Diary Post #424

TASTY...we need to chat! Photo by Sarah Campion


I was walking around my paddock this morning and thought it might be a terrific idea if TASTY and I chatted and compared notes on all of the BABY NEWS we are hearing lately. Watching our friend, Rachel Alexandra, and her new colt has made me think! I must say, the photo of the baby reaching up to KISS his MOM was absolutely TOO CUTE!

TASTY and I were both bred on April 3rd. We each conceived on that date as well….so we are at exactly the same stage and number of days into our pregnancies. Time is moving right along! Our ‘baby bumps’ are definitely SHOWING…which is good news. Speaking for myself, my little one does like to move about…and you can definitely see a bit of a ‘shift’ in my tummy area now and then when he or she is doing so.

The upcoming weeks will definitely be filled with many NEW experiences for US! Per my pals at the farm, at the beginning of February, TASTY and I will be put under what is called “FOAL WATCH”. This means we will be carefully observed and monitored during each day to see if there are any physical changes in our bodies. Just like with human beings, when one begins to get close to the later stages before giving birth, the body does undergo specific changes and certain indicators are noted. This concept applies to MARES as well.

Through each phase of this process, I will give YOU an update as to what is happening with both TASTY and I. “FOAL WATCH” as described above beginning at the first of next month…is Stage 1.

I know our dear friends at Lane’s End will be extremely observant when monitoring each of these changes. We are so fortunate to have a core group of loving and caring people around US each day who know every intimate detail about our mannerisms, personalities, and bodies! LUCKY US!

Nature is truly amazing!

With Love,
Hugs to all~(Special blessings to Elena…on her loss & others in our thoughts and prayers)


  1. I just saw the picture of Rachel’s colt…..the one of her checking him out and the other with their noses touching. Oh my goodness…..how sweet…..like you said…”too cute”…just love those legs……just precious and his marking is beautiful. Now I am even more excited for you Z. Hugs to you…….

  2. Zenyatta,

    Foal Watch. How exciting.
    Tasty and you must be so excited too, much to talk about. ;) Stay healthy and happy Big
    Beautiful Mama.

  3. Z, I love you so much! I am so hoping you throw a colt too so that maybe this friendly rivalry can continue :D

  4. Oh Zenyatta, this is sooo exciting. I can hardly wait for foal watch!! Love you big momma Z! XOXOX

  5. I can’t wait!! All of your nannies are pacing the floor

    1. Agree! LOL!

      1. LOL

    2. I’m not only pacing during the day but impacting in my sleep! Geez! I think I’m gonna be nuts by the time Z just simply lies down and gives birth!

      So forgive me for being a bit crazy in the weeks ahead! I wonder if there’s such an illness as Foal Watch Disease?!

  6. A wise person once said that, as long as you can still hear and remember the laughter, your friend or loved one is not gone. I fervently hope this is true for all on this site. I know it applies to my friend Don. I miss you old friend, but I can still hear the laughter. @Rosemary McCauley-Good ones on the last diary entry. I know the club members will be in good hands should the need ever arise. @Rosemary McCauley, Denise in AZ and Diana S, charter members of Arizona/New Mexico chapter-You might be a redneck if your bar tab always exactly equals your paycheck. @Judy Berube, president of New England chapter-You might be a redneck if you bring a video camera to a funeral. @Marshall, president of North Carolina chapter-You might be a redneck if you clean your house with a water hose. @Debbie G, president of Kentucky chapter-You might be a redneck if you can’t keep your cats out of your car at night because the interior smells like fried chicken. @Darlene Daniels, president of Indiana chapter-You might be a redneck if you buy your china as a grocery store special each week. @Marty R, president of Colorado chapter-You might be a redneck if there are more than five animals sleeping in/on your bed. @Stephanie in San Diego and Vicki B, members of California chapter-You might be a redneck if you dust furniture with underwear. @signofthetimes, president of Texas chapter-You might be a redneck if you have a Bud Light pool table light hanging over your dining room table. @Sue Fredrick and Sally B, charter members of Wisconsin chapter, presidency to be determined-You might be a redneck if you own a “church” cap. @Brenda S, president and Abigail in Montreal, member of Canadian chapter-You might be a Canadian redneck if you have stuffed heads from the following: deer, moose, mallard and your mother-in-law. @Susan in TN and Kari Bussell-You might be a redneck if you had to fill your toilet with lake water so you can use it. You might be a redneck if you have the bail bondsman on speed dial. You might be a redneck if you played the banjo in your high school band. You might be a redneck if you purposely feed the cockroaches. You might be a redneck if you found your husband’s Christmas present on the side of the road.

    1. Too funny!

    2. Terry Crow, your post is bittersweet, I crack up at your crazy jokes, and choke up at your salute to Don in the beginning. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a close friend like he was to you. I hope you have plenty of funny memories to mask the sadness of his loss. Hugs

    3. Great jokes Terry. I can just picture some redneck playing banjo in a high school band. Too funny!

    4. Terry – Laughter is a wonderful thing. I’m sure your friend would want you to continue to smile and laugh. You certainly keep us doing that. You have the gift. Keep on laughin’.

