Ask The Experts #12

Zenyatta, early September. Photo by Alys Emson/Lane’s End


If a mare, for whatever reason, misses a “date” with a stallion, is it difficult to make up? Does one person juggle the breeding schedules for all the stallions and mares?

Barbara Wood

Waco, TX

A: Here at Lanes End we rarely miss a mare’s heat cycle due to the stallion being too busy. We work very hard to communicate with the mare’s boarding farm and do our best to accommodate each mare on the day that is requested. If it does occur we try to give the mare that we missed preferential treatment next time she comes into heat and is “back on the books”.

We have two people here at Lane’s End Farm that juggle the bookings. The stallions are divided between us at the beginning of the year, since we have a large number of them.  We each book half the stallions for the season.  We also have another employee who handles the bookings for the mares that reside at Lane’s End that are bred to stallions on outside farms.

Our Expert

Daniele Hunter

Stallion Booking Secretary, Lane’s End

Daniele has been working at Lane’s End Farm for eight years. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications. She has held many positions within the thoroughbred Industry including working for a veterinarian and managing her own thoroughbred breeding operation.


  1. I am overjoyed!! Cazenovia has received my admission, and I will know if I am accepted by the end of November.

    1. I am so terribly nervous!! *pacing pacing* AHH!!

    2. Congratulations!! I know you will get accepted. They would be crazy not to take you.

      Quit losing sleep over BC, you will be exhausted before you get there. But, who I am to talk, I can hardly focus on anything else. Have you decided what to wear yet?

      1. Yes!

        For Lady’s Day Friday,

        I will be wearing a white, very light shirt. It will be flowing and very comfortable to wear, but at the same time, nice enough to meet the Mosses and the rest of Team Zenyatta. I’ll be accompanied by a comfortable pair of jeans and a purple and yellow scarf, complete with purple and yellow jewelry and something pink to signify Lady’s Day. I will be wearing one of my more comfortable flats. I will have a blank journal for signatures, and I will see if Team Zenyatta will sign my “Divas of Racing: Fillies and Mares that have won racing’s highest honor.” book. Of course if I see Rachel’s connections I will have to get a signature from them too! The book wouldn’t be complete without signatures from the connections of the two Queens of Racing!

        For super Saturday,

        I will be wearing my “Queen of the Classic” Zenyatta T-shirt, a comfortable pair of jeans and my Puma tennis shoes. For today I will have a different scarf, probably teal or pink or both if I can find that color combination in honor of the Queen of the Classic herself! More jewelry, and a big memory drive so I can take lots and lots of pictures. I plan on taking a lot of them and I will have a blank journal ready for signatures of all the major competitors both from America and from across the pond for today too!

        1. Pati
          Mama Keta approves!
          You will look great & talk about pre-planning.
          You are all set, GIrl Friend!
          Hugs, Keta

        2. Yay! :-D

          If I don’t pre-plan now, I’ll never find the time to find all these things and Charming Charlie only has so many accessories! I have to make sure that I have time to raid other stores! X-D

    3. Good for you. We all know you will be accepted.

      1. Thank you. I hope so!

        I’ll definately post on here the verdict!

    4. Pati,
      Waiting is the hard part.
      Sending lots of positive thoughts your way
      Hugs, Keta

      1. Thanks!

        I’ll be hoping and praying for a while!

        1. It is an exciting time. I’ll pace for you Pati.
          Good luck.

    5. How exciting, Pati! I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way. I can’t wait to meet you and all the other Z’sters at the BC!

  2. These “pages” make me nuts sometimes. Still sending good thoughts and prayers for Money and Barbara and her daughter! Glad to know that he’s improving and hope that continues.

    Terry Crow – sounds like you were attending a very fun event, and we’re all glad to know of something fun in your current situation. I suspect that Trina knows a whole collection of fun things to do.

    Zenny – so nice to see a picture of YOU dear horse! Who is your friend? Looks a bit like our “crescent moon guy” so maybe she’s his mom? How are things going now that you have some time to relax for a while? Maybe you could slip in a quick update for us? Love and best wishes to you and Tapit baby.
    Your Ohio friend,

    1. Wish you could have been there.

  3. @Sandy–thanks.

    @Pati–you will be adorable. Just the mention of the word “jeans” made me feel better. I’d better start thinking which of my matronly outfits will make me look the least matronly.

    @All– does it qualify as a RN joke if it is actually true? You might be a redneck Texan if your truck has cowbells hanging from the trailer hitch. I kid you not. We just saw that this afternoon! And not THAT far from our new house……..

    1. You might also be a redneck if your accessories for Breeders’ Cup include a bull scrotum purse. I have seen one of those, and those looked un-godly large. I imagine the previous owner was not thrilled to lose such a pair of specimens..

