Diary Post #194

“ZENNY…what an exciting week you’ve had!” The ‘adorable Sophie Shirreffs’ sending her regards! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share this photo of SOPHIE…along with her message to ME…with YOU. Needless to say, she is keeping up on all of my ‘activities and experiences’ while I’m at Lane’s End. Here, Sophie is nibbling on one of her favorite chew goodies…but she did want to remind me to EAT PROPERLY, WATCH MY DIET and TO MONITOR ALL OF MY SNACKS at this time.

Needless to say, this is all very exciting! I so appreciate all of your sweet messages. MARIO is an absolute doll! (So glad you noticed!) Please remember, that I do TANGO with my BARN 55 friends and MY TEAM all of the time. We do this often and really do keep in touch. It is so kind of you to want to start a fund for Mario to come and visit me. FYI, he will be able to come for visits with others from my CA FAMILY. MY TEAM will always offer him the opportunity to stay in touch with ME! THANK YOU, though, for all of your thoughtfulness and the kindness of this gesture. It is greatly appreciated by all of MY TEAM! I also wanted you to know how deeply touched Mario is by this act of kindness you have shown him!

Many of you have asked…what will happen next with me? The web-page on Fetus Development…that you are referring to in the ‘RESPONSES’…can be very educational. So, if you chose to review the material presented, it can be a very helpful reference to learn about the stages I will be experiencing during the next 11 months. This may be found HERE. Dottie was explaining to me…just like women have books to refer to when they are having babies….this can be a great reference for ME! There are always so many NEW things to learn in life! I am having a wonderful time exploring them!

On several occasions, Dottie has mentioned to ME how special it is to read so many of your wonderful, uplifting ‘RESPONSES’ in the DIARY. Often in life, we face various challenges. In one way or another, we ALL have them. They come in different forms, situations, and at different times of our lives. That is why it is so meaningful to see so many of you really trying to offer support, kindness and a WONDERFUL LOVING SPIRIT…not just to ME and MY TEAM…BUT TO EACH OTHER. It means a GREAT DEAL TO ME!

I know this type of support, devotion, and love is what encouraged me to become the HORSE I AM. I could not have done it all without the GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT that MY TEAM and MY FANS extended to ME! Thus, to see an extension of this continue with ALL of YOU via your ‘RESPONSES’ in the DIARY…REALLY MAKES ME FEEL SO PROUD!

With Love,
Hugs to All…Especially, at this time, to my dear friend, “BUD”~


  1. Dear Queen Z,
    So far you’ve done and seen many amazing things in your life, dear Zenyatta, but I believe you’ve now entered the most exciting adventure of all–being a mother! May God bless you and your little one as you move into this new phase of your life.
    Your sharing heart and high spirits give us all hope in trying times. I couldn’t love you more!
    Kisses and hugs,

  2. Zenyatta, I’m a golden retriever. My owner really adores you and so do I. In your racing days, did you have a “Pocatell”, “JoJo” or “Pumpkin” (animals used to calm Seabiscuit)to help you relax between races? Sophie, thank you for your diary entry. Good dog!

  3. Hi Zenyatta,
    Thanks for the very happy picture of Sophie and for the link illustrating fetus development. As always, thanks to your teams for sharing so much info. In case you haven’t heard, it seems Stonestreet is doing more to ‘share’ Rachel Alexandra. If you go to their site you can find out about visiting:
    Love and hugs, SuzanneG
    @ENSIGN–appreciate the links on genetics and beautiful picture of Lonhro

  4. I wanted to ditto Stephanie Q and Kim S’s comments. They phrased my sentiments perfectly :).

  5. With Rachel Alexandra being bred to Curlin, Feb. 21st….and Zenyatta bred to Bernardini, Feb. 23rd….looks like they are going to have a ‘race of their own’ in the spring!

