Diary Post #143

Good Morning,

It is still chilly in KY…but I am really getting used to the weather now. Horses like cold weather and do well in it. I am beginning to get a bit of a winter coat (which means my hair is growing…a natural thing to help me feel very comfortable in this climate). My dapples are still there…which is fabulous news. P.Q. (my buddy) and I go out and graze in the paddock for hours each day now…weather permitting. We are becoming great friends and really enjoying ourselves. Life in Kentucky is very nice! I am very comfortable with my new surroundings. Also, keeping in touch with TEAM ZENYATTA back home and my CA friends is a total JOY for me! There is not one day that I do not hear from them! (THEY REALLY LOVE ME!)

Yesterday, Abigail Anderson wrote in and asked if John and Dottie had received the things she sent to them. YES, and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would like to introduce Abigail to you. She is the woman who wrote the lovely article about ME in The Bloodhorse Magazine. Steve Haskin posted the piece for her…and it is beautifully done. I am still blushing thinking about all of the very nice things she said about ME! Abigail also contacted Steve before the 2010 Breeders’ Cup and had a special request. He sent her email to my dear John…and John granted Abigail’s wish. Abigail had a mentor and friend named Marjorie Dawn Cooper Gawley who had struggled with a terrible disease for 75% of her adult life. Marjorie’s joy during her life was dancing. She LOVED WATCHING ME…my races and my DANCING. (Marjorie was a DANCER at heart!) Thus, Marjorie’s final wish was to ‘go out dancing’. To quote Abigail…”Such was her connection to Zenyatta—in Zenny’s dance Marjorie saw what I saw: an affirmation of the power and the beauty of a living spirit, dancing out her joy.”

Abigail, who had been a life-long teacher and was closely bonded to the Quebec School System and its 2000 members, had one wish: could Zenyatta in some way run in the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Classic in Marjorie’s memory?

WISH GRANTED! That is why you see my RACING BRIDLE in the above photo. John put MARJORIE’S name on my BROWBAND before the race…and SHE RAN right with me every step of the way in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Needless to say, this made me feel very, very special!

Abigail said at least 1500 of her teachers tuned in that day to watch me run. (“They’d like to think they accounted for a big increase in the ratings as well.”) Before the race, they all did research on me…and several teachers even taught things about me and special things Team Zenyatta had done to their students. They have continued to follow me via the internet and read my DIARY each day! How special is this!

What a complete HONOR for me to be thought of in such a way…to be allowed to help provide a TRIBUTE to this wonderful and respected woman and her memory!

As I mentioned above, the photo is of my RACING BRIDLE. It is made of English Leather and this bridle was only worn by ME. I wore it in all 20 of my races. In the mornings, I had another bridle that I used for my daily training exercises and workouts. This way John felt my equipment was always special and perfect for me.

The BROWBAND referred to above is a part of the bridle. (A bridle has 6 main parts to it. As we go along, we will discuss all 6 parts…but for today…we will focus on the browband.) The browband loops across the forehead of the horse and stops the bridle from slipping back. It should fit perfectly to the horse. It should not be too tight or too loose. If it does not fit perfectly, it can cause a horse to ‘shake its’ head’ a bit.

Please note, in some of my photos, I have a blue/white browband.(John’s stable colors!) David had this made for John to use. In most of my photos, it is brown leather. That is the one I used in MOST of my races. In many photos, you see a small space highlighted in the middle of my brown leather browband. This is where John had ‘AN ANGEL’ attached…to guide me safely home all of the time. It is next to this ANGEL…that he placed MARJORIE’S name.

What special moments and memories!

With love,
Hugs to All~


  1. What wonderful owners and a training team you had/have. Brings tears to my eyes. May angels watch over you dear one.

  2. Zenyatta,

    Another heart warming story. Pretty soon I..


  3. Team Z Ca., you make everyone proud to be a racing fan. The class you have shown during Zenyatta’s career is unbelievable.
    Allowing her fans to get to know this great mare is so thoughtful. AA’s article in Blood Horse was inspiring and the story of her friend’s love for Queen Z is so special. Dottie and John, again thank you for your time, love and knowledge. Queen Z, you are loved by your owners, trainers, especially Mario and Carmen and your thousands of fans.

