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THE ADORABLE SOPHIE SHIRREFFS…waiting for the rain to stop so she can go to Santa Anita, watch workouts in the morning, and play!…Photo taken by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for the kind comments about yesterday’s Diary. It was very special for me to write my thoughts on behalf of Marjorie and Abigail and the friendship they shared.

I had a bit of ‘video’ time posted for you yesterday. If you click on the FACEBOOK symbol located in the right-hand corner of my home web-page…it will take you to my FACEBOOK page. Then click on WALL and my video will be there.

Enjoy! Click on this FACEBOOK symbol often. We try to post things here for you to see and read as well!

ALSO…YIPPEE and CONGRATULATIONS to WRIGHT THOMPSON! It was announced yesterday that he won the 2010 Media Eclipse Award for Writing in the Feature/Commentary category for “THE LEGEND OF ZENYATTA”…which appeared on espn.com October 10th. Wright spent several days with us at the barn before doing the article. He was ‘one of the guys’…following John all day during training etc., jumping in the car with Michelle to go to Costco to buy my Guinness, helping with tasks around the barn, running for Starbucks with the staff after training hours…and just being one of us! He is a great guy and we are so proud and happy for him! This is a wonderful professional achievement!

You may find the article on line…http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/eticket/story?page=101104/Zenyatta

(Too cute, Wright emailed Dottie a few weeks ago…and he reads my Diary every day! He really gave me ‘several pats on the back’ for my writing skills. As he is a professional writer…this really made my day!)

In the I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY DEPARTMENT…this morning I wanted to share with you a photo JOHN took of my dear family member, SOPHIE! As you may know, SOPHIE is one of my very special friends. I’ve known her since she was a few weeks old and weighed 1.8 pounds. (John teased her then that she looked like a snowball in his hands.) Now she is a ‘big girl’…all 10 pounds of her!

As you know it has been raining quite a bit in CA for the last several days and it is very muddy and wet there. Well, our adorable SOPHIE wanted to go to Santa Anita and play! Often John and Dottie will take her walking there and she loves to go in the mornings with Dottie during workouts etc. Well, in the rain yesterday, she had to stay home. I know her so well after all of these years and feel like I can read the expression on her face. She is thinking…Hmmm, you guys, Zenyatta is out playing in the snow and having a GREAT TIME with P.Q. and I am inside…waiting for the rain to stop! Boo-hoo!

Dearest Sophie, I’m hearing the sun is out this morning in Arcadia…so you will be out playing soon. Great to see a photo of you again and touch base! Miss you!

I’m sending you and all my friends a big HUG! We’ll keep in touch!

Enjoy your day!
With Love,


  1. Happy New Year and may all the blessings you deserve come your way! PS Sophie is a cutie!

  2. To Kathryn Cogswell and Mike Sekulic: I just went back to #42 and all I could see was a muzzle, noseband of the halter and part of 1 eye, quite large. I have a laptop but attached to it is an auxliary screen which is very large and this is all I could see of the photo. Darn! I would have liked to have added that to My Pictures that comprise my screensavers.

  3. Dearest Sweet “Z,”

    We are off to Santa Anita and will be thinking of you!!! Happy New Year to you and all of your precious team! And also Happy New Year to everyone here who posts – we are now all new friends because of our Zenyatta! How blessed are we?

  4. Happy New Year Zenny and to all of Team Z!! They are the BEST! Love and Hugs

  5. Dear Z, Reading you Diary & all the posts has gone from a Sprint to a Marathon! It’s a three cuppa coffee event for me now. Dani – just beautiful. Cuddly Sophie – Part of my crew, Coda & No-No said “Cowgirl up & get wet”! Jake & Sheba advised you to just be patient “The rain will stop & it will absolutely RUIN your hairdo if you get caught it”! The horses don’t seem to mind as long as it’s not windy. A New Year’s Guinness Toast to Beautiful Zen, to quote another star who was loaded with charisma, “Here’s Looking at You Kid”.

  6. Congratulations to Wright Thompson on his Eclipse Award winning piece,”The Legend of Zenyatta.” We had not read it until today — what a great honor for him and you, the horse who made it all possible.

  7. Have a very Happy and Prosperous (as well as safe) New Year Queen Z and your A-Team in California and Kentucky!

  8. Good morning Zenyatta, wanted to say Happy New Years eve love you and hope you get to play outside today. Could you send a few more messages out to Dawn, Thank you so much for your well wishes and prayers, I will keep you in my prayers and I will pray so hard that you don’t have to have another surgery. I had 4 in 20l0 and I told my Doctor that she had to have me well enough by November to go to the Breeders Cup and that she did. How glad i was to see Zenyatta I just can’t put into words, I think that says just how much I love you Zen. Dawn again, I’m praying so hard for me and you and everyone that has gotten big C bad news. May we all get good news in the future. I have to go back for my years checkup in Feb. To Dani, what you said was just wonderful, I think you said what’s all in our Hearts, thank you for putting it in words so beautifully. And Zenyatta please again, Your connections are wonderful it seems they understand our love for you horses I just feel like God has to be looking down and smiling about the wonderful work these servants have done. Isn’t that what was said in Ronald Reagan’s eulogy That he hoped God would look down and say Well Done Faithful and Loyal Servant. Zenyatta one more thing tell everyone to Go to UTube and see Zenyatta’s Dance, With Michael Jackson’s Music, It is wonderful Zenyatta tell everyone. Happy New Year To All Love, Peggy