      1. Pati-I assume that by the previous owner you mean the bull.

        1. Of course.

        2. I can’t imagine the woman pulling her cellphone out of testical warmers feels bad. lol

      2. Pati, I have never heard of such a thing. Who in the world would use those as a purse?! To each his own I reckon.

        1. My A.G. Science teacher had one!

      3. Aauugh! I never knew — something else I wish I had not known! I guess I am NOT a true Redneck, but a wuss instead.

        1. If any of us is a true redneck, it is you, Vicki.

      4. Oh no!!! Too funny!!

    2. You have verified your redneck staus so many times that additional evidence is not necessary.

    3. Barbara, that definitely qualifies. I think the true ones are actually the worst. Last week I saw on the news that a redneck was arrested for drunk driving on his lawn mower in Winchester, KY, but that’s not the best one. The day before in Nicholasville, KY a redneck was arrested for drunk driving on his horse! Someone called the police and said a man was riding his horse down the road and weaving a lot, so the police “pulled him over” and he had a beer in his hand and bottle of moonshine in his pocket. You gotta love those rednecks…

      1. The horse was the designated driver, right??

        1. LOL!!
          Prayers for Money!

      2. Debbie, I read that article and it was too funny!!!! I had to get tissues I was laughing so hard!!! Been there, done that but, not pulled over by the cops and no moonshine, just whiskey. Thankfully, my horse new the way home and we made it safely and once, I slept it off in her stall, I was ready to go home. LMAO
        Oh, the memories!

        1. I’m glad your horse knew the way home, Heidi! LOL Too funny.
          Barbara, I’d say the horse didn’t do a very good job of being the designated driver!

    4. Yeah – I’m still debating . . . the black oxfords or the white oxfords????? (Ha!)

      1. The white Skechers or the white Skechers for me. Or I guess I could wear my farm boots…….

      2. Sandy and Barbara-Very funny.

        1. The sad thing is . . . . we weren’t kidding :-(

      3. Sandy. Oxfords for women are haute couture this fall. Christian Louboutin is even showing them in plaid. Prada has them too. You’re in vogue.

        1. Plaid! Really?????? Ooooooh! Wonder where I could find those?? I don’t exactly recognize the name of the designer, but I’m told that you can find ANYTHING on the internet :-)

  4. Max. – Were you at the track on Saturday??? I saw the “no contest” race on HPI but missed the track turning into a breeding shed incident. We don’t allow such shenanigans at Fort Erie, I guess those are big city antics!!!
    Kati – Good luck with your application to Cazenovia. Vic is enjoying her studies at Guelph, Ridgetown and has just finished work on her first project – design her ideal facility. She chose a breeding facility and I’m hoping she remembered everything she saw at Lane’s End, Three Chimneys and Claiborne.

    1. That’s cool! I hope everything turns out well for Vic!

    2. Brenda. I first learned of the no contest in Bloodhorse. This kind of event does not happen very often in racing. I was watching the display of equine affections on tv on Sunday. I have never been to Woodbine, but I intend to visit there sometime. It looks like a very nice track. It’s definitely exciting.

  5. We are starting a campaign to get Paynter awarded as the Vox Populi recipient for 2012! I, and a few others from the forum, have already sent our messages. Here is mine; I thought that maybe these words would help convince even a few people to also write in and maybe sway a few members of the panel to vote in Paynter’s favor.

    Good Evening.

    I know that there is a committee that selects the winner of the Vox Populi award, but I would like to humbly place a suggestion. I would like to nominate Paynter as the recipient of this year’s Vox Populi award.

    He dazzled us with his breath-taking Haskell, and lost a nail-biter to Union Rags in the Belmont. Then he was struck by Colitis, which in itself is deadly for many horses, and then he was struck by the silent killer, Laminitis. A one-two punch many horses would have died within the week from; but not Paynter. No matter what, he was stubborn, and he refused to go on anyone’s time other than his own. So despite the bleak outlook, he fought a war on two fronts, and earlier this week, it was announced on Twitter by his owner, Mr. Zayat, that he had beat laminitis. Thousands were over-joyed when they read this information, and Facebook lit up with the updates of Paynter’s condition. In fact, every page that I have liked on Facebook that is updated daily and is horse-racing related, has been keeping tabs on Paynter’s condition daily. That is close to 100 different pages.

    Mr. Zayat graciously kept us all informed of his Champion’s state and condition as often as he had information to give us. He wasn’t in anyway required to do so, but he believed that he should be up front with the fans that had made Paynter so popular in the first place. The community rallied around Paynter, and sent hundreds of cards, said thousands of prayers, and lit millions of candles; virtual and real. This still goes on as Paynter now tries to fight off the original illness, colitis. Still thousands of people send holistic suggestions, continue to light candles and say prayers everyday for the people’s horse, Paynter.

    Paynter embodies a very simple motto; “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” Right now, he is living proof that the power of will can be the most powerful force in the world. He inspires millions of people and everyday is a living reminder that no matter how low you get, you can always fight your way back. There is always a chance for tomorrow if you are willing to put up a fight to see it. To borrow a phrase once used to describe the Greatest Horse of them all, Paynter is “a miracle horse.” He would be a worthy and fitting recipient of this wonderful award; to join Zenyatta and Rapid Redux as a winner of this award is a great honor indeed. Paynter should be the 2012 Vox Populi Award recipient. One thing I know for sure, is that in my heart, he is Horse of the Year as well.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful evening.

    Pati Szpyra
    High Point, NC

    1. I sent my letter this past weekend
      Yours is much more elegant

      I hope more will people will do the same

    2. Excellent idea.

    3. The 2012 Secretariat “Vox Populi” Award selection process will commence in late November when a diverse panel of committee members will determine their top 2012 nominations by majority consensus.

      The general public will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite nominee finalist in an open on-line ballot at throughout the month of December.

