Diary Post #145

Zenyatta and Charles (who was just voted the HOTTEST HORSEMAN AWARD in KY…for Best in Show) They were very sweet and commented that he takes care of ME!


Today is a FUN DAY! I usually go out to the paddock at about 7 in the morning. Now the ground is a bit snowy…and even a bit muddy in spots. When I first get turned out, I really play and run hard. It is fun to stretch my legs and all after a night’s rest. I have started to do this new thing…for me…and that is roll on my back on the ground. I did it in the snow the other day. Dottie teased me that I was making Zenyatta Snow Angels. Then yesterday…it was a bit muddy and I was able to roll in the mud! I have NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE that I can remember. It was GREAT FUN!

Sarah is going to try and get to Lane’s End early to get some footage of me doing this for you. It will be on FACEBOOK. Janie, you do not have to be a FACEBOOK member to go to ‘my’ FACEBOOK page. On the opening page of my Zenyatta.com site, there is a FACEBOOK SYMBOL in the upper right hand portion. Just hit this…and it will take you to my page…and my page only. Then hit WALL…and there you are! We put this here especially for people who are not on Facebook. This way, everyone can still follow my escapades and keep in touch!

Last night, I got to TANGO with John and Dottie right before I went to sleep. This morning, BARN 55 is going to TANGO with me right after training. I can’t wait to visit with all of them again! Ann and Jerry will call later in the morning as well. I LOVE THIS! I CAN PERSONALLY WISH ALL OF MY CA FAMILY…HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE and HAPPY 2011! WHAT FUN!

I have so much to be grateful for at this time…and reflecting on 2010…I do realize what a fortunate horse I am.

I totally appreciate ALL who have cared for me and loved me…EVERY STEP OF MY JOURNEY. It was not always easy…even though my TEAM made it look that way. I love each and every one of YOU…and deeply appreciate the time, love, care and respect you have shown me every single moment of my life.

As for my wonderful, wonderful FANS, what can I say? I have been blessed. I have tried very hard to do my best and add honor, dignity and LOTS of FUN to my sport! You have cheered me on, supported me, and wished me well. I have had fun meeting you and watching you have a great time. It was wonderful to see people from all over the country fly in to meet me. I also loved the fact that so many of YOU have made friends with each other…and are now bonding, going to different racing venues together, and sharing the beauty of THIS SPORT.


Some of you have asked how I’m spending New Year’s Eve. Well, my girlfriends and I will be outside playing for a bit…then come in and have a great dinner…toast with a bit of Guinness…and visit. Usually about 7 in the evening, we are all ready to relax and have ‘lights out’.

After all, we really need our BEAUTY SLEEP tonight. January 1st is our ‘joint’ birthday! Each of us will turn a year older tomorrow morning. I’ll be ‘technically’ 7! Good thing I exercise and keep in shape!

May we all be blessed to have a wonderful NEW YEAR ahead of us…filled with lots of GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND NEW ADVENTURES!

I know in 2011, I will definitely have many ‘new things’ going on! I’m so excited! I hope to be able to share all of them with YOU!

One more thing…PLEASE BE SAFE tonight and always!

With Love,
Hugs to all~


  1. Happy New Year to you Zetty, and all your friends!
    I’m watching the ‘Rose Bowl Parade’ and all of the floats are just gorgeous, real show-stoppers just like you Zetty!!
    That’s why a float paying tribute to the sport of horse racing would have been more than appropriate, I mean from the California’s industry’s standpoint, looks like they’re honoring all kindsa business involvements, so YOU and ALL the PEOPLE involved with YOUR SUCCESS and ABILITY to rake up the NUMBERS of INTEREST in YOUR SPORT and HORSES from the PUBLIC SHOULD HAVE BEEN HONORED, TOO. You guys would look just gorgeous on one of those floats!!! I think it would have been a huge crowd pleaser. You would love it, all the flowers to munch on, now that could be a toughie, keeping you off the flowers.:)
    May be sthg for future considerations!
    Have A Great New Year, Zetty!!!:)

  2. @Ensign, You are obviously very well versed in the breeding business. Would you care to tell us where you work?

    With all due respect, I have mixed feelings about your posts. While I appreciate your insights, I fear that you don’t really get the beauty behind the Zenyatta site. While there are obviously many horsemen (actually mostly horsewomen) posting on the site, it’s really about the many, many newcomers to the sport. Even newcomers to horses. This is their site. They are romantics. They are fantasizers. They love Zenyatta and team Zenyatta and everything they have done for this great sport. Let them have their day. Let them show their love. We don’t really need to bring them down to earth do we? Having said all that, I still think you have a lot to offer, so I’m not suggesting in any way that you don’t post at all, I’m just saying don’t burst many bubbles . . . they may be the only bubbles some people have.

