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TASTY...we need to chat! Photo by Sarah Campion


I was walking around my paddock this morning and thought it might be a terrific idea if TASTY and I chatted and compared notes on all of the BABY NEWS we are hearing lately. Watching our friend, Rachel Alexandra, and her new colt has made me think! I must say, the photo of the baby reaching up to KISS his MOM was absolutely TOO CUTE!

TASTY and I were both bred on April 3rd. We each conceived on that date as well….so we are at exactly the same stage and number of days into our pregnancies. Time is moving right along! Our ‘baby bumps’ are definitely SHOWING…which is good news. Speaking for myself, my little one does like to move about…and you can definitely see a bit of a ‘shift’ in my tummy area now and then when he or she is doing so.

The upcoming weeks will definitely be filled with many NEW experiences for US! Per my pals at the farm, at the beginning of February, TASTY and I will be put under what is called “FOAL WATCH”. This means we will be carefully observed and monitored during each day to see if there are any physical changes in our bodies. Just like with human beings, when one begins to get close to the later stages before giving birth, the body does undergo specific changes and certain indicators are noted. This concept applies to MARES as well.

Through each phase of this process, I will give YOU an update as to what is happening with both TASTY and I. “FOAL WATCH” as described above beginning at the first of next month…is Stage 1.

I know our dear friends at Lane’s End will be extremely observant when monitoring each of these changes. We are so fortunate to have a core group of loving and caring people around US each day who know every intimate detail about our mannerisms, personalities, and bodies! LUCKY US!

Nature is truly amazing!

With Love,
Hugs to all~(Special blessings to Elena…on her loss & others in our thoughts and prayers)


  1. Can’t wait for your foal Zenny!!! You’re right, the pictures of Rachel’s gorgeous foal are amazing! I’m so happy to hear everything went well for both mother and baby!! And whoa, 125 lbs?! That’s just crazy to me! But that must be a healthy weight for newborn babies! I can’t believe you’re due in just a few short weeks…I’m already saying prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby. You’ll be an amazing mom and this little baby is going to be so loved! It’s the luckiest baby in the world. Have a great week Zenny! And a big THANK YOU to your team for keeping us fans posted on Zenny, it means a lot to me because Zenyatta is such an uplifting character. Thanks again! LOVE you VERY much Z!

  2. Dear Dottie, I would like to thank you for teaching someone like me about horses. You see, the only experience I have is a trail ride here and there and driving past several farms that have these beautiful creatures. So many times I’ve wanted to pull over and pet the ones that are close to the fence, but don’t because I do not have the owners permission. However, I do have a precious 3 year old grand daughter and am trying to build up the courage to go up to the house and ask if she might be able to pet one of them. (any of you that have horses, would that be rude to do?) It has been my pleasure learning about racing and how much work it takes to train a horse, and that wouldn’t have been possible if it wern’t for you and the wonderful team that took such loving care of Zenyatta. Not to mention the gracious Mr. & Mrs. Moss. As her time draws near, I look forward to seeing what will probably be the most loved foal in the world. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being a patient teacher.

    1. Maggie… Such a touching post! Thank you for taking the thoughts and words out of my mouth!

    2. Maggie, where are you located?

      1. LauraJ- Illinois

    3. Maggie- no, it definitely wouldn’t be rude to ask to pet someone’s horse! Most horse people love to share their horses in that way- and do appreciate you asking. Goo luck!

  3. Marvelous works by WILLIAM WILSON, BRONZE SCULPTOR AND HORSESHOE ARTIST in England, featured on today’s Horse and Man blog. The “Mare and Foal” piece seems especially appropriate right now as we celebrate the arrival of RA’s colt and await the arrival of Z’s little one. You’ve got to see it to believe it! ENJOY! http://horseandman.com/

    1. Dear Trina N.:
      Thank you for the link to Mr. Wilson’s sculptures. Beautiful. Hugs, JB

    2. Trina – What beautiful pieces he has created and amazingly from horseshoes!

  4. I love Zenyatta! Cant wait for the baby:)

  5. Zenny, Can’t wait to see your beautiful baby!! He/She has to be the most beautiful foal like the MoM and DaD ~!!!
    Love you Zenny~!!!!

  6. If your foal has 10 % of your talent and heart, she will be a true champion!
    Take good care of yourself; love you, Zenny!

  7. Thanks for all the updates Zenyatta :)

  8. Dear Terry C.:
    Thank you for all the smiles. Hugs, JB

  9. Dear Z and TT:
    Goodnight and Sweet Baby Dreams. Love you lots, Judy and Russ

  10. Rachel’s cute colt is a real momma’s boy – what a smooch! Now Z needs to have a filly and in about 3 or 4 years maybe the two will meet each other in the Breeder’s Cup. Hhm, possibilities……..

  11. Maggie N- I think that is is great that you have come to appreciate and like horses.
    You say that you are trying to muster the courage to go up to a house and ask if you and your granddaughter might pet their horses. Horse people are like people everywhere – some are welcoming and some are not.
    It is important for you to know that while I eat, breathe and live horses, I am well aware that they can also be unpredictable and of varied temperment and attitude.
    Horses, because of their size, can injure people without trying to eg. turning their heads quickly and breaking the nose of a person standing near them.
    Stepping on a person’s foot. Many horse also nibble and some bite, so be careful of your granddaughter’s hands and fingers.
    It might be best if you could contact some individual who encourages horse/human
    interaction. I would suggest you look in the phone book or contact a large animal veterinarian who might help you connect with such a person. There are many horse
    people who would love to introduce you and your granddaughter to appropriate horses.
    Hope this helps you. If you were located near me, I would be glad to
    facilitate you and your granddaughter meeting horses.
    Best to you, Mary

