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THE ADORABLE SOPHIE SHIRREFFS…waiting for the rain to stop so she can go to Santa Anita, watch workouts in the morning, and play!…Photo taken by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for the kind comments about yesterday’s Diary. It was very special for me to write my thoughts on behalf of Marjorie and Abigail and the friendship they shared.

I had a bit of ‘video’ time posted for you yesterday. If you click on the FACEBOOK symbol located in the right-hand corner of my home web-page…it will take you to my FACEBOOK page. Then click on WALL and my video will be there.

Enjoy! Click on this FACEBOOK symbol often. We try to post things here for you to see and read as well!

ALSO…YIPPEE and CONGRATULATIONS to WRIGHT THOMPSON! It was announced yesterday that he won the 2010 Media Eclipse Award for Writing in the Feature/Commentary category for “THE LEGEND OF ZENYATTA”…which appeared on espn.com October 10th. Wright spent several days with us at the barn before doing the article. He was ‘one of the guys’…following John all day during training etc., jumping in the car with Michelle to go to Costco to buy my Guinness, helping with tasks around the barn, running for Starbucks with the staff after training hours…and just being one of us! He is a great guy and we are so proud and happy for him! This is a wonderful professional achievement!

You may find the article on line…http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/eticket/story?page=101104/Zenyatta

(Too cute, Wright emailed Dottie a few weeks ago…and he reads my Diary every day! He really gave me ‘several pats on the back’ for my writing skills. As he is a professional writer…this really made my day!)

In the I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY DEPARTMENT…this morning I wanted to share with you a photo JOHN took of my dear family member, SOPHIE! As you may know, SOPHIE is one of my very special friends. I’ve known her since she was a few weeks old and weighed 1.8 pounds. (John teased her then that she looked like a snowball in his hands.) Now she is a ‘big girl’…all 10 pounds of her!

As you know it has been raining quite a bit in CA for the last several days and it is very muddy and wet there. Well, our adorable SOPHIE wanted to go to Santa Anita and play! Often John and Dottie will take her walking there and she loves to go in the mornings with Dottie during workouts etc. Well, in the rain yesterday, she had to stay home. I know her so well after all of these years and feel like I can read the expression on her face. She is thinking…Hmmm, you guys, Zenyatta is out playing in the snow and having a GREAT TIME with P.Q. and I am inside…waiting for the rain to stop! Boo-hoo!

Dearest Sophie, I’m hearing the sun is out this morning in Arcadia…so you will be out playing soon. Great to see a photo of you again and touch base! Miss you!

I’m sending you and all my friends a big HUG! We’ll keep in touch!

Enjoy your day!
With Love,


  1. Love you, big girl!

  2. Hello Beautiful! Your recent videos and news have made me so happy! When you were running and whinnying in the snow – wow!
    But I wanted to tell you about a couple of youtube videos I especially love: both by TheSaturdayPost blog. One is set to Taio Cruz “Dynamite” and one to Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me”. The Dynamite video is an especially good one of your dancing – girlfriend, your dance moves were made for HipHop! And the “Club Can’t Handle Me Now” has a series of quotes (about you, of course!) that still make me cry. (And the subtheme could be – the good ole boys’ racing Club Can’t Handle Her Now.)
    It has an especially sweet moment where you reach out to kiss the camera, and it makes everyone who watches feel like you just gave them a kiss!
    Here’s hugs and kisses to YOU, sweet Z and her loving team,
    Jane in Seattle

  3. You are too much! Love you!

  4. So sweet to read about Sophie and for you to share so much with us. Did you see that you won the readers’ poll for The Saturday Post for HOTY? Your fans really, really love you!!!!

  5. Precious Z–how can we keep up? Facebook, zenyatta.com, Bloodhorse. My goodness! You are consuming my day, and I love it! What better way to spend time than with those we love? Going to a basketball game now. Our local college girls are #2 in the nation–they almost beat UConn. I’ll check back with you later.
    LOVE the picture of Sophie–what a doll. Hugs to her from all of us too.