  3. @Ensign PS I hope Zetty gets plenty of Guinness before the “happy” event!
    I don’t see that at all, on one hand there’s plenty of info how to respect horses by observing their facial expressions, ears, eyes, body etc., so obviously honoring their sensitivities/sensibilities and on the other hand then all of that is not being considered at all. Wouldn’t Zetty pick out THE race horse stallion she would feel compatible with? Why can’t they start seeing each other from at a distance at first and then touch noses from each in its own paddock. And if she likes him then they could still do it in a controlled manner. So nby would get hurt. ???:)

  4. Happy New Year to Zenyatta. You have brought so much joy and happiness to your fans. I love you!

  5. Beautiful Zenyatta, Happy Birthday #1 and a very Blessed New Year to you and your barn friends. Did Kitty celebrate with you? I wish you all the the comfort, happiness, health and love that you have so rightly earned. And please send a message to Mr. & Mrs. Moss, John and Dottie, Mario and Carmen, Steve, Mike, all at Barn 55 and Lane’s End that the same wishes are for them too. MUCH LOVE FROM ME TO YOU.

  6. @ JJV,
    I won’t disclose where I work for privacy reasons : )
    I know it’s nice to romanticize & there’s plenty of that in these posts. I’ve simply been filling in some of the information that’s not been posted. I’m not doing it to burst bubbles, just to give people an idea of what to expect of what’s to come for Zenyatta (for those that have been curious).
    It’s fine to think that Zenyatta will run loose with her chosen stallion and have a romantic time, but that’s no where near what will happen so why lie to people?

    @ Nancy above,
    ‘Ace’ (acepromazine) is commonly used for horses for sedation purposes. Not all mares are aced before breeeding, but it’s not uncommon for a maiden mare. They have to be jumped by a teaser stallion before being bred to the actual stallion to see how they’ll react to having another horse jump up on their hind end. If they react violently, the teaser takes the brunt of it, not the expensive stallion.
    Many stallions wear muzzles when breeding. Stallions frequently use their teeth to hang onto a mare’s neck or mane while breeding so it’s for her protection. Mares are sometimes outfitted with a leather ‘cape’ over their neck & withers to prevent bite marks as well.

    @ Sunny Boyd,
    LOL! I’m sure she’d appreciate a little Guiness before her 1st time!
    Unfortunately, Zenyatta will have no say in her chosen mate. Most farms keep mares and stallions in seperate parts of the farm (like at Lane’s End) so she’ll never meet the stallion beforehand. Just when he walks into the breeding shed.
    Commercial farms breed thousands of mares a season. They don’t have time for romantic meetings over pasture fences. Safetly would also be a HUGE issue having mares and studs sharing a fence line! Many a stallion has bred a mare through a fence, or gone through one to get to said mares, lol.

  7. Happy New Year to all your new friends at Lanes end and of course TEAM Z. Thank you so much for sharing all your new activities with us. I did read in the Blood Horse magazine that Lanes End is planning on allowing the public to come and see you but they just do not have anything in place as yet. Please keep us posted and let us know what you hear!!! Wish you lots of love, happiness and good health this new year. I am waiting for April 1st to wish you happy birthday – hugs and kisses

  8. ZENYATTA’S BIRTHDAY – Numbers Game 1-1-11
    Happy Birthday to the Queen,
    Official … Zenyatta turns seven.
    Dimensional world Z’s #1,
    April 1st due date in Heaven.
    The year you were born by Derby,
    I’ve added mine for flavor.
    Zen’s Derby horse is “Smarty”,
    Last year babies born “Super Saver”.
    Mom was born April “Zev”,
    The same day as Ruffian.
    She’s turf tuff, bore 3 young,
    You will be too or bluff’eum!
    Equine world your 11’s are up,
    “Determine” you blow your own horn.
    Imagine that, you are a Mom,
    A new little horsie is born.
    Some say when your 11’s are up,
    It’s almost time to go.
    Neck or mane, we owe a life,
    Smell fresh bread, you know?
    Numbers are just a concept,
    Quarter, two 11’s not slow!
    We wait, we wonder, we watch,
    The Great Mare in the snow.
    Your path has been chosen for you,
    Shebiscuit is sound not worn.
    Sentimentally partial to 4,
    Family in which you were born.
    In 2 or 3 if all goes well,
    Six is the depth of the loam.
    5 and 8 I’ve omitted,
    For us it was 9, we were home.
    Seven you still could be racing,
    Many a Great has done.
    I’ve called all numbers but 10,
    Highest power! NO number one.
    Chill out have a great year,
    Make “Aristides” at your new home.
    Have many years to maul over,
    Twelve verses of Birth-a-Day poem.
    On track Sunday they race,
    Remember the mystical highs.
    Father Time waits for nobody,
    Mother Nature gets by with those eyes.
    Seven is “GOD’s” number,
    The real number one!
    On the seventh day He rested,
    So “GOD” could watch them run!