      The “Vox Populi” Award and corresponding coveted trophy will be presented to the 2012 winner in a public ceremony in early January of 2013.

      1. Thank you Keta.
        I suppose the dumplings will have a ” big say ” in this when voting time comes.

  6. @ Darlene D. -Belated Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a lovely day! Wasn’t your poem marvelous?? Trina is just a wonder!!

    For all who are keeping Traveller in your prayers–I seem to have found the magic formula to get the Bute into her. When I do the night feeding,after she is through with her grain,I disolve two Bute tablets into a tiny amount of hot water,after smashing them with a mortar and pestle,then add about 3 tablespoons of apple sauce. I then pur the mixture into about half of the measure of sweet feed she will get in the AM.I then drizzle some molasses over the top and mix up the mess with my hands,speading it out over the flat bottom of her rubber grain pan,so that all of the liquid will be absorbed into the grain,and,so that it will dry out overnight. Then,when Sue goes out to do the morning feeding,she mixes in the rest of her sweet feed and her Kombat Boots pellets. She will then eat the whole mess,not realizing that it has her meds in it! Yay!! Hope she will keep doing this !! I think Sue is going to talk to the vet this week about the ultrasound,to see if she has a tumor. She seems to be feeling fine–of course,she’s not being asked to do anything,except to eat–and to run around and have fun! Speaking of running around–Sue said,when I saw her at the movie on Sunday,”your horse tried to run away with me this morning”! Of course,that surprised me as he is so sweet and well behaved all of the time. She was riding him out in the pasture on the trails. Traveller was loose in the pasture and decided to take off on one of her mad racing around things and came thundering past him and he was startled and decided to run with her! Sue got him calmed down right away,but guess it was pretty funny at first! Traveller loves to just suddenly take off running when she is out grazing–she exercises herself!! I didn’t get to try out the light saddle on Saturday,as it belongs to Rita,the lovely lady who owns the place where they are,and she was not around to ask permission so that will have to wait until I see her. When I sat on it on the sawhorse in the tackroom,I just loved it so hope I get to try it out and maybe try to find on like it if I love it as much as I think I will. In the meantime,the saddle I found for him when I got him fits him perfectly so all is well. I’m just anxious to see how the likes the other one and if I like it too. Both Sue and I rode him on Saturday–which is what we’ll do until we see what happens with Traveller. I don’t mind watching her ride him as it is so pretty to watch him do his moves. I never get tired of watching him do ANYTHING!!!

    @ Marty R-Do try a Fuji apple—they are amazing–crisp,juicy,sweet,and tart!! He LOVES them!!

    I’m so glad that there are those who are not bored to death by hearing about Barnaby. I actually tell him about the messages he gets and that are people he can’t even imagine who love him!! One of these days I’m going to figure out how to get some pictures on a link so you can all see him!!

    Am about to shut down my desk and go to see Robot and Frank at the Film Festival. Have been looking forward to it–it is suppsed to be great–will let you know. Love to all from all the SV crew!!

    1. So glad you share your stories about your favorite Equines.

    2. Sue. When you were describing Traveller’s food, it sounded kind of delicious. She has good care. Hoping that all will go well for her. As to her not working, she should milk that for all that it is worth. Running through a paddock or field carefree must be fun. She deserves it and we can live vicariously on her story. And no, I never tire of hearing of Barnaby. He’s got fans. Traveller too.

      1. Any and all horse related tales are always a good thing, Max and Sign!
        Barnaby….enjoy your watermelon,buddy!!

      2. I’m a Barnaby groupie.

    3. Our bute is apple-flavored paste that we dial ou of a tube. Glad we don’t have to do any mixing.
      We love your stories about everyone and everything. Hugs.

    4. Great to hear another Barnaby story Sue. It sounds like Traveller might not be feeling too bad if she is still doing her “take off and run” antics? I know nothing about these things. I think anyone with a Facebook account can post pictures on Zenny’s FB page, and Pati said she would be glad to post them on her Twitter account (I think you would just need to email them to her). How much longer will they be able to stay at their “summer home”? Looking forward to seeing these two sometime soon. Give them a pet for me :-)

    5. Always love hearing stories about our horses, and other 4 legged children too.

    6. Dear Sue Noel:

      Love your updates on Traveller and Barnaby. Very clever way to make sure Traveller gets her meds. Hugs, JB

  7. Street Cry, breaking his maiden at Del Mar, David Flores aboard, as a 2 year old.

    1. Good find. Enjoyed seeing Street Cry racing.

  8. “V” did not race until 5/99 and 7/99 as a 4 1/2 year old, Jerry Bailey rode her.
    She ran short distances on the turf, due to her soundness issues (ankles).

    1. OOPS !!!

      “V” ran 1 1/4 mile in each of her two races on the turf.

      1. Could not find any video’s of her racing !!

    2. V only raced twice but she won both races. Good for her.

    3. The info on V is all new to me. Thanks for sharing. Really interesting.

      1. Not sure if you remember seeing this information about Zenny’s family particularly the creation of her mom “V” from a wonderful mare “For the Flag”

        This is the delightful story of the creation of Zenny, the brain child of Eric
        Kronfeld her breeder.

        1. Thank you Sign. I saw…For the Flag and thought of Hoist the Flag,sur nuff,there he is.
          She,being V,certainly has nice lines…and w/ the Princequillo. My Dad loved the Prince and Roberto!!!

