Diary Post #194

“ZENNY…what an exciting week you’ve had!” The ‘adorable Sophie Shirreffs’ sending her regards! Photo by John Shirreffs

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Saturday! I wanted to share this photo of SOPHIE…along with her message to ME…with YOU. Needless to say, she is keeping up on all of my ‘activities and experiences’ while I’m at Lane’s End. Here, Sophie is nibbling on one of her favorite chew goodies…but she did want to remind me to EAT PROPERLY, WATCH MY DIET and TO MONITOR ALL OF MY SNACKS at this time.

Needless to say, this is all very exciting! I so appreciate all of your sweet messages. MARIO is an absolute doll! (So glad you noticed!) Please remember, that I do TANGO with my BARN 55 friends and MY TEAM all of the time. We do this often and really do keep in touch. It is so kind of you to want to start a fund for Mario to come and visit me. FYI, he will be able to come for visits with others from my CA FAMILY. MY TEAM will always offer him the opportunity to stay in touch with ME! THANK YOU, though, for all of your thoughtfulness and the kindness of this gesture. It is greatly appreciated by all of MY TEAM! I also wanted you to know how deeply touched Mario is by this act of kindness you have shown him!

Many of you have asked…what will happen next with me? The web-page on Fetus Development…that you are referring to in the ‘RESPONSES’…can be very educational. So, if you chose to review the material presented, it can be a very helpful reference to learn about the stages I will be experiencing during the next 11 months. This may be found HERE. Dottie was explaining to me…just like women have books to refer to when they are having babies….this can be a great reference for ME! There are always so many NEW things to learn in life! I am having a wonderful time exploring them!

On several occasions, Dottie has mentioned to ME how special it is to read so many of your wonderful, uplifting ‘RESPONSES’ in the DIARY. Often in life, we face various challenges. In one way or another, we ALL have them. They come in different forms, situations, and at different times of our lives. That is why it is so meaningful to see so many of you really trying to offer support, kindness and a WONDERFUL LOVING SPIRIT…not just to ME and MY TEAM…BUT TO EACH OTHER. It means a GREAT DEAL TO ME!

I know this type of support, devotion, and love is what encouraged me to become the HORSE I AM. I could not have done it all without the GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT that MY TEAM and MY FANS extended to ME! Thus, to see an extension of this continue with ALL of YOU via your ‘RESPONSES’ in the DIARY…REALLY MAKES ME FEEL SO PROUD!

With Love,
Hugs to All…Especially, at this time, to my dear friend, “BUD”~


  1. I saw the page on what happens during the time that a mare is pregnant and it was very interesting. Zenyatta, I hope that Mario does get enough money saved up to come out and visit you. It’s great that you keep up with your buddies from California. Sophie is absolutely right about your need to watch what you eat. After all, you’re eating for two right now. You are completely deserving of all the nice comments that people make to your diary. Keep up the good work of being an absolutely great horse!

  2. Wow Z! And I thought humans grew pretty quickly and doubled in weight. But looking at the horse timeline I’m flabergasted and I’m a labor and delivery nurse! LOL. Truely amazing. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you DJ! You truly expressed why Zeny is the horse that she is today. Thanks to the people that love her and care for her. John has said she is a special gift – a miracle. And she truly is. MV

  4. Dear Angel Girl, today a vendor came to seem me at work and before we could begin our meeting, she noticed your picture (from my Hollywood Park visit with you) on my bulletin board. She asked “is that your horse?” and I smiled and said “no, that’s the Great Zenyatta.” (I almost said “yes, she’s Horse of My Heart, my very own Z along with everyone else who adores her”). OMG, this gal got so excited and almost flipped out when I told her I met you. She knew all about you! So, I showed her your website, and we started reading some of your diaries, and then we watched your 2009 BCC win! We almost forgot to conduct our business. lol Best vendor meeting I ever had! Your Z-ness is never-ending; it keeps spreading out, covering the masses with your special brand of love and care. How grateful I am you are here in my lifetime.
    Dottie, I’m sure Sophie has a special spark of her own. Always love to see her visiting us here. Thank you for all you do for us, and thanks to Sarah at LE for contributing, as well.
    My best and warmest regards to you, and all on this site.

  5. Oh Z, I missed responding on here so much. When I do, I feel you will know I love you so much! I was in awe when I went to a foals development link. Having a foal is truly Gods gift just like with us. So, you know all I pray for is that your happy and healthy all the way through, and have your precious healthy “baby Z” Thanks Dottie for everything, from the bottom of my heart. Oh Z, your buddy Sophie is such a cute friend. God bless you all. Love you with a kiss on your soft nose.

  6. Oh Mary M Meck; So Z was trying to eat your hair! ha ha. If that would have been me, I would not washed my hair for a week just to try to smell anything of Z!! ha

  7. Congratulations to you Zenny and your family (and to that handsome Bernardini) on your successful, ahem…meeting! Thanks once again for keeping us fan/friends in the wonderful Z loop! I wish you and your family (team z!) all the best!

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