Diary Post #143

Good Morning,

It is still chilly in KY…but I am really getting used to the weather now. Horses like cold weather and do well in it. I am beginning to get a bit of a winter coat (which means my hair is growing…a natural thing to help me feel very comfortable in this climate). My dapples are still there…which is fabulous news. P.Q. (my buddy) and I go out and graze in the paddock for hours each day now…weather permitting. We are becoming great friends and really enjoying ourselves. Life in Kentucky is very nice! I am very comfortable with my new surroundings. Also, keeping in touch with TEAM ZENYATTA back home and my CA friends is a total JOY for me! There is not one day that I do not hear from them! (THEY REALLY LOVE ME!)

Yesterday, Abigail Anderson wrote in and asked if John and Dottie had received the things she sent to them. YES, and THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would like to introduce Abigail to you. She is the woman who wrote the lovely article about ME in The Bloodhorse Magazine. Steve Haskin posted the piece for her…and it is beautifully done. I am still blushing thinking about all of the very nice things she said about ME! Abigail also contacted Steve before the 2010 Breeders’ Cup and had a special request. He sent her email to my dear John…and John granted Abigail’s wish. Abigail had a mentor and friend named Marjorie Dawn Cooper Gawley who had struggled with a terrible disease for 75% of her adult life. Marjorie’s joy during her life was dancing. She LOVED WATCHING ME…my races and my DANCING. (Marjorie was a DANCER at heart!) Thus, Marjorie’s final wish was to ‘go out dancing’. To quote Abigail…”Such was her connection to Zenyatta—in Zenny’s dance Marjorie saw what I saw: an affirmation of the power and the beauty of a living spirit, dancing out her joy.”

Abigail, who had been a life-long teacher and was closely bonded to the Quebec School System and its 2000 members, had one wish: could Zenyatta in some way run in the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Classic in Marjorie’s memory?

WISH GRANTED! That is why you see my RACING BRIDLE in the above photo. John put MARJORIE’S name on my BROWBAND before the race…and SHE RAN right with me every step of the way in the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Needless to say, this made me feel very, very special!

Abigail said at least 1500 of her teachers tuned in that day to watch me run. (“They’d like to think they accounted for a big increase in the ratings as well.”) Before the race, they all did research on me…and several teachers even taught things about me and special things Team Zenyatta had done to their students. They have continued to follow me via the internet and read my DIARY each day! How special is this!

What a complete HONOR for me to be thought of in such a way…to be allowed to help provide a TRIBUTE to this wonderful and respected woman and her memory!

As I mentioned above, the photo is of my RACING BRIDLE. It is made of English Leather and this bridle was only worn by ME. I wore it in all 20 of my races. In the mornings, I had another bridle that I used for my daily training exercises and workouts. This way John felt my equipment was always special and perfect for me.

The BROWBAND referred to above is a part of the bridle. (A bridle has 6 main parts to it. As we go along, we will discuss all 6 parts…but for today…we will focus on the browband.) The browband loops across the forehead of the horse and stops the bridle from slipping back. It should fit perfectly to the horse. It should not be too tight or too loose. If it does not fit perfectly, it can cause a horse to ‘shake its’ head’ a bit.

Please note, in some of my photos, I have a blue/white browband.(John’s stable colors!) David had this made for John to use. In most of my photos, it is brown leather. That is the one I used in MOST of my races. In many photos, you see a small space highlighted in the middle of my brown leather browband. This is where John had ‘AN ANGEL’ attached…to guide me safely home all of the time. It is next to this ANGEL…that he placed MARJORIE’S name.

What special moments and memories!

With love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Beautiful Zenyatta,
    I have followed your illustrious career from the beginning. You
    and your wonderful connections make my heart sing, each and
    everyday. Thanks, Bernadette.

  2. I just love Zenyatta’s Diary! Thank you for sharing each day with us. Zenyatta and her team–angels one and all.

  3. Abigail’s piece was so amazing – a fitting tribute for the Queen and all her fans. Thanks over and over again, Dottie, for helping us stay connected to this beautiful horse.

