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MEET EBLOUISSANTE! Photo by C.J. Cronfeld

Good Morning,

It was so much fun having BRUNCH with all of you yesterday! We should do it again one day soon! I DO LOVE TO EAT!

I wanted to share a photo of my ’2 year old sister’ with you! EBLOUISSANTE is now at the training center in South Carolina. Here she is a few days ago…getting ready to go out and practice her lessons. Hmmm! I see some definite family similarities. I think I’d know those ears and hind quarters anywhere! I’ve lived with them myself for years. I guess we get these qualities from our MOM….VERTIGINEUX.

In the thoroughbred industry, very simply speaking, your family line as far as being a sister/brother (1/2, 3/4 relative etc.) is primarily recorded in detail through your mother. A MARE only has one foal a year as the gestation period is approximately 11 months. A healthy STALLION, on the other hand, may be bred to 60-100 or so mares each year….depending upon his popularity.

So when you are looking at a PEDIGREE PAGE for a foal (a history of the family)…it is basically traced through the MARE and HER OFFSPRING. In my direct family, my MOM has had several foals while owned by my breeder, MAVERICK PRODUCTIONS. In each of these cases, my MOM was bred to a different stallion….but what ties us together is the fact that we are all foaled (born) from the same MARE. Speaking on behalf of myself, in pedigree terms, ZENYATTA is BY STREET CRY out of VERTIGINEUX. When referenced in this manner….BY…means SIRE (Father of the foal/horse) and OUT OF refers to the MARE (Mother of the foal/horse).

Thus, on MY PEDIGREE PAGE, you would see the following in relation to my MOM. Listed right below her name, VERTIGINEUX, would be the following foals she gave birth to through 2009:

2002…WHERE’S BAILEY, b f, by Aljabr. (Year of birth, foal’s name, b…meaning color bay, f for filly and then by…and the stallion’s name)

2003…BALANCE, b f, by Thunder Gulch

2004…ZENYATTA, dkb/br f, by Street Cry ( dkb/br…means dark bay/brown in color)

2006…TREASURE TRAIL, b f, by Pulpit

2007…SOUPER SPECTACULAR, ch c, by Giant’s Causeway (ch for chestnut and c for colt)

2009…EBLOUISSANTE, dkb/br f, by Bernardini.

In 2005 and 2008, the mare did not have a foal. She has had some since…I just did not list them here.

A full brother/sister….would have the same MOTHER and FATHER.

Thus, when it is not a FULL…it can be a 3/4 or 1/2 brother/sister depending on the various pedigrees influences of the stallion. Thus, as you can see from this, I am not a FULL to any of these siblings….as my MOM was not bred back to Street Cry.

It never ceases to amaze me what a small world we actually live in. My breeder is listed as MAVERICK PRODUCTIONS and when I was purchased this is all my Team knew. All of the paperwork, pedigree pages, and my Jockey Club papers (birth certificate) all list my breeder this way. It was not until months later that any of us on my TEAM found out this was Mr. Kronfeld…a man Mr. Moss knew from the music business. They had not spoken in years…..so I was the one who reacquainted them through all of my racing accomplishments. This is so special!

Additionally, MR. COMMONS and MAKOMA, 2 of my friends from Barn 55…..who both WON this weekend at Santa Anita…..have an interesting ‘small world’ story. Mr. Commons learned his early lessons in South Carolina with Mickey Preggar….just like Eblouissante is doing now. Makoma was with Jeanne and April Mayberry in Ocala, Florida, during her training center days…just like I WAS! There are a number of training centers in our industry….but here we are…..sharing so many wonderful experiences with these two! This is such a small world! We are so fortunate!

Dottie said she’d check the files to see if John has photos of ME at 2…..at the training center….taken at the same stage as ‘E’ is now. Let’s hope! It would be so much fun to compare us at this stage of our lives. YEAH, MOM! This FAMILY THING is so much FUN!

Enjoy your day!

With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. E is very beautiful! I’m excited for her!

  2. Good Morning Zenyatta! Another great Post…..lot’s of good information….thanks for sharing! HELLO EBLOUISSANTE….you sure do look a lot like your sister, especially in the hind quarters. :) I will be looking forward to seeing you in the future….Best of Luck to you Little Sister.

