Diary Post #187

One of my Valentine Gifts…Photo by Dawn H.

Good Morning,

I just had to share this adorable gift I received for Valentine’s Day with you. As a racehorse, my jewelry normally came in the form of halters, browbands and bridles. I wore them very fashionably (I think) and they photographed very well.

Other types of JEWELRY are a rather new concept for me.

Well, for Valentine’s Day, an absolutely charming NECKLACE was made for me by a little girl named EMMA. She thought this would be perfect for me. It is priceless! To quote her MOM, “Emma says the ‘P’ on the end is for pretty because ZENYATTA is PRETTY of course! (Out of the mouths of BABES!)”

Emma also sent me a VALENTINE GREETING! This is all so special! Click HERE to watch!

The one thing lately that has really become so apparent to me is that I have FANS of ALL AGES. This really makes me feel so proud that I have been able to touch the hearts of so many different people in so many different ways!


It is amazing how someone saying one or two kind words to you…CAN MAKE YOUR DAY!

With Love,
Hugs to ALL~


  1. She thinks you are pretty, Zenyatta you are beutiful.. She will grow up and remember you as a wonderful beautiful horse. I love you Zenyatts

  2. Tamyatta, my heart is with you. Our family is our dogs. I’m praying for you dog..

  3. Night everyone, I need to go for my ride with Mie and Zenyattea tonight… Helps me.

  4. Astrid, Dear: THANK YOU for giving the address for Mr. ‘N`s’ 2-Part Interview (everybody could have been out in the ether searching, w/out your guidance). K.

  5. Zenyatta, you are REALLY pretty! Didn’t you know that?!
    BTW: I am only 11 years old. But you are my FAVE RACEHORSE IN HISTORY!!!!!!! I love you, Z!!!!!

  6. Zenyatta you ARE sooo pretty. Your gorgeous. That was such a sweet gesture. I’m sure you can rock any type of jewelry amazingly. You did on the track, that’s for sure

  7. You are Pretty Amazing~!

  8. @Michelle…Well said !!! As a “little girl” who grew up to be a “big girl” loving horses, I could care less about gambling…!!! More focus should be on the ” human and horse interest stories” connecting us to the players in the racing game. @Dawn…..STAY STRONG…WE ARE PULLING FOR YOU!

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