  9. To Sharon Call,
    Right click on the picture and save it (I’m using Chrome as my browser so I would click save image as) and then you can open it in any photo editing software and make it whatever size you want. I don’t think the gentleman that allowed them to post it would mind you using it as a screensavr, but I can’t speak for him.
    It’s oversized on the page now for me too.
    But hey, so is Her Magnificence!
    Happy New Year, beautiful Z, if I could kiss anybody I wanted for NYE, you’d be my pick!
    I have to agree with the person who said they could see you in a teal and pink party hat =-)
    Thanks again to Zenyatta’s wonderful family for this incredible year, and keeping us updated after her retirement.
    Peace and Happiness to everyone in 2011,

  10. Hi,Peggy. Thank you so much for the thoughts sent my way. Looks like we both have follow-ups happening in February. Please keep in touch. I envy that you have seen Zenny in person, how wonderful that must have been, especially at BC… I love Churchill Downs, so much history and Barbaro and Eight Bells are there. I am hoping to visit Zenyatta at her new home of Lane’s End. Can’t wait! I will check out the video you mentioned. Happy New Years again!! And as always love to you Miss Z.

  11. Happy New Year, Zenny! And, happy New Year to all of Team Z…at Barn 55 and LE. I hope all of you are happy, healthy and receive an abundance of riches in 2011. A special thanks to the Mosses who continue to share their magnificiant girl with the world.

  12. Zenyatta you are wonderful and if anyone has a doubt that you are Horse of the Year, I ask them to ponder the following questions and answers:

    Will there be a 2011 Breeders Cup Classic? Absolutely! (unless for some unforseen reason it is cancelled)

    Will there be a winner of the 2011 Breeders Cup? Absolutely!

    Are there many horses in training in 2010 and into 2011 who are great horses and well qualified to run in the 2011 BC?
    Without a Doubt!

    In 2010 was there another horse running with the qualifications and ability of Zenyatta? Absolutely Not!

    In 2011 will there be another horse the caliber of Zenyatta? Highly, highly unlikely!

    Will most of us in all our lifetimes ever see or hear of a horse the caliber of Zenyatta? Not likely!

    Thus, there you have it! Zenyatta – Horse of the Year.

  13. Thank you for sharing a photo of Sophie….she is a cutie. We have corgis and love the dog world.

    Happy New Year, dear Zenyatta.

  14. Thank you SO much for the link to the WONDERFUL article (and pictures!!) by Wright Thompson, and congratulations to him for winning the Eclipse Award (of course he had fabulous material to work with :-) That is a darling picture of Sophie – I’m sure she misses you. You have been a wonderful surprise addition to my year, and I wish all the best to you, Zenyatta, and all of your team both in California and Kentucky. Will be looking forward to continued updates in the new year! Your Ohio friend, Sandy

  15. Wonderful blog,Dani. You said it for us all so beautifully. You should win the Eclipse award for best Zenyatta Fan blog
    Happy & Healthy New Year to all the Zenyatta Nation.

  16. Dear Zenyatta, Your looking so happy in your new home and getting everything you need. A new BFF and a pasture to graze and be just a horse after all you’ve earned it!!

    Sophie is so adorable and I bet Z was good with her. My dog who I rescued is Doberman Pincher who’s name is Vinney and a love bug, she would give you many smooches if she could.

  17. Be of good cheer Sophie. The sun is shining on you today!

  18. Happy New Year All! Peace & Happiness to you Z.

  19. I miss your post yesterday, I have an illness I deal with daily, and yesterday was not too kind, I hate missing your post. I love your latest facebook vid, you and PQ have become such good friends, and that your Team Z Ky buds love you just as much it shows. Well here it is New Years eve, and 2011 is at hand, boy this year sure went fast did it not. Have a good evening sweet girl, stay happy and warm.

  20. Sophie is a darling dog and I know you had a wonderful time with her when you were at SA ..I hope she got to go for her walk when the sun was out … You have been having better weather to go out in ..I want to take this time to wish you ZENYATTA a very Happy and to be Blessed NEW YEAR 2011 and also a Happpy Birthday on the Horse Calendar but the real one comes in April …Ihope you have company at Midnight when the new year comes in I always wish my horses a Happy New Year as close to midnight as possible with a candy cane or two and a homemade treat…I wisj I could be with you to wish you a Happy New Year with a candy cane, a homemade treat and BIG KISS TO SAY LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU ZENYATTA

  21. Beautifully written tribute to our otherworldly Zenyatta, Dani.

  22. Zenyatta,I love you. You’re the Best! Happy New Year! xoxoxo


  24. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta! It is so wonderful to read your posts. Sophie is adorable. I love you, Zenyatta. Take care in that snow & mud! Hugs & Kisses from Alabama with love, Amanda

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