  4. We find out so much about you in these posts. I love reading them. I wish I knew you wore an angel when you were racing. I always thought you were the angel. A great horse, great memories, great people who care for her. Horse of the Decade I would say. When you do good for others God will be good to you. I love you Zenyatta. Stay well.

  5. I love this story! They didn’t say anything about it on race day or maybe I missed it – it certainly would have deserved tv coverage! My total respect and admiration goes out to the spirit you portray and the efforts of Team Zenyatta! From now on we should just say Zenyatta! and slap our heads when we get a great idea of how to help someone! I love thinking about you in Kentucky and hope that all of your people are well. I love you Lady Z – Take care!

  6. Zenyatta,

    Another heart warming story. Thanks for the education on the briddle. Loved the video of you frocklocking at Lane’s End, you look so happy and free. Glad to see the Moss’s there with you. How is Charles? Take care sweetie Lot’s of hugs & kisses.

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Zenyatta’s team seems to be as genuine as she is; a breath of fresh air in today’s ol’ world. Thank you Team Zenyatta for each and every hour you have dedicated to Zenyatta and her fans. We appreciate her and we appreciate all you do for her. Now, Zenny, with the angle on her brow band, you be a good girl and sleep well.

  8. I just love you so much Zenyatta! You are my angel and you are helping me get through so much in my life right now. I will be thinking of you most especially next Tuesday when I am having a heart cath at MD Anderson to make sure there are no further problems with my heart before I can receive a new kidney. All of this is becoming a little overwhelming and kind of scary to me, but I just think about you and a sort of calm and peace comes over me, so to hear this story about how you gave this woman her last wish means so much to me! You are my heroine and have such a special place in my heart! I’m also so happy to hear that you are really happy at Lane’s End and that you are enjoying your time in the paddock with your new buddy! Love you, beautiful girl! <3

  9. Wonderful Zenyatta, simply wonderful!!! I am so glad God gave you to us. Stay warm and dry in Kentucky. See ya soon big girl.

  10. An ANGEL you are Zenyatta and what a lovely story , I enjoyed it so very much…LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU

  11. The more we learn about you and your connections, Zenyatta, the more we realize how remarkable you all are. Carrying Marjorie with you in the Breeders’ Cup Classic was a perfect memorial and just one more example of the thoughtfulness and sensitivity of your connections. The many gems that appear in your posts should be detailed in your biography. And then, there’s the movie!

  12. Heart and sole Zenyatta. That’s what you are; heart and sole. Love your pictures of you and your friends in the snow.

  13. Dearest Zenyatta I to am crying. What a beautiful story. What a special family you have. I love angels and have them around my house. I hung your picture in my kitchen so I can look at you and Mario everyday. This picture was a Christmas gift from my husband. I just love it. Mario and Mike signed it. When Larry(my husband) bought it the money went to a horse rescue in CA. I kept the letter. How wonderful that you have given yourself to help other horses. Thank you for teaching us about the different parts of your equipment. I am a teacher and love learning about all things. I love you sweet girl. Thank you for keeping up the posts. I have had a rough couple of days and you make me feel better. Big hugs and kisses from Shari in Ohio.

  14. I was just wondering why you wear a brow band on your bridle instead of a split ear head stall like stock horses do.

  15. I can just see “Hyperion”, and Marjorie DANCING up a storm while watching over Z and TEAM Z!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet post. As usual, kindness and love just shot outta my computer!!!!!!
    Thanks you

  16. What a touching story, TEAM Z is one class act, no wonder Zenyatta is so sweet and gentle. I am learning so much! We need a book published on Zenyatta (a big book)….it will be a #1 Bestseller…any plans on this? Thanks again for the daily posts, I sure do look forward to them. Luv you Zenyatta!!!

  17. For those of you who are concerned about the HOTY vote, unfortunately it is out of our control. I live on the east coast and there definitely is an east coast bias among the sportswriters, but not among the people who love horses and horse racing. If there was a vote by the people, Zenyatta would win in a landslide/overwhelmingly. I have never seen a horse so beloved by so many people, in our country and in other countries. This is something very unique, and in my opinion, it is more impressive than the adulation of Secretariat. He was admired and lauded for his achievements, but she transcends that. Beloved by the masses because her connections allowed us to get close to her and see that incredible personality and kindness. We will never see her like again.

