Diary Post #145

Zenyatta and Charles (who was just voted the HOTTEST HORSEMAN AWARD in KY…for Best in Show) They were very sweet and commented that he takes care of ME!


Today is a FUN DAY! I usually go out to the paddock at about 7 in the morning. Now the ground is a bit snowy…and even a bit muddy in spots. When I first get turned out, I really play and run hard. It is fun to stretch my legs and all after a night’s rest. I have started to do this new thing…for me…and that is roll on my back on the ground. I did it in the snow the other day. Dottie teased me that I was making Zenyatta Snow Angels. Then yesterday…it was a bit muddy and I was able to roll in the mud! I have NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE that I can remember. It was GREAT FUN!

Sarah is going to try and get to Lane’s End early to get some footage of me doing this for you. It will be on FACEBOOK. Janie, you do not have to be a FACEBOOK member to go to ‘my’ FACEBOOK page. On the opening page of my Zenyatta.com site, there is a FACEBOOK SYMBOL in the upper right hand portion. Just hit this…and it will take you to my page…and my page only. Then hit WALL…and there you are! We put this here especially for people who are not on Facebook. This way, everyone can still follow my escapades and keep in touch!

Last night, I got to TANGO with John and Dottie right before I went to sleep. This morning, BARN 55 is going to TANGO with me right after training. I can’t wait to visit with all of them again! Ann and Jerry will call later in the morning as well. I LOVE THIS! I CAN PERSONALLY WISH ALL OF MY CA FAMILY…HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE and HAPPY 2011! WHAT FUN!

I have so much to be grateful for at this time…and reflecting on 2010…I do realize what a fortunate horse I am.

I totally appreciate ALL who have cared for me and loved me…EVERY STEP OF MY JOURNEY. It was not always easy…even though my TEAM made it look that way. I love each and every one of YOU…and deeply appreciate the time, love, care and respect you have shown me every single moment of my life.

As for my wonderful, wonderful FANS, what can I say? I have been blessed. I have tried very hard to do my best and add honor, dignity and LOTS of FUN to my sport! You have cheered me on, supported me, and wished me well. I have had fun meeting you and watching you have a great time. It was wonderful to see people from all over the country fly in to meet me. I also loved the fact that so many of YOU have made friends with each other…and are now bonding, going to different racing venues together, and sharing the beauty of THIS SPORT.


Some of you have asked how I’m spending New Year’s Eve. Well, my girlfriends and I will be outside playing for a bit…then come in and have a great dinner…toast with a bit of Guinness…and visit. Usually about 7 in the evening, we are all ready to relax and have ‘lights out’.

After all, we really need our BEAUTY SLEEP tonight. January 1st is our ‘joint’ birthday! Each of us will turn a year older tomorrow morning. I’ll be ‘technically’ 7! Good thing I exercise and keep in shape!

May we all be blessed to have a wonderful NEW YEAR ahead of us…filled with lots of GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND NEW ADVENTURES!

I know in 2011, I will definitely have many ‘new things’ going on! I’m so excited! I hope to be able to share all of them with YOU!

One more thing…PLEASE BE SAFE tonight and always!

With Love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Zenyatta. 2011 will be a big year for both of us! Hopefully, you will become a mother and have a healthy, beautiful foal. I will become a grandmother for the first time in February. New arrivals for both of us! Sorry, but my daughter won’t name her baby Zenyatta….darn!

  2. I have the need to comment about Zenny’s care. Just look at the love in the Mosses eyes when they look at her. These are immensely wealthy people who are in it for the LOVE of the horse. They are known for giving quality care to their animals and contributing generously for the care of less fortunate animals. Zenny made millions for them. No way do I believe she won’t continue to receive top rate care and remain under their ownership for her entire lifetime. Zenyatta is unique and has been treated with respect and care throughout her life.
    I hardly think she will become a just a breeding machine…perhaps Ann will get her wish afterall and Zenny will be in her backyard sometime down the road.

  3. I cannot believe someone not in the loop of Zenyatta’s life is actually trying to educate the public in matters that only Mr. & Mrs. Moss, John and Dottie have the privilege of answering. Please, respect them and Zenyatta.

  4. Love you Zen & love the “LOVE” that the Mosses have given you…You mentioned that your life at times was not easy…we all know how hard you worked while you were racing & I know that the Mosses appreciate every ounce of effort you put out every day. That is why now, they are having you cared for so dearly…Yes, you can see the love in Ann’s eyes, her word’s of only a “mother’s love,” & both Jerry & Ann’s discipline to have nothing but the best for you. I am so glad that on that special day at Keeneland, your hearts connected!

    HAPPY 2001 and beyond!

