usually 330-360 days. If Z gives birth on your birthday her baby will be a premie.

      I want her to have a happy healthy foal and in this case that means waiting a couple more weeks.

      Rachel went 333 days if that means anything.

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