  3. Yeah! I was there on Saturday and saw both Makoma & Mr. Commons win! I was thinking of you because of Mike being the jockey and because of the Mosses’ silks being in the winner’s circle once more. I miss YOU in the winner’s circle! I look forward to seeing your little sis there. I remember John saying it would be a long time until he would put some other horse in your stall. I wonder if he is saving it for Eblouissante?

  4. Thank you for your input, L. It is a shame, actually, that Coolmore and Darley do not interact. It would be fantastic to see a full brother/sister to Zenyatta on the track.

  5. @Lizzy. Growth in horses will vary. Often, a horse is full grown at 4 – (especially the hot bloods -such as Arabians), although they may continue to broaden & fill out for a bit. Cold breeds, such as drafts, i.e. Clydesdales, usually do not reach full growth until age 6. I am limited to the number of thoroughbreds that I have known
    from various barns, friends, etc. However, there were a few – one in particular – that continued to grow, in height, until he was past 5…..he was also a very late bloomer, very immature – beautiful, but a hellion on wheels! Milo reached his full height at 17h.
    @Ensign, or whoever would know- Question, please. I am curious as to how the foal/dam is handled during her breeding? In the wild, the foal simply is there with the whole herd, and observes. Obviously, this cannot be done. I would imagine the foal would have to travel with the dam, but then be separated, which would not go over very well, to say the least- especially if the foal was 1-3 months old. So then, what? Is a sedative used? I am very interested in knowing the procedure used. Thank you in advance for answering…

  6. My ZENNY. I must tell you I LOVE all of you posts but for some reason I enjoyed this one the most. Your sis absolutely resembles yoy. Her hind quarters, legs,stature and most of all her head….Her face is very much you. Whether there is a blaze or not. The profile,ears, and eye is definately “Z”.. Love you much. Can`t wait to read about “Eblouissante”. It`s SUCH a small world. Life turns 360 degrees and back to the start. Look how your life has turned from racing to mom.. Thats how is goes Zenny.. Well, Lots of Big Hugs and Kisses Alene…Thanks Dottie, Great post!!! :-)

  7. Hi Z, your sister is so beautiful. I hope she does well in racing. But in my heart there will never be another Zenyatta. You are my special one and I love you will all my heart and soul. I love to read about your history and the history of your mom and dad. You are so special and caring and so kind when you speak of all this. I love it. Have a great day and take care of yourself you special girl. Love you lots, XOXOXOXO:)

  8. @audreyc
    Thank you for answering my question. :) This means Eblouissant could be as tall as Z and V. She definitely has that ‘awareness’ look about her like Z.

  9. @signofthetimes, you were asking about full siblings that were all good racers. Back in the 1860s there was the “Barbarous Batallion,” five full sisters out of the mare Barbarity. They were Ruthless, Relentless, Remorseless, Regardless, and Merciless. All five were stakes winners. Ruthless, foaled in 1864, was the best of the lot. She won the first Belmont Stakes and also won the Travers Stakes. She was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame in 1975. Remorseless (1867) was champion juvenile filly of 1869. There were also three full brothers, one of whom, Barbarian, was stakes placed.

    Mahubah is best known as the dam of the great Man O’War, but she also had four other foals by Fair Play. Three were winners. Her 1919 colt My Play won the 1924 Jockey Club Gold Cup. Man O’War, in turn, sired the full siblings Crusader and Gunboat out of Star Fancy. Crusader was a Horse of the Year and is in the Hall of Fame. Gunboat, while not in his class, was still a very good horse. He was a steeplechaser. (Man O’War was such an outstanding racehorse that it’s easy to overlook just how good some of his offspring were.)

    Weekend Surprise, the daughter of Secretariat and dam of AP Indy, produced several sets of full siblings. Among these were Preakness winner Summer Squall and his brother Saithor, who raced in Europe and won several important races in France. (They also had an unraced full sister.)

    Crimson Saint produced five full siblings by Secretariat. One of these, Pancho Villa, was a multiple graded stakes winner. His sister Terlingua was also a multiple graded stakes winner. She was the dam of the great sire Storm Cat.