  6. Thanks Dottie for the cute picture of Sophie.
    @ENSIGN .. thanks for all the great info, always look forward to your post.
    @ Dani, great post also. You said it so well as to how we all feel about Zenyatta.
    Love her so much. Hugs to all

  7. Good morning Zenyatta,
    hope you’re doing well, outside romping with your paddock pals.
    I imagine an active racehorse’s conditioning involves a lot of different people in the best of circumstances. From the responsible owner to the professional stall guys. All of them taking pride in the immaculate execution of their work detail, and together carry the laurels of the horse’s success. The principle of being on the job in a diligent, faithful, honorable, professional manner is the award in itself, even though it may not always be recognized. Well, I know that TEAM Z, your team, was recognized, in various ways, but wonder if others who work barns in general, are remembered with holiday tips, or monetarily when riders return their horses after an outing, for a job well done? Be kind/generous to the barn guys every time.
    @ Ensign
    yeah, it is interesting, and I did read about that occurrence in humans, earlier thought of a rarity, but now actually more common than earlier assumed. Some very early life forms had/still have the ability to reproduce by possessing both female/male organs, and I wonder if that’s how we started out at the very earliest forms of existence. Thanks
    Yeeepeeeee to Mr. Cummings/Shirreffs barn :) :) :)
    Oh, Zetty, you’re changing to Bud beer :) :) :)

  8. Little Sophie is soooo cute. I had a poodle when I was growing up, her name was GiGi….poodles are very loving breeds. Thank you for posting the link for the Fetus Timeline, that was great information. Your daily updates are so refreshing and informative, I just love to read them. We are waking up to snow this Sunday morning in AZ, I don’t know what it’s like in KY right now but stay warm and healthy our Sweet Zenyatta!

  9. Zenny & Dottie thank you so much for the fetus time line. You both are so thoughtful to keep us all informed. How touching- the concern about Mario. I’m sure he is so pleased & of course he will be visiting you with the CA Team. Little Sophie is adorable as always. I am awaiting the arrival of my Secretariat-Zenyatta poster,Santa Anita had run out & Christine Crocker from the track emailed to leave me know it was on it’s way. Have a wonderful day- till tomorrow.

  10. Zenny & Dottie thank you so much for the fetus time line. You both are so thoughtful to keep us all informed. How touching- the concern about Mario. I’m sure he is so pleased & of course he will be visiting you with the CA Team. Little Sophie is adorable as always. I am awaiting the arrival of my Secretariat-Zenyatta poster,Santa Anita had run out & Christine Crocker from the track emailed to leave me know it was on it’s way. Have a wonderful day!!

  11. Zenny,
    You have that special aura that has touched so many of us. And the amazing thing is, it’s STILL growing and getting stronger!!!
    Sophie is so cute.
    Thank you Dottie and John for all of this,
    Enjoy your day!

  12. I’m praying for your health, the health of your potential foal, and for a safe and healthy pregnancy. God bless you, Zenyatta, and your family!

  13. Zenny, you might have to start a fad for the new “non-alcoholic Guinness” that’s about to be invented (sez me, LOL) for you and all the other Guinness-lovers in your expectant condition! Guinness used to be the drink of pregnant ladies to the point that, if a woman ordered one, people asked when she was due. This has now gone out of medical fashion, but, with the alcohol gone, it would still be an excellent nutritional supplement — lots of iron and B-vitamins, I believe. Maybe your team can use their influence in this department!
    Anyhow, for you, one Guinness is like ~1/10th of a bottle for a human, due to your wonderfully ample and lovable size! You might be okay with that?

  14. Dearest, Zenyatta. Just a quick note wishing you, the girls and everyone at Lanes End a wonderful day! Hugs and kisses. XXXOOO
    @Shari Voltz – I hope the tears are mainly happy:) I wanted to let you know how wonderful I think it is that you are sharing Zenyatta’s world with your students. What a fun, positive learning experience. Your work is so important, thank you for being a true hero, an involved and caring teacher!
    @Karen Mitchell – Thank you so much for your kind words, I certainly return the compliment right back to you. While dealing with heart breaking grief, you give heart healing LOVE.
    @Lanie – The story of the time spent with your sister talking about Zenyatta was wonderful. What a blessing to you both and a memory made to last forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your sister and family.
    @Dani – I enjoyed your wonderful post!
    @L and Ensign – As always, so appreciate the information you provide. I agree, the picture of Lonhro is very beautiful.
    @Suzanne G – Thanks for the info on Rachel. I had read some time ago that they were working on visits, but had not seen the updated website lately. How exciting!!