    5. Terry Crow, your post is very bittersweet. The jokes are hysterical, as always, good laughs. But you touch my heart with your dedication to Don. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a dear, dear friend. Hugs

    6. Terry, I was laughing out loud today, at “video camera” at a funeral, and “clean your house with a water hose”. Yesterday got me wondering with “running bred lights” until it dawned on me you meant “red”. Thanks.

      1. Terry Crow; Hey our redneck jokester; keep smiling and laughing like you have us doing each day. Remember all the crazy things Don did, that you did together. I have been lucky in that I have not lost a dear close friend, so far. I can’t imagine. Happy trails

    7. Terry, what wonderful red neck jokes.
      Great tribute to your wonderful friend
      Don, whom I am sure you shared much
      Laughter as you share with us. Salute to
      Your dear friend Don. Thanks so much for
      Sharing the laughter with us.

  7. Zenny- this is SO exciting! Thank you for letting us all share in this wonderful time. You and Tasty have been such good sports! Rachel’s baby is beautiful, isn’t he? When I heard she had delivered, I got an excitement knot in my stomach for YOU. Z, I knew two mares once who had been best friends for years, were bred to the same stallion within a couple of days of each other and delivered two days apart. The foals were comfortable with each other from the beginning (when they were let out together). It was as if they had been aware of each other before birth. Maybe you and Tasty’s babies will be like that! Love you Big girl <3

    1. Aww. . . Susan that was so sweet. I can just picture a little Tasty and Zenny playing endless hours together. Hope everything is wonderful with you and that are totally recovered!!! Hugs!!

      1. Thanks, Dawn! I am doing some better- I hope you are, too!

  8. Thank you so much for letting us all be a part of FOAL WATCH! You are so kind; this is so much fun to follow Z’s diary. It is the highlight of my day! Looking forward to all the foal updates.

    http://www.valleyviewranchequinerescue.webs.com — NOT .ORG. So sorry if that got in anyone’s way of making a donation to this worthy cause.


  10. I just love you and can’t wait to see your sweet baby!

  11. hey- we are getting a “FOAL WATCH” and a “BAYWATCH” all in one!

  12. Dear Z–I love today’s diary post. I had no idea that you and TT were at the exact same point in your pregnancies.
    We are getting some much-needed rain here in Central TX with more to come over the next 2 day. It sounds ;like a spring thunderstorm. Both dogs have beat a hasty retreat inside.
    Terry C–love the jokes, as always. I have experience with grocery store china! And glasses from gas stations years ago!

  13. Dear Elena,
    Please except my deepest sympathy at your great loss. Glad you came back here. Hugs<3

  14. Rats! Don’t know why it didn’t work. I copied and pasted this time:

  15. How exciting to be getting down to the “Foal Watch” time…..for both you and Tasty!
    That was my favorite picture too of RA and her foal – nose to nose!
    You are looking wonderful and under the best of care with the staff there at Lane’s End!! I’m sure they all love you as much as we do….

  16. FOAL WATCH!!!! I can barely contain myself. This is sooo exciting. Can’t thank you enough for letting us share this with you. The short clip of Rachel and her little colt were absolutely amazing. TOO CUTE!!! But yours (and Tasty’s) will be the cutest!

  17. Hi Zenny. Not much to say today but FOAL WATCH is beginning to make me really nervous. I could never be there with you when you`re in labor. I think I would faint from my nerves. Rachel`s baby is GORGEOUS. Just like his mom. I think they should name him,”JESS’ DREAM”..Too bad Jess J. never got to see the miracle he helped create. You`re next my girl. I think its a filly but I`ve been saying that from day 1. Hope you and Tasty have a great night!! Love you,Alene…..Love you Dottie!!!!!!

    1. Good idea for Rachel’s babys name. So sad that he didn’t get to see that special colt! I think Zenyatta’s baby will be a filly, too, born on Feb. 29th.lol. And if Zen does have a filly maybe someday down the line she will meet up with Rachel’s baby. Just as long as they all staay safe.

  18. I can’t wait!!! I’m dying to see what your foal will look like and I’m especially anticipating when we’ll see him or her race.Just an idea for you to maybe put up a live video on here during Foal Watch so we can check in :) I want to be the first to see your baby!!!

  19. Dear Zenyatta, I hope your baby stuff is going along good! Dusty loves hearing about your news too! Her baby is 8 years old now! Just today its been 8 years sence Dusty’s baby was born so we were gonig to vist them today. Your going to LOVE your baby. She going to look just like you! I can’t wait until your baby is born. She/He is going to be a fast horse and a beauty queen! :) Hope you and your baby is going to have a good life there at Lanes End! My friend that I was talking about last year is in Mrs. Voltz class this year. Lexy, she just can back fom Kentucky. She live in Lexington. Now, she going to learn about you from Mrs. Voltz. Speaking of school, I have to write a report about an animal. Of corse, I picked a horse. LOL! I talked about you and Dust. Well, I’m going to feed Dusty. I’m sure she says hi.