    Full siblings Pure Prize and Good Reward, by Storm Cat out of Heavenly Prize, are both graded stakes winners. Both currently stand at stud. Their full brother Electricity is a useful racehorse and winner of $130K. The graded-stakes-winning daughters of Storm Cat out of La Affirmed, Carress and Country Cat, each won over $500K. Their full brother Bernstein was a graded stakes winner in Ireland and is a successful sire.

    Remember Z’s buddy from Barn 55, Life is Sweet? She is a full sister to Sweet Catomine, by Storm Cat out of Sweet Life. Both are G1-winning millionairesses, and each won a Breeder’s Cup race. They have three other full siblings, one a winner of over $100K.

  10. @Peggy. What wonderful, wonderfu news!!! I’m so happy for you. My Mom died of breast cancer back in 1976 and treatment of this disease has come such a long way. I know if she was still alive and had breast cancer, the outcome would be very, very different now. Congrats again!

  11. I Love all this info. It is very intresting to me as I can pass this on to my cutomers at Churchill. They Love it

  12. Love your post, as usual. Love you and the “family”. Have a good day. xoxo

  13. Zenyatta, Someone else asked you this also; How do you pronounce EBLOUISSANTE? Where did this name come from? And, thank you for the “history” lesson and all the horsey info you give us. Hooves off to you! Hugs and Prayers

  14. @ AudreyC,
    Re: the foals & the breeding shed, it can vary from farm to farm. Usually if the mare isn’t going to be gone long, most will leave the foal at home safe in it’s stall with someone there to watch over it. It creates less stress and distraction for the mare if the foal isn’t anywhere near the breeding shed and she can’t hear it. Some mares won’t show adequate heat with the foal there either.
    I’ve seen some situations where the foal is left in the trailer after travelling with the mare (again, with someone left with them) if it’s a longer trip to the shed for the mare. The foals are not unloaded off the trailer. Best case scenario though is to leave them home for the short duration if at all possible. Less stress, less chance of injury, etc. There’s no need to tranq. them.

  15. @Ensign–thank you for your answers to questions. I’m sure you save Dottie a lot of time.
    Hope you are having a good day, dear Z. I’m thinking and hoping there is a tiny baby-to-be already growing inside you. Love you loads.

  16. Queen-Z, your sister is very good looking; just like you are. I love learning so much about your family. Fondly, OraJean

  17. Hi Z, was having a stressful day yesterday and was on the phone with my sister who could tell I was in a bad place. All of a sudden she said she had something for me. “What?!” I snapped at her, and she said “it’s a little picture of Zenyatta and I found a little frame to put it in for you.” I couldn’t say anything for a minute, then all I could do was say “Zenny” and all the ugly went away. The warm and fuzzy came rushing in. You’re the best for what ails a gal, that’s for sure. And my sis is no fool – she knew it! lol Thanks for getting me back on track, Sweet Girl. Love you, yes I do.
    @Peggy – wonderful news. I know, I’ve been there (chemo, reconstruction, etc.). It’s a glorious moment when they say you’re cancer free. God bless you.

  18. Great info on your “family”. Wonder why your mother was never bred to Street Cry again. It would be interesting to see the second result.

  19. Dearest Zenyatta,
    How cool it is to learn things such as these, I didn’t get really excited about throughrobred horse racing until I met you at Santa Anita years ago…but I’ve been hooked since.
    I read and learn so much, and whats so cool is I just keep on learning awesome things. What a beautiful gift you have given my heart.

  20. Oh Zenny, your little 1/2 sister is beautiful!! I live in SC & I might have to go visit your sis in Camden. That is also where Ruffin and Quality Road were trained!!

  21. Zenny, really enjoyed learning about your sisters and brothers. What a treat!

  22. Thanks for all the information which you presented so clearly. I noticed that your dam has foaled only one colt and all the rest are fillies. Is this just happenstance? Or are some mares predisposed to give birth to one sex more often? Enjoy all your days Zenyatta. You have brought and continue to bring so much joy to so many.

  23. Love this website so much! Thanks to Team Z for doing it.

    Here is how to pronounce Eblouissante:
    Click on the volume symbol after Eblouissante and you will hear it.

    Here is how to pronounce Vertigineux:

  24. Hey beautiful Lady Z, I live in South Carolina and was wondering where your South Carolina farm with Mickey Preggars is located? Anxiously awaiting news of your being in foal.
    Hugs to you always!!

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