        2. Yes, Ann

          Hoist the Flag is in the pedigree somewhere, too.

          Just really love this family and the family Zenny is going to create.

          Eric Kronfeld is such an awesome breeder. And to just pick out
          Street Cry as a freshman sire, WOW !!!! and get Zenny.

        3. That is a WOW!!
          Sign, my Pops would read all stud books and mark them with lines,notes,comments. These books were thick and he had a great memory.

          I have some of the OLD stud books. We look at them now and then and I am in awe of the info Pops kept in his head. This was before computer help!

          Yes, Thank you ,Mr. Kronfeld!!!

        4. Zenny’s greatness is not just from her breeding. Her talent was carefully managed and developed by Jerry and Ann Moss and the Shirreffs. Any future greatness from Z’s family will result from decisions which are made by the Mosses.

        5. For sure Max,for sure.
          Here is one fellow I would like to talk with,see what he thinks about the future…… hope he can get good training,in good hands. He has huge personality and needs special folks!!!!!

        6. Thanks Ann! Prince AND “crescent moon guy”!!! I think I was so fixated on Zenny’s little guy that I didn’t notice CMG the first time I saw this clip. Great to have another look!

        7. @Ann. CMG is a favorite. He has lots of personality especially awareness of his surroundings, and he is quite mysterious. I like his color. He figures in many photos too. I wonder if he is owned by LE?

        8. Max,


          FOR ANYONE TO BUY, OWN OR TRAIN !!!!!!

          He is the man !!!!

        9. Sign. No one said anything to diminish Eric Kronfeld’s breeding accomplishments. However the Mosses and Shirreffs deserve some credit in how well Z raced as does Z herself. None of her siblings has reached her level – yet, as the verdict is still out on E.

    1. Thank you, Sign.
      What a beautiful photo of , Frankel.
      How exciting. I would LOVE to see him run.
      Donna,Donna…calling Donna….will your Mum be watching?

      1. Dear Ann,

        Me, too. He is just sooo awesome, the Zenyatta in male form for the Euro’s.

        Donna, keep us updated, if you mom goes.

  9. Paynter is the voice of the people. YES absolutely he should be horse of the year! What a horse!
    Love you Paynter
    Reminds me of Zenyatta, she never gave up. Always from the back of the pack to the front coming on like a freight train. It was her way or no way.
    She is the greatest of the greates!
    Sending love hugs and big sloppy smooches to you Zenyatta, 12Z and Paynter.

  10. dear sue just love hearing your barnaby stories !!am praying that traveller will get better she seems to be full of energy!sending them lots of peppermint kisses and you too!XX

  11. dear sign thanks for the photo of frankel!! as you can imagine we’re getting very excited over here in the uk and sad as well that it’ll be the last time we see this magnificent horse on the race track it’ll definitely be ascot _mania!!hugs sheena

    1. Trisha-Va, I love your comment about The Queen. She really is the greatest of the grates!

    2. Are you going Sheena??? or know anyone going?

      Please do update us, we are sooo lucky to have you keeping us posted about
      the races “Across the Pond”.

      OH, I wish I could be there !!!


    Wow, look at this photo. It seems the jocks were elbow to elbow,boot to boot. Wonder what they were saying to each other…horses and jocks!

    BC will be a great race!!! Lucky dumplings!!!!

    1. Great photo Ann.

      Commentators were saying neither could use the whip because they were soo
      close together. What a stretch duel. Hope no one got injured !!!

      Have not heard anything about either since the race. Those Ballerina legs !!!

    2. Like this quote Ann, and read the article, soo glad they are OK

      “McLaughlin said that Simon Crisford, the racing manager for Godolphin Stable, texted that “seven pounds is equivalent to 3 1/2 lengths over that [1 1-16-mile] distance if you agree with the handicap scale that has existed for more than 200 years.””

      If 7 lbs is 3 1/2 lengths and Questing got beat by a head, she is one tough filly.

      GO GO GO Questing !!!!

    3. Ann NC:

      Maybe they were thinking another “DEAD HEAT”! WOO HOO! What a gorgeous picture of both horses and jocks! That will be one exciting race!


  13. I know Its gonna be a while till the next foal is born but im so excited! I love Tapit and Zenyatta! Perfect foal! I know its yalls foal and one of the best parts of a racehorse is coming up with the name, but dont you think Zapit would be such a good name?! Anyways its just an idea:)

  14. Dear BC-bound Dumplings and Z-sters:

    We are expecting an El Nino year which should mean more rain and milder winter temperatures. The pattern has already started to develop. For Southern California, the first week of November, this could mean very cool nights (for those of you that prance around in shorts and tee-shirts when the temps are below 50, you might call it balmy) and possible rain. So when planning your wardrobe remember to have a jacket handy for the late afternoon and evening. I’ve bought my BC Champions jacket with Zenyatta 2009 on it and I have my BC tote for all the stuff I carry. Beyond that, the only fashion accessories I’ll be keeping track of are your Z Dumpling name tags! (Oh, and Terry Crow’s skunk hat!)


    1. Have you purchased one yet, TC.

      Do you wear baseball caps ? There is a great one that a lot of the guys in Texas wear, that would be fitting for you as the GP.

      1. OOPs !!!

        Skunk Hat !!!

        Be Careful of PETA !!!!

