Diary Post #143

Good Morning,

It is still chilly in KY…but I am really getting used to the weather now. Horses like cold weather and do well in it. I am beginning to get a bit of a winter coat (which means my hair is growing…a natural thing to help me feel very comfortable in this climate). My dapples are still there…which is fabulous news. P.Q. (my buddy) and I go out and graze in the paddock for hours each day now…weather permitting. We are becoming great friends and really enjoying ourselves. Life in Kentucky is very nice! I am very comfortable with my new surroundings. Also, keeping in touch with TEAM ZENYATTA back home and my CA friends is a total JOY for me! There is not one day that I do not hear from them! (THEY REALLY LOVE ME!)

Yesterday, Abigail Anderson wrote in and asked if John and Dottie had received the things she sent to them. YES, and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would like to introduce Abigail to you. She is the woman who wrote the lovely article about ME in The Bloodhorse Magazine. Steve Haskin posted the piece for her…and it is beautifully done. I am still blushing thinking about all of the very nice things she said about ME! Abigail also contacted Steve before the 2010 Breeders’ Cup and had a special request. He sent her email to my dear John…and John granted Abigail’s wish. Abigail had a mentor and friend named Marjorie Dawn Cooper Gawley who had struggled with a terrible disease for 75% of her adult life. Marjorie’s joy during her life was dancing. She LOVED WATCHING ME…my races and my DANCING. (Marjorie was a DANCER at heart!) Thus, Marjorie’s final wish was to ‘go out dancing’. To quote Abigail…”Such was her connection to Zenyatta—in Zenny’s dance Marjorie saw what I saw: an affirmation of the power and the beauty of a living spirit, dancing out her joy.”

Abigail, who had been a life-long teacher and was closely bonded to the Quebec School System and its 2000 members, had one wish: could Zenyatta in some way run in the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Classic in Marjorie’s memory?

WISH GRANTED! That is why you see my RACING BRIDLE in the above photo. John put MARJORIE’S name on my BROWBAND before the race…and SHE RAN right with me every step of the way in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Needless to say, this made me feel very, very special!

Abigail said at least 1500 of her teachers tuned in that day to watch me run. (“They’d like to think they accounted for a big increase in the ratings as well.”) Before the race, they all did research on me…and several teachers even taught things about me and special things Team Zenyatta had done to their students. They have continued to follow me via the internet and read my DIARY each day! How special is this!

What a complete HONOR for me to be thought of in such a way…to be allowed to help provide a TRIBUTE to this wonderful and respected woman and her memory!

As I mentioned above, the photo is of my RACING BRIDLE. It is made of English Leather and this bridle was only worn by ME. I wore it in all 20 of my races. In the mornings, I had another bridle that I used for my daily training exercises and workouts. This way John felt my equipment was always special and perfect for me.

The BROWBAND referred to above is a part of the bridle. (A bridle has 6 main parts to it. As we go along, we will discuss all 6 parts…but for today…we will focus on the browband.) The browband loops across the forehead of the horse and stops the bridle from slipping back. It should fit perfectly to the horse. It should not be too tight or too loose. If it does not fit perfectly, it can cause a horse to ‘shake its’ head’ a bit.

Please note, in some of my photos, I have a blue/white browband.(John’s stable colors!) David had this made for John to use. In most of my photos, it is brown leather. That is the one I used in MOST of my races. In many photos, you see a small space highlighted in the middle of my brown leather browband. This is where John had ‘AN ANGEL’ attached…to guide me safely home all of the time. It is next to this ANGEL…that he placed MARJORIE’S name.

What special moments and memories!

With love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Lovely story!

  2. It is such a delight to be able to read about you. I am so happy that you are enjoying your new home; I hope to come visit you this summer. You are the “Lady of the Century”!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful piece, Zenyatta, and for explaining your bridle to us.

  4. To the voters for Blame-And Why is she NOT HOY?? Seriously if she doesn’t win HOY it will be a big slap the face!! Thanks for the great post-Very Moving!