  9. Happy New Year, Team Zenyatta! Thank you for an outstanding 2010. Really looking forward to 2011; things should be getting better. I’m wondering if you’ll be providing information on horse husbandry through this site. That’ll sure be interesting, eh … Love to hear that you’re running and rolling and grazing just like every normal, healthy horse. Just wait till you can lie down in the bluegrass and take a nap in the warm sun. That’s what retirement is all about!

  10. Happy New Year, Zenyatta, and to everyone connected with you and on these posts! May it be a good one for all! I am making a New Year’s request for all to consider the mustangs & burros, that are facing really hard times, and will be rounded up to extinction, unless more people get involved to help. I encourage all (who have not)to visit http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org to learn about, and help make a difference for them. They are our icons of the west, and symbols of freedom. On a lighter note, what fun to roll in the mud, Zenyatta! How fun the simple pleasures of being a “horse,” and doing what comes naturally. (Hey, women spend lots of money to get mud packs for their skin) Animals are so inherently wiser than humans in many ways! They have lots to teach us….


  12. @JJV
    Zenyatta is an awesome talented champion thoroughbred
    horse as she has said. It is very very very unusual for owners
    trainers to share this caliber of animal with the public. We are
    very lucky. Putting humans emotions and feelings onto
    a horse is not correct. A horse makes one feel wonderful
    because they are a horse with power strength beauty and
    talent. Mike Smith has expressed true love of the horse
    Zenyatta her kindness and talent. She truly inspires us all, but
    we all need to realize the reality of her next career and how
    dangerous it is. Stallions are not romatice. They are driven by
    hormones like Mares are. They need to be kept safe from each
    other. Horses are very delicate creatures and can be hurt physically
    quite easily.
    Please keep educating us. Yes, I am familiar with Ace. We often use
    it when fox hunting to calm the initial excitement and also
    when a horse is injured and beginning to work again to get the edge
    off excitement. Don’t you think Dynaformer is too big
    17 hands to be bred to Z. Foal maybe too large
    race ?

    Zenny hope you are having a wonderful day running
    and rolling in the snow and mud.

  13. Happy Healthy New Year to you Zenyatta and your wonderful team in Ky and Ca. I can see the love for you comes through in the pictures and videos shown here. No wonder you are going to be Horse of the Year.

  14. We must all be patient, we won’t know who Zen is bred to until she is safely in foal. Most of us are hoping for AP Indy but as we know it could be any of about 5 studs. The first foal is important for a maiden mare but it may not be her best foal. Ensign is right the breeding process is not pretty but with the correct handling of the stud and mare it is done with the safety of both of the animals the most important result. Having bred horses live cover and AI, I find AI to be much safer for the stud and the mare, particularily if the mare has a foal at her side.
    Queen Z. I am ready for a video with you rolling in the mud, I want to see if you are covered with as much mud as my geldings when they decide to roll. Enjoy your Guiness!! Happy Birthday.

  15. THANK YOU @Ensign ET AL FOR YOUR DOSE OF REALITY. I am sure we all could use that as we start 2011 HOWEVER, Zen brought some of us to a different place in life we needed to be. SO thanks for the education but for many of us ZEN lovers we would like to think of her in the snow, mud, dancing and just being a bit of joy is a world full of crap.

  16. Happy New Year, Zenyatta! I wish only the best for you, sweet girl!

  17. Well said Quarterhorsegal. The sensitivity to Zenyatta
    will occur during the breeding process. Lanes End
    Owners and staff are setting up a very trusting environment and
    relationship with Zenyatta. I would not be surprised if Team Zenyatta
    Calif came to Kentucky for her first breeding.