    2. Nooooooooooo! It’s not supposed to rain in southern California!!!!! We want great (not to mention dry) views of the mountains and the track and the ocean . . . and . . . and . . . .

      1. It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn you, it pours, man it pours.


          Beautiful song TC GP,beautiful song!!!!!!
          Thanks. Hope you are having a great day!
          As Marshall said, we in NC are having our ” October- Blue ” skies.

        2. I’m in N.Calif and yes, we have similar weather to that of S.Cali and when, they say chances of rain storms, be prepared. It can be a down right down pour errr.., raining cats and dogs.
          So, in other words, to those who are talking about a wardrobe for the BC events, take to heart what us Cali folks say. Make sure to layer so that you can take clothes off and always be sure to have a coat with you. Just be prepared. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

          Now, I have a request…. Since, I won’t make it this year to the BC…. If anyone can get an extra souvenier to send me, I would soooo appreciate it. Also, please take many photos and video.

        3. FINALLY! Somebody remembered the song. Thanks TC! I must have posted something like this about 10 times in the past – nobody ever bit!

        4. When I was at college, a westbound 747 was my vehicle of choice to escape from England. Love the first two lines of that song.

        5. Rain is worse than SNOW !!!!
          Especially pouring rain !!!!

        6. Thanks, Ann. I think I got the lyrics right. It is from a song released about 25 years ago.

      2. Hi Everyone: I am getting very excited too. And no rain for that weekend!!! I sure hope it doesn’t rain. Only sunshine in CA!!!

    3. Diana and sign-I have been sidetracked and as of yet have not gotten a skunk hat. Sign-Could you once again provide me with the links of those who have such hats?

      1. Sure, TC.

        1. I look forward to receiving it. I have been a little off my feed lately.

    4. Diana, I left a thank you note a few pages back, I think. Just in case you missed it….
      When I went to check my mail the other day, to my surprise was a brown package from you. I was so excited that I started to wrip it open then, realized, I don’t want to wrip the name tag. I got upstairs and used the scissors carefully. Low and behold, my Dumpling tag!!! I was so excited that I didn’t realize you had mis-spelled my first name. Usually, it’s my last name that gets mangled.
      After thinking about it, I thought, it was tooo cute to have it changed! Right now, it’s clipped to my Z jersey and hoody. I will wear it with Pride everytime I go to GGF and especially, on the 29th!! On the 29th, I will be decked out in all of my Z attire….. Since, I can’t be there in person for the unveiling and the first running of the Zenyatta Stakes. I have to support the Zenster in anyway I can, right?! LOL
      So again, I Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!

      1. Thanks so much Diana for creating these tags
        For all of us.

        You are such a very special person and dumpling!!

      2. Heidi-Anyone with a misspelled dumpling tag is almost automatically a member of the redneck club.

    5. We have El Niño here in Texas, and it is a bear !!!

    6. We have El Niño here in Texas, and it is a bear !!!

      Make sure to bring rain panchos !!

    7. Put our tags together in one place tonight. Thanks for the weather report!

  15. Here’s an update on “NorthStar” the gelding that was set on fire.

    Any updates on Paynter???? PUP, PUT, PUM, PUNS!!

    1. That Northstar is on the mend is very good news. What a horrific ordeal for that horse to endure. Please let us know of his progress.

    2. I cannot believe someone did this to that poor horse. How disgusting. I hope they find the person who did this and put them away for life.

      1. I’m not sure I agree with that punishment. How about just setting that person on fire on a adaily basis.

        1. I agree, Terry. So appalling, I’m cringing.

      2. Dear Linda in NJ, Max, Vicki B and Heidi:

        It’s incomprehensible. I’m so thankful that this beautiful horse is doing well. Hugs, JB

        Dear TC GP:

        That punishment would fit the crime. Hugs, JB

    3. @Heidi K–thanks for the update on NorthStar. It always amazes me that horses can still be kind, even after they have been terribly abused.

      @All who have been praying for Money–THANK YOU! The vet said we could go down to washing his leg once a day now instead of two. His antibiotics are finished, but he still has a day or so of bute left. So it’s a waiting game to see if it comes back. He has a more normal looking leg now, but it’s still a little swollen, and we are still treating cuts. Please join us in praying that it won’t come back and we have to start all over again. He’s happy being turned out in a smaller paddock with an elderly friend (well, they are friends now). Our daughter’s being able to communicate with the vet via pics from her cell phone helps us a lot. We are really weary, though. Hugs to all.
      PUP, PUM, PUT.

      1. Barbara. This sounds promising for Money. Praying for a full recovery for him and that you and your daughter will soon be free of worry.

      2. Dear Barb W.:

        Will continue to keep money in my prayers. You and you daughter are so diligent in caring for him. Hope he improves every day. Hugs, JB

  16. dear sign sadly i wont be able to go up to ascot will be watching on tv newmarket were telling folks to turn up early to watch frankel exercising before racing begins this saturday hope our weather improves we’ve had a horrid start to the autumn rain and gales hugs sheena

    1. Dear Sheena
      So sorry to hear you will not be able to make to
      Ascot. Bet your “Telly” coverage is much better
      Than here in the US. Would love to see the big
      Guy warm up !!! His stride is just so awesome,
      He covers 2-3 times the ground than other horse
      When he opens up. And his hand gallop is huge as

      Best of Luck to Frankel; hope you will like the girls
      More than the track.