  4. Please don’t anyone worry about the HOY Award. The voters have already shown how little talent they possess when it comes to judging horses of the year. I really could care less about their choice. I know that after sleeping in stalls with them, in haylofts, tack rooms, feed rooms and even on trains for 3 day trips from coast to coast, I know what I’m seeing in Zenyatta and that’s the best horse to ever en grace a race track. Do I feel inferior to the wanna be turf writers that think they know more about it then I do in 72 years…hardly. Zenyatta is THE HORSE OF A LIFETIME in every way you look at her. She’s a miracle from GOD, as are her human connections. Not about to lessen my opinion of her if the same morons that couldn’t recognize that last couple of years still can’t. Zenyatta and the entire Z Team are flawless…sure can’t say the same about the ‘voters’. Special thanks to you Dottie on the marvelous job of ‘typing Zenyattas thoughts’. I always thought laughter was the best medicine, but have learned through you that tears of joy are just as potent ;)

  5. What an absolutely beautiful post!!!!! It really touched my heart and soul. I cannot thank you enough Z, Dottie, John, Jerry, Ann, and all of Zenny’s connections for the immense love and joy you continue to bring into all of our lives. You truly are angels from God. We are so blessed!!!!! Stay safe and warm!!!! Hugs and love always!!!!

  6. You know…………The more I follow and learn about what John does and the way he does it makes me think he’s pretty much the coolest trainer around. An Angel in the browband- seriously, that is cool. I had read about Marjorie, and read Abigails piece. Great stuff! ! Here’s to the coolest trainer and the coolest groom in horse racing! ! Happy new years! (ps- loved your post, Bob Rose:)

  7. No doubt – your were the best since Secretariat. You are right up there with him and Man o’War. Your racing style has never been seen before.


  8. Oh my goodness zenyatta, that John is one special guy, he sure knows how to take care of you doesn’t he. It’s so nice to hear of all the great things you do, to help people (very special). It’s getting late and I need to go to bed. Talk to you later. Lots of love and hugs.

  9. Zenyatta, here’s a completely dumb question. Your coat is allowed to grow in the winter since you retired from racing. Does that mean that all racing thoroughbreds have to have their coat sheared or shaved on a regular basis when they are racing?

  10. Dear Zenyatta, it is a snowy winter night in Colorado and as I read each submission above my heart and mind are once again uplifted by the words, wishes and wisdom being shared in this diary. How fantastic it all is and how proud we all are to be part of something so special. I too had heard the story of Marjorie during Breeders Cup and I was touched beyond measure by the kindness demonstrated in granting Marjorie’s wish. John is truly a “gentleman” in the best since of the word. Some may call it fate that you became surrounded by such a marvelous family, Miss Z, but I like to think that those angels that are so symbolic in your life have been guiding things all along. I am sure that when you roll in the snow, lovely girl, there is the imprint of angel’s wings when you rise. Abigail, I sent you a note of appreciation when I read your wonderful response in the BH. From what has been written, you and Marjorie are two outstanding women who shared a remarkable friendship that celebrated life even in loss. Thank you for so eloquently giving voice to issues that many of us here agree on and in providing details which express some of the rich history of the thoroughbred. I look forward to reading more. (By the way, Zenny, did you know that Man o’ War also played the game of taking the hat off the head of Frank Loftus, his groom, and holding it in his teeth as he walked around just as you do John? Isn’t that something!) To Lane’s End Farm, I offer my condolences on the loss of War Pass. I visited Taylor Made shortly after the death of Master Command and could feel the sadness at his passing. You give a great deal of time and care to the stallions you manage and I know the death of such a young, promising horse must be extremely hard. Thank you again, Dottie, for helping Zenny keep in touch. Good bye for now, Zenyatta. Say hello to PQ (love that). Sweet dreams.

  11. Dear Zenyatta – All the incredible responses above express all my emotions and thoughts. This is such a moving tribute and yet again another example of what makes you, Dottie, John, the Mosses and the rest of your Team Zenyatta so special and so needed at this time. I so admired Abigail article in Bloodhorse and the circle of love keeps spinning in the right direction. May we all ride with the angels on our browbands – hooray for John!

  12. All of this is more wonderful than words can say. How special that John had ‘An Angel’ put on your browband. No wonder you were always so healthy and safe before, during and after your races. And no wonder you danced! Z, you have changed and touched so many lives. I believe God has made you a special blessing in so many lives. So great what you did for Marjorie. I have told you before, but it is because of you that I decided to start riding and being around horses. You rekindled that heart’s desire in me. I loved seeing you with PQ in the pasture today on the new video. Wow. You are too special!

  13. Thanks so much for keeping us fans in the loop, Queen Z!

  14. I am so grateful for Zenyatta, her wonderful family, and all her fans who love her. What a great post with so many thoughtful acts by caring people.

  15. I think it was
    Winston Churchill who said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man.” Knowing you, I now know the meaning of this quote in ways I never fully appreciated before. Thank you. You have brought so much joy to the lives of so many.

