Diary Post #426

Another close up........of ME! Photo by Sarah Campion

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for ALL of your fabulous wishes and comments about ME and my Baby Bump! I do feel wonderful and your kind words are greatly appreciated.

It was so meaningful yesterday afternoon to read Laura Sanchez’ Face Book post stating “everyone should feel that their bodies are beautiful and that they have purpose and strength!” Speaking for myself, I agree! I do feel I have a very positive self-concept. I believe this stems not only from my own personal feelings, but from the people around ME each day and the manner in which they lovingly care and interact with ME.

In life, it seems like certain sayings last the test of time for a reason…they prove to hold great meaning and truth. Based upon my life’s experiences and the people I have been blessed to be around, 2 sayings are particularly special:




In my life I have been SO FORTUNATE to live and work in very positive and nurturing environments: Winter Quarter Farm, Mayberry Training Center, Barn 55, and now at Lane’s End. The people I have been able to work with have always been there for ME. They were never negative…but always very encouraging, constructive in thought, and caring. Their actions and words were positive and supportive. I know the goal was always the same no matter what the job or task at hand…to help ME achieve SUCCESS!

I will ADORE and APPRECIATE all of these people forever!

In reading so many of your comments in the Diary postings, these sayings appear to take on a special meaning for many of you as well. YOU ARE ALL SO SUPPORTIVE, POSITIVE, CARING, AND GENUINELY ENDEARING IN YOUR RESPONSES. Additionally, it seems like so many of you are bonding, making friendships, and exchanging ideas involving so many other concepts with each other. A number of you are even trying to get together so you can meet! This is all TOO CUTE and truly very special!

I sincerely hope in some way I have played a very positive role in encouraging these friendships to develop!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Dear Z and all your connections and all you fans out there,

    I’m glad to hear Z and her baby are doing well, but let’s not forget there are babies that aren’t that lucky.
    Please look at these videos and become aware of what’s going on here in the US.
    Take action today, every bit helps.

    Thank you for your time

  2. Dear Z and Z fans. Blind Luck has arrived for her visit with Bernie. There is plenty of room in my heart for this sweet little girl too…. I often think about Evening Jewel too. Does anyone know where she is now in her life’s journey? http://www.thoroughbredtimes.com/breeding-news/2012/01/26/blind-luck-arrives-at-hill-n-dale.aspx

    1. yay, Blind Luck!! all the best to this wonderful champ!

    2. Wow, so happy for Blind Luck she is a great mare. Does this mean Bernie is back from Australia or is she waiting in line?

    3. Delrene, I think Evening Jewel is at Taylor Made Farm near Lexington. I believe I saw her in pasture with a friend in November.

  3. Zenny, you really have a baby bump big girl! Can’t wait for the big day. A big “thank you” to all the people who take care of you at Lane’s End. As so many have stated, you bring us all together in a very happy and positive way. This ia a great site to come to after a hard day at work. Very uplifting.

  4. Dear Zenyatta, You and your words continue to expand my heart. You are wonderful beyond words. You have been surrounded by love and you so generously share it. Thank you for all the joy you bring to this world. sending love, Mary Ann

  5. Dear Z, You look beautiful with the Baby Bump. I just love all of the links to vidoes and
    photos of the newest foals of 2012. I am so looking forward to seeing yours and hopefully she/he will be born on 3/16…This is the Year of the Dragon and I am a
    member of this club…Thank you Dottie for these posts almost every day and Thank
    You Sarah for these photo’s of our Beloved Zenyatta out in her paddock ever day.
    I have been wearing my Zenyatta bracelet every day and when I do look at it I seem
    to gather some strength to get thru the days….Because of you we have this most
    wonderful website to get together to talk horses, our feelings about racing and how we can improve this sport that I worked in at one time in my life. I love Thoroughbreds so much. I have owned a few off track that were either my beloved trail and just hacking around horse in a big field or my beloved show horse who taught me so much and lived such a good life with those who loved him….@All who have lit candles for my friend Amy and who have said prayers for her, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I had a Yoga class with her daughter tonight and she told me that Amy is a bit tired after her first All Day Chemo Event at the hospital on Tuesday, but doing OK> She is so POSITIVE. God Bless…HUGS TO ALL

    1. Alex, please keep posting to us about Amy and give her our love. Many are praying.

      1. Amy is only 57 years old…She is one of the most Beautiful People I have ever
        known, kind and generous and wife and a mother….

        1. many prayers for Amy

    2. Dear Alex, your Amy continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!!! Love to you both!

    3. Alex-I know what it is like to be concerned about a friend. Amy is lucky to have you. Prayers to you both.

  6. I am so Pleased that Blind Luck has arrived and will be bred to Bernie…She is such a Sweet Heart!

    1. Ditto Alex.

    2. yes, and more yes!