  6. Sophie is a doll! My fb friend, Barbara (who flew all the way in from Colorado during the Thanksgiving weekend just to visit with you at Barn 55) brought Dottie, John, and Sophie treats :-)
    I sure miss you Zenny, but these postings keep me going. You “technically” turn 7 in a couple of days! Happy New Year, sweetie!! XO

  7. Hooray for Wright Thompson! His article is definitely the best glimpse inside the workings of Team Zenyatta. It really demonstrates the qualities that the team embodies which have allowed the spirit of Zenyatta to be shared with the world. I was deeply moved the first time I read it and am again as I re-read it.

    And congrats, Dottie, on the writing compliment! I think you are really talented, too.

  8. Too cute Z! How about the Best in Show award that you and Charles won?

    Charles Campbell and Zenyatta

    Charles Campbell is the Assistant manager for the Broodmares at Lanes End Farm in Lexington KY. That means he handles one very special mare daily… Heard of her? Her name is Zenyatta. While qualifing for several of the 2010 Hottest Horseman awards, we felt that he deserved a “Best in Show.”

    There is a great picture of Charles and you on the site. So proud of you both.
    Have a great day Z. It is nice to know that Charles thinks so highly of you. But, you need to give him a bad time about the award because he seems “very British” and didn’t know quite what to think from his interview! Give him an extra hug in the morning! Love you Z!

  9. Sophie Shirreffs (as I know you like to be called) you are one of the sweetest doggies in the world and I love your kisses x0x0x0 to you sweet girl, we have lots and lots and lots of snow here you can play in , although it would be over your head :(…x0x0x0x0 from Maine

  10. Wow Dottie. You really need to save these and publish a book. They are so great. Wishing the beautiful Harmonious Good Luck this weekend. Just read her Sire is Dynaformer. So that makes her Barbaro’s half sister. Even more reason to root for her. I would love Queen Z to have a chance with Dynaformer. What a Horse that would be. Thanks again for your time you spend with Zenyatta’s Fans!!

  11. Happy New Year to you, beautiful girl, your family and friends–two-legged and four-legged including Sophie and PQ! Special thanks for keeping in touch with your fans and to John for running you with angels to keep you safe. It’s an honor to read this diary and comments and heart-warming to think about Marjorie’s name in your brow band. Most ‘teams’ would not even bother to read such a request let alone ACT on it. Much love to all in this New Year!

  12. Z,I LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  13. I wish Dottie could answer a question about Dynaformer and Z. I have hesrd people say that if he were mated to Zenyatta, their colt might be some kind of outsized freak. But surely there is a limit, and he would not have an unusually big baby with her. He’s more likely to increase the size of colts with small mares, like Barbaro’s mother? One other problem with Dynaformer is that he’s not getting any younger, and I don’t they’re accepting mares for him that haven’t had babies previously. But you’d think they’d make an exception for the Queen?
    Whoever, Z, we will all love your babies!

  14. She is loved, and spoiled…how perfect :) My heart smiles, Zenyatta brightens my day and life, even in retirement :)
    What a Great Video :)

  15. Sophie want a cutie you are. I hope the rain stops for everyones sake. I enjoy all the updates, we all wish for an early here in wv. I am bored to death, the horses here like spring time more too, we can be together without freezing. Z have a good time every chance you can, you deserve it. love to all..

  16. Happy new years to Zenyatta and her team (CA and KY)! I hope 2011 is just as amazing for all of you as these past few years have been :]

  17. Hi Sophie and Zenny too, of course, and Dottie. I sympathize with Sophie & the weather. Here in Montreal, we go from blizzard to rain to clear streets in 72 hours….and my dog, Jericho, is a winter dog. So he is pretty disgusted by rain, too, Sophie. Jericho also wants you to know that playing in the snow is great — except he thinks you might be hard to find, even if you are now a big 10 lb. girl!!!! To sweet Zenyatta, P.Q., the “girls” in her barn and the members of Team Z and Team Lane’s End, my warmest wishes in the coming new year. And best of luck to Harmonious!!!!