  15. To All Z’s Fans:

    I don’t use this forum for anything other than my love for Z. Yesterday’s post and Z and Dottie’s thoughts about difficulties in life made me think of someone who is going through the unimaginable right now. Eibar Coa, one of our favorite jockeys, suffered a horrible neck injury about a week ago in a spill at Gulfstream. He has undergone two surgeries and has months of rehab ahead to try to walk again. Please keep him in your prayers. All of you are such caring and loving people and he needs your prayers. Love to all of you. Judy and Russ

  16. Happy Sunday Queen Z
    Thank you for the foal timeline, very informing for all of us.
    Sophie is too cute with the chew toy-it’s almost as big as she is.
    Someone else wrote about the facebook pages and the various names for your little foal. I went back and couldn’t find the posting. Weekend at Bernie’s is great and funny and to true. Jerry and Ann are going to be really busy picking a name for your foal.
    Hope you have a nice restful weekend with your pasture pals. Stay warm and safe.
    Saw Rachels site at Stonestreet and they are having “visit Rachael days” for fans, any plans for that for you Zenyatta? I don’t care if you aren’t cleaned up and just had a mud spa, would be great to see you if even from a distance. We all love you.
    Love and nose kisses. Joyce

  17. Zenyatta has stolen my husband’s heart!

  18. There are tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my face because of what is transpiring here at Zenyatta’s blogspot. Even with the occasional rough spot, the transformative power of kindness and caring is a gift beyond words, isn’t it?
    As the Voice of Zenyatta continues to bring happiness and hope to so many lovely people, these same people are spreading the love to each other and beyond. We are living quite a miracle here!

    Dottie, how can we ever thank you enough for your generosity in continuing to share the transformative spirit of Zenyatta? I have a feeling your heart knows how important this work is, and, for someone like you, maybe that is enough.

    Hugs all around!

  19. Dottie,will Lanes End allow visitors to see ‘Z’ this spring? I live in KY and would love to see our new ‘mother-to-be’.

  20. I look forward to your posts everyday.
    You have definitely brought so many people together for the good of the horses.
    We love you Zenyatta.

  21. Ah, love to see Sophie! And I know you’ve been great friends with the Mosses two beautiful dogs, as well. Hope you are taking things easy and enjoying life, Z. Love and hugs.

  22. Ms Zenyatta, Love the photo of your sister, Sophie..she is so cute. Hope that your Saturday was wonderful. Lisa g

  23. My Sweet Lady Zenyatta, What a sweet, sweet post! Dottie, Thanks for the fetus timeline. That is wonderful to be able to check back with to see where Zenyatta is with her baby! Because of you,Zenyatta, we have this wonderful post to share our thoughts of you and what you mean to each of us! It’s a wonderful Fan Family to be part of. Zenyatta, you have such a special quality about you that touches everyone you see or that reads about you. It’s just such a special bond of love that people feel, I know I certainly do!!!I have never met you face to face but seeing all your wonderful photos & videos I can find, I feel like I have. I pray one day after your life settles down that I have the opportunity to come & see you in the pasture just being yourself, running, rolling & talking to your girlfriends and I hope I can tell you in person what you mean to me. It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time but one year I pray it comes true! I can always dream!
    Dottie, Sophie is so cute and is the exact same color of my Hunter! Poodles are so smart and great little dogs! Sending my sweetheart Zenyatta, Hugs & Kisses From Alabama With Love, Amanda G.

  24. @Ensign. Thanks for the link to Lonhro. Now that’s a true Black N Beauty.

  25. @Ensign, thanks for the links, especially Lonhro. Such black!

  26. This foal timeline is fabulous…so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  27. Dearest “Sweet Z”,

    Yes, it is no wonder you have ‘become’ the horse you were meant to be. The “Spirit” in which you were supported and nurtured is the true Spirit which is patient, kind, endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things, and as love is…never ends. 1 Cor.

  28. I look foward to your daily posts and I see now that other throughbreds are following your lead and starting up their websites…but they surely are not the Great Zenyatta who is loved by thousands and thousands…probably billions! Kisses to OUR pretty girl! Love you so much Zenyatta and love your fans reaching out to me through my comments on your dairy posts. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  29. @RobertaSmith
    Even though other TB’s are not the “Great Zenyatta” it is such a positive thing….
    Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this is what I call the Z-Factor. Hopefully, it is her popularity, presence, and gracious owners that have created this ripple effect….
    Owners and breeders MUST begin to realize that this is what the fans want, they want to continue to follow the horses that brought them to the track/racing. They want to see the backside of racing as well. Since following Z, I’ve gotten the impression (correct me if I’m wrong) that the Mosses approach with Z (letting the public have access to her) is not the norm. I hope the ‘ripple’ that has been created by our Z, turns into something bigger…

  30. :)