  5. Reading your blogs everyday seems like therapy for the soul sometimes. It is unexplainable the way Zenyatta touches the heart, brings tears to your eyes and makes you smile at the same time. She is truly special and so are these postings and the people responsible for writing them and taking care of her, she was obviously fated to be with the people who she is with who truly understand the gift that she is to the world, thank you

  6. Again, here we are with what EXCELLENCE truly means!! We are VERY thankful for this wonderful diary, and thankful for the TEAM behind all things Zenyatta.

  7. I am not much of a horse person other than I love them – especially you, Queen Z, so all this information that you write is so fascinating to me! I love to learn all about horses. I work at an animal shelter in San Diego that has an Equine Hospital and I get to see all the horses get walked around after surgeries…I have always loved horses but since YOU, I cannot get enough of them!Or you for that matter! Thank you so much for all of the updates and pictures and videos – I watch them over and over:) Keep warm back there!!

  8. I don’t even have the words to express how special this is. Thank you for sharing. I didn’t know about about Marjorie and you all granting her wish. Nor did I know about the “An Angel” piece placed on your browband. I am so touched by all the thoughtfulness. I am rarely speechless – but I am now. I am very touched and you and all are your people are very, very special. Bless all of you and thank you.

  9. Love the writings! Miss not seeing you race lovely Queen! Am glad you like KY as it is a beautiful state.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to Marjorie! I’m sure she was “dancing” with you all the way! Also the article that Ms. Anderson wrote in Bloodhorse was an amazing piece. I was facinated by the history of the horses that Zenyatta is tied to. I am learning sooo much about the bloodlines. Looking forward to the bridle information since alot of this is new to me. You ALL are so wonderful for taking time to “teach” us novices…thank you so much. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Dottie and John, you are very special people who have allowed us all to get a glimpse into your lives and that of Zenyatta. Thank you again and to the Mosses for your generosity. Z would never have been Z without your patience, talent and heart! I pray 2011 will be filled with abundant blessing for All Team Zenyatta and of course the Queen herself.

  12. Beautiful!

  13. Well said Rhonda. You are spot on!

  14. I love all the information presented here. Thanks so much for keeping up us to date. I love the story about the angel and indeed, Z always came home safely.

  15. The loving hearts that make up Team Zenyatta once again bring tears to my eyes with this beautiful story. Thanks so much John, Dottie, Jerry, Ani, and all the rest of the team for the incredible gifts you bring to the world.

  16. Zenyatta touched so many with her special magic. One hears story after story. There are no doubt countless others which will never be known. Marjorie’s story is heartbreaking, and at the same time—joyful. How magnificent of Team Z to grant her final request. Everything they have ever done has been a gift, in the truest sense of the word. There could not have been a better race for Zenyatta to bear Marjorie’s name on her browband. Some people in racing have said that Zenyatta was “beaten” in the Classic. The majority of us will always look upon it as her most courageous race, in which she fought valiantly to the end against what would have been an impossible situation for any other horse, only to lose by inches. It was truly her finest hour. And it was Team Z’s finest hour, too, accepting the outcome with the dignity and class which has always been their hallmark. Somewhere, Marjorie now dances with unencumbered grace. And I cannot help but think that somehow, Zenyatta knows.

  17. As with all your posts I am left in total awe. I read Abigail’s article, every word of it. She was and still is teaching all of us as you are. I love your browband. You, of course, look stunning wearing it. The Angel is a precious idea and that meant there were two angels, one running and one riding. How lovely. Z, we are have a big snow fall here in my area, State of Washington. Oh, well it will go away sometime soon, I hope. (*_*) Spring will arrive and I will be headed back to visit you. I can hardly wait. I had an appointment yesterday and when I got there the gal, who was so happy, showed me your beautiful 8 x 10 photo from the commemorative magazine. Before I could stop the words I blurted out I have two of those photos. (*_*) She had it in a beautiful frame and I looked at it the whole time I was there. You are a beauty queen. I have not found the right frame yet. I will and you will be close on the wall to Barbaro. I love you Zenyatta. Take care and enjoy every hour of your day. xoxoxxo