  5. Jeanne Moore,

    What is your problem?
    Several people here work with horses and in the same or similar industries. Just because Zenyatta is famous doesn’t change the way things are done as far as mare care, breeding, etc.
    Though we all love her, she’s not the only famous mare to retire to stud and won’t be the last. Kentucky is home to many famous mares. Providing information which is general to the business doesn’t ‘disrespect’ Zenyatta or her connections.

  6. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday My beautiful Zenyatta. Hope both are safe and well for you. Enjoy your life as much as possible.I love you so much and never will forget you and hope to see you someday.

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year beautiful Z. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful year. Love and Kisses.

  8. Cheryl….you are correct that Zenyatta wil be covered live. In my breed of horse “Quarter” either live or AI is acceptable. I’ve had mares bred both ways and I think AI is safer for the stud and mare but A1 is not accepted by several breeds.
    I agree that most likely Jerry and Ann Moss will be in Kentucky for Zenyatta’s first cover. I hope she is one of the lucky ones to settle with one cover. Many mares do not. I was lucky enough with one of my mares that it seemed like the stud just walked by and she settled. Then I had another that took multiple covers in order to get her in foal. Lane’s End has some of the top vets and mare managers in the country so all of their experience will be a big help to Z.

  9. I miss seeing you in the news! I hope we will be allowed to visit you!

  10. Teachers can be found wherever we look for them, and so it is with this board. Dottie speaks for Zenyatta, and Ensign and others speak from Zenyatta’s world. One more gift brought home by this marvelous mare.

    “Reality” is another word for “life”, and not an enemy of fantasy: they co-exist like earth and sky. Life creates legend. In fantasy, the 2010 Breeder’s Cup Classic might have ended in another way, but…the reality not only IS life, it GAVE life to an even greater legend.

    The reality of how Zenyatta will be bred doesn’t ruin fantasy, it just brings us closer to her actual experience. Knowledge deepens understanding. The outcome is still marvelous. That’s life!

  11. Dear Zenyatta and Team Z: I live in Lexington and would be MORE THAN HAPPY to get video of you rolling in the mud! I’ll get to the barn as early as needed or stay up all night if that would be better!! Don’t hesitate to let me know, but something tells me Sarah’s got it covered. Happy Birthday beautiful mare!!

  12. Zenny, HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and the other TBs. Congratulations to Charles on his award. He’s good-looking and looks good beside you.

  13. Happy New Year Zenyatta! Every time I see you, I am truly amazed. I was looking at some races of yours and captured by your true talent. We miss you out here in Cali and we miss you on the track. Keep the updates coming. Have a prosperous New Year Queen Z and Team Z and many blessings on your new adventure. I got a case of Guinness for ya! :)

  14. Morning Gorgeous girl!!! First I love you!! I read this post and cried. I do that alot with you. You made snow angels. Tou are one of Gods angels.I am dying to see you tango. I know this transition hasn`t really been easy for ANYONE. But the job you`re doing with the help of everyone From LanesEnd and especially the Mosses, John,Mario(I`m sure you miss him) we can`t forget DOTTIE is incredible. I`ve said so much. I`m beginning to wonder if I`m making sense. I think you understand what I mean. I won`t miss a day without telling you I love you and you are “The Best”…Big Hugs and Alot of Kisses, Alene

  15. Happy New Year Zenyatta!

    It has been a Absolute Honor to know YOU and watch you racing, dancing and socializing with the many humans who love and respect you.

    Wishing you and everyone on your former team and new team a healthy, joyful New Year!

  16. Happy New Year, Zenny!

    Thanks for a wonderful year and great memories, and for all the uplifting and warm goodness of your family – may God bless you all, and all everywhere-
    Love you, sweet-sweet!

  17. Happy New Year to you Zen; Ann & Jerry, John & Dottie, Mario and the rest of your dear family and friends!! My heart is now complete with having you Z in it and that was my greatest gift in 2010. It was a true ride and adventure, following you along your way; then seeing you at Oaklawn, the Breeders Cup then back again to Ky. to show my love and support at Keeneland. (driving each time from Wi)ha Imagine, you are the greatest mare in history! I love knowing what you are doing! Continue having the fun with your girlfriends and rolling in the snow or mud–but just stay safe. I think I am going to try a Guiness!! Good Health and happiness to all. Love you

  18. To Zenyatta and Team Zenyatta- you have put dignity, responsibility, caring, empathy and fun back into the world of racing- Thanks for this and all the best for 2011!

  19. Happy New Year and the best to you in 2011, Zenyatta!

  20. Just want to thank you, and all of Team Z for what you have done for the sport of racing and its fans! You are truly a remarkable bunch! I hope other trainers and owners take note!

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