Diary Post #423

Coming over to share the weekend news! Photo by Sarah Campion

Happy Monday!

What an incredible weekend! So many fun and exciting things happened here in Kentucky…and the World of Sports! It is amazing how much can take place in just a few days! I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!

Firstly, I want to wish MATT, my dear friend here at Lane’s End, a HAPPY “BELATED” BIRTHDAY! His actual birthday was on Saturday…and we all had a great time sharing it with him. He is such a special friend to ME and always so attentive to my every wish. I can’t THANK HIM enough and truly wish him a fabulous year in every regard! YEAH, MATT!

I’d also like to send a note of CONGRATULATIONS to my racing friend and colleague, RACHEL ALEXANDRA, on the birth of her first foal…a bay colt by Curlin. Per all of the reports we are reading this morning, she foaled January 22nd at 2:40 EST and all went very well for both MOM and FOAL. They say the baby ‘resembles’ his Mother. How cute is this! Heartfelt wishes to ALL involved with this lovely colt…and his dear Mom, Rachel Alexandra!

It is really something to ponder…the circle of life. Here we are, Rachel Alexandra and I….both such accomplished race horses…each honored by being named HORSE OF THE YEAR in consecutive years…and now to be broodmares at the same time. Rachel Alexandra has now foaled a healthy, 125 pound colt….and I’m due in several weeks. It is truly something to think about…how each stage of life has such special and unique qualities to enjoy, reflect upon, and appreciate.

I must say, I think the saying…”TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES” does have a very deep meaning.

To the PRO-FOOTBALL TEAMS who played so hard yesterday to make each of the Divisional Championship games so exciting for all of us…THANK YOU for 2 thrilling games. Congratulations to each team on a wonderful season…and to the victors a special HOORAY! Next weekend is the Pro-Bowl and the following week…the SUPER BOWL! It will be so much fun during the next few weeks to follow the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on their paths to the BIG GAME!

To all of my HORSE RACING pals…who won and or ran well over the weekend…a big HIGH HOOF to each of you. The 3 year old divisions, involving all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preps, are starting to really ‘heat up’ now. This is all SO EXCITING!

Here’s wishing you a lovely week!

With Love, Hugs to All~



  1. Happy Belated Birthday Matt – Hope it was a good time and that Zenny gave you a birthday hug… Our Ms. Zenyatta, it looks like your moving a bit slower these days carrying your baby. I hope you feel well. You look terrific.
    the video of Rachel’s little boy i adorable and I am totally in agreement to send some money in her name to Valley View Equine. Great idea.

    My sincere condolences Elena on the loss of your husband.
    Heidi – a prayer for recovery to your friend. I’m so sorry this happened to him. Such a sad event. I’m sure he is so happy he has you as his friend.

    A bit of a break in the rain so must walk Tessa. She is antsy from being cooped up. She doesn’t mind the rain at all, but we end up with such a mess in the house!
    It would be interesting if both you and TT foaled one the same day? How is your former roommate Pirates Bounty or Booty? I can’t remember, but I do remember she was a sweet friendly girl. Perhaps her baby is coming sooner than yours.

    And yes, it would be so good to hear updates on Life is Sweet!
    Thank you Dottie and all Barn 55 for all you do for us fans . We appreciate it so much.

    1. Pirate Queen is the name you’re searching for. She was bred to Mineshaft–does anyone have any follow-up info? Pirate’s Booty is, I believe, a snack made by Mike Repole of Uncle Mo and Stay Thirsty fame.

      1. Pirate Booty is yummy!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! Thank you for taking such good care of our beloved Z…..
    High Hoof to Rachel Alexandra. I love the photos of you and your beautiful colt!
    psssst Z…March 16th…….XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  3. Soon Zenyatta will be giving birth. It’s all so exciting. Sunday was a huge day for sports fans. My Patriots won! Rachel delivered an adorable colt. It’s all so exciting.

    On a side note, I was doing a little investigation on Smarty Jones. He’s moving around a great deal. He’s now been sold to another farm. :( I hate when horses are shuttled so much.


    Have a lovely evening Zenyatta…and Dottie! Thank you so much for everything.

    Nighty night.

    1. We are going to visit him this Sunday at his new home in Lancaster County, Pa. They are having a open house. Open to the public, just need to RSVP.