  17. @ Diana S – Thanks for the wardrobe hints. I gave up prancing in shorts some time ago but had planned to do a bit of a prance in my crop pants, Very reassuring to know that I can leave my thermal underwear in Canada – 50’s will feel quite warm compared to the normal November temps here. Looking forward to seeing you with my Dumpling Tag proudly displayed with my bumbershoot and wellies in my bag.

  18. Paynter Update Tues. Sept. 25 2:45 PM Pacific A.Zayat tweet
    Paynter update:
    Been a super day today once again. Eating all day.
    Happy. Very bright. Playful! No fever.
    Feet totally normal

    Keta Note: Hoof Hoof Hooray@@@@

    1. Keta. Many thanks for this. He is on his way to beating colitis. I hope that he does it. PUP.

    2. A. Zayat Paynter Update Cont.
      Paynter update: blood work great.
      All system go today for the champ. Dr. Laura is super happy.
      My family is greatful for all for all your prayers for our superstar.
      We are not letting up until he is out of the clinic and back to where he belongs

      Keta Note: I think this is it for today.

      1. Another good report. Keep eating, Paynter.

      2. I hope this comes up some place that makes sense. Anyway, I just had a thought. Maybe if Mr. Zayat or his son can’t give updates, possibly Paynter’s vet’s messages would be shared as happened previously.

    3. Second that Keta note.

      1. The Keta note I am seconding is about Paynter. As far as I am concerned, she can post notes 24 hours a day.

        1. TerryC. Agree. Not certain how I will get through the next 24 without news of Paynter from Keta.

        2. Terry
          Thanks, trust me it is challenging picking up the tweets.
          It is so great to be sharing good news.
          Wish I were able to join the Dumplins & RN’s this Saturday!
          Travel not possible at this time.
          Be there in spirit and watching in my Z t-shirt & hat.
          Hope everyone has a great time.
          Full report when you all get back & lots of photos.
          Hugs, Keta

  19. Yom Kippur begins in the evening of Tuesday, September 25, 2012,
    and ends in the evening of Wednesday, September 26, 2012.
    This High Holiday is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.

    To my friends who celebrate: Have an easy fast

  20. I have a namesake too. Wooohoooo…

    Heidi’s Holiday (NY)

    B , F, foaled February 13, 2010

    ( Harlan’s Holiday – Tiffany Twisted, by Thunder Gulch)
    Connections as of last Start:
    Junior Alvarado
    Eoin G. Harty
    Casner Racing, LP

    Dr. William B. Wilmot & Dr. Joan M. Taylor

    Side note… too bad she’s not a CA bred.

    1. She’s in race 3 tomorrow at Belmont. Optional Claimer with no tag. If anyone sees the race, please, let me know how she did! Thank You! :)

      1. Heidi
        TVG has been televising the Belmont races.
        I’ll watch & cheer on your namesake.
        Give you an update

      2. Heidi,
        Sorry Heidi’s Holiday was not in the money
        Ostourah won; Jane of All Trades second, Liquid Lunch third
        Do not have the order of finish yet
        KY Tbred Assoc tweet OSTOURAH (KY), Trinniberg’s little sis, breaks her maiden with style over the Belmont Park turf going 6F in her first start
        NYRA‏ tweet Ostourah, the full to Trinniberg, breaks her maiden first time out. Javier Castellano up for Abdullah Saeed Almaddah and Chad Brown

    2. Whoo HOOO Heidi !!!

      Hope she wins, gotta start somewhere.

    3. Back in the dark ages I used to pull for a horse named Terry’s Secret. He was by a very good horse, Terrang.

      1. TerryC. If this is your horse, he has a good pedigree.

        1. That’s him. Did not know about his family, just that e was by Terrang, a very good runner in his time.

      2. Terry,
        My goodness was he good & was he secret. No info on owner or connections
        Even his dam is unknown
        Terry’s Secret (CA)
        DK B , H, foaled March 19, 1962 ( Terrang – N/A, by Your Host)
        Breeder: Poltex Stable
        Career Statistics:
        Starts: 47 Firsts: 11 Seconds: 12 Thirds: 8
        Earnings: $419,932
        He won on both coasts.
        Santa Anita 2/12/1966 8 San Antonio Handicap 2
        Santa Anita 1/29/1966 8 Charles H. Strub Stakes 3
        Santa Anita 1/15/1966 8 San Fernando Stakes 2
        Santa Anita 1/1/1966 8 Malibu Stakes 1
        Aqueduct 11/13/1965 7 Roamer Handicap 1
        Del Mar 9/6/1965 8 Del Mar Handicap 1
        Del Mar 8/28/1965 7 Del Mar Derby 2
        Del Mar 8/14/1965 7 La Jolla Mile Handicap 3
        Hollywood Park 7/26/1965 8 Sunset Handicap 1
        Hollywood Park 7/10/1965 8 Hollywood Derby 1
        Hollywood Park 6/12/1965 8 Argonaut Stakes 2
        Hollywood Park 5/31/1965 8 Will Rogers Stakes 1
        Golden Gate 5/1/1965 9 Berkeley Handicap 2
        Golden Gate 4/17/1965 8 California Derby 2
        Golden Gate 4/3/1965 8 California Derby Trial 2
        Unknown 1/1/1964 245 El Camino Stakes 1
        Unknown 1/1/1964 644 San Bruno Stakes 1
        Unknown 1/1/1964 210 Del Mar Futurity 1
        Del Mar 1/1/1964 1 Graduation Stakes 3
        Interesting. Wonder what the rest of the story is?