  18. Just watched your recent video of you and PQ out in the pasture! You just tower over her, there is no mistaking which one is Queen Z!! It is so good to know that you are becoming more comfortable in your surroundings, as you deserve!

  19. omg. You can’t keep making me tear up! An angel on an angel. This is why Zenyatta is so special. I hope part of her future includes being that angel for many people. She’s more than just a horse.

    This story is so touching. An angel guided her along the way.

    Thank you so much for these words and helping us to understand more about horses and racing. And most of all, showing us how special she is.

    Have a nice night.

  20. Queen “Z” just got home and ran right to my computer to check your daily post. The tears are flowing again.

    Everyone connected with you are Angels from above. It takes special people like the Mosses, John and Dottie to open their lives and share such special moments with the public.

    Dottie you are one special lady! Thank yor sharing.

    Stay warm and safe!

    Hugs and kisses.

  21. Hmmm. I wonder if the charm on Zenny’s halter at Lane’s End is an angel from John to watch over her and keep her safe wherever she goes? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  22. Zenyatta, you and your team are so special! that is awesome what you did for Marjorie!!! and I knew your John was special, and now I just tear up knowing he put an angel with you in your races to keep you safe. I just love you all!

  23. Lady Z, you are amazing. Thanks for keeping us updated, for sharing your life and your peoples’ lives with us, letting us get a glimpse of your daily routine and the people who keep you safe and take care of you, past & present.

  24. Thank you so much – FOR EVERYTHING. We are so lucky to have you, Queen Z, and your team. You help me through my day. I just read Wright Thompson’s piece that won an award, and I am realizing how much you are are probably grieving over Z not being near you each day. How generous of you to keep a strong connection with all of us, and how natural to use technology to keep her close to you!

  25. Zenyatta… a beautifully different name and the “Z” as a signature is the best. As a true American hero, Zorro like, capturing the hearts of so many. Every war time has had a famous race horse to look up to to take your mind off the country troubles. How fitting a mare was seizing the moments of her every race. Her presence is breathtaking and everyone’s comments to the diary posts is true proof of the people she has affected on a daily basis. I have 9 Paint horses of my own and if I never rode again,(I’m 62) I will always have some horses in my life. Churchill said it best “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man”… We see Z, we hear Z and we FEEL Z and that is GOOD for the inside of those that are following her. Thank you for the “creative writing” on behalf of Zenyatta, because certainly her hoofs would get in the way of the pen, but to know she is really learning to be a horse and enjoying her new farm is wonderful, thanks to her TEAM for keeping her in our hearts. Cheers to what will unfold for 2011!

  26. WOW – how special – I continue to be impressed with Team Zenyatta – right now I have tears in my eyes……Hope the angel satys by your side

  27. Z I love you, I love that you ended up in such good hands, with people who love you like they gave birth to you, It is just as it should be…..x0x0x0x0 from Maine

  28. Zenny,what a moving story.I started crying while reading Marjorie’s inspiring story. Thanks for running in the BCC with an angel and Marjorie’s name attached to your browband. I too believe in Guardian Angels and know they’re here to protect us.How nice of John to protect you with an Angel as you race. As for RA, I can only hope and pray that she is treated well and stay healthy in her retirement and that all retired TB racehorses be protected by their Angels.

  29. It’s moments like this that bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. It is in giving that we receive, joy is all around. May God continue to bless you Zenyatta, and the wonderful people that care so much about you and are so kind to all of us.

  30. Hi Zetty,
    what a beautiful story for tonights read. California people are pretty good people, they started some good trends, one of them is awareness for animal welfare. Their boycott brought about an office in my state’s attorneys office that deals only with animal abuse case investigations. Ever since then, I liked California & its people. An angel on your shoulder…ahem…forehead, what a sweet thing to do for you!!! St. Frankie…ahem…Francis is my fav saint.
    Sweet dreams of mints, carrots, apples, grapes, for you tonight!

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