  4. To All, Please light candles and say prayers for my friend Amy who is suffering from
    stage 3 pancreatic cancer. She starts her Chemo tomorrow at the hospital, an all day event one day every 2 weeks. She also has the mediport and will be doing the 2 day chemo from home….It has NOT

    1. Prayers coming Amy’s way for healing and for strength and courage. Please keep us posted.

    2. Alex – I will saying prayers for Amy! Hugs to you!

    3. Lots of prayers coming Amy’s way.

    4. My prayers are with you both. I will light a candle for you both at church tomorrow.

    5. Will be praying for Amy daily. Keep us posted plesae.

    6. Amy will be in my thoughts along with my friend.

    7. Thoughts and special prayers for Amy, Alex

    8. Prayers and love going out to Amy, and some for you too, Alex.

  5. It has not spread to any other organs. That is the good news. Sorry, I hit enter by mistake on the earlier post. We really need prayers and happy thoughts!!
    Hugs to All

    1. I’m thankful it hasn’t spread. I’ll keep Amy in my prayers.

    2. Alex,
      Amy will be in our prayers, especially that she is healed completely. We will also keep you in our prayers.

    3. Dear Alex(andra)—I’ve started a virtual candle page for your friend Amy. I invite you and others to light a candle on the page by clicking on an unlit candle and then following the guided steps. You will be able to see your message when it posts by hovering over your candle with the cursor, or by clicking on the candle. It will stay lit for only 48 hours. You can also read the messages from others who have lit candles in the same way.

      1. Alex ,I lit a couple candles for Amy, along with healing thoughts. My mothers name was Amy.

    4. Yes, prayers for Amy for positive results.
      My brother became close to God when he was awaiting a heart. He was in the hospital with a couple days left for him to survive. The matching heart did come!! It is over a year now since he had gotten his new heart. The heart procedure happened on my dear departed mom’s birthday. I think she personally asked God for a favor.

      1. Lovely post, Sally B.

        1. To all, I am humbled by the love and support that pours from this group. I consider it a privilege to be able to pray with many of you, for those in need and for all we have come to know through Zenyatta. God Bless you all.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Matt! I hope it was a good one.
    Congratulations to Rachel Alexandra on the birth of her adorable colt. That will be you soon, Zenny. I can’t wait!
    @Terry Crow – Great redneck jokes. I especially like the one about having initials in your name. I used to work with a guy named H.C. That was his whole first name. It didn’t stand for anything, that was the name on his birth certificate. And come to think of it, he was pretty much a redneck!

  7. A Belated Birthday Poem for Matt

    Special belated birthday congrats
    To dear Matt,
    Who lovingly
    To Z
    Does tend
    At Lane’s End!
    Happy birthday wishes we all to you send
    Along with our thanks
    For being Zenyatta’s dear friend!

    1. Cute poem Trina!

    2. Very well said, Trina; the lady with
      The special words.

    3. Your thoughtful Trina!

    4. Very nice Trina.

  8. You look beautifully full-figured, Queen Z! It’s great to see these photos documenting progress to your big day.
    Belated happy birthday to Matt. It’s clear that you two have a wonderful bond. He is so lucky to be around you every day!
    Congratulations to RA — her little one is a sweetheart who really takes after his mom.
    And– congrats to the PATRIOTS!!! Both games were great yesterday, too bad that any team had to lose. It’s going to be very exciting around these parts for the next two weeks!
    There is another important countdown taking place — YOUR MIKE now had only 15 wins to go to reach 5,000 — another spectacular accomplishment for him and so well deserved. I love to watch him ride and see how he connects with his mounts… Go MIKEY!
    Hugs to all,
    Annie B in MA

  9. Zenny – I hope you and Tasty had a wonderful day today out in the paddock. You definitely are heavy in foal. Have any of your friends delivered or are about to deliver? I know that you’ll let us know if their owners are willing to share the news with us. We’re just very anxious Aunties now that foaling has begun.
    Matt – Happy Belated Birthday, I hope it was an enjoyable one.
    Congratulations again to Rachel Alexandra. I forgot to add congratulations to Curlin, Barbara Banke, and Stonestreet Farm on #422.
    The colt has the same star as Rachel’s full sister and has the sock/stockings of his sire, Curlin.

  10. Happy Birthday MATT!!! Hope your day was filled with all of your wishes!!

    Zenny your tummy is getting so big and round, can’t wait until Baby Z comes into our lives. DOTTIE PLEASE think about streaming it live or at least show some of the birth to us via video. We all know that you will have to video the entire birth of our BABY Z.

    1. Yes, that is a wonderful idea! If not video, maybe captions?

  11. Hi Zenny; Yippee, I got my computer back. Wow what an exciting weekend! I was just thinking today that we are now at the end of January and it will be a matter of weeks when we get to meet your baby. I can’t believe Rachel Alexandra had her baby. I am glad all went well for her. I am going to have to see the pictures of her baby. Please keep us posted on PQ’s baby. After all she was your first friend at Lanes End. With that she is very special to us.