        1. More info
          Terrang’s brother was Swaps
          Dam of Terry’s Secret was Secret Session
          Jockey was Alex Maese
          Former jockey Alex Maese, winner of the 1966 George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award, died Thursday in Pasadena, California following complications from recent surgery. He was 83.
          Maese’s career as a rider spanned from 1952 to 1981; he retired with 1,981 victories and purse earnings of $8,673,676.
          Maese was the regular rider for Terry’s Secret, who he rode to wins in the 1964 Del Mar Futurity, 1965 Hollywood Derby, 1965 Del Mar Handicap, and 1966 Malibu Stakes. He piloted Desert Trial to take the Del Mar Oaks and Ramon Handicap in 1966, then the Milady Handicap the following year.

        2. Dam is Secret Session.

        3. Keta-Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I just remember him as a very honest horse who always ran his race. Alex Maese did die recently, but I don’t think it was last Thursday. That needs to be updated. Maese, I believe, was a past winner of the Geotge Woolf award and always showed up, while he was alive, for the cermonies honoring the curent winner. A class act all the way.

        4. Terry,
          Story on Alex’s death is dated June 15, 2012.
          I usually put the date line at top. It is in the link
          That was misleading.

        5. Dear Keta, TC and Max:

          Here’s the pedigree chart on Terry’s Secret. Hugs, Jb

    4. Go HH GO!

  21. Hi All:
    This is a big weekend coming up at Belmont Park. It’s the Jockey Gold Cup or also know as Super Saturday. As I understand it, this weekend is also Super Saturday at Santa Anita. Super Saturday is the weekend of prep races for the BC. Last year I remember reading that there is a competition between Santa Anita and Belmont Park with which track has the largest attendance. Santa Anita always wins. Maybe this year will be different. Let’s go East Coast!!!

    1. This is a tough go for Belmont to have a larger attendance than Santa Anita. In addition to the unveiling of Zenny’s statue, the food trucks will be there and they are giving away hats.

      1. TerryC. You are right. Zenny, food and hats. No contest.

      2. You west coasters and your HATS !!!!

      3. Where are the bobble heads ????

        May be one of 12 Z, that would be TOO CUTE !!!

        Maybe the Mosses will reveal his name !!!!

        Lets start a rumor !!!!

        1. There was a give away of Mike Smith bobbleheads recently at Hollywood Park. Trina has one.

        2. Blame it on Woodrow!!

        3. For sure Ann,

          bobble heads of Jockey, too !!!

          How fun!!!

      4. Yum, I love a food truck rodeo!!!

    2. Uh Oh !!!!, TC and Linda

      East versus West and Central is not even close to being involved, too hot.

      May the best track win !!!!

      Wonder which it will be????

      1. There is no contest here. Just pointing out some facts. Belmont is a great facility and should have hosted the Breeder’s Cup again long before this. The only problem would be the weather.

        1. Oh, I hear they are giving away Cuomo bobbleheads at Belmont…..

        2. Ann-That should keep the crowd down.

        3. Dear Terry C.,
          You are quite right about the Cuomo bobbleheads at Belmont, I think.
          So happy to have you posting again!
          Take care and all the very best to you, dear friend.

  22. Hey All,

    Sign is breezing, 3 times at 4 furlongs, when will her next start be ???

    Got her in my virtual stable.

    GO GO GO GO SIGN, Show your daddy and grandaddy proud !!!!

    1. Sign. Interesting. I was just thinking about her. Hope that she races soon and wins.

    2. Sign,
      How wonderful that you have a namesake who is a Indy granddaughter!! Wish someone would name their horse after me……..”A Boy Named SuZy”, hint, hint, hope the Mosses read these posts. Ha.ha. Hope your girl does well, I will watch her. Hugs

      1. Jerry Moss is in the music business. How about “If you knew Suzy…”

        1. Great names, Let’s do some lobbying for Sue.

        2. Thanks you guys, I was trying to think of boys names, but Zen could have a filly in her tummy, then I could use “Runaround SuZy” or “SuZy Q”. Hugs

    3. Thanks to all who pointed out this lovely mare and her name !!!!

      Would not have known about her, without you ‘all, special folks.

      Thanks again.

      Go Pulpit and AP, your daughter and grandaughter can do it !!!

  23. Black Caviar back at Caulfield
    TVN Tuesday, September 25, 2012 – 10:33 AM
    Black Caviar is back at trainer Peter Moody’s Caulfield stables and this morning he told TVN’s Bruce Clark she was in very good shape. As usual she has done a month’s pre-training and has returned to Caulfield for assessment. Moody said he was very happy with Black Caviar and he would be meeting with the owners this weekend to discuss her future. Moody said Black Caviar was simply “poking along” now she is back at his base

    1. Great update, Keta.

  24. Hey CALI, fashionista’s.

    What do you think about embroidered taupe cowboy boots ???

    Fashionable in CA or just a Texas, thing. Ann Moss wear boots when she comes to Lanes End. They are pictured in the photo of 12 Z’s first carrots on the barn floor.

