Ask The Experts #12

Zenyatta, early September. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


If a mare, for whatever reason, misses a “date” with a stallion, is it difficult to make up? Does one person juggle the breeding schedules for all the stallions and mares?

Barbara Wood

Waco, TX

A: Here at Lanes End we rarely miss a mare’s heat cycle due to the stallion being too busy. We work very hard to communicate with the mare’s boarding farm and do our best to accommodate each mare on the day that is requested. If it does occur we try to give the mare that we missed preferential treatment next time she comes into heat and is “back on the books”.

We have two people here at Lane’s End Farm that juggle the bookings. The stallions are divided between us at the beginning of the year, since we have a large number of them.  We each book half the stallions for the season.  We also have another employee who handles the bookings for the mares that reside at Lane’s End that are bred to stallions on outside farms.

Our Expert

Daniele Hunter

Stallion Booking Secretary, Lane’s End

Daniele has been working at Lane’s End Farm for eight years. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications. She has held many positions within the thoroughbred Industry including working for a veterinarian and managing her own thoroughbred breeding operation.


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  2. My Dear Z Family:

    Have a video and article on Papa Charlie as a Yearling that I thought you might enjoy! Hugs, JB

  3. Dear Peggy N.:

    Your Gabbiano is entered in the 9th Race at Monmouth on 9/30/12. Go Gabby! Love and Hugs, JB

  4. For everyone going to Santa Anita this weekend,
    My best thoughts and prayers for an extraordinary (at the very least), fun and memorable time! What a treat to celebrate You, ZENNY! Everything you are, have accomplished, and shared with us all.
    And….Thanks to all of your family.
    It should be the most wonderful celebration of THE MOST WONDERFUL HORSE…ZENYATTA! And thank you to the Moss’s, the Shirreffs, everyone at Barn 55 and Lane’s End for everything you’ve all done to share so special a time as the life we’ve been able to share with Zenny and now Her new beginnings in Prince Z and Her upcoming new foal.
    Nina Kaiser, congratulations! What a treat to have sculpted such a treasure. Your art is amazing!
    To everyone here on Zenny’s website,
    Blessings to you all! This is such a place to come home to. My prayers for you all – all of the time – and especially that this will be the most memorable weekend! Thank you for the wonderful news, encouragement, humor, openess and sharing. What a comfort and inspiration you all are.

    With much love and very best wishes,

    PS Wish we were there, but we’ll be thinking of you all all weekend!

    1. I am also joining Elizabeth in wishing all Z’sters a wonderful weekend celebrating Zenyatta. I know all of you will have a wonderful time.

      – Linda

  5. Dear Elizabeth and Z Fans:

    I join with Elizabeth in wishing all the Z’sters going to Santa Anita for Z’s statue unveiling a wonderful time. Will be with you in spirit. Please post and let us know all about the day when you can. Love and Hugs, JB

    1. And I’m joining in with Elizabeth and Judy in wishing you all the very best for the weekend, and much love and joy to all the Z Team and Z’sters!

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I have been remiss in not following up to let you all know that we helped Marlene Dodge reach her fund-raising goal to rescue the 9 horses in the Fallon, NV feedlot. Now these horses will be trained (if needed) and Marlene will find good homes for them. She has a very good record finding good homes for the horses she rescues and I’m sure these will be no exception. Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Breeder’s Cup at Santa Anita!

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