  7. Goldikova has arrived at Coolmore!! I love her, her spunk and heart and she is such a fighter. I hope she becomes a Great Mother!! It was announced on my facebook page by Rachel Alexandra…

    1. She looks good. Hope she has a pleasant date with Galileo..;)

    2. So glad to hear about Goldi, what a truely talented
      Female racehorse. So consistent in beating the boys
      And standing up to the likes of Canford Cliffs in her
      Last year of racing.

    3. Can you IMAGINE….a Goldie-Galileo baby? Look out Brits. It could be a French horse who takes the next UK Triple Crown!!!!

  8. Dear Zenyatta, 6th grade is a lot harder than 5th. So there’s a lot of homework. I don’t get to post a lot anymore so I’m go to try to post alot so I can keep in touch with you and everyone else. Your one of my favorite horses to hear from. Your fans are really nice to. Dusty is very thankful for you and everyone!! Z, your baby is going to be cute!! Love brooke and dust!

    1. Hi, Brooke. I know that even though school is a little harder with more homework, you will do just great!!! Do keep in touch. Love to you and your wonderful Dusty!!!

      1. Hi Brooke I miss you so much. You touched my heart and will Always be Special to me. Love, Mrs. Voltz
        PS Give Dusty a kiss for me :)

    2. Hi Brooke. I’m so glad you’re back!!!!

    3. Brooke-It is always good to see the return of an old friend. Please keep posting and keeping in touch with all of us here.

  9. What a lovely post today form Zenny/Dottie. And such lovely responses and comments. When Z. retired, there was such emptiness in our hearts because we saw no horse that could fill the void that she left.
    This diary was a stroke of genius/heavenly inspiration to keep us all connected and together. It is a very important part of my days, and I cherish each friendship made here.
    Just a quick reminder of Margaret’s plea for help for the mustangs and Marlene’s rescue–1 more day to go for Valley Ridge to rescue the 6. Will await Jeanies report tomorrow. http://www.valleyviewranchequinerescue.org.

    1. That is beautiful, Pati. You are very talented!!

    2. Pati, that is wonderful!

    3. Patti…wow. It is amazing.

    4. I love it !!! what a talent!

    5. WOW! Great photo collage. I wish I’d had it for my Power of X series on THE VAULT because it featured Zenny, Rachel & Rags!!!!

  10. Today’s picture looks so much like the picture in Stage 1 of the three part series Ann Maree posted yesterday. Guess we can’t deny, Zenny, you’re going to be a momma before too long. I’m saying now, just two more pages of the calendar to flip. Last April there were a lot of pages to turn over.
    I don’t have the words, but do share the feelings that so many have beautifully described in today’s comments.
    I always rode western style, but have come to admire and certainly appreciate the beauty of English style riding and various disciplines. At this site I’ve been learning about the versatility of Thoroughbreds, but most importantly, I’ve been learning about horseracing.

    1. They key to the way Zenny looks and delivery
      Time is no change in position and size of her
      Abdomen. That means the foal is engaged in her
      Pelvis and ready for delivery, which is stimulated
      By her female hormones. The shape of her abdomen
      Is changing every day so foal is just moving around.

      1. Signofthetimes- I know we want Z/B to keep shifting Zenyatta’s shape for at least another month then she can get into lock down at any time.
        I’ve come to really appreciate your knowledge about all things Thoroughbred and racing related and I wonder what you think about Tiznow as a possible suitor for Zenyatta. I think he’s stunning looking, but I know there’s more to it than looks. I agree Curlin wouldn’t be a good match for her, but I’ve also wondered about Tasty and Rachels’ shared sire, Medaglia D’Oro. If you could share your thoughts, I would appreciate it.

  11. Dear Z, Dottie and Z Fans:
    We very much believe in the two quotes you posted in today’s Diary. Good words to live by. Yes, Z, you certainly have generated a wonderful bonding and friendship for all of us through our shared love for you. Thank you, Dottie, for making it all possible with Z’s Diary. Love you and love to all of you, Judy and Russ

  12. Dear Alex Bowdoin:
    Thinking of you, Amy and her family. Hugs, JB

  13. Dear Signofthetimes, Alex, Jan and Z Fans:
    Wishing Goldi and Blind Luck happy careers as Moms. They certainly has spectacular genes and talent to pass on to their babies. Hugs, JB

  14. Dear Shell:
    Happy Birthday. Hugs, JB

    Dear Julie A.:
    Congratulations on your new baby boy. Hugs, JB

  15. Dear Terry Crow:
    Some real Gems today. Thank you. Hugs, JB

  16. Dear Z and TT:
    Goodnight and Sweet Baby Dreams. Love you so much, Judy and Russ

  17. Hate to bring up a sore subject but since everyone is dropping babbies every day I thought I would add ‘Blame’ not dropping, LOL

    Can’t wait for your turn.