  18. Love you Z! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! When can you have visitors?

  19. @ Linda B,

    We can all enjoy watching her just being a horse, new comers and long time owners/workers alike : )
    That’s the fun of loving horses. Most of us rarely get tired of watching a horse re-discover freedom.
    I don’t post with any intention of ‘distracting’ people from why they’re here, just adding in some extra info. for those not as familiar with the goings on of the breeding side of the business : )
    @ Quarterhossgal,
    I don’t doubt that you may be right and we may not find out who Zenyatta’s been bred to until she *is* confirmed in foal. It would solve having to answer questions on here about why she may be bred to one stallion, and then later covered by a different one. Easier to announce it once it’s over & done with ;-)

  20. Happy New Year Zenyatta and to all your loving family and friends!

  21. @ Nancy,
    I agree completely. I’m sure many of her family will be there the day she’s covered. While it may not be her favorite day, it’s a big day regardless for Zen & her human family. Lot of hopes and dreams riding on that few minute service (not to mention BIG money).


  23. Thanx Zenny so much for all the good wishes and may all the blessings and good fortune be with you and your family throughout this year and always. Here in the Arab world it’s already January 1st and from the looks of it, it’s gonna be a great year. Amen! I wish you the best birthday and I hope you enjoy every bit of it. Hope your having fun in the snow and with your new friends.
    I love you Zenny and plz take care and always keep us posted on what you’re doing.
    Love always, Zeina

  24. I was reading the comments on breeding – live cover vs AI – isnt is a rule with the Thoroughbred breed that it must be a live cover?

  25. happy 1-1-11 to you Queen Z, all your connections, human and equine! You are #1 in every respect and indisputable HOTY! I’ve read that horse breeding is not at all romantic, to say the least, and I’m sure EVERY precaution will be taken to keep both Zenyatta and the stallion safe. how long is it safe and/or possible for a pregnant mare to roll in the mud or grass??

  26. Happy New Year Z!

  27. To Mary McQuire: Please see Diary Post #44; Jenna`s DEC., 31, comment & her Link to Horse Radio Network Hottest Horseman Awards — it`s highlighted in her note. ~ ‘Selah’ Comments regarding ‘the business’ of breeding seem comparable to standard medical norms 40 years ago when young women were dissuaded from bringing lists of questions and objections to appointments with their obstetricians. Little by little, however, mothers-to-be searching for better ways, requested and expected, better rapport and insight and procedures from these professionals — or, they went elsewhere — because the best of physicians always welcomed new attitudes and levels of awareness and participation in ‘their mothers.’ More change, because more insight. ~ As the Mosses consistently broke the molds where their ventures led, there is good reason to conjecture similar potential to seek better methods, even in the so-called ‘business of breeding.’ Regardless of the public`s levels of horse-handling capabilities, advocates regarding living creatures as other than commodities, often find their inquiries opening doors with even established professionals. Relatively smaller, family-oriented and animal/client-centric horsemen such as Don Robinson of Winter Quarter Farm consistently contribute excellence, over a 60-year standard because of their steadfast, humane attention to respected, albeit now barely known, old-guard values of authentic horsemanship. Happily, it is still possible that timeless, dependable, respected methods actually will turn latter-day ‘industry’ norms back from the expedient to those arts by which gifted horsemen of every culture, working from the ground up, always have respected the animals by whom their life work thrives, and the people gravitating to them, rather than what passes now for, and is touted as ‘the way it is done.’ ~ ‘Selah’ “I always think there`s a band, Kid.” [Harold Hill ‘The Music Man,’] Khc.

  28. Thanks,@ Ensign for sharing your knowledge- I would like to know if the Mosses sign a contract with the Farm and loss their control over Z’s lifestyle and can they change their mind in the future of her being there or is it a done deal? I can only imagine what her living expenses are– thousands per month? I appreciate your taking time to comment. janet c

  29. Congratulations Zenyatta — you made CNN’s Best of 2010 list on CNN! Woo hoo! Happy New Year sweet Z and Team Zenyatta!!

  30. @ Janet,
    You’re most welcome : )
    Unless the Mosses sold any portion of Zenyatta to Lane’s End, it’s their horse and they can do with her as they please. They can board her where they like : ) Granted, while she is under the care of Lane’s End she’ll be subject to their care and rules while there. Every farm would have different boarding contracts so I can’t speak for what the policies of boarded mares may be at Lane’s End.
    Board costs for broodmares will vary from farm to farm, and for what services the mare is receiving. Straight pasture board is less than board with a stall, some farms charge more for mares with foals at side.
    The average in Ky for broodmares would be between $25 (low end) to upwards of $50 a day so you’re looking at easily $1000/mth if you take an average of $35/day. That doesn’t include certain vet costs and each farm would bill that seperately.

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