    Your firends forever, Brooke and Dust!:)

    1. Hi, Brooke. It is so wonderful hearing from you today. Your words for Zenny are lovely. I am very happy that you and Dusty have become such special friends. A horse of your own is a wonderful gift! I’m sure Lexy is having a amazing time as part of Mrs. Voltz. Isn’t she the best teacher ever!! Good luck on your horse report. I know you will do a fantastic job! Look forward to hearing from you again soon!! Give Dusty a kiss on her soft nose from us!

    2. Welcome, Brooke–we love hearing from you.

    3. Brooke – Thank you for sharing your comments with us. I imagine that your report will be very interesting. I hope you have a nice visit with Dusty.

    4. Thanks so much Brooke for sharing your
      Wonderful story. Learning about horses at
      A young age is a very special gift Ms. Voltz
      Is giving you.

    5. Hey, Brooke! Good to hear from you and to know you and Dusty are doing well!

  20. Dear Zenyatta and Dottie – Thank you so much for today’s interesting and informative post. Can you believe all these “Auntie’s and Uncle”s awaiting the birth of your foal and TT? My goodness, if there was ever an event worth all this anticipation and excitement it is you and TT. We are all so looking forward to the big day.

    Foal watch…. Hmmmm. none of us will get anything done other than hovering over this computer…..

    Have a wonderful day everyone. The sun is shining and the rain is gone for awhile.
    Sounds like we should be able to get together in front of Cigar’s statue one of these upcoming racing weekends. Looking forward to it.

  21. I can’t wait to watch this and all your babies grow up! As Stonestreet posted pictures of RA and son the past few days, I’ve been reminded how grateful I am that you keep up with all of us, and that there’s zero chance your foals’ progress from birth through racing career will be kept up with regularly! I think it’s sad that it’s so hard to track mares’ foals’ through the years! With you, we won’t have that problem. :) Much love!

  22. @Elena, I am so sorry for your loss. Glad you are back. Zenny, this is getting to be so exciting! I can’t wait for our “foal watch.” She certainly is showing. Rachel’s baby picture was absolutely precious. This will be an exciting next 3 years to see how these kids grow up. Have a great week fellow Zensters.

  23. @All – Stephanoatsee, half-brother to Shackleford is off the Derby trail when he injured his pastern bone. He will undergo surgery tomorrow at New Bolton Equine Clinic. Here’s wishing for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery with no complications: http://www.brisnet.com/cgi-bin/editorial/journal/article.cgi?id=26284
    RIP Bankable – who died of colic at the age of eight. May your offspring pass on your legacy. You will be missed.

    1. OHHH RATS, he was the one I especially wanted to watch. Hope all goes well in surgery for him.

    2. Dear Doreen in Ct.:
      Thank you for the info on Shacks little brother, Stephanoatsee. Wishing him a speedy recovery. RIP Bankable. Hugs, JB

    3. Boy, I really was hoping this year would not
      Be filled with injuries.

      Lohnro, we are so looking forward to your
      Sturdy foals.

  24. Cant wait till yu have that precious little one!!

  25. Z. What exciting times these are. Thank you for giving us special insights into the process. Love your diary every day. Of course the pictures add to our interaction with you. Stay warm.

  26. Z. Oh boy, FOAL WATCH, how amazing that we can be part of that through Dottie and your connections. All of us will be on pins and needles waiting. All computers will be on 24/7. It sure would be exciting if you and Tasty had your foals on the same day. That would sure keep Lanes End busy. You and TT better get some rest before the BIG day.
    @Elena, so sorry for your loss.

  27. How fantastic that we’ll have these “foal watch” updates to look forward to!
    I love the pictures of Rachel and her baby and wish them all the best!
    Have a wonderful day Zenyatta and baby “Z”! xoxoxo

  28. Hi Zenyatta. This is so exciting. Your picture really shows off your baby bump. I just know he/she is dancing and prancing. We will definitely be on foal watch. What a great idea to give us updates on Zenyatta and Tasty. It is going to be so fabulous to see both babies. I just know they will be awesome mommies. Bless you both. Love you, Angels.

  29. Foal Watch… Boy, I know all about that. After seeing Rachel’s colt, that made me all the more excited for your foal. Time has flown right by and now, we are anticipating the most popular foal to arrive! Just can’t believe that it’s almost that time! How exciting!!! Yes, please, please, please, many many pics and video!!
    TT… You too!
    Love you both!!! One of the nervous Aunties! :)

  30. yay so excited for you and nervous, i have been following you Z since you conceived and i just cant wait to see your baby… I’m also on Foal my dad has a Mare here name is
    ESTRELLA in English is Pronounce STAR she is beautiful Quarter Horse. and baby is predicted to come in September. so following you looking at your First Stage Foal Watch would give me tips and Prepare for the Coming of our new Horse… thank you and will be Praying for you to have the smoooothes delivery..

    Luv you Z

    xo Rachelle

    1. How very sweet for you to share with
      Us your horses pregnancy

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