Diary Post #145

Zenyatta and Charles (who was just voted the HOTTEST HORSEMAN AWARD in KY…for Best in Show) They were very sweet and commented that he takes care of ME!


Today is a FUN DAY! I usually go out to the paddock at about 7 in the morning. Now the ground is a bit snowy…and even a bit muddy in spots. When I first get turned out, I really play and run hard. It is fun to stretch my legs and all after a night’s rest. I have started to do this new thing…for me…and that is roll on my back on the ground. I did it in the snow the other day. Dottie teased me that I was making Zenyatta Snow Angels. Then yesterday…it was a bit muddy and I was able to roll in the mud! I have NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE that I can remember. It was GREAT FUN!

Sarah is going to try and get to Lane’s End early to get some footage of me doing this for you. It will be on FACEBOOK. Janie, you do not have to be a FACEBOOK member to go to ‘my’ FACEBOOK page. On the opening page of my Zenyatta.com site, there is a FACEBOOK SYMBOL in the upper right hand portion. Just hit this…and it will take you to my page…and my page only. Then hit WALL…and there you are! We put this here especially for people who are not on Facebook. This way, everyone can still follow my escapades and keep in touch!

Last night, I got to TANGO with John and Dottie right before I went to sleep. This morning, BARN 55 is going to TANGO with me right after training. I can’t wait to visit with all of them again! Ann and Jerry will call later in the morning as well. I LOVE THIS! I CAN PERSONALLY WISH ALL OF MY CA FAMILY…HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE and HAPPY 2011! WHAT FUN!

I have so much to be grateful for at this time…and reflecting on 2010…I do realize what a fortunate horse I am.

I totally appreciate ALL who have cared for me and loved me…EVERY STEP OF MY JOURNEY. It was not always easy…even though my TEAM made it look that way. I love each and every one of YOU…and deeply appreciate the time, love, care and respect you have shown me every single moment of my life.

As for my wonderful, wonderful FANS, what can I say? I have been blessed. I have tried very hard to do my best and add honor, dignity and LOTS of FUN to my sport! You have cheered me on, supported me, and wished me well. I have had fun meeting you and watching you have a great time. It was wonderful to see people from all over the country fly in to meet me. I also loved the fact that so many of YOU have made friends with each other…and are now bonding, going to different racing venues together, and sharing the beauty of THIS SPORT.


Some of you have asked how I’m spending New Year’s Eve. Well, my girlfriends and I will be outside playing for a bit…then come in and have a great dinner…toast with a bit of Guinness…and visit. Usually about 7 in the evening, we are all ready to relax and have ‘lights out’.

After all, we really need our BEAUTY SLEEP tonight. January 1st is our ‘joint’ birthday! Each of us will turn a year older tomorrow morning. I’ll be ‘technically’ 7! Good thing I exercise and keep in shape!

May we all be blessed to have a wonderful NEW YEAR ahead of us…filled with lots of GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND NEW ADVENTURES!

I know in 2011, I will definitely have many ‘new things’ going on! I’m so excited! I hope to be able to share all of them with YOU!

One more thing…PLEASE BE SAFE tonight and always!

With Love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Happy New Year Zen!

    Do we know if we are ever allowed to see you at Lanes End?

  2. We always knew you were BEST IN SHOW!!
    I would like to wish all members of Team Z both in CA & KY a very Happy New Years — all the best in 2011

  3. Happy New Year to you, “Z’, and all your loved ones!

  4. Happy new year! love you zenyatta!

  5. When can we come to visit you at Lane’s End? Happy New Years to the Queen of the “Sport of Queens” and to Team Z and Barn 55 and new Team Z at Lane’s End.

  6. And you be safe out there playing in the mud……We love you and will be coming to visit soon….Dr. Aly Roberts and Prof. Timmy Todd

  7. I cannot wait to see the video of you rolling on the ground!


  9. May Zenyatta and her Team have a Happy New Year!

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR ZEN, ZEN FANS AND CARETAKERS. God’s blessings to all. Good health to all that read this and may life be filled with growth and happy moments. When problems come may you find support of loved ones to help you through them. Learn from mistakes and move on. Zen thanks for your spirit and example of how to move through life. HAPPY NEW YEAR Love Harley Greyhound

  11. Happy New Year’s Eve to you, beautiful Zenyatta. I love to follow your adventures. You are like no other horse. Enjoy your time in the snow and stay well. All the best to Team Z in 2011.

  12. what a joy to get this update each day.the very best to you Z and all connected with you.

