Diary Post #189

Here we are…basking in the SUN! Photo by Cooper Sawyer

Good Morning,

The weather has been absolutely GREAT in Kentucky for the last few days. It actually reached the 70′s. WOW…a bit of California in the Bluegrass State!

Here I am enjoying the sunshine with by Paddock Friends. From left to right, they are Sea Gull, P.Q., Alyss and ME! YIPPEE, we are all just relaxing, looking fabulous, EARS FORWARD, and SO HAPPY!

Cooper, who is the yearling manager at Lane’s End, was driving by our paddock when he looked over and saw us in the field enjoying the sunshine! He could not resist jumping out of his truck and taking this photo. I think we all look terrific! So glad he was able to capture this moment…for YOU!

We had a fabulous afternoon! I was thinking back…and this is the warmest it has been since I arrived in Kentucky. It brought back memories. I have not lounged around in a paddock and laid in the sun like this since I was a yearling. I’ve spent a great deal of time ‘sunning’ in California. As many of you may know, John always had me graze and spend a couple of hours each day outdoors with my dear friend, Mario! But to be totally free like this in a large paddock…I have not done this for years!

Hope you have a wonderful day with some of your friends. Enjoy yourself, relax, and most importantly remember to HAVE SOME FUN!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Thanks so much for the picture! It made my day!!!!!

  2. You all look so happy and relaxed enjoying the wonderful sunshine. It makes your fans so happy to see you enjoying the retired life, lol. Did the “carrot cart” make its way to your paddock for afternoon delights? Sending lots of love and hugs to you from NJ.

  3. 1st ever photo I’ve seen of Zenyatta actually lying down – totally amazing! Absolutely perfect picture of all 4 ladies being so serene & relaxed. Thank you for the photo, Cooper.

  4. Zenyatta, I’m really glad that you are having so much fun with your friends. That is a nice picture of you ladies. I’ll bet you enjoy the freedom of running around the paddock. In fact, I know that you enjoy it. The warm weather can’t hurt things either. I still want to know how your first date goes. Keep me posted.

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