    Also, wishing Matt a very Happy Belated Birthday. And wishing him many, many more! You look great. You really filled out there. We love you Zenny!

    1. I’m so glad you are “computerized” again, Linda!

  12. A little redneck humor at the end of the day: You might be a redneck pilot if:

    …your cross-country flight planuses flea markets as check points.

    …you think GPS stands for going perfectly straight.

    …you use a Purina feed bag for a windsock.

    1. Love it !!!!

  13. Hi Zenyatta! You look wonderful in your picture!! Cannot wait to see your foal; Rachel’s little guy is adorable. Hearing the news about him just gets me so much more excited about your foal.

    Happy Belated Birthday Matt. Thank you for all you do for Zenyatta. She is so well cared for by all of you at Lane’s End.

    The football games were very exciting this past weekend. Being from Massachusetts I am thrilled the Patriots won, but it was a close one!!

    It will be fun to follow the progress of Rachel and her foal and I am soooo looking forward to hearing the news about your foal’s birth. Not that much longer to wait.

  14. Dear Zenyatta Hi sweet girl. I wish Matt a Happy Birthday and many more. God Bless him always. Speaking of babies Blame’s first foal was born over the weekend. The Mare’s name has slipped my mind (sorry). I met Blame last summer and Zenyatta he just thinks your HOT !!!!!! He was a very sweet Guy :) One of Mistletoe’s stable buddies is retiring as of today. His name is Serengeti Tour. He ran his last race on Saturday at Oaklawn. He is 9 and it is time to retire. Tim Ice his wonderful Trainer has found Serengeti a really good home on a farm with children. He will have a nice life. Tim is like John. He loves his horses. Thank God we have good people in this racing world. Well Sweet Girl it is homework time. I love you and send many Hugs and Kisses, Shari XXXOOO
    @ Happy Birthday Matt
    @ Hi sweet Dawn :)
    @ Hi Susan I hope your feeling better :)

  15. HI Zenny!!

    Don’t forget the Ky Wildcats girl…we need you rooting for us!! Rach’s baby is sure beautiful..all over FB people are talking about history being made by the two of you with your beautiful babies! We just can’t wait to see!!! Two grand class acts with babies to boot!! We will love you forever!!oxoxoxox

  16. I am happy for RA and CAN’T wait to see your baby!! Kinda hoping for a boy but a girl would be awseome aswellWell no matter what the gender of the baby is it well do good sence your the mommy!!!!!!! Well best to you!!!

  17. Congrats to Rachel! and Z I have a feeling your foal is going to be a filly!

  18. Zenny you are looking good grazing in or paddock!!! Can’t wait for your baby. In the meantime it is wonderful that Rachel Alexandra hd a beatiful baby boy foal. He is precious and there are pictures of him on Facebook you can see. He has a little blaze on his forehead. Matt, Happy Birthday and thank you for everything you do for Zenyatta to make her life a good one. The football games were great. Really enjoyed them.

  19. Dear Zenyatta,
    When I heard the news about Rachael’s foal – I was moved to tears. I was so happy both she and this sweet baby was healthy and she took to him like a pro. I simply got so excited and thought of the pending birth of your foal. I am so excited to see the birth of these new champions all about. May they all be healthy.

  20. Congrats to Rachel!! Can’t wait to see your foal!! Not too long!!

  21. Beautiful Zenyatta, I loved this picture too.
    I appreciate those nice comments from Elizabeth (left you a message under your comment), Barbara, Trina, and Darlene.
    @ Elena, I am so sorry for your loss
    @ Heidi, Fred and you have friends on this site, not hate.
    @ All who were concerned about the storms in Alabama, lives were lost and it was terrible where the tornados destroyed all in their paths. We were fortunate to have only severe thunder storms here. More storms expected tonight.

    1. Prayers for all to make it safely through the night.

    2. DMCQ, My brother lives near Clay. Everyone is OK in our family. Stay safe – still keeping you in our prayers and everyone in AL.

  22. Zenyatta, can’t wait to see your foal. In the Bloodhorse article about you, The Queen, it stated that Dottie is already working on finding your next breeding shed date. I don’t know anything about pedigrees, but you and Tiznow sure would make a beautiful little one. I hope the horses that need rescuing make it to a safe haven.

    1. I would love it to be Cape Banco– the closest
      In the US to Galileo, the awesome Euro sire.
      He is a freshman though, what heart and determination.

    2. When I was going through some older photos, I came across some of Tiznow and at first glance I thought they were Zenyatta! I did not realize how much they resemble each other. They would definitely have a bay foal with a blaze! :)

  23. Congrats to RA. So nice to hear you speak of your colleague and friend. Bernardini for RA this year? Of course, I thought of you and your imminent foaling as soon as I heard the news. Here’s to a healthy foal and mom. Can’t wait to hear your news.

