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Mrs. Penny Chenery, her daughter, Kate, and Chris McCarron at the February 5, 2011 Vox Populi Celebration held at Santa Anita Park! Photo by John Shirreffs


Good Morning,

What a lovely way to start the day…wishing Mrs. Penny Chenery ALL THE VERY BEST on her 90th BIRTHDAY! From my entire TEAM and all of BARN 55, we would like to send her the warmest wishes and a big HIGH HOOF on her special day!

I was very blessed to meet Mrs. Chenery when she came to Hollywood Park in October, 2010. She was there to present the Trophy for the Ladies’ Secret–G1. For this meet, Oak Tree was held at Hollywood Park. In this race, I was competing to remain undefeated and for my 19th victory in a row. It was quite a day! Mrs. Chenery wanted to come and see ME in the paddock and be there for the event. She commented to the press that “SHE WANTED TO SEE ME DANCE”! She later told them, “I WAS IN HER PRESENCE AND SHE WAS IN COMPLETE COMMAND”. (Blush, Blush)

When I WON…the fans went WILD! This victory now highlighted my career record at 19-0! I remember these moments…all of them…so vividly. During the Winners’ Circle ceremonies, Mrs. Chenery was absolutely lovely. She posed for countless photos and joined in many interviews with THE MOSS’ and MY JOHN. Her comments about ME, my racing career, and my impact on the sport were glowing!

Can you imagine how PROUD I felt! These gracious remarks about ME coming from the woman who bred, raised, and raced the CHAMPION, SECRETARIAT! What a complete honor!

During the next several months, Mrs. Chenery created the Vox Populi Award to honor the HORSE in our industry who did so much during the year to captivate the fans! She personally selected ME to be the first honoree. This season, a committee of professionals in our industry along with the fans voting determined the winner. Rapid Redux was honored and presented with this year’s AWARD!

For all of your years of total devotion and dedication to our SPORT, the Thoroughbred Industry, and the entire breed of THROUGHBRED HORSES, Mrs. Chenry, we truly want to THANK YOU, HONOR YOU, and WISH YOU GREAT JOY on your special DAY! From the bottom of our hearts and souls…WE ADORE YOU!


With Love,
Hugs to All~(Happy Weekend Everyone! Enjoy RACING!)


  1. tears … what a beautiful post Z!

  2. Happy Birthday and God bless you, Mrs. Chenery. Thank you for all you have done for racing and for horses. And thank you, Zenyatta for all you do. Can’t wait for news about the foal!

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