  18. Everything about you and your loving team is extraordinary, my gorgeous HOAL (horse of a lifetime)!

  19. Hi Sweet Girl!
    I had read about Marjorie..what a special thing to do for her…you have such special people in your life..kind and giving…just like you of course! I read the article and it was amazing! I loved it too!!
    So very glad that you are growing that new coat..I knew you would…and here in Owensboro we are suppose to have weather in the 50’s tom!!! Crazy!! The snow has about melted here..however we usually get a lot of it in Jan!How nice to have a good friend to frolic around with..always makes the days better under cloudy skies!!
    I’m still searching for a “perfect” gift to send you and I think I have an idea but it will take a little while to prepare. Please again thank all the lovely people there for posting your comments every day…it is such a blessing to those of us who want to always keep in touch with you and your team!
    Please tell everyone how very sorry I am to hear about War Pass…great horse and I enjoyed his career..so sad to be cut so short..bless his heart.I know he was loved there and it is never easy letting go. I hope everyone is ok.
    It is great to be getting an education here…how nice that the time is taken to explain to everyone how it all works!
    You have a great day and kiss Kitty for me! I love you…here under the cloudy skies of Ky!!

  20. Is it any wonder why we love this horse so much? and her team? Great post today – just printed the response written by Abigail Anderson and loved it! Thanks, again for keeping us so informed. Think what horse racing would be like if there were many more Moss owners and Sheriffs trainers!!

  21. Zenyatta, you have me boo hooing again. I cried the first time when I read Steve’s article. I can’t think of a more wonderful thing than when John placed Marjorie’s name on your browband next to the angel. You have touched so many lives and I just know Margorie was smiling down on you and between her and the Angel, they kept you safe for us all. Love you Zenyatta!!

  22. Dear sweet Zenyatta. Wow-what a wonderful story about your last race. I had also read Abigail’s story on Bloodhorse.com and not only did it outline your lineage all the way back to the 1800’s, she also explained how you obtained that huge, loving heart of yours. It is no wonder that thousands of people flock to you and hang on your every word and action. You are beautiful, sensitive, playful and athletic. That is why you will always be the Queen. Please tell Lane’s End they need to start posting pictures of you and Pirate Queen-they need to have information available about you on a regular basis. You are every bit as important, if not more so now, than those stallions. Love and hugs Z!

  23. Thank you Dear One for sharing such a wonderful story with us. I read Abigail’s article on you and it was pure poetry. You deserve every word of it and more. John is such a great guy, as is everyone on your team. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself but I still wish you could have stayed here in California because you are such a “Star”.

  24. I love this story…thanks for sharing all the special things with all of us. John and all of your people are truly amazing for doing all of these things. Have a great New Year Zenyatta, Barn 55, the Mosses and your new people at Lane’s End!

  25. a beautiful tribute, love you Z!!! xo

  26. Yes! “We” California friends do love you! Abgail’s quote, of what Marjorie shared with you,”…an affirmation of the power and the beauty of a living spirit dancing out her joy” is a connection perhaps many of us feel when we watch you dance, and leap for joy! Thank you for telling us about Marjorie, and how you “carried” her with you. You truly lift all our spirits in so many ways! Have a wonderful day! Abrazotes! Andale…Julie Ann

  27. awwwwwww,priceless!!!!!!

  28. So glad about this post, everyone is so speical. I’m also glad to see that my nickname for your BBF is being used PQ made me smile. we love you Z very much and PQ is becoming part of our hearts as well, glad your getting a winter coat you need it right now, when I had my horse and pony Penny and Trinket they would get so furry during the winter months. Penny was name for my dads race mare he had back in the day,her name was Copper Penny Doll, so racing holds a speical place for me, and my Penny was alot like you, very easy going. What we would have done without team Z :) Lots of love to you Z and tell PQ a big hello as well.

  29. Queen Z – thank you for sharing that awesome story!!!

    You are such a awesome girl!!! I love reading your posts everyday!!!

  30. Wonderful story, I didn’t know about the angel on your browband. I am so glad that she was with you during all your races. And I am sure that angel will be looking over you forever. Queen Z you and PQ have fun this afternoon grazing and play in the snow.

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