Diary Post #144

THE ADORABLE SOPHIE SHIRREFFS…waiting for the rain to stop so she can go to Santa Anita, watch workouts in the morning, and play!…Photo taken by John Shirreffs

Good Morning,

Thank you so much for the kind comments about yesterday’s Diary. It was very special for me to write my thoughts on behalf of Marjorie and Abigail and the friendship they shared.

I had a bit of ‘video’ time posted for you yesterday. If you click on the FACEBOOK symbol located in the right-hand corner of my home web-page…it will take you to my FACEBOOK page. Then click on WALL and my video will be there.

Enjoy! Click on this FACEBOOK symbol often. We try to post things here for you to see and read as well!

ALSO…YIPPEE and CONGRATULATIONS to WRIGHT THOMPSON! It was announced yesterday that he won the 2010 Media Eclipse Award for Writing in the Feature/Commentary category for “THE LEGEND OF ZENYATTA”…which appeared on espn.com October 10th. Wright spent several days with us at the barn before doing the article. He was ‘one of the guys’…following John all day during training etc., jumping in the car with Michelle to go to Costco to buy my Guinness, helping with tasks around the barn, running for Starbucks with the staff after training hours…and just being one of us! He is a great guy and we are so proud and happy for him! This is a wonderful professional achievement!

You may find the article on line…http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/eticket/story?page=101104/Zenyatta

(Too cute, Wright emailed Dottie a few weeks ago…and he reads my Diary every day! He really gave me ‘several pats on the back’ for my writing skills. As he is a professional writer…this really made my day!)

In the I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY DEPARTMENT…this morning I wanted to share with you a photo JOHN took of my dear family member, SOPHIE! As you may know, SOPHIE is one of my very special friends. I’ve known her since she was a few weeks old and weighed 1.8 pounds. (John teased her then that she looked like a snowball in his hands.) Now she is a ‘big girl’…all 10 pounds of her!

As you know it has been raining quite a bit in CA for the last several days and it is very muddy and wet there. Well, our adorable SOPHIE wanted to go to Santa Anita and play! Often John and Dottie will take her walking there and she loves to go in the mornings with Dottie during workouts etc. Well, in the rain yesterday, she had to stay home. I know her so well after all of these years and feel like I can read the expression on her face. She is thinking…Hmmm, you guys, Zenyatta is out playing in the snow and having a GREAT TIME with P.Q. and I am inside…waiting for the rain to stop! Boo-hoo!

Dearest Sophie, I’m hearing the sun is out this morning in Arcadia…so you will be out playing soon. Great to see a photo of you again and touch base! Miss you!

I’m sending you and all my friends a big HUG! We’ll keep in touch!

Enjoy your day!
With Love,


  1. I hope you all can see this video, it is very nicely done and the music is so right-on!

    Dottie, there is a cute shot of you in snow with Z


  2. Hi Zenny and Dottie,

    Thank you for all of the Diary Posts. I find them fun to read, educational, and deeply moving. Thank you for Team Zenyatta’s generosity to fans. Thank you also to those who post comments. I appreciate your input, stories, and horse knowledge.

    @Janie in CA – I don’t have a Facebook account either, but I can still click on the Facebook link in the top right corner of this website and be able to access Zenyatta’s Facebook page without any problems. Give it a try! There’s a lot of cool things to look at on Zenyatta’s Facebook page! :)

  3. And oh yes, good luck to Harmonious, she’s looking awfully good!

  4. Happy New Year’s Ms Z, and also to your adorable family…best of everything in 2011 to you and yours…how’s Pirate Queen?? AAAArrrgghhhhhh!!

  5. BTW, your friend Sophie is tres ADORABLE!!

  6. Hi Zenny! Sophie is very pretty just like you! It has been very cold and rainy in Cali, as you know we are spoiled out here with our weather! As always, LOVE reading your posts. Stay safe and warm pretty girl!! MUAH!!! XOXO

  7. Sophie reminds me so much of my little Louie! Aren’t poodles just the best?! He hates being “house-bound” too…he likes hopping and running through the grass like a little bunny. Like the Queen, it is impossible to NOT smile when you watch him run!

  8. Dear Queen-Z & Team-Z,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 2011 is going to be another great year for Zenyatta, her family and friends. Thanks for introducing your fans to Sophie Shirreffs…what a cutie-pie ! Dottie, you are doing a wonderful thing, speaking for Zenyatta, through this “Diary”. It’s a true work of LOVE, and you are an inspiration, along with all of Team-Z.
    Thanks for the info on Wright Thompson; I’ll read his article, right away. “Good Racing Luck” to Harmonious, this weekend and always. One last thing,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all our horse friends, and especially to you, ZENYATTA !!
    Take care and keep in touch. Fondly, OraJean

  9. Sophie, the rain has stopped in San Diego so i bet you can go to the barn tomorrow!

  10. Happy New Year Z. Sophie reminds me very much of my own dear poodle girl, Lola Mae. I hope Sophie comes to visit.

    Love to you.

  11. Dear, Zenyatta. How great to meet your special friend, Sophie Shirreffs. She really is a cutey. I have my little Gidget with me, she is my best friend. I had read the story by Wright Thompson and wanted to add my congratulations. I also love all that Steve Haskins has brought to us. His writing is from the heart and filled with so much knowledge. Dottie, you certainly have my vote for author of the year. Your posts are absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful. Dani Crawford, I really enjoyed your post. You said it well. Hope Selena enjoyed celebrating the holidays with her new little one and is getting some rest. So happy to see you with your stocking treats, Zenny. You looked like you were really savoring that candy cane.
    Peggy – I want to send a special message your way. I too have faced the specter of the big “C” and had multiple surgeries, including one that may be in my near future. Fingers crossed NOT. I am so very glad your outlook is positive. Just know that a Zenyatta friend is sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
    Happy New Year to everyone!! May your wishes come true, especially yours Queen Z. Just look what you’ve accomplished so far. Sleep well. Hugs and kisses.
    Go Harmonious!