    1. Mary Copelin- Thank you for the wonderful idea of speaking to a vet. Silly me just thinks all horses are like Z, and are sweet and tolerant of children, ( see, I don’t know a blasted thing about horses). I don’t want her to be afraid of them and the thought of one nipping at her little hand would have been a disaster! I do know of a stable that rents ponies and horses out to birthday parties and such. I think I’ll give them a call. ( I just never thought about them) That way she gets to have fun, and grandma gets to give kisses to a soft nose. We’ll go slow, incase their size scares her. It did take her a little while to warm up to my rather large but very gentle Mastiff. ( now she invites him to her tea-partys!) My granddaughter has only been in the family for a year, and I want so much for her to experience all kinds of wonderful things when she gets to spend the week end with me and as a added bonus, I get to show her off.

      1. Yes, horses can be very dangerous as we
        Saw the paddock accident of John Shear.

        They are very very very powerful animals and
        May not have very good minds or freak out,
        They are prey animals so they do have a lot
        Of innate fear that needs to be worked with by
        Their trainer.

        Don’t take your little granddaughter just anywhere.
        I rode at a place where the trainer would buy a “six
        Pack” of horses off the track and most of them were
        Not mentally sound and he did not have the training
        Talent to change that. Some of the horses were very
        Dangerous to ride.

        1. Maybe I’ll just get her a Zenyatta plushie instead

  12. Zenny, I’m getting so excited about you and Tasty getting close to foaling. I’m glad that you will be on constant watch so all goes well. It is fun to know that you, Tasty and Rachel Alexandra are all having foals close together. I will be checking in daily to see how all is going. I wish all of you the best of luck. I am so thankful to Dottie for makeing this all possible. I’m sending my love to all along with many Blessings

  13. I’m excited, too!!

  14. Z, it is such a joy to know that your Dottie will be keeping us posted during FOAL WATCH for you and Tasty!! My love and prayers will be with both of you dear mares and your precious foals during this sweet, exciting time.
    @Elena…. my deepest sympathy goes out to you.
    @Matt…belated happy birthday!
    @Alex….prayers for your dear friend

  15. So much information and updates on the Queen! Thank you so much and you have to know I hold you in my heart!

    Z-sisters – thank you too for all of your updates..

  16. Here’s a little info from my sister the Vet which she sent me after I asked her what to expect with Z.

    I haven’t checked on her page yet today but here’s the usual routine – -on the bigger farms there is usually a night watchman on duty as foaling time approaches.They may also have foaling cameras that show the various stalls -when a mare is “waxing up” and dripping milk, getting restless in the stall, laying down, looking at her flank. There are also devices that are placed in the mares vulva that signal the night watchman (who should also be a good “foaling man”) when she lays down. For Z I would bet that they even had a vet on hand 24/7 as her time neared. Normal foaling should be fairly fast -20 minutes -if the foal is in good position and it’s pretty powerful labor. A cow can be in labor all day and still deliver fine but a mare is different. If she goes longer than that she may need manual help -repositioning the foals legs or head or some careful pulling. Hope this helps.

  17. We love you Z!! God bless this website and everyone for making this such an enjoyable place to visit.

  18. A story about Finder’s Key, an off-track thoroughbred who stars in “War Horse”: http://offtrackthoroughbreds.com/2012/01/06/ottb-finders-key-lights-up-war-horse/

  19. With all the discussion of “Foal Watch,” I thought some of you might be interested in this article. It discusses in detail the signs that the folks monitoring the mare will look for, as well as the actual foaling process.


    1. Very informative article and written in an easy to understand way for non-horse people. Thank you Laura.

  20. I can’t wait to see your foal zenny.I hope it’s a girl.Either way I will love him/her and follow there racing.

  21. Hi Z,
    Is your foal suppost to be expected a colt or fillie? Also who are you going to be bred to for 2012?

  22. Best of luck to u Mommy Z!! Praying for you and your baby to be safe and sound!! Thank you for the updates and posts!! I am sooooo excited, can’t wait!! Love ya!!

  23. Many thanks to everyone here providing so much information on foaling, etc. I knew a little bit, but now I know much more!
    Good luck Zenny, please keep on keeping us posted with your progress as well as Tasty’s. It’s great that you have a best buddy for support and you can talk and “compare notes” and learn together :)
    And thanks Dottie, too, for everything you do for Z and all of her many, many fans.

  24. Hi Z! Wow, things are moving right along. Can’t wait for the baby updates! Have a great day! xxoo

  25. That’s exciting you too are getting close to delivery and going on Foal Watch soon. That photo of Rachel and the colt touching her nose was really adorable, thank you for mentioning that. I can’t wait to see your sweet baby too!

  26. Zenyatta, it is getting pretty close to that time-time for you and Tasty Temptation to give birth. I’m glad that you guys are coming along so well. Keep up the good work! Once again, congratulations to Rachel Alexandra for the birth of her foal. You horses do go through pretty much the same kind of thing in pregnancies as human beings do such as baby bumps, unborn babies/foals or whaever moving around and kicking, and other things. They are keeping you two under close observation starting in February, which you said is stage one. They have already been taking great care of you and Tasty already and they haven’t stopped or even slowed down now. Some of that time might feel like forever, but even if it does, it’s well worth it. Good things come to those who wait, after all. I cannot wait until your foal is born. Neither can your other followers, girl!

  27. Okay, Zenny, so if you were bred on 4/3 then we’re looking at about 3/9 according to my book for your heir. This is getting too exciting. I’ve had two born on 3/6, including ‘The Diva’ last year. Is Tasty a maiden mare too?

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