    1. Oh, I know someone posted it on the 20th, sorry I can’t remember who. But anyway Joe’s had a picture.

      1. He’s a cute little guy. Best of luck to him in his future racing career. I hope he has inherited his daddy’s nice temperament.

    2. I sent a congratulations to Claiborne Farm after reading about Blame’s baby. I met Blame last summer. He is very sweet and beautiful. At first I felt like I was cheating on Zenyatta. Then Blame told me he thought Zenyatta was One Hot Mama. :) After that I realized Blame was only doing his job and Zenny would have beat him, she just ran out of track.

  18. I now have a friend who is a conservative Republican and a friend from Australia. How did this happen? We all love Zenyatta! So thank you Zenny!

  19. Love you Zen.. As always a kiss from me on that beautiful nose… M U A HHHH!!!!

  20. WOW….. Zenyatta is amazing. My 70+ year old neighbor was on her way to KY
    to see the 20th winning/run of Zenyatta… when she was diagnosed with breast
    cancer. After months of chemo/radiation, etc., she is currently clean. For her
    birthday we gave her the “Dancing Queen” photo… SHE LOVES IT.
    She refuses to get a computer, but calls me daily to look up what’s happening with
    Zenyatta….. and other racing info. I just sent her Rachel Alexandra’s pictures of
    her and her newborn…. she said “Oh…. so cute… but I want to see Zenyatta’s baby”.
    Z has brought her through so many months of pain and suffering. I can’t thank
    ALL OF YOU on the team for making Z the best ever and taking such good care
    of her. Z has been an inspiration to so many of us.
    I was lucky to see her run her last 3 races in CALIF….. and taking frends with me.
    Her fan base is “UNBELIEVABLE”. What a horse to bring the every day man
    back to a great sport !!
    My friends and family salute you all !!! Can’t wait to see the baby !!
    God bless you all !

    1. Gerry, Please give your neighbor greetings from all of us here on Z’s site and tell her we are so happy for her that she has recovered her health. High hoof to her!

    2. God bless you AND your neighbir. She is just as much a Dumpling as any of us, even without a computer.

    3. How beautiful that you have shared Zenyatta and this family with your computer free friend and helped her get through her ordeal. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  21. I love you Queen Z. Hug and kisses to you and Tasty.

  22. Zenny, Black Caviar’s race is coming up, and the commentators keep mentioning YOU (of course!). You’ll always be the gold standard against which others will be measured.

  23. High hoof, Black Caviar! Seventeen for seventeen! “Under wraps!” “Didn’t break a sweat!” It was so sweet to see how the outrider who accompanied her back to the winner’s circle kept petting and petting her.

    1. I agree Trina. Nicely said. :)

  24. Very very very wonderful HRTV Inside
    Information on Penny Chenery;
    It is all about her like with Secretariat
    As an aside. She is now an artist with a
    Senior citizen group.

    Thanks for all of your contributions to racing
    Penny !!!!!

    1. I’ve seen that episode featuring Mrs. Chenery. What a great lady.

  25. What everyone has expressed — DITTO. I love watching the relationships blossom. My time to read Zenny’s diary is around 7 a.m. I get to work early and the first place I visit is here. My home computer is very old and very slow. Even though I haven’t contributed too much, I feel I know so many of you. Thank you Z and Dottie, Team Z, and all of you who write in everyday. I want to sing out “It feels good….the way that it should…” I’m soing my age now.
    @Sharon — I think I was one of the first Beatle fans. My good friend and I had our own fan club (all two of us) and would meet in her closet.
    Wonderful quotes today, beautiful song, great videos. When you think about it, we are going to be godparents to Baby Z. Come on March…

  26. Nice to hear from you Mary Hale. “It feels good, the way that it should”, I had to LOL, that song always makes me feel good and want to dance. I’m 55, if that makes you feel any better. God parents to baby Z, I love that! Have a nice day.

  27. Great photo of you in the beauty of pregnancy. So good to hear that you are doing well and that you continue to be surrounded by those who love you. I just completed my “Zenyatta Photo Collage” of you in your racing days, with a few pictures of you at Lane’s End. It is a tribute to you…and to all horses. Thank you for having such an incredible journey throughout your life….and sharing this journey with your fans. I think you are amazing!!!

  28. Good Morning Zenny, I hope that you and Tasty have a happy Friday. I was busy yesterday, driving young relatives to and from school and then to the dentist so didn’t get to your diary until this morning. I’ve managed to read most of the posts and love the many quotes and the comments about the Z family. . What would the day be without all the wonderful stories, Terry’s jokes (toilet will be flushed at noon today), and, the best days of all, photos of YOU. You and Dottie have brought us all together in a most wonderful way and Baby Z will have so many aunties and uncles, grannies and grandpas that a world record will be set, Enjoy you day with Tasty and I’ll see you later.

  29. I hope you and your baby bump are doing well I am trying to do a hand drawn picture of you I hope it turns out as beautiful as you miss Z

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