  12. Happy New Year Zenny and to all of Team Z!! You all rock!!
    Thanks for posting the very cute pic of Sophie. She’s adorable!
    Congrats to Wright Thompson! His article was awesome. I also think you deserve those pats on the back for your writing skills. I hope someday soon you write your life story. That would make a wonderful book!
    I would also like to thank Dani for expressing so beautifully what many of us feel. Dani, that was spot on!
    Have a nice night!
    Love you,

  13. Sophie sure is cute! My beautiful girl went to heaven this morning…it was very hard. I love dogs… Thanks for keeping us updated!

  14. Zennyatta, from far away Germany I am sending you love, hugs, hope and best wishes for 2011. May a pretty foal be on your side in the next times to come. I am still thinking about a tatoo-ZENYATTA- for the left of my feet. Will share a foto when it happened. Love you Zenny. Thanks for riding this diary, its great to be in touch with team Zennyatta.

  15. Thank you Zenyatta and Team Z for sharing with us. Somehow it brightens the day.

  16. Ms Zenyatta, Love the photo of your sister, Sophie. When I read the Moss’ had a poodle, I was even more endured to them. I have a RED poodle, named Lucy. I cannot get FB at work, so when I get home I will check out your FB. Happy, Happy New Years Eve, and tomorrow is your RaceHorse Birthday. do you celebrate that one as well as your real birthday? I will read the article now….Hugs and Love, until tonight, Lisa g

  17. Hi Z: I just thought I would send a quick note thanking Debbi M for the “Heads Up” with regards to the beautiful articles about you in the Saturday Post. Thanks for sharing Debbi!

  18. I realize that although i try to follow up on other horses, i’m not much of a racing fan. it’s more like i’m just a Zenyatta fan!

  19. As the year comes to an end I like to look back and remember the highlights.My wife and I for our anniversary took a cruise from Vancouver BC(my home)to San Diego. On Oct.2 we were to take a bus to Vegas with the tour.I said no way am I spending 7hrs on a bus when You were running only a short distance away.So I rented a car (got upgraded to a Caddillac free when told the rental lady I was going to see you at Hollywood)That day was not only the best day of the year it was the greatest sporting event of my lifetime(63yrs)You Are The Greatest and all the people around you I would like to say Thank You All Team Z

  20. Morning my love Zenyatta! I am going to go look at your new video now. I can’t wait to see it! Also I just burned 18 photos of YOU on a CD and off to CVS to make my new 2011 Zenyatta Calendar!! I am so excited! 18 months and 18 pictures of you. (I haven’t told this to my 10 lb. Yorkie tho.) She doesn’t know the love affair between me and you. I love you more than you will ever know. Hugs and kisses!!!! Have a wonderful day today enjoying the fresh air & sunshine!!! oxoxxo

  21. Enjoyed meeting your friend, Sophie. She is a cutie!

  22. Sophie is adorable! The sun is out this morning so I hope she get a romp outside before our next storm moves in! Who wrote that song, “It Never Rains in Southern California?” Thanks for all the news and the latest videos. I can see you’ve made lots of new friends in Kentucky and they’re taking really good care of you. But I do wonder sometimes if you miss the crowds, the cheers, the thrills of racing and your California family? As this year comes to a close I’m wishing you all a wonderful NEW YEAR 2011 with continued health, happiness and love. ABRAZOTES! Andale! Julie Ann

  23. Well said Dani!

  24. Kathy B, so sorry for your loss! We know how hard it is:(
    Sophie is too cute!
    Zenny, wishing you and P.Q. and all your other human and equine friends at Lane’s End a Happy New Year! Happy New Year and best wishes as well to Team Z. I hope Ann and John will tango with Zenny today! Wished I could LOL Wishing you a great 2011! hugs

  25. Hi Zenny! Thanks for the heads up about Harmonious! And for introducing lil Sophie Shirreffs to us! She’s adorable! I’m finally more relaxed knowing you are settling right in there at Lane’s End! I heard all sorts of suggestions about who you should breed with. Just I can’t wait to see your little foal when he/she is born. I love you Zenny! Take care! Let us know what’s the haps as soon as Dottie can transcribe your dictation! LOL

  26. Dani – thank you, that was beautiful. You’ve said so well what is in my heart.

  27. Wow, Dani Crawford what a beautiful post. I have tears running down my cheeks. Your message really touched my heart. Thank you.

  28. Dear ‘HP Janie’ ~ You don`t have to ‘be’ on FaceBook to ‘go’ on FB; just click ‘FB Logo’ at the top right of this screen & enjoy the posts, pics & videos, but don`t comment; you may have your cake & eat it, too. Some of the same people post both sites, as well, so it`s fun on your terms. Khc.

  29. Yes indeed, A BIG THANKS goes to Dani Crawford for beautifully articulating what Zenyatta means to all of us.
    Who needs a Triple Crown winner when we have Queen Z?
    Zenyatta, you are what we have been waiting for and you have galvanized horse lovers and racing fans alike. What a wonderful story and inspiration for all.

  30. Hey, Everyone: Over on #42, Mike Sekulic is requesting feedback. His screen is showing only a partial glimpse of the photo he`s done of Zenyatta, which Dottie posted the day after #42 copy was written (at least, that`s what my screen showed — now my screen shows a gigantic, nearly poster-size, pic, superimposed over the one previously-mounted; it measures 10″ High x 2/3 the width of the frame. If you read his note on #42, perhaps you can relay to him what you`re seeing?? Thanks, Khc.

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