  18. from a special place in my heart, thank you Dottie, Team Z and the Queen herself for. . .EVERYTHING. And congrats on the awards – I’m sure there’s more to come!
    I urge Zenyatta fans to donate to any animal rescue effort as I did today, in honor of the Queen. As one “poster” said yesterday, “Long live the Queen” que viva la reina de nuestros corazones!!

  19. Love your updates, Miss Z. What are you doing for New Year’s? Can’t wait to hear about it.

  20. Love and Hugs- it’s great to hear you are happy and in touch with everyone here in Cali. :-) :-)

  21. It’s really nice that Mr. Wright Thompson was recognized for the article that he wrote about you. I read the article a couple of months ago. It was a great article and I enjoyed reading it.

    I can sympathize with Sophie for not being able to go outside the last few days. My two four legged kids, Oscar & Felix who are both miniature schnauzers were not able to go for a walk last week due to the rain.

    Have fun outside Queen Z. I luv you!

  22. Hi there Z.. Oh, the sun shined today, but now it is the afternoon and it is coooooold. I love Sophie, what a real dogue expression. Dogue is a magazine about dogs that was published about 20 years ago. It is a play on words for Vogue. Congrats to Wright Thompson. I love his comment about Dottie’s writing, the best there is, she interprets Zenyatta just perfectly. The video is cool. I love the way you both just walk around having a great time, you look so comfortable and relaxed. Love you, Zenyatta

  23. Dear Sophie Shirreffs: On our mountain, Mischa [a bit larger than you] was THE ALPHA GIRL of 8 dogs — all big retrievers,and one Border Collie/Australian Sheep Dog, towering over her — and they respected and loved her. Poodles are extraordinary; very happy Zenyatta has a West Coast Snowball in her life. Khc.

  24. Awww. That is the cutest description of Sophie Shirreffs expression I can imagine. She does look so sad at being left at home because of the rain. What a sweetheart. Once again, thank you so very much, Team Z, for sharing Zenyatta’s diary with her adoring fans. This old girl in Texas just can’t seem to get enough of Zenyatta and my day was made when a friend helped me find the Zenyatta Christmas ornament – woohoo! I had hoped to get one for Christmas, but none of my kids were able to find it, but a friend helped me locate one today so even though it won’t go on the tree until next year, it will hang in a place of honor all the time. Sorry to ramble on so much, especially knowing that Abigail Anderson reads and posts here – it’s been far too long since I’ve had a good English class – lol!

  25. Hi Zenny: Love Sophie!—I have 2 big lovable rotweiler/shephard mix dogs–Max and Brutus—Brutus grew up with my cat Bucky and they are true brothers–no difference between them- so I understand how it is with you and Sophie— too cute. love all of you. Janet C

  26. Zenny…you are too much! Always thinking of others. Sophie will get outside soon …and I am thrilled you are getting used to Ky and the winter weather.
    How about a video of you rolling in the snow? Love you bunches. Hi, Dottie! ;-)

  27. It may be sunny here little Sophie but it’s cooold for California – even in the sun! You might be happier inside. :)

    Thank you Team Z for another fun update/post!

  28. Happy New Year Zenyatta! I bet everyone misses you so much even though they know you’re in good care and happy. I don’t think I could do what they’ve done, let you go. I read the ESPN article and it’s wonderful but also sad. I think Ann had the right idea, let you live at their house!

  29. What a scrumptious little puffball! Hope to make Sophie’s acquaintance sometime at Clockers’ Corner!

  30. Hi Zenyatta….I love this diary and hope you keep writing all through the year. When will we know about the Horse of the Year Eclipse Awards? I am reading all the columnists and they are all for you winning. I wish we could all vote. I love the videos….please keep them coming. Happy New Year!!!

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