    1. Now you are talkin ,Sign.
      A girl can NEVER have too many pairs of boots!!
      From English to Cowboy, Snow and I love my Uggs!

      Sign, the crow hoppers in question….Arab/Quarter and OTTB.

  25. Had not seen this article before; Will Black Cavier and Frankel meet in the shed, when
    they retire ??? What a superhorse their foal would be, maybe it could meet 12 Z and run on the dirt !!!!

  26. My Dear Z Family:

    I am posting this here as well as on Z’s Blog.

    September 26, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Dear Z Family:

    So great to see photos of Dottie, Z and The Prince. You can really see Z’s baby bump already.

    I have some very good news to tell you. I went to Suffolk Downs this morning and met Papa Charlie. I was able to pet him and all the horses in the shed row. I gave them each carrots and mints. I wanted to take all of them with me.

    Papa was vanned to his safe place and arrived about 10:30 AM. He was very good and allowed Angela (foster Mom) to lead him out of the van and into a corral where he had a chance to get acclimated to his new surrounds. He was very curious and was answering the whinnies of all the horses in the surrounding paddocks. I am so happy to tell you that Angela will try saddling him in a couple of weeks and if all goes well, she will be adopting him as her very own riding horse. I could not be happier. Thank you all for your concern, kind thoughts and good wishes in my effort to find Papa Charlie a safe home. Hugs, JB

    1. Judy, I am so happy for you and Papa Charlie (and Angela of course)! Hoofray and High Hooves as Zenyatta would say!!
      Hugs, Mary

      1. Dear Maryp and Max:

        Thank you both so much. I have to say, without the help of my wonderful EAN group, this rescue would never have happened.

        I will be visiting my Papa often and will post updates on his progress. He was so curious when he first saw all the horses in the surrounding paddocks. He would whinny back to them. Angela has a cell phone ring of horses whinnying. He was even whinnying back at the phone when it rang.

        He is not timid, but very curious. He has a very sweet disposition and a kind eye. Hugs, JB

        1. A lot of oue bloggers are members of EAN, a most admirable group

    2. JudyB. The best news. Congrats on a job well done. Please send news of his progress.

      1. Dear Max:

        Thank you. The EAN group made it happen. Will post how he is doing as he progresses.

        He has to get used to being a horse and being free to run and play. Late this afternoon, Angela took him out of the corral and placed him in a paddock with another Thoroughbred, her daughter’s Appaloosa and one other horse and he ran and kicked his heels and had a great time. She said he made friends very quickly with the other horses. I’m just so happy because we found such a great safe place.

        I hope it turns into his permanent forever home. Angela will begin getting him used to being ridden at a walk, canter and trot soon and if he responds as well as I think he will, she will adopt him as her own riding horse. That would be wonderful. He’s very curious and observant and I think he will learn quickly.

        Hugs, JB

        1. Thanks Judy.
          So exciting.

    3. Dear Judy Berube,
      What absolutely wonderful news!!!! I am so glad to hear that Papa Charlie has a promising future. Thank you so much for this update and for your beautiful kindness.
      Hugs-a-plenty! You are THE BEST!

      1. Dear Ann, Marshall and Max:

        Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Angela is officially adopting Papa Charlie, so he has found his forever home. We should complete the paper work this week. If any of you would like to see a photo of him, you can e-mail at and I’ll forward it. Love and Hugs, JB

  27. In honor of our Texas redneck members (e.g., Sign, Barbara Wood, sorry, who else I’ve forgotten)


    The National Transportation Safety Board recently divulged a highly secret plan they had funded with the U.S. auto makers for the past five-years. The NTSB covertly funded a project whereby the auto makers were installing black boxes in four wheel drive pick-up trucks in an effort to determine, in fatal accidents, the circumstances in the last 15 seconds before the crash.

    They were surprised to find in 49 of the 50 states the last words of drivers in 61.2% of fatal crashes were, “Oh, s***!”

    Only the state of Texas was different, where 89.3% of the final words were, “Hey Y’all, watch this…..”

    1. Oh Vicki….very funny. Thanks.

      I am thinking this is what happened to my Tahoe last weekend. It was taken on the Man Cation fishing trip,out to the lonely island and came back full of sand,mud and other stuff.
      I heard stories of…we pulled them out and they pulled us out and High Tide!!!

      Here in NC, I think there is much….hey y’all,watch this….!!!! Followed by…oh s***!!!!

  28. Frankel will encounter ‘race conditions’
    By Geoffrey Riddle, Sept. 27
    Connections of Frankel hope to recreate as close to race conditions as possible at Newmarket on Saturday when the world’s highest-rated thoroughbred goes through a public gallop along the Rowley Mile.
    Frankel, who is unbeaten in 13 races, has not been seen on a racecourse since stepping up in trip to win the Group 1 Juddmonte International at York last month.
    Sir Henry Cecil, his trainer, considered the Prix Moulin at Longchamp last Sunday as a possible prep race for his intended target of the Qipco Champion Stakes at Ascot next month but felt that the Longchamp race was poorly timed in order to get Frankel to Ascot in the best possible shape.
    “We are going to try to make it like race conditions, whether Frankel will be fooled by that is another matter,” Lord Grimthorpe, racing manager to owner Khalid Abdullah, told Racing UK. “He will go through all the correct motions; he will be saddled, will take a turn in the paddock and will go down and have a good workout of just under a mile.