  16. You are a living legend and that legend grows greater day by day.

  17. Zenny, I started crying while reading Marjorie’s story. Thanks to John for attaching an Angel and Marjorie’s name to your browband for the 2010 BCC race. I too believe in Angels and believe that they’re in our midst to protect us. As for RA, I can only hope and pray that she will be well and healthy as a broodmare and throughout her retirement life . It would have been nice if both of you were in the same breeding farm.

  18. Queen Z and Team – you uplift us with every post. You are love.

  19. Zen, I can’t wait to read your diary each day! Bill Dwyre of the LA Times wrote the best article on you Z. Besides his insightful remarks that the racing community needs to wake up and vote you HOY, he referred to you as “a goose bump waiting to happen”. It made me howl with laughter because that was always the effect you had on me and evidently a million others as I see from these posts each day. Keep em coming. They make my day.

  20. Ms Zenyatta, Keep warm today and have fun playing in the snow. Loved your all too short video, more, more, cannot get enough of you. I loved that you just walked right up to the camera…true celebrity. Love and Hugs, Lisa g.

  21. it’s amazing how many hearts you and your connections have touched!! Congrats

  22. I love reading the post daily. Any news on who Zenyatta will go to in the spring? I think she will go to A.P. Indy but would love for here to go to Giant’s Causeway.
    whoever it is it has to be far enough away from the Kris S. line who is in both Street Cry who produced Zenyatta and Arch who produced Blame.

  23. Dearest Zenyatta
    What a beautiful piece you have written today. Its all beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing so much about your self, your friends, your fans, and the gear you wore racing, your shoes, its all so awesome to have things you have done and things you are doing written for us all to read everyday.
    This has become part of my morning, coffee, you, and then preparing for work. I work in Laughlin Nevada, about 100 miles from Vegas, I work in a casino called the pioneer. Its a small place but it pays the bills. I am an all games dealer and a supervisor when needed.
    I gotta get goin.

  24. Hi Zenyatta: Your posts are always so interesting. I am going to go back through my pictures of you to see if I can see the ANGEL. Wow, John and Dottie and all TEAM Z really love you! You are one lucky girl. Your entire CA family must miss you terribly. I am also going to go back through my Bloodhorse magazines to see if I can find Abigail Anderson’s article. Zennie, I have a question, will you shed your winter coat in the spring or will you have to have a groomer come in and give you a haircut? Thanks Dottie for all you do for us. We really appreciate it. I agree with the fan who mentioned that you are quite a writer!

  25. “…the circle of love keeps spinning in the right direction..” Thank you Mary Alice- and Abigail, and everyone who has posted such heartfelt comments, and you, Zenyatta and your family for giving us such unprecedented access to your marvelous gift –

  26. Dear Z – It is so lovely hearing about your activities every day. I really enjoy reading them and am so happy that you are adjusting to your new life. I hear that it has been raining quite hard in California, so maybe living in Kentucky isn’t such a bad thing. All the best.

  27. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, I love you so much and the connection you have with all of you human fan family is so amazing. You truly have Blessed so many poeple in so many ways. You have helped and met people where they needed you most in their lives. The hope you have given your fans is so special and indivdual as each of your fans are. That’s just one aspect of your natural & beautiful qualities you have. I love the posts and I’m enjoying learning all about what The Mosses have done to grant wishes. They are so special and one of the reasons you are. That has carried over to you. God created a beautiful example of unselfish, warm & giving love when He created you. I love you Lady Zenyatta more than you know. I hope one day to be able to share and tell you in person to horse what you have given me. A New Life. Hugs & Kisses from Alabama With Love, Amanda

  28. Queen-Z & Team-Z,
    Another wonderful Diary entry, Dottie, many THANKS for keeping Z’s fans connected to her and the whole Team-Z.
    I very much enjoyed the interview Dottie did on HRTV, yesterday. The Zenyatta Lounge at Santa Anita is a lovely, thoughtful gift, and another example of the “LOVE” passed along from Zenyatta, through Team-Z, to all who know you.
    I’m so happy to hear that you get to spend alot of time out-doors, and with your new buddy, Pirate Queen !! Take care and keep warm. Fondly, OraJean

  29. Good Morning Zenny:
    Just found this video on YouTube and it is wonderful. Perfect song and fantastic pictures. What a great tribute. Sums up my and I’m sure your adoring fans feelings and I have put it in my favorites to watch again and again.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.
    Hugs & nose kisses.
    Judy 8-)

  30. An angel on Z’s browband, guiding her safely home in every race… only Team Zenyatta would have an angel on their team :)

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