Diary Post#207

MIKIE and ME on the BILLBOARD in ARKANSAS. Photo sent to us by David Longinotti


I hope you have a wonderful weekend. There is some great racing going on around the country today and March Madness continues to be very exciting. So many last minute shots and 3 pointers really change the outcome of a game so quickly. Look at the local Kentucky teams. Louisville lost in the last few moments the other evening and the University of Kentucky secured their win in the final seconds. That is like MY SPORT. A PHOTO FINISH going one way or another or the BOB of a head can be the difference between winning and losing. I guess that is why SPORTING ACTIVITIES are so THRILLING. Every move counts!

Last week when my jockey, MIKE, was going to ride in Arkansas at Oaklawn Park, he called Dottie to mention the huge BILLBOARD he saw with US on it. John contacted his friends at that race track and was able to get a photo of it for ALL OF US to see! Mike’s right…it does LOOK IMPRESSIVE! WIN CITY! I like that thought!

Additionally, I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU who have been asking about how I am doing in your DIARY responses. I am doing extremely well…and am having SO MUCH FUN! I have been out ‘romping in the paddock’ with my friends every day. We are truly having a great time. We absolutely love it when the wind blows just enough to make it FUN. Sometimes, it feels like the breezes are tickling my coat. When this happens, my friends and I put up our tails and gallop around the field together truly appreciating the outdoors, the wind, and each other. Such special moments!

I’m also enjoying my normal daily routine and all of favorite foods. This week, in addition to bananas and pears, I have been having a special craving for peppermints. I’ve figured out something very special about them. Not only do peppermints TASTE GREAT…but, the other fabulous thing is that my guys here can carry lots and lots of them around in their pockets at all times. That makes them very HANDY and ACCESSIBLE. Thus, every time I nod to one of them, cuddle up, or come to the front of my stall for a pat or a photo …all they have to do is reach in their pockets and VOILA…A TREAT FOR ME! Now, this is TOO CUTE!

Have a fabulous Saturday and Sunday!
With Love,
Hugs to All~


  1. Dear Z… YOU are “TOO CUTE”!! And, I really think the human who helps you write is also TOO CUTE!! I love your writing style and humor! Your posts always make me smile or laugh. I’m so glad you have these wonderful humans around who love you so much and take such great care of you… and, of course, I’m soooo glad you are doing well and are happy!

  2. hi Zenny!!!!
    I haven’t had much time to read your Diary entries lately but I’m so glad that you’re still writing them and that your doing gr8. Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself.
    Please keep us updated on any news!
    I love you,

  3. Zenny Zen! Run like the wind. I’m so happy that you are happy. I had my riding lesson yesterday. It was windy and my mare was wanting to run. My teacher had me get off and longed her. She ran and kicked her heels and she looked so beautiful. I’ m a beginner, so I’m not ready for too much friskiness yet. So, yesterday & today I learned something about horses and the wind. and I love that you connected to my life that way. Happy happy, my Zenny.

  4. Oh Zen, You are so cute begging for treats. Thanks for your updates!!!


  5. Zenyatta, I’m glad that you’re having lots of fun with your buddies, especially with the warm weather and winds. You are developing cravings for many different things, including peppermint. Some people advise against too much peppermint or anything very sugary. I advise moderation. I will enter your contest as soon as I find out the address to send the postcard to. You are absolutely right about the fact that any little move can make the difference between winning or losing a game. I am pulling mostly for your teams-Kentucky and California.

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