Diary Post #423

Coming over to share the weekend news! Photo by Sarah Campion

Happy Monday!

What an incredible weekend! So many fun and exciting things happened here in Kentucky…and the World of Sports! It is amazing how much can take place in just a few days! I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!

Firstly, I want to wish MATT, my dear friend here at Lane’s End, a HAPPY “BELATED” BIRTHDAY! His actual birthday was on Saturday…and we all had a great time sharing it with him. He is such a special friend to ME and always so attentive to my every wish. I can’t THANK HIM enough and truly wish him a fabulous year in every regard! YEAH, MATT!

I’d also like to send a note of CONGRATULATIONS to my racing friend and colleague, RACHEL ALEXANDRA, on the birth of her first foal…a bay colt by Curlin. Per all of the reports we are reading this morning, she foaled January 22nd at 2:40 EST and all went very well for both MOM and FOAL. They say the baby ‘resembles’ his Mother. How cute is this! Heartfelt wishes to ALL involved with this lovely colt…and his dear Mom, Rachel Alexandra!

It is really something to ponder…the circle of life. Here we are, Rachel Alexandra and I….both such accomplished race horses…each honored by being named HORSE OF THE YEAR in consecutive years…and now to be broodmares at the same time. Rachel Alexandra has now foaled a healthy, 125 pound colt….and I’m due in several weeks. It is truly something to think about…how each stage of life has such special and unique qualities to enjoy, reflect upon, and appreciate.

I must say, I think the saying…”TAKE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES” does have a very deep meaning.

To the PRO-FOOTBALL TEAMS who played so hard yesterday to make each of the Divisional Championship games so exciting for all of us…THANK YOU for 2 thrilling games. Congratulations to each team on a wonderful season…and to the victors a special HOORAY! Next weekend is the Pro-Bowl and the following week…the SUPER BOWL! It will be so much fun during the next few weeks to follow the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on their paths to the BIG GAME!

To all of my HORSE RACING pals…who won and or ran well over the weekend…a big HIGH HOOF to each of you. The 3 year old divisions, involving all of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks preps, are starting to really ‘heat up’ now. This is all SO EXCITING!

Here’s wishing you a lovely week!

With Love, Hugs to All~



  1. oohh my dearest queen zenyatta I feel bad you don’t have a grass to munching cover with snow,take good care yourself always cause we care love ya!!!!!.

  2. Dear Alex Bowdoin:
    Will add our prayers for your dear friend Amy. Love and Hugs, Judy and Russ

  3. Dear Heidi K.

    Will light a candle and pray for you friend Fred. Love and Hugs, Judy and Russ

  4. Dear Elena:
    So sorry for your loss. Love and Hugs, JB

  5. Dear Especially Horses:

    You are so right, Chestnuts don’t have black manes or tales. When I first saw the video of the baby, I thought his coat looked redish. But, after looking at more photos; he’s a Bay. He is gorgeous. Love and Hugs, JB

  6. Huge Congratulations to Rachel Alexandra and Curlin, and all the connections especially to Jess Jackson, Know your looking down smiling. God bless
    Love Ya Zenny

  7. What a beautiful caring mom Rachel seems to be.

  8. Hi, beautiful girl!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend with Tasty T! Happy Birthday to Matt and thanks to him for all the good care he gives you!
    All the best to those who have been seriously (violently) injured as a result of hatred, and to those who face incredibly daunting health issues. Thoughts and prayers to you and your friends.
    Bountiful Hugs!

  9. URGENT— TB IN TEXAS NEEDS HOME! Can anyone help?

    The following was just posted on the site of LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE):

    Cute, Sound Gelding Needs Home ASAP!

    Baltruchis: 4-year-old @15H dark bay TB gelding. Sound with a nice build (looks more like a QH). Very well bred (see pedigree). His trainer says he would make a nice trail horse. He has a cut on his head that is healing well (needs another month or so to completely heal). Very sweet face!
    (Photo) (Photo)

  10. The LOPE Ranch is currently full and they cannot take this deserving horse in, so your help in networking for him is appreciated.

  11. Contact: Baltruchis is located at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston. If you can give a loving, good home to this horse, please contact Becky at 614-517-6831 or by email at beckyb01b@aol.com.

    1. No need to find Baltruchis a forever home, I adopted him last week! :)

  12. Someone looks like she’s tired of being pregnant.

    1. LOL Can you blame her? The foal is about 100 squirming pounds by now.

    2. Ya, she looks uncomfortable.

    GET READY ZENYATTA…ITS ALMOST TIME TO puuuuuuuuuuussssssssshhhhhhhhhhh
    WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I’M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy belated Birthday, Matt!! And thanks for taking such good care of our Zenyatta!

  15. Just took a look at RA’s baby… he’s really too cute!
    So RA will be bred to Bernardini in 2012… just fair if you’d be bred to Curlin, don’t you think? ;-)
    I’m already looking forward onto your “baby’s” fights on the racetrack!
    Kisses from Germany


    1. Curlin is not a good match for Zenyatta in so many ways. Doubt very much that will happen. But that’s only my opinion.

  16. Good Morning All

    this may not be the right forum for this but I’m not happy at all abut NBC signing a 4 year contract to host the BC. On the surface that sounded good, but it won’t be the “mothership” NBC, but their new NBC Sports Network that will carry the “ladies” day entirely and the following day, only the Classic with be telecast by the “mothership” NBC. all the rest wll be on their new sports network..what does that mean? For me, since i have satilite, i’ll have to upgrade 3 packages in order to see it or switch over and get rid of Dish and sign on with the local cable which doesn’t carry HRTV. In an age we’re we are trying to keep and attract new fans, this sure stinks and this year, i may very well for the first time ever, just not watch or try to subscribe just to get one or two days of racing. I don’t understand this move, oh, yeah, i do, it’s all about the $$$ NBC is giving BC, it sure won’t atract new fans or have everyone jumping to upgrade their TV Coverage.

  17. Hi, sweet girl! Thought the pictures of Rachel and her colt were just TOO CUTE!! Some on Facebook have speculated that if you have a colt that it would be so exciting for yours and Rachel’s colts to meet on the track in a couple of years!! Wow! A fun prospect and something definitely to look forward to. Big hugs. Love you lots. Ann Maree

  18. Rachael foaled on my B day I am 11 now yay and my team is the patriots we go to the super bowl yeah

    1. Happy belated Birthday Emma!

  19. Dearest Em’,
    Having just heard
    You’ve had a birthday,
    To you we say
    “Carpe diem,”
    (Latin for “Seize the day,”)
    Or in another word,
    Hope your day was first rate!

  20. Dear “Emma” We share the same birthday. Happy Birthday!! and now we share it with Rachel’s baby boy. Fun, huh!
    My grand daughter will be 12 in a few days.

    She lives in Mo.

  21. Dear Emma:
    Happy 11th Birthday and Go Pats. Hugs, JB

  22. Congratulations to Rachel Alexandra and Curlin for the birth of their foal. I am not surprised that the foal looks a lot like its mother. Zenyatta, I’m more than sure that your foal will look a lot like you as well. Unfortunately, I missed most of horseracing this past weekend due to cabin fever and my work schedule. I heard about the New York Giants and the New England Patriots getting into the Super Bowl. I have not decided who to root for yet. I don’t really care all that much. If I were a film student or anything like that, that non fiction documentary contest at Santa Anita sponsored in part by HRTV would be a very big draw for me.

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