  24. @PATRICIA in Far Northern California—Prayers for your youngest brother Jon. I hope his quadruple bypass surgery went ahead today as scheduled and yielded the hoped for results. HugZ to you.

  25. Happy Belated Birthday Matt!! Hope you had a great day and that this next year will be the best ever.

    As news of 2012 babies starts and the first foals of young freshmen studs are being announced and Rachel gives us a beautiful little boy to get us even more excited about your little one …..I was wondering. Before being pensioned this past year….did AP Indy cover any mares in 2011? If so, do we know when his last one is due and who the mare is?

    1. I think he did not get anyone pregnant in 2011;
      So they pensioned him.

  26. Thank you all for your very lovely words, they are so consoling. Yes, I am glad to be back with all of you. My husband and I had the priviledge of seeing Queen Z race so many times, such happy times. I am so looking forward to the new arrival. How exciting. Queen Z and Dottie and all of you are so uplifting, it is incredible.

    Is there a social club where we can meet in Santa Anita, does anyone know? It would be fun to get together.

    Hugs to all of you, you wonderful people and a huge kiss to the Queen who is really a Queen.

    1. Elena, I plan on being at Santa Anita on Sunday the 5th and Saturday the 11th. Hoping to meet up with some dumpling, how about you?

    2. There will be a big gathering of Dumplings at SA for the Santa Anita Handicap on Sat., March 3, for sure. JAG (Judy Maass Gadwood) usually gathers us together early on at the statue of John Henry. In between races many of us are to be found in the paddock area. If you would like to exchange cell phone numbers to make meeting up easier or simply to get e-mail updates on times and places, e-mail me at trinambn@yahoo.com. Hope to see you all there!

      1. Trina,
        Would be wonderful to meet everyone! I don’t think we can come in March, but will email you if that works out. Thank you for everything you do for all us to keep us well-informed. You are a wonder.

      2. Trina,
        This may be too late for you to see, but I’m going to “lobby” again for pictures of the Dumplings (which I think could posted on Zenny’s FB page). It would be SO fun for those of us from far away to SEE who you all are.

    3. @ ELENA
      Hi! I go to SA almost every weekend :-) I will be there the 28th (5 stakes races). I’m meeting up with Z Dumplings who come in from out of town.

      I’m also planning 2/4, 2/11, 2/18 and possibly 2/25! In March I’ve got lots of dates penciled in.

      Santa Anita Derby for sure – 4/7!!!

      Please post a date that you are interested in and will can try and organize a meeting place at a specific time – most likely John Henry’s statue.
      Judy G

  27. Oh well Zenny, as usual I haven’t kept my New Years resolution to keep up with your diary. I’ve just gotten through #420 so belated Happy Brithdays to Karen Gogue, Katie Clawson and Matt, who has the best job in the world. Also to anyone I’ve missed unti I can catch up once again–Happy Birthday.
    Congratulations to all the winners at the Eclipse Awards. Yay Havre de Grace!
    And a BIG AWWW!!! to Curlin and Rachel’s little one. Congrats!
    My daughter and I have been going to the horse farm a lot and she is really getting into her riding lessons. We are also busy with our 2 rescue kitties (out of 10) that were dumped at the horse farm back in November. They are very mischievious but entertaining.
    Wishing everyone well, prayers and good thoughts to all.
    Zenny, you and TT look absolutely wonderful. Waiting on pins and needles for the new arrivals.
    Gotta try to catch up some more, lotsa love to all.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Kim, and high hoof to Adrianna on her riding lessons, and to the both of you for keeping up with the horse rescue and with your two new kitties too.

  28. Dear Zenyatta, that picture of you at the top of this diary is precious. I can imagine you “waddling” over to Sarah and saying “just give me a second to get there”. I love you so, my angel. I dont care if your baby is a boy or girl or when you deliver, as long as you are both safe, healthy, happy and strong, as I am sure will be. Is everything OK with Tasty? Havent seen her for a while? Love to all. Darlene Daniels

  29. It was such joyous news that Rachel Alexandra had her baby colt. The photos are so beautiful, especially the one of them touching noses. She looks so happy. I cannot wait until you experience that happiness, too, Zenyatta. I know you will also be the most wonderful of mothers to your baby. Only a few weeks to go and I hope your friends there will take photos for us so we can see you as a happy new mom, too. Much love to you always, Zenyatta.

  30. Dear Zenny
    So glad that you are now getting time to
    SMELL THE ROSES. You are so very well
    Deserving of this honor. Sweet Dreams !!!!

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