  13. wow, thank you, hope you have a great New Years Oh Im sure you will, and we share this coming month, for sure, after all, Jan 1st, all the same birthday, for Horses, I used to share Mind with the King Elvis, Im honor to share this month with you, for sure, have a grade, night, and be safe also, keep having a great time, and relaxing, glad your getting time with the Ca, people, and the people and especially your new found friends and buddies, Lanes end, I hope I don’t lose the page, I look foward to all your doing these days, Like I said, before, you made me want to like racing again, as you made the whole thing look so easy, but like you said, its the trainer, and all who help also, they care about horses, and thats the main thing, I would say.have a great and relaxing New Years, HapPy Birthday, Queen Z, enjoy, the year,

  14. Happy New Year to you, dear Zenyatta, and to all of Team Zenyatta in CA and KY. We are so happy you are doing well in your new home, but we do miss seeing you in Barn 55 and on the race track. We are looking forward to seeing video of you rolling, running, and all the fun things you do with your new equine friends.

  15. And the lucky husband is………..GOT TO BE AP INDY.

  16. and the lucky husband is……………….GOT to be AP INDY!

  17. Lady Z ~~ You are the 1st horse I have ever admired; the 1st horse I have ever loved. You are my hero!

  18. Love the updates and looking forward to the video.

  19. Happy New Year Z !!!!!!!!!! Have a safe one sweety….


  21. Queen Z -Wishing you a Happy New Years! I can’t wait to see the footage of you making Zenyatta snow angels!!

    Love you big girl!!!

  22. Happy New Year Zenny and Team Z. Each and everyone of you not only deserve HOTY award, but a special award for the most fantastic and generous people to hit Thoroughbred racing!!!!!

  23. Happy, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday too, dear Zenny!! I have so many of your pictures in my house that everywhere I look I get to see your kind and beautiful face. God Bless and keep you safe and happy and the same to all of your dear Barn 55 family and Lane’s end family as well. Happy New Year to both your California and Kentucky kitty friends too! Thank you to Dottie, Ann, John, and Jerry, for ALL you do and have done for “our” girl and all of us!! Much LOVE to you sweet Z!!

  24. Hi Zenny!
    Have a Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday! I wish I could Tango with you too. That would be fun!

  25. Happy New Year, Z, and to everyone at Lane’s End, and to all of Zenyatta’s family. Thank you for sharing your goings on with us. You have such a wonderful attitude that it always makes me feel so happy to read your words everyday. :))

  26. @ Cynthia,

    I’m just making a guess here, but I’m guessing nothing has been announced yet as they’re probably waiting to see what AP Indy’s fertility is going to be like before deciding to give him a try. It would be a bit of an embarassment to the farm for them to make a big announcement about sending Zenyatta to him, only for them to have to end up going elsewhere because his fertility is suspect. Easier to wait a bit longer and see…and say nothing rather than embarrass your boarding farm by making the big announcement and then switching to another stallion later.
    I’m sure they’ll test Indy before the season begins mid-February and hopefully they’ll announce if he’s ready to begin another breeding season or not.

  27. Oh Z, you ARE so loved and blessed. I’m so glad you can run and play and roll everyday. How great that you rolled in the mud! You were the BEST part of 2010 for me! You made me forget my troubles and the country’s troubles and feel pure JOY instead! I Love You So Much, and I love racing, too. I hope more horsemen will treat their horses with the respect and dignity that the Mosses and Sherriffs do, especially when they are DONE racing! I vow to visit you in KY some day, so that I can say I visited you in CA & KY! Thank you to you and Dottie again for keeping in touch. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday my Sweet Girl. Love and Kisses, Anita

  28. please ask your fans to remember and support all those Thoroughbreds who are not so fortunate so they may have a blessed year also. Thank you.

  29. A very Happy Birthday and New Year Zenyatta and to ALL your “families” and “friends”! Thanks for making 2010 SO memorable! I have a great picture of you I took at the Breeder’s Cup and it will be sitting on my desk forever! As the new racing season gets going, I realize how much I am going to miss seeing you run, but am glad you are happy, safe and sound. PLEASE wish Harmonious a good, safe race on Saturday!

  30. Happy 2011 Zenyatta, Team Zenyatta and all Zenyatta fans!! Is there any way to set up a page on here and put the pictures in them that you use on the diary posts? Like a collection of pictures all on one page and maybe make it so they can be enlarged? I enjoy looking at the pictures that go with the stories, but I can’t always see detail on them because some of them are on the small side. Just a suggestion. Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date. SEVEN sounds like a good number to me, Big Mama Z. Seven come (20)11! Love ya!

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